Robert Wilson Oliver Bible 1873-1966

This is the family bible of Robert Wilson Oliver 1873-1966, Allen County, Kentucky. Robert was the son of Wilson and Mary P. Oliver. He was the great grandson of William Oliver, whos family bible is also listed by Kygenweb. Any questions or queries concerning this document can be directed to the following e-mail address.  [email protected]
Robert Wilson oliver was born the 26 day of October 1873
Sarah Jane Russell was born the 6 day of May 1873

Alma Oliver was born the 17 day of March 1899
Amy Oliver was born the 11 day of January 1900
Alie Oliver was born May 11th 1902
Aubrey Oliver was born the 14th of April 1904
Arthur Oliver was born the 12th of Feb 1907
Maggie Oliver was born Jan the 12 1909
Charlie Oliver was born July the 27 1913

Robert Wilson and Sarah Jane Russell was married the 7th day of April 1897

Thomas Jefferson Shields and Alma Oliver were married Dec 24 1917
Robert Leslie Pearson and Amy Oliver were married Oct 1923
Aubrey Oliver and Hautie Johnson were married June 1923
William Isaac Shields and Alie Oliver were married Nov 15 1924
Ernle Artis Shields and Maggie Oliver were married April 11 1925
Charlie Oliver and Lucille Calvert were married Dec 24 1939

Arthur Oliver March the 13 1908
Sarah Jane Oliver Sept 29, 1941
Robert W. Oliver July 10, 1966