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To my wife, children, parents, and all my future descendants. I hope someone somewhere cherishes this information as much as I have.

The DataBase

Start here to enter into the automatically generated webpages that my Reunion for the Macintosh software has created for me. have fun browsing, and let me know if you see mistakes or problems.

Where did I get my information?

Over half of the information came from family members word of mouth, some written documentation, some past searches by other family members (with some marriage/birth record copies), and also the big Blue O'Hair Book that contains literally 1000's of O'Hair's from Michael O'Hair of Revolutionary War fame down. This book was recently put online and is available at  I have not added all the O'Hair's that I have written information on into my database, other O'Hair researchers have done this and it did not seem necessary for me to repeat that work. The other half of the information came from discovery of friends and distant family members on the Web. I have done my best to document where and who I have gotten the information from and it is not my intent to claim this information as my own. All the information I have here is for sharing, so feel free to browse and let us know if you see anything wrong or of interest to you.   Some of the documents I have scanned into the computer and converted to text form, including:
 The Stockwell Family
 The Blank Family
 The Bates Family
 The Peetom Family
 The Frazier Family
 The William O'Hair Family (Donated by Richard Gearheart)
 Harvey Zink O'Hair Story
 The Petersen Family
 The 1864 Charleston Riot in Coles County Illinois
 Opposed to the War
 Addie Zollman OBIT
 Public Sale of Floyd O'Hair Farm in 1927
 Floyd O'Hair OBIT
 Picture of K. R. O'Hair Book on Michael O'Hair
 Court Records Augusta County (From Richard Gearheart)
Letter from Adin Baber in 1957

Doing Genealogy Research on the WWW

Using the WWW for genealogy and surname searching is GREAT! Everyone I have been in contact with concerning WWW and genealogy has been extremely helpful and willing to share whatever they have. I cannot begin to list all the people who have provided me help, I thank them all and I will continue to share my information as they have shared their information with me. Since web sites seem to come in and out of existence so quickly, I won't try and list web sites too much, besides there are just too many. I would recommend using the web search engines from RootsWeb, or going to the home page of the company that wrote your Genealogy software. Here are just a few that I found useful:
Reunion Software (Leister Productions)
The Genealogy Home Page
Journal of Online Genealogy
Livermore-Amador Genealogy Society
I support at and encourage others to support them too. And if your local community has any kind of Genealogy Society I encourage you to support those organizations also.

Hardware and Software I use

I have used Macintoshes since they were introduced and have yet to move to anything written by Microsoft, that is my choice and nobody should view that as any kind of religious Apple following. I have just felt that the Macintosh has served me well and I will probably continue to use them for as long as it makes sense. With a Mac I can read just about any file format that exists, and unfortunately Windows machines can't do that. Fortunately with GEDCOM files, this isn't a big problem when doing genealogy, most of the programs available on all platforms will understand and can share GEDCOM files. I have chosen to use some software called Reunion and have over 2300 people in my own database.  In 2002 I changed to using MacOS X (10.2) and the latest Reunion version for MacOS X.

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