African American Vital Records

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County Collections

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Note: Many of the Fayette County death certificates were patients of Eastern State Hospital.  Most of these individuals had connections to counties other than Fayette.


(DC) Death Certificate  (FH) Funeral Home Record   (BC) Birth Certificate   (M) Marriage



Allen, Bell (DC) - Green County

Allen, George (DC) - Green County

Allen, Joseph (DC) - Fayette County

Allen, Kindrick (FH) - Mercer County

Ament, Sammie (DC) - Green County

Anderson, Infant (DC) - Green County

Anderson, Infant (DC) - Green County

Anderson, Irene (DC) - Green County

Anderson, Jacob (DC) - Green County

Anderson, J. C. (DC) - Green County

Anderson, Mariah (DC) - Green County

Anderson, Willie S. (DC) - Green County

Anderson, Zely (DC) - Green County

Andson, Millie (DC) - Bourbon County

Angleton, Henry (DC) - Green County

Arnold, Mary (DC) - Bourbon County

Arnold, Victoria (DC) - Fayette County

Arnold, William (DC) - Bourbon County

Asher, Alice (M) - Bourbon County

Asher, Benjamin Samuel (M) - Bourbon County


Baker, Blanche (M) - Bourbon County

Baker, Hamer (DC) - Green County

Baker, Mary Alice  (DC) - Nicholas County

Baker, Nancy  (M) - Crittenden County

Balder, Peter (FH) - Mercer County

Ballie, Kizie (M) - Henderson County

Baltimore, George  (DC) - Fayette County

Barkley, Sabery (FH) - Mercer County

Barlow, Jennie (DC) - Hardin, KY

Barnes, Mark (DC) - Livingston County

Barnett, Buckner Cook (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Charles (M) - Henderson County

Barnett, Elizabeth Ann (DC) - Green County

Barnett, John (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Martha (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Mary Eliza (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Richard (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Rose (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Ruth (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Ulyss (DC) - Green County

Barnett, Vina (DC) - Green County

Baston, Liddie (FH) - Mercer County

Baston/Boston, Omer (FH) - Mercer County

Baughman, John (DC) - Fayette/Boyle County

Beckley, Garret Sr. (FH) - Mercer County

Benton, Annie (DC) - Clark County

Berry, Mollie  (DC) - Nicholas County

Berry, Amanda (DC) - Bourbon County

Berry, James (M) - Bourbon County

Berry, John (DC) - Union County

Berry, Shirley (DC) - Bourbon County

Berry, Thomas (DC) - Bourbon County

Berton, Mack (FH) - Mercer County

Bethel, Arthur (DC) - Green County

Biggs, John (DC) - Fayette/Boyde

Bissell, Amanda (DC) - Livingston County

Blanton, Sarah (DC) - Fayette County

Boman, Katie (DC) - Crittenden County

Booker, John (M) - Bourbon County

Booker, John (M) - Bourbon County

Booker, Will Mack (M) - Bourbon County

Booth, Zilphen (DC) - Fayette County

Botts, Estella (M) - Bourbon County

Bowles, Isaac (DC) - Bourbon County

Bowman, Nicklis (DC) - Crittenden County

Bradley, Benjamin (M) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Benjamin (M) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Benjamin (M) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Edward  (DC) - Bourbon County

Bradley, George (DC) - Bourbon County

Bradley, George  (DC) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Isaac Troop  (DC) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Ivan  (DC) - Boyd County

Bradley, Ivan (M) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Janie (Mrs.)  (DC) - Boyd County

Bradley, John (DC) - Boyd County

Bradley, Laura  (DC) - Barren County

Bradley, Mollie  (DC) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Myrtle Mae (M) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Sallie Hall (Mrs.)  (DC) - Bourbon County

