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Henderson County Kentucky Births, Court Orders, Deed Abstracts and Insurance Policies

Related to Slave Transactions of the Beverley/Beverly Family – Planters

Culled from the Henderson County Clerk’s Office, Henderson County Historical and Genealogical Society, and the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

 By Carolyn L. Warfield



                Antebellum slave life depended on a person’s sex, age, location, crop type, skills, owner, population demographics and other variables.


                Prior to the late 1840’s, the sale of slaves was a personal business transaction not tracked or announced to the public other than through public auctions when an estate was sold. Slaves were routinely sold between individual parties with a Bill of Sale serving as the written record of the transaction.


                The constant threat of separation and sale was the greatest challenge to a family and community of enslaved persons.


                Deed books record the transfer of property by sale, gift, or trust; and in southern states recorded the sale and transfer of land and slaves. Like Will books, deed books are indexed by Grantor: seller/giver, and Grantee: buyer/receiver. (Dee Parmer Woodtor, 262).


** 1836 Henderson County Kentucky Court Order Book D, 26 December, p 296:

                On the Motion of Fayette Posey, be it ordered that Thomas Towles, John Green, George Robertson and William D. Allison be appointed commissioners (any three of whom being) first duly sworn to say and act to divide the Negroes between Robert G. Beverly and William P. Beverly which were left to them by Mrs. Fitshugh.


** 1837 Division of Slaves among Robert and William Beverley, Henderson County Kentucky, Will Book B, p 427:           The undersigned commissioners appointed by the county court of Henderson to divide certain slaves among Robert and William Beverley report that they valued the said Negroes and divided them as equally as we could and allotted by lot to Robert Beverley, the Negroes: MARIA, HENRY, THOMAS, LUCY, AGNES the 7TH,   JOHN and GEORGE.


               And to William Beverley, SARAH, JAMES, RICHARD, CARTER, MILLY, REUBEN, ROBERT, ELLEN, ROSE AND ELIZABETH, all which they submit.


Signed, Thomas Towels, John Green, George (X) Robertson


The foregoing division of slaves between Robert G. Beverley and William Beverley was this day returned to the court approved of and ordered to be recorded.


Attest Will D. Allison, Clerk


** January 1837 Henderson County Kentucky Court Order Book D, p 298:

                The commissioners appointed to the last term of this court, divide certain Negroes between Robert G. Beverly and William P. Beverly, heirs of William Beverly deceased, this day made their report which is ordered to be recorded.


** [Abstract of Deed of Trust from Catherine Brent to William D. Allison, Book I, pp 229, 230,

Henderson County Kentucky:  5 June 1839]:

Witness that Catherine Brent in consideration for her granddaughter Sarah P. Beverley and (Robert G. Beverley, her husband)


For and in consideration of $1 in paid receipt


Doth bargain, sell, and convey unto William Allison: 1 Negro woman slave named KITTY, aged about 18 years and 1 Negro boy named ROBERT, aged about 7 years


Seal, Catherine Brent; witness by my hand this 7 day of June 1839, William D. Allison, County Clerk


** [Abstract of Quit Claim Deed from Isaac S. Smith and Mary B. Smith (his wife) to Robert G. Beverly, Book J, p 335, Henderson County Kentucky:  9 March 1842]:

                John Black by indenture of mortgage executed to Mary B. Smith wife of Isaac S. Smith


                The property conveyed to the said Mary B. Smith and Isaac S. Smith a certain Negro boy, aged about 14 years, named WILLIAM


                John Black has since sold and delivered the same Negro boy to Robert G. Beverly


                In consideration of the sum of $1 to Mary B. Smith and Isaac Smith paid by Robert Beverly, the receipt of which is acknowledged


                Mary B. Smith and Isaac S. Smith have released and quit claim unto Robert G. Beverly all claim,

title, interest or demand in and to said Negro boy William vested in Mary and Isaac S. Smith by virtue of said mortgage


Seals, I. S. Smith, Mary B. Smith; witness my hand this 9th day of March, William D. Allison, County Clerk


** [Abstract of Deed of Mortgage, from J. W. Reeder to Robert G. Beverley, Book K, p 31,

Henderson County Kentucky: 13 June 1843]:

                For the sum, of $250 by note payable on 1 June 1845


                Doth grant, sell, convey and confirm unto Robert G. Beverley, his heirs and assigns forever:


                ELLIS, about 20 years of age; 350 acres lying on the waters of canoe creek


Seal, J. W. Reeder; witness 13 June 1843, Will D. Allison, County Clerk


Early Births, 1852-1859 in Henderson County Kentucky complied/published by Linda Hicks Hallmark and Lisa Hallmark Pounders recorded Henry Beverly as the owner of the slave child HENRY, born July 13, 1852. Robert G. Beverly was recorded as the owner of HENRY born September 1, and SAM born September 10, 1852.


