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Pulaski Co., KY African American Tax Payers, 1866
(1st Segregated Tax List)

Transcribed by Valerie J. Davis


All names were recorded as being over 18 years of age [the form has 21 years changed to 18 years. I suspect the age of the children "between 6 and 20 years old" (less than taxable age) should also have been changed to read "...between 6 and 17 years old". vjd]

Running up the side of page 4, to the right of the totals columns:

"The number of Black Children is unknown."

Names are in the same order as they appear in the tax record.

Name              (age 6-20)   Other Info

Allen, Simon

Bustar, Jordan 130 acres; Sinking Creek; 3 horses/mares

Beatie, Jefferson 3

Brown, Simon "Value under the Equalization Law": $65

Burton, Craig Buster, Art 2

Barker, Henry

Black, Monroe

Crisman, Andy

Cowan, Jno. 2

Cowan, Joe 3

Curd, J__ [Jas? illegible bottom of 2nd & 3rd letters]

Curd, ___ [J__? illegible center, & tops of 2nd & 3rd letters]

Coffey, Perry

Cosson, Henderson

Chamberlin, Geo.

Crane, Simon P. 2

Clonch, Anderson

Dunegan, Otis 3 1 horse/mare

Denham, Jno.

Davis, Samuel

Denham, Jeff 1

Dunham, Dick 3 Denham,

Frank Dutten, Murrell

Elliott, Lewis 2

Eastham, Andy

Evans, Augustus 3

Evans, Henry 1 horse/mare

Floyd, Harvey

Ford, Shelby

Ford, Phillip

Fitzpatrick, Isaac

Ford, Jas.

Floyd, Jas.

Gilmore, Chesney 4

Goggin, Armsted 2 3 horses/mares

Goggin, Fount

Gilmore, Lewis 5

[begin p 2]

Gilmore, Peter

Goggin, Ambrose 2

Gibson, James

Garner, Darius 3 "Value under the Equalization Law": 200

Gibson, Daniel 3

Gilmore, Jas. 1

Goggin, Fount 1

Gossett, Jackson 4

Gossett, Galen

Graves, Sam

Gillispie, Steve

Graves, Brent

Graves, Thomas

Gilmore, Chapman 2

Gilmore, Simon 5

Hail, Hugh 3

Hubble, Clay 2 horses/mares

Hubble, Henry 1

Hoffman, Jas. 1

Hoffman, Ike 1

Hudson, Dick 1

Hayden, Peter 6

Hamilton, Fount 1 horse/mare

Hudsen, Dick

Hudsen, George

Hudsen, Isaac

Hudsen, Wm.

Harris, Jubal 2

Hammond, Dr.

Harrison, Edmond

Hubble, Arch

Hail, Galen 2

[Higgins, Moses - see "Moses (Higgins)"

Ingram, Lewis 1 horse/mare; "Value under the Equalization Law": 50

James, Dick 1 horse/mare; 3 cattle

Jasper, Peter

Jasper, Robt.

Jasper, Amos

James, Spencer

Kendrick, Jas.

Kendrick, Walker

Kendrick, James 1

Kelly, William 3

[begin p 3]

Lee, Francis

Lee, Lewis 3

Laugherty, George

Lee, Green

Langford, Ike

Lee, Sank

Langdon, Frank 3

Langdon, Pleasant 4

Moddrell, Ned 460 acres; Buck & Cum; 2 horses/mares; 3 cattle Moses (Higgins) [sic]

Newell, Charles

Newell, Wm.

Newell, Adam 2

Newell, Perry 2

Owens, Henry

Owens, John

Owens, Wm. 3

Owens, Arch 3

Otis, Pleasant 3

Otis, John

Owens, Perry

Owens, Wilson

Richardson, Ned

Strowder, Cooper

Simpson, Joe

Sallee, Isaac

Smith, Henry 1

Sloan, Jeff

Stroad, Lewis 3

Stigall, Jas. 1 horse/mare; 1 mule

Stigall, Henry

Stigall, Clark

Sutten, Cain

Sutten, Joe

Stigall, Fount 1

Smith, Eddy 2

Smith, Armstrong

Stroud, Geo. 3

[begin p 4]

Stephens, Frank 4 1 horse/mare

Stigall, Sam 1 horse/mare

Sanders, Dan

[Upchurch; see end of list]

Woods, Edird

Weaver, Walker

Wait, Jordan 3

Woods, Wm.

Woods, Ike

Woodcock, Jno.

Wait, Jas.

West, Chas.

Woodcock, Jesse

Woodcock, Robt.

Wait, Peter 1

Woods, Jackson

Woods, Mack

Weaver, Daniel 2

Woods, Sam

White, Greenup 2

White, Bill

Woods, John

Young, Columbus

Zachery, David

Zachery, John 1

Upchurch, Francis





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