U.S.S. Maine

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U.S.S. Maine

COLORED MEN on board of the U.S.S. Maine at the time of the disaster.

Submitted by Gwili Posey


In January of 1898 the U.S.S. Maine was sent to Havana to protect America's interest in the Cuban's revolt against the Spanish government. On February the 15th the U.S.S. Maine sank after her gunpowder magazines exploded, killing three quarters of the crew on board. 





Adams, John T, Coal Passer -----Charles Adams, father,

     (Dead)                       1203 Half Street, S.W., Washington, D.C.



Allen, James W., Mess Attendant –Emma Allen

     (Wounded)                   435 Cumberland St., Norfolk, Virginia



Anderson, Charles, Landsman ---Anna Anderson, mother

     (Dead)                      7 Lincoln St., Norfolk, Va.


Bell, John R., Cabin Steward ------No relatives



Coleman, William, Fireman, 2nd Class ---Emma Coleman, mother,

     (Dead)                             272 Navy St., Brooklyn, N.Y.         



Gordon, Joseph F., Fireman, 1st Class----Sam Gordon, father, 825 County

   (Dead)                                St., Portsmouth, Va.       



Harris, Westmore, Mess Attendant –-Westmore Harris, father,

    (Uninjured)                    Charles City, Va.


Hasswell, Charles, Gunner’s Mate, --Peter Hassell, father

     Third Class,                   Saba, W.I.



Hutchings, Robert, Landsman --- Zacheriah Hutchings, father

    (Wounded)                   546 W. 39th St., New York, N.Y.


Johnson, George, Coal Passer ---  Elizabeth Johnson, mother,

    (Dead)                        Washington.


Jectson, Harry, Seaman, ---------- Wm. Jectson, father

     (Dead)                        Los Angeles, Cal.


Just, Charles F., Apprentice, 1st Class,----Mary A. Just,

   (Dead)                                   7 Sires Street, Charleston, S.C.        



Lambert, William, Fireman, 2nd Class – Susan Watts, sister

    (Dead)                             Wine Street, Hampton, Va.                          


Lewis, Daniel, Oiler ------------Charles Lewis, brother,

    (Dead)                                   1014 Nineteenth Street,

                                             Washington, D.C.


Louden, James W., ---------------Annie Randolph, Keyport, N.J.

    Apprentice, Second Class,



Marshall, John E., Landsman ---------F.C. Marshall, brother, Henderson, Ky


( *the name “Wm. J. Marshall, brother, Cincinnati, Ohio” was first typed in, then X’ed out)


Moss, John H., Landsman, ------------Jane Moss, Rainwood, N.C.



Mudd, Noble T., Seaman --------------Lewis Mudd, 302 G St., S.E.

      (Dead)                         Washington, D.C.


Perry, Robert, Mess Attendant, --------Ida Perry, mother

       (Dead)                          #84 Nicholsen St.., Norfolk, Va.


Pinkney, James, Mess Attendant, ------  Mrs. Grace Pinkney,

      (Dead)                            #8 South Street, Annapolis, Md.


Simmons, Alfred, Coal Passer --------- Mrs. Emma Ruffin, mother,

      (Dead)                               105 Fayette St., Portsmouth, Va.



Toppin, Daniel G., Wardroom Cook --------Elizabeth A. Toppin  (Wife)

     (Uninjured)                         304 W. 39th Street, New York, N.Y.



Turpin, John E. , Mess Attendant --------Dee Turpin, mother,

      (Uninjured)                             Long Branch, New York.                 


Warren, John, Fireman, 2nd Class  --------William Warren (father)

   (Dead)                                      Randolph, S.C.


Whiten, George, Seaman  -----------------Sarah Whiten, Middleburg, Va.



White, Robert, Mess Attendant ----- --------Caroline White, mother, King

    (Dead)                                  St., Portsmouth, Va.


Williams, James,                                              

    Gunner’s Mate, 3rd Class ------------------ Margaret Williams, wife,     

       (Wounded)                                 254 W. 18th Street, New York, N.Y.


Williams, Henry, Cabin Cook --------------Mrs. Henry Williams,  

     (Wounded)                            2 Hay St., Richmond, Va.                   


Willis, Alonzo         

    Apprentice, 2nd Class -----------------Catherine Willis, Keyport, N.J.



Coleman, William,  Ordinary Seaman --------Emma Coleman,  (mother)

    (Dead)                                 545 W. 39th Street, New York, N.Y.