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Washington County Military
1894 G.A.R. Posts and Rosters

KEARNEY POST #5, Washington. S. H. Maunder, Adj't.
Allen, W. M.; OH Cav. Sgt. H, 5 Maunder, S. H. Navy
Aldrich, K. P.; IL Inf. Corp. G, 111 Martin, M. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. K, 38
Adams, Thomas; IL Inf. Pvt. H, 104 Markham, B.; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 151
Albright, J. H.; WI Art. Pvt. G, 1 Morrison, A. J.; PA Inf. Sgt. B, 100
Barley, J. W.; OH Inf. Capt. F, 134 Matteson, D. W.; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 16
Bullis, C. N.; WI Inf. Pvt. G, 18 McGee, Richard; IL Inf. Pvt. G, 13
Barnes, Samuel; IA Cav. Pvt. M, 4 Nims, W. E.; PA Inf. Pvt. K, 63
Bickell, Henry; PA Inf. Pvt. K, 142 Neff, M. C.; IL Inf. Sgt. D, 51
Boyington, R. I.; PA Inf. 1st Lt. I, 105 Osborne, G. W.; OH Inf. Pvt. I, 32
Bole, W. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 15 Ogden, W. G.; PA Inf. Corp. K, 101
Black, Calvin; OH Inf. Pvt. K, 67 Parks, G. M.; OH Inf. Sgt. B, 4
Bonner, S. M.; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 179 Parks, E. K.; WI Inf. Pvt. B, 32
Brotherton, D.; MI Inf. Pvt. D, 17 Pierson, T. J.; IA Inf. Pvt. H, 17
Cox, H. R.; OH Inf. Pvt. F, 134 Rolston, James; IN Inf. Pvt. C, 11
Case, I. N.; IA Inf. Pvt. H, 40 Rolland, James; WI Inf. Pvt. F, 27
Cowin, Benjamin; OH Inf. Pvt. H, 32 Roberts, Samuel; OH Inf. Pvt. H, 152
Davis, T. M. IL Inf. Pvt. D, 51 Smith, Charles; MA Inf. Pvt. C, 61
Emmons, E. N.; WI Cav. Pvt. K, 6 Sharpe, G. W.; KS Cav. Pvt. A, 8
Evans, D. M.; KY Inf. Sgt. K, 23 Sheckler, John; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 46
Forbes, I. W.; IA Cav. Pvt. C, 4 Stubling, W. D.; IA Inf. Pvt. F, 40
Foote, A. H.; IA Cav. Lt. G, 5 Stratton, J. L.; OH Cav. Sgt. G, 10
Fishell, J. J.; PA Inf. Pvt. A, 82 Smith, John; MI Inf. Pvt. L, 8
Frager, J. B.; OH Cav. Pvt. H, 3 Taylor, David; IA Inf. Pvt. E, 9
Grindle, E. W.; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 77 Varing, G. A.; WI Inf. Pvt. D, 12
Good, John; IL Inf. Pvt. H, 58 Vincent, R.; IN Inf. Pvt. E, 151
Goodnogle, John; MN Inf. Pvt. G, 8 Veatch, J. J.; IA Cav. Lt. I, 3
Green, J. H.; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 84 Woodbury, N.; IN Inf. Pvt. H, 84
Hargis, W. B.; MO Cav. Pvt. A, 9 Wolf, Frank; PA Inf. Pvt. E, 149
Hayes, Melvin; NY Inf. Pvt. D, 109 Wolf, Aaron; PA Inf. Pvt. I, 79
Hasin, A. P.; Mi Inf. Pvt. C, 21 Wells, John; IA Inf. Pvt. E, 33
Hansen, C. N.; OH Inf. Pvt. D, 23 Windhorst, John; IN Cav. Pvt. K, 9
Hargis, M. T.; MO Cav. Pvt. A, 9 Weidle, Jamas; PA Inf. Pvt. I, 201
Inhoff, James; PA Cav. Pvt. F, 7 Walker, Alfeus; PA Inf. Pvt. I, 103
Johnson, G. W.; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 30 Waddle, J. W.; IL Inf. Pvt. F, 114
Jacobs, William; NE Cav. Pvt. C, 1 Willard, D.; WI Inf. Pvt. C, 151
Lawrence, S. C.; OH Inf. Pvt. F, 45 Watson, D. M.; IN Inf. Pvt. F, 82
Lower, Levi; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 34 Williamson, Chas.; KS Cav. Surg. K, 12