Bradley, Thomas  (DC) - Boyd County

Branham, John (DC) - Fayette County

Brice, Mollie (DC) - Crittenden County

Bridgewater, Cellas (DC) - Green County

Bridgewater, Ellar (DC) - Green County

Bridgewater, Maggie (DC) - Green County

Bridgewater, Sarah (DC) - Green County

Bridgewater, Thomas (DC) - Green County

Briggs, Eunice V. (DC) - Green County

Bristoe, Albert (DC) - Fayette/Nicholas County

Brock, Hattie B. (DC) - Lincoln County

Brock, John (DC) - Jefferson County

Brock, Louise (DC) - Pulaski County

Brock, Unnamed (DC) - Madison County

Brown, Anderson (M) - Livingston County

Brown, Frances (M) - Bourbon County

Brown, Carrie (M) - Bourbon County

Brown, George (M) - Bourbon County

Brown, George (DC) - Bourbon County

Brown, Henry (M) - Bourbon County

Brown, Isaac (M) - Bourbon County

Brown, Julia (M) - Bourbon County

Brown, Margaret (FH) - Mercer County

Brumfield, James (DC) - Green County

Bryant, Edward/Edmond (FH) - Mercer County

Bryant, John (DC) - Mercer County

Bryant, No Name (FH) - Mercer County

Buckner, Ellen (DC) - Green County

Buckner, James (M) - Bourbon County

Buckner, James (DC) - Green County

Buckner, James M. (DC) - Green County

Buckner, Linard (DC) - Green County

Buckner, Richard (DC) - Green County

Bundy, George (DC) - Fayette/Boyd County

Burchett, Bettie (M) - Clinton County

Burris, Infant (DC) - Green County

Butler, Harloss (DC) - Crittenden County

Butler, Katie (M) - Bourbon County

Butler, William (DC) - Jefferson County



Cabell, George (DC) - Green County

Caldwell, Ella D. (DC) - Green County

Caldwell, Nathan (DC) - Green County

Calhoun, Alfred (DC) - Green County

Calhoun, Granville Ernest (DC) - Green County

Calhoun, Vietta (DC) - Green County

Calhoun, William Lester (DC) - Green County

Calvert, Edith Cavell (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Elizabeth (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Eugine (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Henry (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Infant (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Jane (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Mary Jane (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Malindia E. (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Nina (DC) - Caldwell County

