William Oliver Bible 1773-1863
This is the family bible of William Oliver (1773-1863), Allen County, Kentucky. William was born 1773, in North Carolina and moved to Kentucky in the very early 1800's. This bible is in the possession of Stella Beth Oliver Conner, Allen County. All text and information has been transcribed exactly as it appears, including missing sentences and spelling errors. Any questions or queries concerning this document can be directed to the following e-mail address.  [email protected]
Page One

Thos W. Oliver and Lucy Chambers was married March 5, 1819
Thomas Corning Oliver was born Jan. the 17, 1851 and died December the 4, 1853
William G. Oliver was born Feb. the 24, 1853
Mary Shelby Oliver was born December the 14, 1868
Anjalin T. Oliver was born June the 29, 1855
John Q. Oliver was born November the 29, 1857
Thos. C. Oliver & Nancy M. Marr was married Feb 25th, 1851
Benjamin Franklin Oliver and Elizabeth Clarice Agee was married September 5 1861
James F. Oliver was born January the 19, 1860
Fredrick E. Oliver was born June the 26, 1862
Leoving Oliver was born November the 7, 1864, died November the 22, 1864
Emmer D. Oliver was born December the 25, 1865
Doubty Shore Oliver was born March the 17, 1871
Tho. W. Oliver was born May 7th, 1796, died Febuary the 15, 1859, aged 63 years and 10 months and 8 days.
Lucy Chambers was born A.D. Nov 13th, 1800  Died March the 23, 1867
William Oliver was born Dec. 25th, 1819. Died Augt 18th, 1820
James M. Oliver was born June 2, 1822
Thomas C. Oliver was born Oct. 25, 1824
Fredrick Oliver was born Dec. 12th 1827. Died June 7th 1829
John Shelby Oliver was born Feby 6th 1829.
Frances Marion Oliver was born May 15th, 1835
William J. Oliver was born Nov the 29th, 1838.
Phebe A. Oliver was born Nov. 11, 1840
Benjamin F. Oliver was born July the 4th 1841

Page two

Thos C and N.M. Olivers children
Americus J. Oliver was born Jan the 31st, 1852
Elesiss C. Oliver was born April the 15th, 1853
Allen C. Oliver was born Jan the 19th, 1855
Charlie James Oliver was born October the 11th, 1860

Page three

Lucy Francis Oliver was borned- Died-
Frances M. Oliver was born May 15th 1835 in the state of Ky, Allen County
Mary Oliver, the wife of ??? Oliver was born ??? the 5th, 1833 in
Leavinna James Oliver was born March the 27th, 1861, a daughter
Nancy M. Oliver, wife of Thos. C. Oliver departed this life July the 10th, 1865. The above and infint buried at Oak Forrest Church in the same cofin on the 11th day of July in Bland County, MO.

Page four

Family Record of W. Oliver
Phebee Oliver, wife of W. Oliver departed this life the 27th Nov. A.D. 1838
Price Oliver, son of Wm Oliver departed this life July 6th, 1844, aged 40 years.
Wm J. Oliver son of Jesse & Elizabeth Oliver departed this life March the 17, 1844, agd 5 years
Nancy Johnson, daughter of the above, departed this life the 27th August A.D. 1836.
Lucinda Weaver, daughter of the above, departed this life 25th of April 1835

Inside of the front cover is written:  Tho Oliver    Wm Oliver
Inside of the back cover is written:  Benjamin F. Oliver 1858