Bourbon News-1900

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Bourbon News-1900

Submitted by Rene Austin




Florence Martin and Dora Evans both colored fined $10 each for loitering and street walking.


Will Leer, the young Negro desperado was taken to the pen Tuesday by Sheriff A.S. Thompson and acting Deputy Sheriff John Wiggins. Leer was securely handcuffed to Hugh Rogers, who was going to serve a two year sentence for burglarizing J.C. Gate wood’s store. The latter was a Cincinnati; Negro Leer goes for twenty years and is one of the most dangerous criminals that ever lived in Paris. He was informed by the Sheriff before leaving the Paris jail that he would be killed if he dared to escape while on his way to Frankfort. He landed in the penitentiary without any trouble whatever.


From the numerous residences that have been broken into and robbed it seems that we have an organized gang of burglars in our midst. On Sunday night the residence of Rev. G.W. Bryan on High Street was entered and robbed of some silverware and large quantity of clothing while the family was at church. Rev. Bryan being the pastor of the colored M.E. Church.


Tuesday night’s victim was Wesley Chinn an aged Negro resident of Lylesville a Negro of West Paris, whose home was entered and robbed of clothing and $21.25 in money.



Elder Sam Buckner, of the county is probably the oldest active colored preacher in KY He joined the Christian Church under Elder John Rogers who baptized him. He has heard Elder Alexander Campbell, Elder Barton Stone and other noted ministers who have preached at Cain Ridge Church in by gone days. Elder Buckner is an octogenarian and is the father of 11 children. He was raised by Walker Buckner’s grandfather and was never in the courthouse but once, then as a witness in a case.



Yesterday in Judge Webb’s Court, Joe Lewis, colored, was fine ten planks for administering physical rebuke to his wife.



In Judge Purnell’s court, Henry Coleman, colored was assessed $19.50 for the satisfaction of choking his brothers

The first session of the city schools on the 19th of January with an enrollment of 779- 443 white and 346 colored. The number of teachers employed including the Superintendent is 20, 12 in the white school and 8 in the colored school



Claysville, our wicked suburb was the scene of a unique trial Friday, Junious Jackson; colored youth suspected of stealing coal from Lizzie Jackson’s grocery in Claysville was enticed into the grocery and was held for trial on the charge of petit larceny. Emmett Kirk acted a Judge and six colored men as jurors. The culprit was declared guilty and his punishment fixed at twenty lashes with a buggy whip, where they would do the most good. Jackson was made to embrace a beer keg with is arms and legs and the “judge’ wielded the whip with a vengeance. The prisoner had warrants sworn out against the entire party and Saturday morning Judge Purnell fined the “judge” and two jurors-Peck Alexander and Lewis Cage $15 each. Joe Jackson, colored, charge with stealing brass kettles and breaking them up to sell for old brass was given 26 days on the rock pile.



Jane Becker, aged about 50, who has been a faithful colored servant for years in the family of Mr. Charles Stephens, died suddenly Saturday afternoon while on her way to her home on Williams Street. When in front of S. Ray’s home on Higgins Avenue she grew faint and while she held to the fence for support, she beckoned to a colored man who was passing in a delivery wagon. She sank to the ground before the man and several Higgins avenue residents could reach her but was immediately place in the wagon. She died, however before she could be taken to her home six blocks away. The woman was apparently in the best of health when she prepared dinner Saturday at Mr. Stephens home.


In Judge Purnell’s court Saturday, Arthur Turner and Will Howard, two Millersburg Negroes were found guilty of chicken stealing and were given 30 days at hard labor. They were put to shoveling snow in five minutes after the conviction



Henry Watts, who lived on Brice Steele’s place, was found dead in his bed last Friday morning, he had been breaking hemp all day Thursday, having finished two shocks and retired that night early feeling perfectly well. The inquest held by Coroner H.H. Roberts showed that Watts died of heart trouble


There was a hot time in Claysville, Saturday night. Yesterday morning Ella Jackson, colored was fined $17.50 for throwing stones and raising cain generally

Janey Lummans, colored was arraigned in Judge Webb’s court for attempting to carve Annie Kenney with a razor and Fannie Turner was arraigned for trying to vaccinate Annie Johnson face with a knife. Both were held over for $150 each to await the action of the grand jury which meets again on Thursday


The trial of Jason Howard, colored charge with mayhem, was continued until today. Howard almost bit off an ear of Roger Cain’s son.