Calvert, Sylvia (DC) - Caldwell County

Cambron, James (M) - Jefferson County

Carpenter, Aaron (DC) - Fayette/Lincoln County

Carpenter, Mattis (DC) - Fayette County

Carson, Albert (FH) - Mercer County

Carter, Amanda Elizabeth (M) - Bourbon County

Carter, Harriett (DC) - Green County

Carter, John T. (DC) - Green County

Carter, Joseph  (DC) - Jefferson County

Carter, Logan (DC) - Green County

Carter, Myrtie Lee (DC) - Green County

Cassey, Infant (FH) - Mercer County

Chaudoin, Earl (DC) - Green County

Chaudoin, Joe (DC) - Green County

Chenault, George (DC) - Fayette County

Childers, Camelia  (DC) - Todd County

Childs, Alice (M) - Bourbon County

Clark, Horace (FH) - Mercer County

Clark, Thomas (DC) - Bourbon/Fayette County

Claxton, Amanda (DC) - Fayette County

Claxton, Janie (DC) - Fayette/Bourbon

Clay, Cary (DC) - Fayette

Clay, Cassius (DC) - Jefferson County

Clay, Dannie (DC) - Jefferson County

Clay, Hattie (DC) - Fayette County

Coakley, Edwina (DC) - Green County

Coats, Porter (DC) - Hart County

Coats, Porter (DC) - Hart County

Coffey, Bledsoe (DC) - Wayne County

Coffey, Green (DC) - Wayne County

Coffey, Harriett (DC) - Pulaski County

Coffey, Infant (DC) - Wayne County

Colloway, Stillborn (DC) - Bourbon County

Combs, Allen (DC) - Clark County

Combs, William (DC*) - Fayette County

Conner, Ed (M) - Bourbon County

Conway, John (M) - Bourbon County

Cotton, Arthur (FH) - Mercer County/Spokane, WA

Couch, Lucille (FH) - Mercer County

Cowherd, Bettie B. (DC) - Green County

Cowherd, Eliza (DC) - Green County

Cowherd, Infant (DC) - Green County

Cowherd, Mirou Pearcy (DC) - Green County

Cowherd, Pearlie Rebecca (DC) - Green County

Cox, Katie (DC) - Green County

Cox, Milton (M) - Bourbon County

Creal, Henry (FH) - Mercer County

Crider, Lemma (DC) - Livingston County

Crooks, Albert (M) - Bourbon County

Crozier, Anna Lee (DC) - Kenton County

Crozier, Hattie (DC) - Kenton County

Crozier, Mable (DC) - Kenton County

Crozier, Rose (DC) - Pendleton County

Crumbaugh, Lillie Omega (DC) - Lyon County

Cunningham, Ethel (DC) -Bourbon County

Cunningham, Rebecca (DC) - Fayette County

Curry, Mattie (DC) - Green County

Custard, Samuel (DC) - Green County



Dale, Luther (M) - Kenton County

Daniels, Cordelia (M) - Bourbon County

Davis, Annie (DC) - Fayette/Scott County

Davis, Archie (DC) - Pulaski County

Davis, Georgia (DC) - Fayette/Scott County

Davis, Levi (DC) - Fayette/Scott County

Davis, Robert  (DC) - Bourbon County

Davis, Stillborn (DC) - Livingston County

Desha, Minnie (DC) - Fayette/Bourbon County

Deshay, Hume (M) - Nicholas County

Dobson, Randle (DC) - Livingston County

Downey, James (DC) - Montgomery County

Downey, Loula (DC) - Montgomery County

Dudley, Maria (DC) - Fayette County

Dudley, Will (DC) - Fayette/Mercer

Dunn, Hannah (DC) - Boyle County

Dunnihy, Barry/Carry (DC) - Mercer County

Dunnpihy, Oppie (FH) - Mercer County

Durrah, Sarah (DC) - Livingston County



Ecton, Burgis (DC) - Bourbon County

Ecton, Edward (DC) - Nicholas County

Ecton, Essie (DC) - Bourbon County

Ecton, Harrison (DC) - Bourbon County

Ecton, Jane (DC) - Bourbon County

Ecton, Lawrence (M) - Bourbon County

Ecton, Lawrence (DC) - Bourbon County

Ecton, Sallie (DC) - Bourbon County

Edmondson, Naomia  (DC) - Hopkins County

Edwards, Elonzie (DC) - Green County

Edwards, George (DC) - Green County

Edwards, Liss (DC) - Green County

Edwards, Mary Lou (DC) - Green County

Edwards, Octavia (FH) - Mercer County

Ellerson, Joseph (FH) - Mercer County

Ellison, Lewis (FH) - Indiana/Mercer County

Elmore, Milton (DC*) - Fayette/Madison

Embry, Isaac (DC) - Green County

Embry, James (DC) - Green County

Embry, Mary (DC) - Green County

Embry, Ray Rowland (DC) - Green County

Embry, Thomas (DC) - Green County

Evans, Charles (M) - Bourbon County

Evans, Charles (DC) - Bourbon County

Evans, Elizabeth  (DC) - Nelson County

Evans, Lucille (M) - Bourbon County

Everett, Betty Jane Mrs. (DC) - Nicholas County



Farley, John (DC) - Crittenden County

Faulkner, Elmer Curtis (DC) - KY/IN

Faulkner, Levo (DC) - Hart County

Ferel, Infant (DC) - Green County

Ferguson, Olie  (DC)- Simpson County

Fielder, Charles (DC) - Fayette/Woodford

Fields, Charles (DC*) - Fayette/Woodford

Fields, George (DC) - Fayette/Bourbon County

Fields, William Frank (DC) - Bourbon County

Fields, Joe (FH) - Mercer County

Fife, Kate (FH) - Mercer County

Fisher, John (M)- Bourbon County

Fisher, John (DC)- Bourbon County

Fisher, John (FH) - Mercer County

Fitch, Richard (DC) - Green County

Floyd, Mary (DC) - Fayette/Woodford

Fortune, Priscilla (M) - Kenton County

Francis, Jordan (DC) - Fayette County

Franklin, Ellen (FH) - Mercer County

Frazier, Gladis (FH) - Mercer County

Frazier, Nannie A. (FH) - Mercer County

French, Edna (DC) - Crittenden County

French, Nannie (DC) - Crittenden County

Ferrill, Ollie (DC)- Crittenden County

Floyd, Sam (DC) - Henderson County

Ford, Ellen M. (DC) - Green County

Ford, Fannie Allen (DC) - Green County

Foster, Mary (DC) - Mercer County

Foster, Sidney (DC) - Green County

Foster, W. T. (DC) - Green County

Fretwell, Celia (DC) Bourbon County

Friar, Charlie (DC) - Caldwell County

Fry, Lucenda (M) - Jefferson County

Frye, Nellie (DC) - Hart County

Fryer, George (DC)- Caldwell County

Fryer, John (DC)- Caldwell County

Fryer, Lidy (DC) - Caldwell County

Fryer, Pat (DC)- Caldwell County



Gaines, Allen (DC) - Bourbon County

Gains, Beatrice (DC) - Fayette County

Gaitskill, Daniel (M)- Bourbon County

George, Louie W. (DC) - Livingston County

George, Thomas (DC) - Livingston County

Gilbert, Aunt Eliza (DC) - Crittenden County

Gilbert, Marion (DC) - Fayette/Clay

Gill, Carrie (DC) - McCracken County

Goddin, Chatman (DC) - Green County

Graves, America (DC) - Green County

Graves, Letha (DC) - Green County

Graves, Margaret (DC) - Green County

Graves, Norchie (DC) - Green County

Gray, Dorothy Gene (DC) - Crittenden County

Gray, Jessie James (DC) - Crittenden County

Gray, Mollie (DC) - Fayette/Boyle

Green, Aberiah (DC) - Bourbon County

Green, Louise (DC) - Jefferson County

Green, Virginia May (DC) - Crittenden County

