Candidate for USGenWeb

Southeast/Mid-Atlantic County Coordinator Representative

  Sharon Tabor
Allow me to introduce myself.

My involvement in genealogy has spanned most of my life, having tromped many a graveyard as a child and sifted through courthouse and census records before the days of indexes.  My tenure with the USGenWeb project has been a busy 7 years building data and information that will effectively serve the long-distance researcher. My involvment with Internet Genealogy includes:

County Coordinator for Allen County KY 2001-2005
List Administrator for KYALLEN 1999-2005
List Administrator for HARGIS 2005
Assistant County Coordinator for Hart County KY 2004-2005
Contributor to Allen County KY research 1998-2005
Contributor to Barren County KY research 2003-2005
Contributor to Macon County TN research 2005
Contributor to the USGenWeb Census Project 2003-2005
Participant in a new project at KYGenWeb - the Kentucky Vital Records Project (KVRP) - an effort on the part of numerous volunteers to provide online Death and Birth records 2004-2005
Co-sponsor of a Tabor Surname research website providing information and data for 16 Southern States. 2003-2005
Member of USGW ByLaws Revision Committee 2005

In addition to my genealogical responsibilities, I have represented or led other volunteers in the following projects:

1989-1990 Docent Chair for the Blandwood Mansion in Greensboro, NC
1989-1990 Board of Trustees Greensboro NC Preservation Society
1989 Co-Chair for the North Carolina Triad Chapter of the March of Dimes Bid-for-Bachelor fund raiser
1990 Chairperson for the North Carolina Triad Chapter of the March of Dimes Bid-for-Bachelor fund raiser, which netted over $64,000 for birth defect research
1991 Co-Chair of the Davidson Co., NC Jaycee's Angel Tree Christmas project for needy children
1996-1998 Treasurer of the North Carolina Bed & Breakfast Association
2003 Head of Neighborhood Coilition for community ReZoning
2004-2005 Head of Neighborhood Committee to research and petition for Historic Designation

My employment over the past 25 years has been in mid-management corporate and self-employed customer/consumer oriented careers. I have been actively involved with serving and dealing with people as a Buyer for 3 separate Department Stores (Snyders in KY, Peebles in VA and Belks in NC), served in store level management (Assistant Manager at Snyders and Retail Manager for Cracker Barrel restaurants), and for 9 1/2 years have sucessfully owned and operated a Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, NC. My experience with employees, volunteers, and customers represent the knowledge and abilty to serve You, the County Coordinator, the back bone and foundation of the USGW organization . As a single mom of 2 shelter rescue cats (who love to bring me presents of live snakes, mice, moles, voles, lizards, rabbits and birds), I have the ability and time to devote to the duties of SE/MA County Coordinator Representative.

USGenWeb has been a major reference point in my personal ancestral search, and as SE/MA County Coordinator Representative, my desire would be to assist USGenWeb continue to grow and retain it's strength in providing genealogical materials for online researchers, and building continuity and stablility within the foundation of USGW at the County Coordinator level.

As SE/MA County Coordinator Representative I pledge:
Integrity, honesty, fairness and impartiality

2) To foster open communication between the AB and CC's - keeping the CC's within the SE/MA region informed of current and upcoming situations that affect your duties and responsibilities as County Coordinator

3) To represent you, the County Coordinator, with the objectivity and foresight of keeping your duties as free of restricted regulations as possible, and the freedom to do the job with as much flexibility as needed for your situation.

4) To insure fair and equable treatment of members at all levels.

5) To vote in a manner that is in the best interest of the County Coordinator.

6) To stand independentally, and remain a team player, for what I perceive to be the best direction for the future of the organization.

Your vote for me as Representative for the Southeastern and MidAtlantic States will insure a strong voice representing the interests of You, the County Coordinator, at the regional and national level.

Thank you
Sharon Tabor

Graphic Design: Mike Oliver