Morris Hutsell colored got 3 years for housebreaking.

Ed Reed, alias “Horsey”, the colored man who viciously assaulted Lou Davis Redmond about two weeks ago in Cook grocery was given four years in the penitentiary for malicious striking

 In Circuit Court Saturday, Clarence Clayborne was acquitted of the charge of malicious shooting and wounding but was fined $100 and sentence to jail for 30 days for carrying concealed weapons. He is the man who shot Arthur Robinson, a small boy in Lavin and Connell grocery just before Christmas



The remains of Johnson Lamb, colored who drowned in Cuba on November 28th, last year were brought to this city, Wednesday night from Cuba and were interred at the Colored cemetery. Lamb was member of troop b, Tenth Calvary, USA. The government paid the expanse of bringing the remains


Joe Jackson, colored tried in Judge Purnell’s court for stealing coal from Kentucky Midland railroad, was given 30 days and cost


George Williams, colored, was fined $250 for suffering gaming on his premises.

The trial of Jason Howard, colored charged with maiming, occurred Wednesday and resulted in an acquittal of Howard.


The trial of Arthur Wheeler, colored , for shooting Charles Jones , colored at Kenney station was postponed Wednesday on account of the principal witness being absent.



Charles Jones and Arthur Wheeler both colored had a dispute Friday night at Kenney’s station over Wheeler’s sister and Wheeler procured a pistol and fired two bullets into Jones. The trouble is said to have been caused by an insult which Jones offered to the other man’s sister. Wheeler was arrested and placed in jail. His trial has been set for tomorrow.



Tony Bord, a colored man employed on Bruce Miller’s place who developed a case of varioloid was yesterday discharged by the Board of Health as cured.



The will of Penelope Patterson, white, which has been left with the county clerk for probate award the following colored citizens

Newton Hedges, colored $150

James Conn, colored $150

Children of Eva Roberts, colored-$150

Carrie Wiggins, colored-$150



In Judge Webb’s court Wednesday, Ernest Hutchins colored was fined $12.50 for slapping his wife and paying left handed compliments

Cain Lewis and Peck Hughes were each fined $7.50 for breach of peace

Corbin Miller was taxed $7.50 for using abusive language

Arthur Wheeler who is in jail for shooting a man at Kenney’s station was fined $27.50 and given a sentence of 10 days in jail for carrying a concealed weapon. His trial for shooting has been postponed.



Black Patti who is recognized the world over as the greatest singer of her race enjoys further distinction of being the stellar feature with Black Patti Troubadours. There are 40 people in the company, which includes at least a score of specialty performers. The stage scheme of the Troubadours is no less interesting than the name and fame of its star. It consists of a happy medley of comedy, burlesque, vaudeville and opera. The opening skit is called “a rag Time Frolic at RasBury Park” which the entire company’s forces are afforded full scope for their diversified talents. The operatic feature which occupies the final half hour of the performance serves to introduce Black Patti and operatic forces in an attractive stage scheme and which is generally conceded to the grand feature of the performance.



Tom Sharp, colored who was shot last Saturday night over a game of craps in Claysville by Emmett Kirk, colored died Monday Night. Coroner Robert’s inquest Tuesday developed that Sharp died from the effect of the wound. The testimony also brought out the fact that Lizzie Jackson has been running a most disreputable dive in Claysville. In the rear of her grocery is a bar room, a gambling room and a dance hall. The joint has been the scene of innumerable brawls. Kirk escaped on a bicycle immediately after the shooting and has so far eluded arrest.


The Black  Patti Troubadours will not appear at the Grand tonight, the engagement having been cancelled.



Albert Williams, the colored mute who has been in the employ of the Nippert family for a number of years died Friday and remains were buried Sunday. He was a faithful employee and a good citizen.


Upon the authority of Dr. John Bowen, Health Officer, The News announces that there is no known case of smallpox in Paris. The patients from the Negro villages were taken to the pest house, a mile form town and are now about well. Dr. Bowen says the disease is under perfect control.



Ike Duffy, a loud mouth Negro character of Paris, has skipped to parts unknown to avoid being arrested. Paris does not care if Ike never comes back.