Gregsby, Sarah Ellen  (DC) - Nelson County

Gregston, Danie (DC) Fayette/Mason/Bracken

Griffin, Felix (DC) - Green County

Griffin, Naomi Ann (M) - Trigg County

Grove, Micajah (DC) - Green County

Groves, Jim (DC) - Green County

Groves, Lorena (DC) - Green County

Groves, Mell (DC) - Green County

Groves, Reuben (DC) - Crittenden County

Groves, Robert (DC) - Green County

Gudgel, Tom (DC) - Fayette/Anderson County

Guthrie, Geo  (DC) - Nelson County



Hall, Georgia (DC) - Crittenden County

Hamilton, George H. (DC)- Crittenden County

Hamilton, Infant (DC) - Bourbon County

Hamilton, Marcus Wade (BC) - Montgomery Co

Hamilton, Rose (DC) - Crittenden County

Hamilton, Warren (M) - Bourbon County

Hamilton, Warren (DC)- Bourbon County

Hamilton, Willie (DC) - Crittenden County

Hammond, Amanda M. (DC) - Scott County/ Clark OH

Hammond, Eddie  (DC) - Nelson County

Hammond, Henry (DC) - Scott County/Clark Co., OH

Harper, King (DC) - Clinton County

Harper, Laura (DC) - Clinton County

Harris, Alice Betty (B) - Kentucky

Harris, John W. (DC) - Whitley County

Harris, Julia (DC) - Fayette County

Harris, Lafathia (DC) - Whitley County

Harris, Lucy (FH) - Mercer County

Haselwood, Sarah (DC) - Green County

Haskins, John (DC) - Green County

Haskins, Mary Susan (DC) - Green County

Haskins, Sarah (DC) - Green County

Haskins, Mrs. Rose (DC) - Green County

Hatchett, Mary (DC) - Henderson County

Hatchett, Lizzie (DC)- Henderson County

Hazel, Anna (DC) - Green County

Hazel, John Allen (DC) - Green County

Hazel, Luther (DC) - Green County

Hazel, Mary Francis (DC) - Green County

Hazel, Susie (DC) - Green County

Hazel, Willis Joe (DC) - Green County

Hazelwood, James Jr. (DC) - Daviess County

Henderson, Harriet  (DC) - Jefferson County

Henderson, Henry (FH) - Mercer County

Henry, Enna (DC) - Green County

Henry, Lewis (DC) - Green County

Higgins, Amanda (M) - Pulaski County

Hill, Infant  (DC) - Jefferson County

Hill, Mattie Jane (DC) - Fayette/Fleming County

Hines, John (DC) - Fayette/Bath

Hines, Roden (DC) - Fayette/Mason County

Hobbs, Alicia (DC) - Pee Wee Valley

Hobbs, George  (DC) - Jefferson County

Hobbs, Mary A. (Alexander) (DC) - Georgetown

Hobbs, Matilda  (DC) - Shelbyville

Hobbs, Milliken (DC) - Kentucky

Hobbs, Robert Tyler  (DC)- Kentucky

Hobbs, Warner Schaeffer  (DC)- Kentucky

Hocker, Lewis (DC) - Fayette/Madison County

Hodge, Caroline (DC) - Crittenden County

Hodge, Caroline (DC) - Livingston County

Hodge, Willis (DC) - Livingston County

Hodges, Mary (M) - Montgomery County

Holmes, Cynthia (M) - Bourbon County

Holmes, John (M)- Bourbon County

Hopkins, Betsy (DC) - Jeffersonville, IN & Boyle Co., KY

Hopson, Ned (M) Trigg County/Unionville IL

Howard. Polly (FH) - Mercer County

Howlett, Edith  (DC) - Jefferson County

Hudson, Rosa Murrey (DC) - Hopkins County

Hughes, Birdell (M) - Bourbon County

Hughes, Caroline (DC) - Bourbon County

Hughes, Charlie (DC) - Union County

Hughes, Hattie  (DC) - Jefferson County

Hughes, Harrison (DC) - Henderson County

Hughes, Henry (DC) - Nicholas County

Hughes, Jane (M) - Montgomery County

Hughes, Ki (DC) - Crittenden County

Hughes, Mary Louise (DC)  - Crittenden County

Hughes, Milon Elliot (DC) - Crittenden County

Hughes, Nettie (M) - Nicholas County

Hughes, Thomas (DC) - Nicholas County

Hughes, William (DC) - Crittenden County

Hughs, William Ance (DC) - Bourbon County

Hund, J. W. (FH) - Mercer County

Hunn, Allen (DC) - Fayette/Lincoln County

Hunter, George (DC) - Green County

Hunter, Infant (DC) - Green County

Hutsell, Alice (M) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, Aylette Bradley (BC) - Fayette County

Hutsell, Birdie Lee  (DC) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, Charles (M) - Montgomery County

Hutsell, Charles (M) - Montgomery County

Hutsell, David (M) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, David Morris  (DC) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, Inez Rutherford (M) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, Inez Rutherford (BC) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, James Aylette (M) - Fayette County

Hutsell, James Andrew (M) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, Jessie (M) - Kenton County

Hutsell, John (DC) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, John (M) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, John Walter (M) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, Letha  (DC) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, Marie (DC) - Clark County

Hutsell, Pearl (M) - Bourbon County

Hutsell, William Edward (M) - Bourbon County



Ingram, Louis (FH) - Mercer County



Jackson, Bloomfield (DC) - Crittenden County

Jackson, Child of Anna (FH) - Mercer County

Jackson, Clay (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, David (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Edith  (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Eugene (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Garrett B. Sr. (DC)  - Bourbon County

Jackson, George (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Gussie (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Harriet  (DC) - Jefferson County

Jackson, Harriett (M) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Israel (DC) - Fulton County

Jackson, Israel Sr. (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, James (M) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Jesse (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Jesse (M) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Jesse (M) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Lizie (DC) - Crittenden County

Jackson, Maggie  (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Mollie R. (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Moses  (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Nannie Bell (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Robert Clay (M) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Rosa Ann (DC) - Detroit, MI

Jackson, Rufus (M) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Thomas (DC) - Bourbon County

