1870 Census

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County Collections

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1870 Edmonson County Census of African Americans


Transcribed by Sandra K. Gorin. Gorin Genealogical Publishing Note: There might have been more African American families; due to the way the census taker entered information, some are doubtful that might have been African American.


NAME                           AGE        COLOR BORN   OCCUPATION/NOTES


ANDERSON, Zack                 52            Black

          Fannie               25            Black

          Jacob                19            Black                   Farm laborer

          Solomon              15            Black                   Farm laborer

          Gilbert              13            Black

          Matilda              10            Black

          Mary                 08            Black

          Alexander            04            Black

          Zachariah            03            Black

          Franklin             4/12          Black

ARNOLD, Charles                51            Black             KY    Farmer

        Mary                   38            Black

        Thomas                 18            Black

        Adaline                15            Black

        Martha                 14            Black

        Robert                 13            Black

        Charrlo M (female)     10            Black

        Michael                09            Black

        Joseph                 07            Black

BELL, Lewis                    40            Black             KY

      Mary                     26            Black             VA

      Martha A                 06            Black             KY

      Margaret                 03            Black             KY

      John                     5/12          Black             KY

BLAIR, L J                     49            Black             KY

       Elizabeth J             34            Black

       Elizabeth A             20            Black

       George W                __            Black

       Jacob R                 __            Black

       Lisa H                  __            Black

BRITT, Ausben                  60            Black             KY     Farmer

       Emily                   40            Black             KY

       Perry                   18            Black             KY

       Adaline                 15            Black             KY

       Hezakiah                14            Black             KY

       Cundon (male)           12            Black             KY

       Bill                    10            Black             KY

       Silas                   08            Black             KY

       Leroy J                 02            Black             KY      Coded female

BRITT, Thomas                  33            Black             KY      Farmer

       July A                  33            Black             KY

       Virgil                  07            Black             KY

       Mary                    05            Black             KY

       George                  02            Black             KY

       Benjamin                12            Black             KY

BUSH, William                  35            Black             KY       Farmer

      Mary J                   23            Black

      Ellen                    08            Black

      Calvin A                 06            Black

      Isaac                    05            Black

      Joseph                   04            Black

      Elizabeth                02            Black

CHRISTOPHER, Jas.              36            Black              KY      Farmer

             Hanah             30            Black

CLEMMONS, James S              08            Black              With W F Clemmons family-white

          Elizabeth            06            Black

          Nancy B              02            Black

          Henry                6/12          Black

COATS, Warren                  60            Black              KY       Farmer

       Hariet                  40            Black

       Richard                 21            Black

       Jennie                  20            Black

       Henry C                 16            Black

       John B                  07            Black

       Warren                  03            Black

COOK, Mariah                   43            Black               KY      Farmer

      Lewis H                  25            Black

      Franklin                 15            Black

      Mary                     13            Black

      Millie                   12            Black

      July                     10            Black

      Mollie                   07            Black

      Francis (female)         06            Black

      Reily                    02            Black

COWLES, James                  21            Black               KY          Farmer

DENTON, Thomas                 56            Black                           Farmer

        Barbery                50            Black

        Rose L                 12            Black

        Patrick                18            Black

        Edmer (male)           07            Black

EDWARDS, Eliza                 31            Black                           House servant, resided with Sarah

                                                                             Edwards family (white)

        Polly                  08            Black

        William                03            Black

ERVIN, Jane                    27            Black                           Farmer

       Nancy                   70            Black

GRANISON, John                 29            Black                           Boot maker

HADEN, Moses                   23            Black                 KY        Farmer

       Mary                    26            Black

       Lissa J                 07            Black

       Jemima                  2/12          Black

JACKSON, Levi                  44            Black                 KY          Farmer

         Emily                 44            Black                 KY

         John W                22            Black                 KY

         George W              20            Black                 KY

         Martha H              18            Black                 KY

         Elisha W              16            Black                 KY

         Hariet B              14            Black                 KY

JAMERSON, G                    30            Black                             House servant

          Jefferson            17            Black                             Farm laborer

          Elizabeth            10            Black

          George               01            Black

          Hayden B             15            Black                              Farm laborer

JONES, Martha                  05            Black                              Resided with William T Jones Family (white)

       Selular (female)        01            Black

JORDEN, Edd                    40            Black                  KY          Former

        Lencie                 22            Black

        Emaline                16            Black

        John C                 02            Black

        William G              __            Black

        Sarah                  __            Black

KIRTLEY, Mama                  8/12          Black                  KY          With Ambrose Kirtley family (white)         

         William               22            Black                  KY

         Allen S               16            Black

LASTLY, William                42            Black                  KY          Farmer

        Charlotte              44            Black

LEWIS, Archia                  63            Black                  TN

       Lidia A                 60            Black                  TN

       Ann                     05            Black                  KY

LEWIS, Henry                   53            Black                  VA          Blacksmith

       Rachel                  45            Black                  KY

       Taylor                  16            Black                  KY

       Caed?                   15            Black                  KY

       Adaline                 12            Black                  KY

       Matilda                 11            Black                  KY

       Jackson                 08            Black                  KY

MITCHELL, Daniel               33            Black                  KY          Farmer

          Sarah                30            Black

          Daneric              14            Black

          Cafernia (female)    12            Black

          Hariet               11            Black

          Millie               08            Black

          Sallie               06            Black

MURREL, Oliver                 36            Black                  KY          Farmer

        Nancy                  30            Black

        Elizabeth              65            Black

        Elizabeth              11            Black

MURREL, Sam                    37            Black                              Farmer

NICHOLS, George N              18            Black                  KY          Farm laborer, lived with Warren

                                                                                Mitchell family (white)

PAGE, Henry C                  22            Black                  KY

      Edith                    25            Black                  KY

      James                    05            Black                  KY

      Lewis                    02            Black                  KY

      Henry                    7/12          Black                  KY

PUCKET, Henry                  26            Black                  KY          Farmer

        Emily                  23            Black

        James G                24            Black

        Nancy                  14            Black

ROUNTREE, John                 36            Black

          Lucy                 37            Black

          Rachel               16            Black

          George               07            Black

          Joseph               05            Black

          Sarah                02            Black

          Susan                01            Black

SHALU, Benjamin                60            Black                  KY          Farmer

       Matilla                 45            Black                  VA

       Bell                    19            Black

       Wesley                  16            Black

       Luther                  13            Black

       Benjamin                10            Black

       Sallie                  11            Black

       Hubert                  02            Black

       Catharine               07            Black

SKILES, John                   24            Black                               Farmer

        Emily                  36            Black                               House maid

        Doctor S               18                                                Farm laborer

        Richard E              17                                                Farm laborer

SMITH, Richard                 61            Black                   KY          Farmer

       Sarah                   34            Black                   KY

       Ritter                  100          Black                    VA

       William                 06            Black

       Frank                   08            Black

WALKER, Henry                  18            Black                   KY          Farm laborer, lived with W K

                                                                                 Walker (white) family

        Josiah                 24            Black                   KY          Same

WALKER, Ellen                  28            Black                               House maid, lived with J N

                                                                                 Walker family white

       Charles                 13            Black                               Same

       Clem                    08            Black                               Same

WHITE, John                    23            Black                   KY          Farmer

       Anacy?                  21            Black

       Sarah B                 01            Black

       Richard                 16            Black

WILLIAMS, Robert               52            Black

          Cattie               48            Black

          Annie                14            Black

          William              12            Black

          Allice               04            Black

          Sousan T             02            Black

 YOUNG, Anthony                20            Black                   KY          Farm laborer, lived with Warren

                                                                                 Mitchell family (white)