French Thompson, a well known colored citizen and member of the firm of Thompson and Corbin undertakers, died Wednesday. Caroline Porter, well known restaurant keeper of Eighth Street, also died this week

Will (Fatty) Kelley, colored formerly of East Paris was stabbed to death in a difficulty in Cincinnati, Wednesday night



Lydia Wilkins, colored was fined $19.25 for harboring a case of small pox

Emma Allen, colored was fined $19.25 for leaving her house when it was infected with small pox without permission of health officer

 In Judge Webb’s Court, yesterday morning Charles Coleman, colored was fined $7.50 for reproving his wife with a slap



Henry Clay, colored, was tried Wednesday morning before Acting County Judge J.W. Thomas Jr. and adjudged insane

The first examination of colored teachers for the schools will take place at the court house on Friday and Saturday, 25th and 26th

Tuesday afternoon Caleb Powers, John Davis Henry Youtsey and Tallow “Dick” Combs were transferred form Frankfort to the jail at Georgetown, where they were placed under a guard of deputies



 The News has received a copy of the Sentimental Negro song “My blue Grass Home” published by the Port Huron Music Co., Port Huron Michigan. The words are by John B. Dame and music by Herbert Mustard. Prices $.50



Ike Duffy, colored, charged with willfully endeavoring to spread small pox was tried before Acting County Judge J.W. Thomas Jr. Wednesday and was fined $20.75



Sam Bedinger, colored, charge with maliciously cutting and wounding Eliza Thomas, colored in a Sunday fight in Ruckersville, was arraigned yesterday for trial before Judge Webb and the case was set for trial Thursday morning. Bedinger was held on $150 bond



J. Perry Hutchcraft of Vine Street narrowly escaped death by asphyxiation Friday evening while washing out his cistern where charcoal had been burned to remove the lime taste from new plastering. He went down into the cistern with a lantern and in a few minutes became sick and called Hence Craig, a colored employee of the G.G. White distillery to lower a ladder and help him out. Craig lowered a ladder and found Mr., Hutchcraft unconscious. He started to carry him up the ladder and a round broke and both men fell back. Craig finally succeeded in dragging Mr. Hutchcraft up the ladder and then went for a doctor. Physician finally resuscitated Mr. Hutchcraft after he had been unconscious for nearly four hours. Had Craig been five minutes later in getting Mr. Hutchcraft out of the cistern, he would have never recovered. Mr. Hutchcraft is profoundly grateful to his brave rescuer, Hence Craig.


Late Sunday afternoon, Frank Tooley who lives on Miss Eliza Cogar’s farm near Clintonville was shot and probably dangerously wounded by a man named Cornelius. The shooting occurred near Austerlitz, 3 miles from Clintonville. The men had quarreled during the afternoon and Cornelius had fractured Toohey’s right arm with a club. Later in the day, Toohey rode up to the house of Cornelius to get his shotgun which had been borrowed. The men passed words and Cornelius fired both barrels at short range into Toohey’s body, the charge composed of bird shot, slugs etc took effect in Toohey body, his neck and chest making 54 wounds. Nearly every shot or slug carried in a piece of rag used for wadding. After being shot Toohey rode to his house about a mile away. He was attended by Dr. J.T. Brown of Clintonville assisted by Dr. William Kenney of this city.


Sam Bedinger, colored charge with maliciously cutting and wounding Eliza Thomas, colored in a Sunday fight in Ruckersville was arraigned yesterday for trial before Judge Webb and the case was set for trial Thursday morning. Bedinger was held in $150 bond.


John Kennedy, charged with using bad language was fined $7.50. Lige Reed was fined a like amount for being disorderly.



Bud Warren colored caught 2 German carp Tuesday from Stoner Creek which aggregated 25 pounds in weight.


In Judge Webb’s Court yesterday, Sam Bedinger, colored was fined $19.75 for a breach of peace. He knocked Eliza Thomas, colored through a window and she was cut by glass.

In Judge Smith’s Court yesterday, Martin Glikey, colored was fined $24.50 for using insulting and abusive language in the presence of a female.

Guy Stone, colored, was fined $19.75 for breach of peace. He was found guilty of throwing rocks at a woman.


Erb Dow, colored was fined the same amount for a breach of the peace. The offenders all live in Ruckersville.



The commencement of the Colored High School was held Friday night in the opera house before a large audience. There were eight graduates, Katie Lee Long, Anna Elizabeth Parker, Fannie Belle Buford, Dora Belle Kimbrough, Jimmie Roland Fields, James Blaine Woodward, and Keatha Rebecca Williams. The program of exercises was very creditably rendered. The diplomas were awarded by Professor A.E. Reubelt, School Superintendent.


