square 1889


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Scottsville Public Square in 1889

This picture is "On The Square" in Scottsville, KY. The picture was taken in 1889 with trees growing on the court house lawn.  The iron fence in the foreground is the division between the dirt road around the square and the court house.   The buildings shown are the wooden structures preceding the brick buildings as are now located in the northeast corner of the square.  The building at the left is that of O.S. Bryant, who had a dry goods store where Bentley's 5 & 10 used to be located.   Before that, however, a Mr. Underwood owned the store and Miss Jane "Jenny" Mulligan had a millinery store over Bentley's.

In 1876, Mr. Carpenter came to Scottsville and put a drug store where the men's department of the National Store was located.  this is the second building from the right in this picture.

Alfred Settle had a jewelry store which later became Trotter's Jewelry Store.  This is shown in the corner of the square and next to the drug store to the left. 

S.T. Hughes had a general merchandise store where Carpenter Dent Drug Store now stands.

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