Jackson, Webb (DC) - Mason County

Jackson, Westley  (DC) - Jefferson County

Jackson, Will  (DC) - Montgomery County

James, Irvan  (DC) - Hopkins County

Jefferson, Andy  (DC) - Jefferson County

Johnson, Amanda (FH) - Mercer County

Johnson, Anna  (DC) - Owen County

Johnson, Donald Bruce (DC) - Jefferson County

Johnson, Ellen (DC) - Green County

Johnson, Harriett (M) - Montgomery County

Johnson, James (DC) - Bourbon County

Johnson, Mary Alice (DC) - Bourbon County

Johnson, Minnie (DC) - Green County

Johnson, Mose (DC) - Fayette/Warren County

Johnson, Nannie (DC) - Fayette/Lincoln/Illinois

Johnson, Nelson (FH) - Mercer County

Johnson, Russell (DC) - Bourbon County

Johnson, Violet  (DC) - Jefferson County

Johnson, William (FH) - Illinois/Mercer County

Jones, Amanda (DC) - Pulaski County

Jones, Della  (DC) - Spencer County

Jones, Harrison (DC) - Pulaski County

Jones, Harrison (M) - Pulaski

Jones, Lizzie (DC) - Fayette/Bourbon

Jones, Thomas Lanty (FH) - Mercer County






Kays, George (DC) - Fayette County

Kellar, Henry (DC) - Bourbon County

Keller, Eliza J. (DC) - Fayette County

Keller, Florence (DC)- Fayette County

Kelley, Alvis J. (DC) - Graves County

Kelley, William Howard (DC) - Graves County

Kelly, Esther (DC) - Graves County

Kelly, T. Wallace (DC) - Graves County

Kelso, Albert (DC) - Fayette/Bath County

Kennedy, Mamie (DC) - Henderson County

Kenney, Peter (DC) - Bourbon/Fayette County

Kidd, Martha Street (DC) - Jefferson County

Kirk, Cornettie (DC) - Metcalfe County

Kirk, Edmonia (DC) - Metcalfe County

Kirk, Greene (DC) - Metcalfe County

Kirk, Johnny B. (DC) - Barren County

Kirkhead, Nannie (DC) - Fayette County

Kirtley, Ruby Olivia (DC) - Green County



Langford, Jacob (FH) - Mercer County

Lawson, Edward (DC) - Fayette County

Layson, Stillborn  (DC) - Spencer County

Letton, James (DC) - Bourbon County

Lillard, Thomas (FH) - Mercer County

Litton, Mable Lee (DC) - Bourbon County

Lowery, Mary (DC) - Jefferson County



Mack, Reva Thomas (DC) - Fayette/Woodford

Mack, Richard (DC) - Mason County

Mack, Robert (DC) - Boyd County

Mansfield, Belle (DC) - Hart County

Mansfield, Jerry (DC) - Hart County

Mansfield, Jerry (M) - Hart County

Mansfield, Viola (DC) - Jefferson County

Marshall, Celia (DC) - Green County

Marshall, Jim (DC) - Green County

Marshall, Joe (DC) - Green County

Marshall, Kate (DC)- Livingston County

Marshall, Lymus (DC) - Henderson County

Marshall, Nancy (DC) - Green County

Marshall, Reuben (DC) - Green County

Marshall, William (DC) - Green County

Marshall, William (DC) - Green County

Marshall, William Daniel (DC) - Green County

Marshall, Wilsin Johnson (DC) - Green County

Martin, John (DC) - Fayette County

Massey, Jim Henry (DC) - Green County

Mathews, David (DC) - Fayette County

Mathews, Mae E. (DC) Metcalfe County/IN

Mathury, L. D. (DC) - Green County

May, Cynthia (DC) - Jefferson County

Maxey, David Lewis (DC) - Barren County

Maxey, Isham (DC) - Hart County

Maxey, Isham (DC) - Hardin County

Maxey, Peter (DC) - Hart County

Maxey, Preston (DC) - Hart County

McCain, Effie (DC) - Crittenden County

McCarley, Lucell (DC) - Green County

McCarley, Robert  (DC) - Simpson County

McClure, Mollie (DC) - Green County

McCray, Amelia (DC) - Bourbon County

McDougle, John (DC) - Hart County

McDougal, Charles William (DC) - Jefferson Co

McDowell, America (FH) - Ohio

McDowell, Infant (FH) - Mercer County

McKee, Maggie (DC) - Fayette/Jessamine County

McKee, Matilda (FH) - Mercer County

Meaux, Lula Bell (FH) - Mercer County

Meaux. Roscoe (FH) - Mercer County

Mickens, Arch (DC) - Montgomery/Fayette

Miles, Edd (DC) - Livingston County

Miller, Francis (DC) - Whitley County

Miller, James Rowley (DC) - Green County

Miller, Jerry (DC) - Green County

Miller, Mary (DC) - Green County

Miller, John Stanten (DC) - Green County

Miller, Wm (M) - Clinton County

Mills, Elmer (DC) - Green County

Mills, Louella (DC) - Crittenden County

Mills, Louvina (DC) - Green County

Mills, W. T. (M) McCracken County

Mills, Willie Florence (DC) - Green County

Mills, Wood Lee Clay (DC) - Green County

Mitchell, James Luther (DC) - Green County

Mitchell, Josiah (DC) - Green County

Mitchell, Letcher (DC) - Green County

Mitchell, Sallie Ann (DC) - Green County

Monday, James (DC) - Fayette County

Moore, Eduena (DC) - Green County

Moore, Jess (FH) - Mercer County

Moore, Julia Ann (DC) - Ohio County

Moore, Lillian (M) - Bourbon County

Moore, Modina (M) - McCracken County

Morgan, Letter (DC) - Mercer County

Morris, Belle M. (M) - McCracken County

Morrison, John Henry (FH) - Mercer County

Morse, Betsie (DC) - Caldwell County

Morse, Betty (DC) - Caldwell County

Morse, Charlie (DC)- Caldwell County

Morse, Frank (DC)- Caldwell County

Morse, Lillie (DC) - Caldwell County

Morse, Nora (DC)- Caldwell County