Tom Green, who is black was tried Saturday before acting County Judge J. W. Thomas, Jr. for breach of the peace and fined $15.75

Nettie Hill charged with calling colored friend bad names was fined $9.36

Monroe Smith was fined $13.75 for using insulting and abusive language.



Lillie White, who is not white, was fined $7.50 in Judge Webb’s court for a breach of peace.

Jim Sharp, colored, was assessed a sum for imbiding noisy liquor



On Wednesday Jim Fields and Henry Hawkins, colored, charged with willfully endeavoring to spread smallpox were each sentenced to six months in jail.


Mason or Morris Hawkins and Shep Leer, colored were each given 3 years in the penitentiary for breaking into a car, and John Jones, colored got 18 months in jail for housebreaking.



Deputy Sheriff W.W. Mitchell, Constable Joe Williams and Turnkey William Gibson will take the following prisoners to the penitentiary, convicted at the recent term of the Circuit Court. Shep leer and Morris Hawkins , 3 years each for breaking into a car, John Parker one year for malicious shooting, Charles  Thompson, hog stealing and John Jones breaking into a store room, each eighteen months. All of the prisoners are colored.



Louis Jones, a colored section hand on the Kentucky Midland dropped dead Saturday afternoon while at work on the road. His death resulted form paralysis of the heart cause by coming overheated. Coroner Roberts held an inquest over the body. Jones was 35 years old and lives in Claysville



Peter Vinegar, a colored preacher of Lexington who has made himself noted by delivering a sermon entitled “And It was a Damned Hot Day” will preach at the operas house Sunday afternoon and night. He will probably use his “Hot Dog” sermon.



The colored excursion to Louisville from here Sunday started with two crowded coaches.


Sam Dudley was shot in the neck and stomach at Clintonville last week by Thomas Green. Both are colored and quarreled over a game of craps. Dudley is not seriously hurt as he has since been at work.


Lou Bush, colored, murdered her infant son by throwing him into a barrel of water and blood at a slaughter house in Winchester last March. Detectives working on the case arrested her on last Saturday and lodged her in jail. The prisoner has broken down, making a confession giving full details of the horrible crime.



Near Sharpsburg, John Berry, farmer aged 58 shot and killed Pearl Scott, a colored cook in his employ. Berry claims self defense. He has been in bad health for several years and his neighbors believe he is insane and committed that deed while in that condition.


The Zion Baptist Church (colored) gave a camp meeting at the fairgrounds Sunday and it was attended by an enormous crowd. Several pastors from different parts of the state were in attendance and the outpouring of the spirit lasted from in the morning till late at night. Cooks and nurses were at a premium and it is safe to say that very few warm dinners were eaten unless they were prepared by the lady of the house. One colored woman who experienced what is called “getting religion” on her return home confessed to her employer that she had been stealing from her but having “got religion” now she would do so no more . The lady of the house was skeptical, however and promptly discharge her. The cook on leaving exclaimed “fore God, de next time I git religion, no body ain’t gwine to know it.”



Wm Scroggans, colored was assessed $7.50 for breach of peace



One hundred colored people went to Millersburg Sunday to attend a camp meeting



Eugene Smith and Jim Shackleford, two colored men quarreled in Church at Jacksonville, the other night and engaged in a fight when they got outside. Smith inflicted an ugly cut on Shackleford’s neck, just missing his jugular vein. Smith is now in the Paris jail and will have an examining trial tomorrow before Judge Smith



Chick Piper and Ace Huffman, colored, were tried before Judge Smith yesterday on the charge of petit larceny and were sentenced to 30 days at hard labor. They are the men who stole some flour from Saloshin and Company grocery a week ago last Saturday night. Alonzo Jackson, one of their partners will be tried for receiving stolen goods.


Sam Duncan, a colored man who   was charged wit pettit larceny escaped Saturday after noon from Jailer Allen Kiser while the latter was unlocking the jail door. Jailer Kiser fired four shots at Duncan who ran across Houston creek into a cornfield on the G.G. White place. Duncan has not been captured. He had just appeared before Judge Smith and had been held over to Circuit Court in $200 bond. He is the man who is charged with stealing harness from James Hukill and Dan Morris.



Blanche Johnson and Mary Wilson, colored were arrested and jailed Saturday night by Officer Elgin over Blanche’s hubby whom Mary had won away from her friend



In Judge Webb’s Court Wednesday Frank Monday, colored fined $50 for jerking Arthur Ellison, a white boy, off the sidewalk and kicking him.