Lipsey, Mike; MA Inf. Pvt. I, 3 Worley, J. T.; OH Inf. Pvt. C, 47
Lee, C. M.; WI Cav. Pvt. E, 2 Zimmerman, R.; NY Inf. Corp. K, 107
Moore, Richard; KS Inf. Sgt. A, 13
J. G. BLUNT POST # 31, Linn E. J. Weakley, Comd'r; J. T. Fox, Adj't.
Adams, J. Q.; OH Inf. Pvt. H, 123 Lensgler, P. L.; OH Inf. Pvt. H, 29
Bishop, N. J.; AR Cav. Pvt. G, 2 Marhen, J. H.; IA Inf. Pvt. F, 40
Bruner, Thomas; PA Inf. Pvt. I, 25 McKinzie, D.; MD Cav. Sgt. G, 2
Collins, J. C.; IA Inf. Pvt. D, 33 Penwell, G. C.; KS Cav. Pvt. K, 9
Campbell, W. E.; IL Inf. Pvt. F, 118 Parkis, J. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. G, 12
Coder, W. W.; IL Inf. Pvt. D, 36 Riggs, W. H.; IA Inf. H. S. G, 11
Coder, J. F.; IA Inf. Pvt. D, 36 Rebbeka, H.; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 142
Cooney, John; IA Inf. Pvt. E, 28 Roche, D.; PA Inf. Pvt. I, 18
Fox, J. T.; IL Inf. Corp. G, 25 Smith, M.; OH Inf. Pvt. E, 86
Fisk, S. J.; NY Inf. Pvt. H, 106 Smart, J. M.; MO Inf. Pvt. G, 2
Hunt, G. L.; IA Inf. Pvt. H, 8 Sheets, E.; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 7
Jones, A.; IA Inf. Pvt. D, 36 Weakley, E. J.; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 115
Lensgler, J. S.; OH Inf. Sharp shooter Whetsin, M.; IA Inf. Pvt. I, 13
COL. PUTNAM POST #419, Haddam. A. F. Grover, Comd'r; J. I. Wolff, Adj't.
Burton, M.; IN Cav. Pvt. I, 3 Miller, William; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 9
Batchman, Chas.; KS Cav. Pvt. G, 13 Peabody, S.; ME Cav. Pvt. H, 2
Conn, I.; IL Inf. Pvt. G, 129 Percival, S. B.; IL Cav. Pvt. B, 8
Dolsby, M.; IN Inf. Pvt. G, 33 Pollock, James; IL Inf. Pvt. K, 115
Grover, A. F.; MA Art. Pvt. E, 1 Rea, A.; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 79-D, 65
Grey, Allek; IN Inf. Pvt. E, 21 Raber, H.; IN Inf. Pvt. I, 33
Geyer, J. Z.; OH Inf. Pvt. I, 88 Sprague, E.; MO Cav. Pvt. I, 2
Gingry, J.; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 118 Sprague, J. N.; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 73
Hall, F. R.; OH Inf. Pvt. I, 7 Spadling, J. K.; IL Cav. Pvt. I, 11
Hiland, J.; OH Inf. Pvt. H, 124 Vetner, D. M.; OH Inf. Pvt. F, 134
Hiland, Alfred; OH Inf. Pvt. K, 135 Wolff, J. I.; IA Cav. Pvt. K, 4
Hines, J. P.; NY Inf. Pvt. I, 30 Young, W. A.; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 101
Hawk, E.; IA Inf. Pvt. E, 28
BARNES POST #363, Barnes G. W. Freeby, Comd'r; James Raynor, Adj't.
Aber, H.; US S. G. Pvt. C, 1 Harker, John; OH Inf. Sgt. K, 68
Ballard, D. E.; KS Cav. Pvt. H, 2 Hubbard, Leander; NY Art. Pvt. F, 40
Becroft, John; IL Cav. Pvt. H, 4 Ingman, J. C.; OH Corp. I, 159
Barkley, John; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 10 Jackson, H. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. K, 15
Baker, Joseph; KS Inf. Pvt. A, 14 Monk, S. P.; IA Inf. Pvt. D, 23
Felt, E. K.; WI Bat. Corp. 4 McKelvy, Mathew; OH H, 144
Freeby, G. W. Schafer, D. D.; OH Inf. Pvt. C, 57
Gray, W. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 45 Williams, M. H.; US Inf. Sgt. F, 18
Gheping, C.; NY Inf. Pvt. G, 62 Woodawra, Lyman; WI Inf. Pvt. C, 30
Hogue, C.; IN Inf. 1st Lt. G, 19 Wertemberger, G. B.; IN Inf. Pvt. E, 13
Hazen, A.; IN Inf. Pvt. K, 10 Young, P. C.; NY Inf. Sgt. B, 100
GETTYSBURG POST#70, Hollenburg. L. C. Eddy, Comd'r; A. W. Tallcott, Adj't.
