Courthouse number 2

2nd Courthouse on the square built 1903

courthouse1903_2.jpg (26286 bytes)

Constructiosn is going on in a big way in Scottsville in 1903 when the old wooden courthouse which burned is being replaced with the modern courthouse.  shown here is a snapshot of the progress in construction and the crew of carpenters and masons who built the building.  The bricks used in the construction were made by Luther, J.W. and Mr. Sherwood Massey, brothers, who had a brick kiln near what is now White Plains.  Some of the brick were also used in the building now known as Bentley's 5 and 10 to $1.00 store and at the time of construction was the Shep Bryant store.

courthouse1903.jpg (18602 bytes)

Street view of the Courthouse before the Main Street was paved.  To the left of the Courthouse and between the two brick buildings, can be seen the old weatherboard hotel.  It stood where the Jacksonian Hotel was built. 1918 or 1919

courthouse1930.jpg (31046 bytes)

Street Scene -- East Main Street in Scottsville looked like this in the early 1930's.   This view of Scottsville is sure to bring back many fond memories to those who remember the scene above  This photo was taken from a postcard belonging to Mrs. Etna Overholt of Chapel Hill community.

courthousepainted.jpg (39796 bytes)

Scottsville courthouse after the bricks were painted white.  The Jacksonian Hotel is visible at the left.

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