Officer T.E. Johnson of Lexington brought Theodore Davis, colored to this city Tuesday and placed him in jail charge with participating in the camp meeting shooting scrape at Centerville about two weeks ago. The warrant was sworn out by John Watkins who was one of the men wounded in the fight.


a colored lodge was organized in Paris last week. Buck Freeman is the leading spirit in the lodge.



since the Paris Elks dispensed charity so liberally to the colored people  two years ago it has been suggested to turn this work over to the colored elks



Scott County has a colored postmaster at Zion Hill, a new office in the Negro community


John Jones, colored was fined $10 for being drunk and disorderly. Arthur Anderson, colored caught a $5 fine for disorderly conduct.



Maysville is keeping a list of the able bodied Negro men and women who refuse employment


John H. Morrison, a white man aged 46, and Rosa Finch, a colored woman aged 19, both residents of this city were married Monday in Cincinnati. Morrison is a machinist and gets a salary of about $1,000 per year. A large number of Paris people have expressed great indignation over his act and not a few have favored giving him a kind of reception. The law of Kentucky prohibits their marriage but if the marriage is valid where it is performed it is valid if the parties return to Kentucky.



In Judge Smith’s court John Cantrell, colored was fined $25 and costs and sentenced to 15 days on the rock pile for a breach of the peace


Frank Monday, colored and Samuel Wilson was fined $7.50 each for breach of the peace. They were tried by Judge Webb/



Wednesday night at eight o’clock Will Page, colored was struck two heavy blows on the head by an unknown man who stepped from an alley running form Sycamore Street. Page said assailant took $1.25 from him. Page came down the street hunting a doctor and seemed to be suffering greatly from his blows. He did not known hit him.



There is no colored person in the town of Broadhead, Lincoln County and no colored family lives closer than four miles.


Marshal William Jones raided a colored gabling den in North Middletown Friday night and captured eight colored gamblers. They will be tried Thursday in this city before Judge Smith



John Stivers, white and Tom Clinkenhead or Clinkenbead , colored were tried in Judge Smith’s court yesterday for engaging in a crap game at North Middletown and were each fined $50. The other arrested men were dismissed.


Martin Gilkey, colored who stole six chickens form Dick Marsh of near Paris, was sentenced to 95 days in jail at had labor.



Saturday in Judge Smith’s court Emma Allen and Harriet Allen, colored were fined $16.50 for whipping Maggie Godman, also colored.



Ed Current, colored, is in jail on the charge of cutting a colored woman named Tillman in Claysville. The Tillman woman is the sister of Josie Tillman who was murdered by Clarence Williams.



Will Evans, Gus Evans and Tom Ashurst, colored was fined $61 for gaming. Chas Breckinridge and John Breck, colored were fined $34 for shooting craps.

Jim Stout and Charles Washington, colored were fined $25 and given ten days in jail for breach of the peace. All of the fines are to be worked out at hard labor if not paid in cash.

 In Judge Webb’s court yesterday, Jim Brown was fined $15 for being drunk and disorderly



In Judge Smith’s court this week Charles Reed was fined $55 for selling liquor without license, Frank Bell was fined $32 for a similar offense. John Fields, charged with running a crap game was held over to the Circuit Court. Sid Dumphreys was fined $24.75 for shooting craps.

Joe Todd, Sim Wheeler, Horace Griffith, Joe Claxton, Zach Boyd, Ed Hurley, Ed Cain, John Carter, Peter Turbin and Walter Brothers were each fined $25 for fornication or adultery.

Dave Washington was fined $54 for gaming and Alex Kelley was fined $25 for a similar offense. All prisoners were colored.

Wednesday afternoon in Judge Webb’s court George Banks, colored, who is known as “Poodletack” was fined $10 and costs and given 10 days in jail for making a large hole in a Claysville Negro’s head with a rock. Poodletack says that he was just playing with him.

Jim Bedinger, colored was given $5 and cost and ten days in jail for beating his sister. Levi Bedinger was fined $1 and ten days on a similar charge.



Jim Howard, the condemned murder and Henry Youtsey, the convicted conspirator were Saturday removed from Frankfort to Louisville. It was feared that an attempt to mob them would be made if Yerkes should be elected.



