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Boone County Biographies


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File Description Submitter
a3430001.txt AYDELOTTE, William E. Diana Flynn
b2100001txt BAGBY, Daniel M. Sandi Gorin
b6350001.txt BARTON, John Sandi Gorin
b6230001.txt BRISTOW, Miss Lillian Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
c6150001.txt CARPENTER, William H. Sandi Gorin
c5160001.txt CHAMBERS, C. Scott Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
c4620001.txt CLARKSON, J. M. Sandi Gorin
c4520001.txt COLLINS, Marcus Sandi Gorin
c5600001.txt CONNER, Reuben Sandi Gorin
c6240001.txt CRISLER, Cyrus L. Sandi Gorin
d5250001.txt DUNCAN, Edward William Sandi Gorin
g5200002.txt GAINES Family Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
g5200001.txt GAINES, Owen Sandi Gorin
g6530002.txt GRANT, J. Frank Sandi Gorin
g6530001.txt GRANT, Thomas J. James R. Baker, Jr.
h5430001.txt HAMILTON, Jesse L. Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
h5430002.txt HAMILTON, Nance Elizabeth Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
h0000001.txt HUEY, Mrs. Elizabeth GAINES Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
k5230001.txt KNIGHT, William P Phyllis Hill
l2520002.txt LASSING, Judge John M. Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
l2520001.txt LASSING, Morris Sandi Gorin
r2630001.txt RECORDS, James M. Diana Flynn
s2300001.txt SCOTT, Perryander C. Sandi Gorin
s6300001.txt SHORT, Owens, h/o Mary E. LANCASTER Diana Flynn
s5300001.txt SMITH, Frank H. Sandi Gorin
s3600002.txt SOUTHER, Chester & Chas. Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
s3600001.txt SOUTHER, Simon W. 1814-1874 James R. Baker, Jr
t5600001.txt TANNER, Joshua Z. Sandi Gorin
w4200001.txt WALLACE, David Bruce Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
w4350001.txt WALTON, William H. Sandi Gorin
w3250001.txt WHITSON, Wm. Marshall Buddy & Linda Harbin-Grubbs
w4250001.txt WILSON, Moses -
to Audrain Co., MO 1834
James R. Baker, Jr.




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