Morse, William Stevenson (DC)- Caldwell County

Morse, Willis (DC)- Caldwell County

Morton, James M. (DC) - Daviess County

Morton, Martha (FH) - Green/Fayette County

Morton, Richard (FH) - Mercer County

Morton, Virgie (DC)- Daviess County

Moseley, Everett  (DC) - Jefferson County

Motley, Agnes (DC) - Green County

Motley, Mary Jane (DC) - Green County

Murdocus, James Edward (DC) - Hopkins County

Murrell, Lelia (DC) - Green County



Newman, Alena (DC) - Fayette County

Nole, Georgie (Mrs.)  (DC) - Hopkins County

No Name (FH) - Cincinnati, OH/Mercer County

No Name (FH) - Mercer County



Oldham, Charles (DC) - Fayette County

Overstreet, Mary Hathaway (DC) - Fayette/Montgomery

Owens, Ashley (DC) - Fayette/Jessamine County

Owens, Cindy (DC) - Green County

Owens, Susan (DC) - Green County

Owens, Webb (DC) - Green County

Owsley, Preston B. (FH) - Mercer County



Page, Comfort (DC) - Fayette County

Palmer, Clarrissa A. (DC) - Bourbon County

Palmer, Thomas  (DC)- Bourbon County

Page, Dave (M)- Bourbon County

Parker, Alex (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Amuel (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Belle Watts (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Benjamin (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Charleston (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Eli (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Ethelene (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Infant (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Joseph Sr. (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Lena (M) - McCracken County

Parker, Levi (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Lewis (DC) - Crittenden County

Parker, Maria (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Mary (M) - Livingston County

Parker, Mary Catherine (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Mattie (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Millie Ann (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Nancy June (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Nelson (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Owens P. (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Robert Leslie (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Wash (DC) - Bourbon County

Parker, Vannie Glenn (DC) - Bourbon County

Parks, Janie (DC) - Green County

Parris, Charles (M) - Bourbon County

Parrish, Della (DC) - Green County

Patton, Cornelia (DC) - Knox County

Penick, Lloyd (DC) - Green County

Penick, Mays Franklin (DC) - Green County

Penick, Nathan (DC) - Green County

Penny, Henry (DC) - Fayette/Woodford

Penny, Lorena (M) - Kenton County

Perry, Fanny (M) - Hart County

Phipps, Elijah William Hobert (DC) - Ohio County

Pickens, Charlie (DC) - Crittenden County

Pippen, Belle (DC) - Crittenden County

Pope, Albert (DC) - Bourbon County

Porter, Ellen (DC) - Fayette/Mason County

Porter, George (DC) - Bourbon County

Porter, Letcher (DC) - Butler County

Posey, Anne (DC) - Henderson County

Posey, Kizzie (DC)- Henderson County

Posey, Len (DC)- Henderson County

Posey, Lenard (M)- Henderson County

Powell, Jim Boy (DC) - Union County

Price, William Kidd (DC) - Fayette/Franklin County

Pringle, Ernie (DC) - Livingston County

Pringle, Jane (DC)- Livingston County

Proctor, Wm (DC)- Livingston County



Rankin, Edw. (DC) - Fayette/Scott County

Ransom, Carrie (DC) - Bourbon County

Ransom, Cynthia (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Emily (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Florence  (DC)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Frances (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Georgia May (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Gertrude (M) - Fayette County

Ransom, Harriett (DC) - Fayette County

Ransom, Henrietta (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Henrietta (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Henrietta (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Henrietta (M) - Bourbon County

Ransom, James  (DC)- Bourbon County

Ransom, James (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Jane  (DC)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Jemima  (DC)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Katie (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Lizzie (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Nannie (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Robert (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Sallie (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Sam  (DC)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Sam (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Samuel Morris (M)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Thomas  (DC)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Thomas (M) - Montgomery County