Alden, Jonathan; OH Inf. Pvt. B, 29 Shannon, D. W.; US Inf. Pvt. H, 15
Campbell, R. J.; IA Inf. Pvt. E, 3 Tallcott, A. W.; IL Cav. Pvt. G, 10
Darnell, George; IL Inf. Pvt. G, 61 Wright, Joy; IN Inf. Corp. I, 68
Eddy, L. C.; NE Cav. Pvt. H, 1 Welch, S. S.; IA Inf. Pvt. I, 18
Fielder, William; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 72
GREENLEAF POST #134, Greenlead. Franklin Shinn, Comd'r.; S. Smith, Adj't.
Alexander, William; NY Inf. Pvt. C, 33 Morman, Peter; OH Inf. 2nd Lt. D, 96
Arnold, A. F.; NY Inf. Pvt. B, 72 Martin, J. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 54
Bowe, John; US Sig. Corp. Pvt. 72 Nelson, N. D.; WI Inf. Pvt. 8
Carter, J. B.; IA Inf. Pvt. E, 12 Simon, J. A.; OH Cav. Pvt. M, 3
Cole, J. F.; MO Inf. Pvt. K, 24 Shinn, Frank; DE Inf. Capt. E, 2
Frank, William; OH Inf. Mus. 15 Smith, S.; IN Inf. Pvt. C, 156
Hutchinson, J. J.; PA Inf. Pvt. K, 199 Sharrock, B. J.; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 136
Howell, B. F.; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 63 Tweedy, J. W.; MO Inf. Pvt. C, 18
Harman, H. C.; PA Inf. Pvt. E, 6 Willard, C. H.; OH Inf. Sgt. B, 81
Iden, J. T.; IL Inf. Pvt. H, 7 White, Willis; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 10
Jones, D. M.; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 143 Williams, D. J.; NY Cav. A, 20
Longley, S. S.; CA Cav. Pvt. K, 2 Valcour, E.; IL Inf. Pvt. E, 12
Lewis, T. M.; IN Inf. Pvt. H, 22 Barnes, A. R.; IA Inf. Sgt. I, 3
Leevans, William; PA Cav. Pvt. G, 4 Shaffer, J. A.; PA Cav. Pvt. F, 1
Mudgett, W. P.; ME Inf. 2nd Lt. K, 11
SEDGWICK POST #24, Clifton. C. M. Woody, Comd'r.; W. B. Stedman, Adj't.
Best, W. K.; NY Inf. Pvt. D, 106 Rand, M. V.; IL Inf. Corp. I, 126
Blosser, Daniel; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 193 Sturdevant, H. R.; PA Inf. Capt. D, 111
Bateman, Robert; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 126 Sorrell, W. L.; KY Inf. Corp. K, 18
Bunton, J. H.; IN Cav. Pvt. K, 8 Seguin, Nels; IL Cav. Pvt. D, 76
Brooks, Norman; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 75 Stedman, W. B.; NY Cav. Pvt. F, 1
Dunovan, F. C.; NE Cav. Pvt. C, 1 Shaffer, D. M.; WV Cav. Teamster
Foss, A. B.; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 96 Turner, T. W.; IL Cav. Pvt. E, 17
Jackson, J. C.; IA Inf. Pvt. E, 34 Tillinghast, H. S.; NY Inf. Pvt. G, 185
Kelly, Noah; IN Cav. Pvt. K, 20 Taylor, W. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. K, 60
Kenkennon, N. T.; IA Inf. Pvt. F, 45 Worly, J. M.; IL Inf. Sgt. D, 47
Manchester, L. M.; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 46 Worly, J. C.; IL Inf. Sgt. I, 77
Mowry, G. W.; OH Inf. Corp. I, 36 White, Cal; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 40
Owens, R. N.; MO Inf. Corp. F, 21 Woody, C. M.; IN Inf. Pvt. A, 69
Piles, C. W.; OH Cav. Pvt. K, 7 Weber, Vol; IL Inf. Pvt. K, 45
Paull, F. A.; IA Inf. Pvt. F, 8 Wixon, M. A.; NY Inf. Pvt. B, 18
Remick, Levi; MA Inf. Pvt. I, 15

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