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Ken's Genealogy Page


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    My Ancestral Census Records

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    My Ancestry
    LDS Ancestry Search
    Library of Congress
    California Digital Newspapers

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    Relation to Pocahontas
    Relation to Sen. John Kerry
    Relation to VP Dick Cheney
    Relation to Pres. Millard Fillmore
    Relation to Pres. George H. Bush
    Relation to Pres. George W. Bush
    Relation to Sen. Strom Thurmond

    Family Tree Diagrams

    Thurman Family

    Research Sites


    California CADI
    US GenWeb Project
    Cyndi's List
    California State Library
    Portuguese Ships Arriving in US
    CA Death Index 1940-1997
    U.S. Presidents Census Images
    Washtenaw County Gen
    Calhoun County (Battle Creek)
    Michigan GENDIS
    Clinton County GenWeb
    San Francisco GenWeb
    California GenWeb
    New York
    Onondaga County (Marcellus)
    Dade County
    Polk County
    Greene County
    California Deaths of Interest (1940+)
    Siskiyou Births
    CA Births of Interest
    Fremont County (Florence)
    Multnomah County
    District of Columbia
    Map of Ireland
    Map of Scotland
    Waters [Scotland, California, Oregon]
    Census Records for Waters Family
    Research Notes for John Waters

    Joe Waters:
    Joseph Waters Birth Announcement
    Orphanage entry for Joseph & Thomas Waters
    Joe Waters WW1 Registration --bd: 1895
    Joe Waters' Selective Service Card
    Joe Waters' SSN
    Joe Waters' Drivers License
    Joe Waters' Port Card
    Joe Waters - Carrie Sylvia Marriage Certificate
    Joe Waters' SS Application
    Photo of Gravestone
    Voter Registrations: Page 1   Page 2

    Richard Waters:
    Richard Waters Birth Certificate
    Richard Waters' SS Application
    Richard Waters Lowell HS Yearbook Picture
    Richard Waters Lowell HS Yearbook Picture #2
    Richard Waters 1938 Lowell HS Yearbook
    Richard Waters Gravestone#1 #2
    US Navy Rosters Page 1  Page 2
    Oakland Tribune Marathon Articles First  Second
    Oakland Tribune Mention Simon Stores
    Marriage to Thelma Adams/Greenwood
    Marriage to Thelma Adams/Greenwood
    Divorce to Helen Bockoven
    Voter Registrations

    John Waters:
    John Waters Research Summary
    Research--FHC Mesa 2013 Mar 21
    Research--FHC Mesa 2013 Mar 22
    John Waters and Vessels he sailed on
    John Waters in CA -- notes/census