Ransom, Wash  (DC)- Bourbon County

Ransom, Wash (M)- Bourbon County

Reed, Lizzie (DC) - Jefferson County

Reed, Sallie (FH) - Mercer County

Reed, Sallie (FH) - Mercer County

Reeder, Augusta (DC) - Henderson County

Rhybon, Mable V. (DC) - Graves County

Riburn, Benjamin (DC) - Graves County

Rice, Charly  (DC) - Simpson County

Rice, Harriett (DC) - Bourbon County/Clark Co., OH

Rice, Morris (DC) - Bourbon County/Clark Co. Ohio

Richardson, Mary Susan (M) - Bourbon County

Richardson, Virgil Andrew (DC) - Green County

Ridgeway, Emma (DC) - Graves County

Ridgeway, Scott (DC) - Graves County

Robinson, Eliza E. (DC) - Green County

Robinson, Millie (DC) - Green County

Robinson, Nannie Florence (DC) - Green County

Robinson, James (DC) - Fayette County

Robinson, Sarah Jane (DC) - Green County

Robinson, Rosa (DC) - Livingston County

Robison, Christine (DC) - Green County

Roy, Harriett (DC) - Bourbon County

Rucker, Edith  (DC) - Ohio County



Sanders, Francis (DC) - Green County

Scott, Delphia (DC) - Green County

Scott, Fannie (DC) - Fayette/Bourbon County

Scott, Martha (DC) - Green County

Scott, Owen (DC) - Green County

Sears, Mariah Jane (M) - Allen County

Settle, Mattie (DC) - Fayette County

Settles, Adeline (DC) - Fayette/Cumberland, KY

Sheilds, James (FH) - Mercer County

Shelby, Alice (DC)- Livingston County

Shelby, Gracie Alice (DC) - Green County

Shively, Andrew (DC) - Green County

Shively, Clifford (DC) - Green County

Shively, Edwina (DC) - Green County

Shively, Infant (DC) - Green County

Shively, James Henry (DC) - Green County

Shivley, Fannie (DC) - Green County

Shivley, Jesse Worth (DC) - Green County

Shoemicker, Thomas (FH) - Mercer County

Sickle, James (DC) - Fayette County

Simpson, Geo (DC) - Fayette/Bourbon County

Simpson, Kizzie (M)- Bourbon County

Simpson, Pat (DC) - Fayette/Franklin County

Sims, Steven (DC) - Fayette/Laurel County

Sivells, Fannie (M) - Livingston County

Sivells, Hardy (M) - Livingston County

Sivils, Biddie (M) - McCracken County

Skaggs, Dillie (DC) - Green County

Slaughter, Ella  (DC)- Jefferson County

Simms, Rosie Bell  (M) - McCracken County

Smith, Bettie (DC) - Fayette/Boyle County

Smith, Callie (BC) - Montgomery County

Smith, Edward (DC) - Green County

Smith, Henry (FH) - Mercer County

Smith, Infant of Pollie (FH) - Mercer County

Smith, Leslie (DC) - Green County

Smith, Joe (DC) - Fayette County

Smith, Mary E. (DC*) - Fayette/Harrison County

Smith, Mary Pauline (DC) - Green County

Smith, Sallie (DC) - Fayette County

Smith, Sallie (DC) - Fayette County

Smith, William H. (DC) - Green County

Smothers, Tom (DC) - Graves County

Sneed, Rachel (FH) - Mercer County

Sneed, Sarah (FH) - Mercer County

Spencer, Tom  (DC) - Spencer County

Spencer, Wash (DC) - Fayette/Clark County

Speicer, America (DC) - Fayette/Breathitt County

Sprouls, Richard (M) - Clinton County

Sprowl, Belle (DC) - Cumberland County

Stailey, Mary (DC) - Clinton County

Stanley, Basie (DC) - Livingston County

Steel, Wesley (FH) - Mercer County

Steele, Henery Iric (FH) - Mercer County

Steele, Mariah (FH) - Mercer County

Stevenson, Margaret (M) - Bourbon County

Stockton, Archie (DC) - Green County

Stockton, Lizzie (DC) - Green County

Stockton, Nannie (M) - Bourbon County

Stogdon, Ellen (DC) - Green County

Stout, Nannie Mae (DC) - Fayette County

Stout, Sherman (M) - Bourbon County

Stove, Harrison (DC) - Fayette/Madison County

Strange, Ben (DC) - Green County

Strange, Ida (DC) - Green County

Strange, Lucilla (DC) - Green County

Strange, Meriah (DC) - Green County

Stringer, John Henry (DC) - Greenup County



Taylor, Amanthus J. (Hobbs) (DC) - Jefferson

Taylor, Annette (DC) - Fayette County

Taylor, Ben (DC) - Boyd County

Taylor, Ella (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Elizabeth (DC) - Fayette/Jessamine

Taylor, Ethel (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Fonzy (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Hallie (DC) - Green County

Taylor, John (DC) - Green County

Taylor, John (DC) - Green County

Taylor, John (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Louise (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Maggie (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Obelie L. (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Sammie (DC) - Green County