** [Abstract of Deed of Mortgage from Alexander M. and Elizabeth M. Burch (his wife) to Robert G. Beverley and J. B. Allen, Book O, pp 541, 542,  Henderson County Kentucky: 29 June 1853]:

                In the case of James Breckenridge and others against A M and E M Burch and others pending in court


                Beverly and Allen entering into the appeal bond as security for A M and E M Burch


 Burch and wife, grant, bargain, sell and convey to Beverley and Allen the following Negroes: SIDNEY, about 37 years old, POLLY, about 3 years old, MIKE, a boy about eight years old, JACOB, about 11 years old,  LIZ, about 13 years old, ROSS, about 16 years old, ELVIRA, about 20 years old, TANDY, child about 1 year old, CHARLOTTE, about 22 years old, ROBERT, about one year old, MOSES, about 35 years old, WILLIAM, about 23 years old, CID,  about 24 years old, ALEXANDER, about 37 years , MILLEY, 15 years old, THOMAS, about 20 years old


Seal, A. M. Burch, E. M. Burch; witness 29th day of June 1853, Will D. Allison, County Clerk


** According to Early Births, 1852-1859 in Henderson County Kentucky, compiled and published by Linda Hicks Hallmark and Lisa Hallmark Pounders:


                Slave births in 1853 of POMPEY (May 10), MARY (July 15) and a female born on August 18, were recorded in W. P. Beverly’s name.


** [Abstract of Deed of Bequest from Henry M. Beverley to Frances C. Beverley (his wife), Book P, pp 27, 28, Henderson County Kentucky: 15 August 1853]:

                In consideration of natural love and affection, Henry M. Beverley, given, grant, and convey to Frances C. Beverley, the following Negro slaves: LIMUS, about 36 years old, TOM PARKER, about 25 years old, FRANK, about 19 years old, GEORGE, about 15 years old, TOM, about 10 years old, JIM, about 6 years old, WILLIE, about 4 years old, MILLEY, about 40 years old and one girl child, SARAH ANN, about 28 years old, BETSY PARKER, about 26 years old and three children: one girl and two boys, FANNY,  about 22 years old, JANE, about 23 years old, JUDY, about 16 years old, VICLONA, about  15 years old, SARAH JANE, about 5 years old, SALLY, about 7 years old, ANNA, about 6 years old


                The above named slaves and their future increase in trust for her use and benefit


Seal, H. M. Beverley; witness 16 August 1853, Will D. Allison, County Clerk


** Early Births, 1852-1859 in Henderson County Kentucky by Hallmark and Pounders recorded the slaves born to William P. Beverly in 1854 as: FRANKLIN (February 1), SALLY (October 1), and AMOS (December 15).


*[Abstract of Deed of Mortgage from William D. Nunn to Robert G. Beverley, Book P, pp 214, 215,

Henderson County Kentucky: 15 March 1854]:

                William D. Nunn mortgaged to R. G. Beverley two Negro men, $2,000 of notes; the crop of corn and tobacco which he may make the present year


                ANDREW is now hired to D. R. Burbank

                CARTER is hired to John S. McCormick

                The notes are on Boardman and Williams with good security and paid in $500 every six months with interest until paid


Signed, William D. Nunn; witness 15 March 1854, William D. Allison, County Clerk


** [Abstract of Deed of Mortgage of George W. Butler to Jackson McClain and Robert G. Beverly, Book, P, pp 349, 350, Henderson County Kentucky: 19 August 1854]:

                George W. Butler executed a $625 note to the Farmers Bank of Kentucky payable in 116 days from date with Jackson McClain and R. G. Beverley as securities


                Butler bargained, sold, conveyed to McClain and Beverly two Negro boys: ISSAC, about 11 years of age, FRANK, about 8 years of age


                Hereby guaranteed to be sound in body and mind, slaves for life


Signed, G. W. Butler; witness 23 August 1854, Will D. Allison, County Clerk


** Early Births, 1852-1859 in Henderson County Kentucky by Hallmark and Pounders documented PATSEY born (November 5) in 1855 as a slave child owned by W. P. Beverly.


Robert Beverly insured bondman HENRY, Policy #1508 as a Fireman, and bondman WILLIAM, Policy #1509 as a Fireman; documented in the Henderson County Kentucky Slavery Era Insurance Registry /in/ the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, www.idfpr.com.



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