    McKinley Orphanage Info [Thomas Waters in 1910]
    Best Guess of Waters Timeline
    List of all WATERS SOUNDEX entries for 1900 in San Francisco
    1889/1890 SF City Directory -- WATERS/BERKLEY
    California Death Index Entries
    1930 San Francisco, CA - Waters Image
    1940 Census Portland
    C Waters' Birth Certificate
    San Francisco City Directory Scans
    Thomas I. Waters' WWI Registration
    John Thomas Waters Birth Announcement
    John Thomas Waters (infant) Obituary
    Margaret Mary Waters (infant) Obituary
    Scans of Possible Waters Connections
    Waters Timeline
    San Francisco City Directory Transcriptions
    San Francisco Homes
    Mortuary Records from San Francisco 3/1900-6/1904
    SF Call Index - Waters entries 1896-1902
    Jane Waters death 2
    Colma Graves
    Craddock [Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Colorado, California]
    Craddock Timeline
    Census Listings for Craddock
    Amelia County Craddock's
    Walter Craddock Notes
    John Craddock's Civil War pension information
    John Craddock's Civil War lookup
    Joseph Craddock's notes
    Families Living in Dade County Before 1880 (Craddock)
    Craddock-Wood Marriage, Missouri
    Photo of Charles Craddock Sr and Mary/Mollie Wood
    Dade County, Missouri Maps Cemetary  Dadeville  So Region  No Region
    Laverne Craddock Auld Marriage
    Mardell Huntley Craddock Obit
    1940 Census Craddock Los Angeles
    Misc. Dade County Scans
    Mardell Craddock Death Certificate
    John Craddock Civil War Pension File Documents 0  1  2  3  4  5  6 
    Photo of Mollie & Walter Marriage Charles Craddock & Mardell Huntley Page: 12
    Marriage Charles Craddock & Charlotte Palmer
    Unknown John Craddock Death
    Marriage Walter Craddock
    Burial Charlotte Palmer Craddock
    News Item on Charlotte Palmer
    Spencer [Vermont, Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, California]
    Spencer Timeline
    Census Records for Spencer Family
    City Directory Entries
    William Spencer's Birth Certificate
    Culver Spencer's Death Certificate
    Nathan Spencer's Death Info from Michigan
    Adeline Spencer's Death Info from Michigan
    Family Sheet for Culver Spencer & Arzelia Cummings
    Nathan Spencer-Elizabeth Butler Marriage Record
    Nathan Spencer-Elizabeth Butler Family Record
    Notes from a Spencer researcher re Nathan Spencer
    Aaron Spencer research Notes
    Misc. Vermont Scans
    Nellie Spencer Huntley Pohlmann Services
    Nellie Spencer Birth Record
    Nellie Spencer-Eugene Huntley Marriage
    Marriage Nellie Spencer & Eugene Huntley
    Marriage Culver Spencer & Arzelia Cummings
    1895 Clinton Census
    Death Aaron Spencer (1)
    Death Aaron Spencer (2)
    Frank Pohlmann WWII Draft Registration
    Marriage Frank Pohlmann & Nellie Huntley
    Berkley [England, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., California]
    Berkley Timeline
    San Francisco City Directory Transcriptions
    Joseph Berkley Civil War Pension File
    Census for Berkley Family
    San Francisco City Directory Scans
    Suicide of Joseph Berkley Jr.
    SF Call Joseph Berkley Jr Obit
    Joseph Berkley Jr. Engagement
    Irene Waters Marriage to O'Leary
    Info on Michael O'Leary [2nd husband of Irene]
    Michael O'Leary DeathPage 2
    Andrew Berkley Scans (voter, draft)
    Margaret Berkley Obit [1903]
    Margaret Mary Berkley Obit [infant, 1903]
    1901 Real Estate Listing for Corbett Rd
    1895 Real Estate Purchase by Mary Berkley
    Information Sheet for Mary Ann Wheeler Berkley
    Colma Graves
    Berkley Family Scans
    Lemos [Azores, Massachusetts, California]
    Lemos Census Records
    Lemos Family Record
    Lemos Timeline
    Yreka Maps South North  Hawkinsville
    St. Joseph Cemetery, Yreka
    Siskiyou County Marriages 1852-1910
    Hawkinsville Essays
    St. Joseph's Cemetery Info
    Misc Notes from Merle
    Huntley [Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, California]
    Huntley Timeline
    Census Records For Huntley Family
    Huntley 1860 WI Census Table
    Huntley MI Deaths 1867-1882
    City Directory Excerpts
    1930 CA census image (Mardell/Joan)
    1890 Grand Rapids City Dir 123
    Eugene Huntley Notes
    Nellie Spencer Huntley Pohlmann Services
    Mardell Huntley Craddock Obit
    Mardell Craddock Death Certificate
    Huntley Scans
    Butler [New York, Michigan]
    Elizabeth Butler Search Notes
    Sylvia [Azores, California]
    John Joseph Sylvia Information
    Sylvia Census Records
    Sylvia Family Record
    Sylvia Timeline
    Siskiyou County Marriages 1852-1910
    Photograph of John J. Sylvia and Caroline Lemos on Wedding Day
    Copy of Tillie Sylvia's SS Application
    Carrie Sylvia Waters' Obituary
    Carrie Sylvia's Baptism Certificate
    Colma Graves

    Cummings [Connecticut, New York, Michigan]
    Cummings Timeline
    Census Records For Cummings Family
    Asher Cummings Death Record [Michigan]
    Amy Arzelia Cummings Spencer Death Certificate
    Marcellus names in 1865 (Willard, Juliette)
    Correspondence on Asher Cummings
    Pine Ridge Cemetery
    Abbott Cummings' Book
    Misc. Onondaga County Scans

    Wood [Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri]
    Census Listings for Wood
    1880 Greene Co Inhabitants (Wood)
    Biography of James G. and John M. WOOD
    Map of Walnut Grove, Polk-Greene Counties
    Misc. Greene County Scans
    Spivey [Virginia, North Carolina]
    Notes from Barbara Meger
    Census Notes for Spivey
    Family Tree References for Spivey
    1850 TN Census Image
    Chaffee [Connecticut, New York]
    Census Records For Chaffee Family
    Hauser [New York]
    Census Records For Hauser Family
    Onondaga City Directory for Hauser
    Pohlmann [Germany, Colorado, California]
    1930 Census - Stanton
    Nellie Spencer Huntley Pohlmann Services
    1940 Census--Frank Pohlmann, Stanton
    Tyler [Massachusetts]
    Gay [Virginia, North Carolina]
    Robbins [Massachusetts]
    Bragg [Massachusetts]
    Gould [Vermont]
    Census Records For Gould Family
    Wheeler [Ireland-DC-California]
    Census Entries
    Mary Wheeler's Naturalization
    Edward Wheeler's Voter Reg in SFO 1907
    Edward Wheeler's Voter Reg in SFO 1910
    Edward Wheeler's Voter Reg in SFO 1913
    Edward Wheeler's Voter Reg in SFO 1914
    Edward Wheeler's Voter Reg in SFO 1916
    Information Sheet for Mary Ann Wheeler Berkley
    Research--Wheeler--Ireland, 2013 Mar 21
    Noble [Virginia]
    Census Records For Noble Family