John S. Oliver Bible

John S. Oliver Bible
This Bible is in the possession of L.C. Tabor, Scottsville, KY, ggrandson of John Oliver.

Old and New Testaments and the apocryphal writings

Published by J.C. McCurdy & Co. Philadelphia PA, Cincinnati O, Chicago Ill, St. Louis Mo.
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1872 by Ziegler & McCurdy

John S. Oliver was born Feb. 6th 1824
Mary C. Oliver was born Nov. 18th 1833
Thomas C. Oliver was born Jan 17th 1851
W.G. Oliver was born Feb 24th 1853
Angeline T. Oliver ws born June 19th 1855
John Q. Oliver was born Nov. 29 1857
James F. Oliver was born Jan. 19, 1860
Federic E. Oliver was born June 26th 1862
Loving Oliver was born Nov 9th 1864
Emma D. Oliver was born Dec 25, 1865
Mary S. Oliver was born Dec 14, 1868

Thomas C. Oliver departed with life Dec 4th 1853
Loving Oliver departed this life Nov 22th 1864
John S. Oliver departed this life Nov 11th 1877
John Q. Oliver departed this life May 19th 1891

John S Oliver and Mary C. Strait was married Jebruary 17th 1850
W.G. Oliver and S.F. Motley was married Dec the 19 1878
M.M. Hinton and A.T. Oliver was married Jan the 7 1883
J.Q. Oliver and J.B. Willoughby was married March the 9 1890
F.E. Oliver and E.M. Willoughby was married July the 25 1886
J.R. Johnson and M.D. Oliver was married Jan the 4 1883
T.J. Tabor and M.S. Oliver was married Nov the 16 1890

Doubty S. Oliver was born March 14th 1871
Yessie Oliver was born January 23th 1874
Cecil Oliver was born Nov. 15th 1879
Ora Oliver was born March 30th 1882
Manuel Oliver was borned Dec 1888
Arl Oliver was borned April the 3 1890
J.F. Oliver departed this life June 11th 1891

Information supplied by Sharon Tabor