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Bible of BROWN FAMILY [1794-1947]

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Annice Broughton Conner Chairman Genealogical Research Committee

Patrick Gillmore Scottsville, Kentucky




  • Henry Brown was born Feb. 4th 1794
  • Elsie [Alsey Austin in Johnson Bible] Brown was born Nov. 10th 1798
  • Amzi C. Alexander was born Nov 10th 1795
  • Elizabeth W. Alexander was born April 6th 1800
  • William H. Brown was born Feb 20th 1836
  • Almira A. Brown was born Oct 13th 1840
  • Stella E. Brown was born Nov 1st 1866
  • Henry Herbert Brown was born March 5th 1869
  • Mary Lizzie Brown was born June 11th 1871
  • Amzi Franklin Alexander was born June 27th 1873
  • Grandpa Johnson [Matthew Johnson] was born Jan 27th 1896
  • Grandma Johnson [Elizabeth Vaden Austin Johnson] was born Sept 10th 1782


  • William H. Brown & Almira A. Alexander were married Jan 30th 1866


  • Amzi C.Alexander departed this life April 15th 1863
  • Elizabeth W. Alexander departed this life Oct. 24, 1889
  • Almira A. Brown departed this life March 11th 1911
  • Henry Herbert Brown departed this life Dee 19th 1930
  • Yassie York departed this life Jan 6th 1920
  • Amzi Frank Brown departed thiw life Feb. 10, 1947
  • Henry Brown departed this life Oct. 12th 1877 [Allen County, KY]
  • Elsie [Alsey Austin] Brown departed this life Aug 25th 1880 [Allen County, KY]
  • Grandma Johnson departed this life Sept 22nd 1858
  • Grandpa Johnson departed this life Aug 25th 1867
  • William F. Brown departed this life Jan 25th 1916