Sam Johnston, colored wanted here on several charges was brought to Paris yesterday by Lexington officials



Jack McAfee, colored, employed at L&N coal chute, this city died suddenly at his home in Claysville. He was apparently in perfect health. Coroner H.H. Roberts and Dr. J.S. Wallingford held an autopsy and found that a small ulcer had eroded a bronichal artery which ruptured into a plural cavity, causing the man to bleed to death form internal hemorrhage. This is very remarkable case in that there had never been a symptom to indicate his dangerous malady.



Vernon Brown a bad Negro, shot and wounded Cora Bradley, also colored at Millersburg, yesterday during an altercation. The cause of the shooting is not known. Brown was arrested and jailed at Paris. Brown has the reputation of being a bad Negro having been convicted twice for breaking into the L&N depot at Millersburg. He will no doubt be convicted and receive a life sentence as the statute provide such for a third conviction



While removing wires from an electric light pole on High Street, near Mrs. Arch Stout’s residence yesterday morning, Irvine Hall, white and James Helm, colored, lineman for the Cumberland Telephone Co. were badly injured by the pole breaking and throwing them to the ground. Helm had three ribs on the left side broken. Hall’s collarbone was fractured and his left foot sprained. It is thought both may have sustained internal injuries. Everything possible was done for the comfort of the injured men. They were removed in Davis ambulance to Mrs. Earlywine’s boarding house and Drs. Kenney and Sweeney summoned.


Henry Lawson, white, who stabbed and killed Henry Thompson colored about ten days since was released from jail Saturday. The grand jury having exonerated him. All the testimony showed that the Negro was the aggressor and that he had knocked Lawson down and was on top of him when the stabbing occurred.



On yesterday in Judge Cantrill’s court, Barnam Brown, a Negro form Millersburg was given a life sentence under the habitual criminal act. He has been before the Circuit Court since infancy, has served numerous jail sentences and two terms in the penitentiary. This being his third conviction, the life sentence followed.


Will Howard and Charlie Jefferson were indicted for horse stealing, but Howard got peremptory instructions and the jury gave Jefferson 30 days at hard labor



On Saturday while playing with a box of matches, a five year old child of Annie Scott, colored of Ruckersville caught on fire and before assistance reached her she was badly burned she died within an hour.



Bettie Dew or Dean, an old Negro woman living on Pearl Street was yesterday adjudge by a jury in Judge Smith’s court to be of unsound mind and was ordered taken to the asylum



While the colored citizens of Ruddles Mill vicinity were engaged in their Christmas services, Tuesdays night, a scene not on the program was enacted. Ike Curtis, lately returned from the penitentiary for killing a negro, was sitting near the alter, when Lon Glenn entered the church and noticing Brother Curtis taking so a prominent a part in the exercise, commenced to disfigure his face. Curtis arose and returned blow for blow. Soon Glenn drew a pistol and commenced firing. This was followed by a general stampede, and brought the service to a close. Glenn will have an examining trial tomorrow morning before Judge Smith.


The colored settlement of Ruckersville celebrated Christmas with the usual killing. About 11 o’clock Christmas morning a number of colored men and boys were standing on Second Street, promiscuously shooting revolvers. Denis Logan, aged 19, came out of the house where he resided to participate in the fun. One of the shots struck him in the jugular vein and he bled to death in a few moments. The affair caused a tremendous sensation in the village. “Son” Canaday and James Washington were arrested and lodged in Jail. Canaday being charged with the offense by the coroner’s jury. Although it was thought to be purely accidental as the two parties were said to be friends. The examining trial will be held Saturday before Judge Smith.



At Carlisle Wm. Baker and Tom Bailey engaged in a shooting affray in a negro suburb. Baker was wounded in the breast and Bailey shot twice in the shoulder and arm



During the past year County Clerk Paton issued 130 licenses to whites and 138 to colored persons( marriage licenses)

There were 67 burial at the Paris Cemetery, 10 at the Catholic Cemetery and 74 persons were buried at the colored cemetery in 1900.

The fire department reports 30 fires during the past year.

248 persons were confined in the county jail with the past 12 months

the number of fines imposed in the last year  by Police Judge C.D. Webb were 194

Bourbon County Census

The census of Paris shows 4,603 inhabitants against 4, 218 in 1890 a gain of 383. Bourbon County’s population in 18,069 against 16,976 in 1890 against of 1093. It must be remembered that the Negro suburbs of Claysville and Ruckersville are not included in the count of Paris which would add 2000 to 2500 to our population