Willie G. Oliver Bible 1853-1925

This is the family bible of William (Willie) Gray Oliver 1853-1925, Allen County, Kentucky. Willie was the son of John Shelby Oliver and Mary Charlotta Strait. All text and information has been transcribed exactly as it appears in the pages of the bible. Any questions or queries concerning this document can be directed to the following e-mail address.  [email protected]
W.G. Oliver was born Feb the 24 1853
Sarah T. Oliver was born Jan the 2 1859
Cecil Oliver was born November the 15 1879
Oro Oliver was born March the 30 1882
Isa Oliver was born April the 2 1885
Malon Oliver was born December the 12 1892
Ana Oliver was born October the 16 - 1888
Burnice Oliver Was Born Aug, the 31 1900
Glee Weaver was born April-24-1904
Lois Weaver was born Oct.24.1902
Zola M. Oliver was Born Jan the 13 1916
Stella B. Oliver was Born June the 16 1919

J.Q.Oliver died May the 19-1891
Lois Weaver died Nov-2.1902
Ana Oliver=died Sept 25-1914
Marthey Motley died December the 4-1916
Willie Gray Oliver died July 22, 1925
Sarah T. Oliver Died Nov 2.1938.

W.G. Oliver and Sarah T. Motley was maried december the 19 +1878
Cecil Oliver and Della Cook was married June the 24 1899
B. Weaver and Orie Oliver was Married July the 15 1901
Malon Oliver and Quilla Conner married Dec the 20 1914