Taylor, Walker (DC) - Bourbon County

Taylor, Watson (DC) - Green County

Taylor, William (DC) - Green County

Terry, Charlotte (DC) - Crittenden County

Terry, Herman B. (DC) - Livingston County

Terry, Edward (DC) - Crittenden County

Thomas, George (DC) - Livingston County

Thompson, Harriett (DC) - Green County

Thomas, Mamie Lee (DC) - Bourbon County

Thomas, Nannie  (DC) - Oldham County

Thomas, Pearl (M) - Kenton County

Thompson, Beatrice (DC) - Green County

Thornton, George David (DC) - Green County

Thornton, James Edward (DC) - Green County

Thornton, Katie Ellen (DC) - Green County

Thornton, John W. (DC) - Green County

Tilford, Clara (FH) - Mercer County

Tilford, John (FH) - Mercer County

Tilford, Katherine E. (FH) - Mercer County

Tolliver, Mary (DC) - Bourbon County

Tompkins, Henry (DC) - Crittenden County

Tracey, Mattie (DC) - Fayette/Bourbon County

Trimble, Henry (DC) - Livingston County

Tucker, Albert (DC) - Fayette County

Tuggle, Rich (DC) - Fayette/Pulaski County

Tunsel, Nathan  (DC) - Ohio County

Turley, Cull (M) - McCracken County

Turley, George (M) - McCracken County

Turley, Lenus (M) - Paducah, KY

Turley, Leslie (M) - McCracken County

Turley, Luther L. (M) - McCracken County

Turley, Minitie (M) - McCracken County

Turley, Newton (M) - McCracken County

Turley, Phillip  (M) - Crittenden County

Turner, Morehead (DC) Fayette/Bourbon

Tyler, Willie (FH) - Mercer County



Underwood, Massy (DC) - Green County



Vaughn, Charley (DC) - Green County

Vaughn, Fannie (DC) - Green County

Vaughn, Leonard (DC) - Green County

Vaughn, Lucy (DC) - Green County

Vaughn, Parry Lee (DC) - Green County

Vaughn, Sallie (DC) - Green County

Vincent, Jane Lane (DC) - Crittenden County



Walker, James Monroe (DC) - Crittenden County

Walker, John (DC) - Knox County

Walker, Pearl Comad (DC) - Fayette/Pendleton

Walker, Plummer/Phinsee (FH) - Mercer County

Wallace, Sandy (DC) - Crittenden County

Ward, Lena Bell (DC) - Green County

Ward, Will Nick (DC) - Green County

Warfield, Julia (M) - Bourbon County

Warner, Bessie (DC) - Bath County

Warner, Evaline (DC) - Bath County

Warner, Helen (Trumbo) (DC) - Bath County

Warner, Sidney C. (DC) - Bath County

Warner, Tanzy (DC) - Boyd County

Watts, Leitha (M) - Bourbon County

Weathers, Newt (DC) - Fayette County

Webster, James Ed (DC) - Green County

Wheeler, Harrison (DC) - Fayette/Scott County

White, Cornelia (DC) - Green County

White, George W. (DC) Jefferson County

White, Hubert (DC) - Green County

White, Jerry M. (DC) - Green County

Whitney, Elige (DC) - Warren County

Whitney, Elige (M) - Allen County

Whitney, Mariah Jane (DC) - Warren County

Wilkerson, Prudie (M) - Bourbon County

Williams, Amanda (DC) - Bourbon County

Williams, Andrew (DC) - Green County

Williams, Annie (DC) - Fayette County

Williams, Dearline (DC) - Green County

Williams, Ella Washington (DC) - Green County

Williams, Evelyn (DC) - Green County

Williams, Everett Lee (DC) - Green County

Williams, Everett Thomas (DC) - Green County

Williams, Harrison (DC) - Fayette County

Williams, Harry (DC) - Green County

Williams, Herk Lee (DC) - Green County

Williams, Joe (DC) - Fayette County/Georgia

Williams, John (DC) - Green County

Williams, John (DC) - Green County

Williams, John (DC) - Fayette County

Williams, Kellis (DC) - Green County

Williams, Lottie (DC) - Fayette County

Williams, Major Pallell (DC) - Green County

Williams, Mary Francis (DC) - Green County

Williams, Mary Lizzie (M) - Bourbon County

Williams, Ophelia (DC) - Bourbon County

Williams, Oscar  (DC) - Jefferson County

Williams, Perl Elizabeth (DC) - Green County

Williams, Perry Lee (DC) - Green County

Williams, Richard (DC) - Green County

Williams, Roy/Ray (DC) - Green County

Williams, Walter (DC) - Green County

Williams, Winnie (M) - Henderson County

Wilson, Almeda A.  (DC) - Nicholas County

Wilson, Benjamin F. (DC) Crittenden County

Wilson, Eliza  (DC) - Nicholas County

Wilson, Eliza (DC) - Bourbon County

Wilson, Levi  (DC) - Montgomery County

Wilson, Lucie (M) - Bourbon County

Wilson, Mariah Elizabeth (DC) - Crittenden County

Wilson, Sarah (DC) - Green County

Winer, Wm. (DC) - Fayette County

Wolfolk, Caroline (FH) - Mercer County

Woodard, Macklin (DC) - Green County

Woodford, Ewing (FH) - Mercer County

Woodfork, Ada (DC) - Jefferson County

Wood, Fame (DC) - Knox County

Woods, Kizzie (M) - Bourbon County

Woodward, Georgia (DC) - Green County

Woolridge, Bettie (DC) - Green County



Yager, Wade  (DC) - Hopkins County

Yeast, William (FH) - Mercer County

Young, Gladish (FH) - Mercer County

Young, Matilda (FH) - Mercer County

Young, Walter (DC) - Fayette/Scott County

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