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Washington County Illustrations
Farms and Residences
"Portrait and Biographical Album of Washington, Clay and Riley Counties, Kansas," 1890.

These illustrations appeared in the book above, which called them "lithographic engravings." They may be a little idealized (no outhouses, clotheslines or manure piles in sight) but they are well-done, with plenty of detail and probably give a pretty good idea of how these farms appeared circa 1889-1890. Please click on each name to see the illustration.

Eph. Badger ~ Clifton Twp. A. M. Larson ~ Grant Twp.
Peter Bichel ~ Grant Twp Dietrich Levien ~ Hanover Twp.
Joseph Bowmaker, Sr. ~ Clifton Twp. Levi Lower ~ Brantford Twp.
Joseph Bowmaker, Jr. ~ Sheridan Twp. James Maxwell ~ Lincoln Twp.
James Brown ~ Barnes A. P. McCulley ~ Farmington Twp.
Robert Burke ~ Clifton Twp. J. C. McNitt ~ Franklin Twp.
J. F. Dague ~ Brantford Twp. William Nemitz ~ Washington Twp.
G. H. Darrow ~ Greenleaf G. A. Nichols ~ Grant Twp.
William Drake ~ Clifton Twp. F. A. Paull ~ Brantford Twp.
Frederick Ebeling ~ Hanover Twp. S. B. Percival ~ Grant Twp.
George Elwood ~ Greenleaf F. M. Philbrook ~ Lincoln Twp.
E. W. Carson ~ Coleman Twp. A. Prouty ~ Hollenburg
Mrs. B. Etter ~ Farmington Twp. James Pugh ~ Grant Twp.
R. L. Foster ~ Linn Twp. J. F. Pursley ~ Mill Creek Twp.
George Funnell ~ Sheridan Twp. J. L. Robbins ~ Coleman Twp.
John Gnagy ~ Barnes Twp. Mrs. Almarinda Roberts ~ Charleston Twp.
John Graves ~ Sheridan Twp. R. F. Roberts ~ Charleston Twp.
C. L. Hammel ~ Sherman Twp. Martin Schropp ~ Charleston Twp.
H. S. Haynes ~ Clifton Twp. C. F. Schwerdtfeger ~ Linn Twp.
William Haynes ~ Clifton Twp. Frank Seifert ~ Brantford Twp.
Mrs. Celia Hetu ~ Clifton Twp. I. C. Sherman ~ Clifton Twp.
John M. Hoffman ~ Grant Twp Ed. Short ~ Clifton Twp.
G. T. B. Iman ~ Sheridan Twp. John Shuler ~ Clifton Twp.
J. C. Jackson ~ Clifton Twp. John Stigge ~ Lincoln Twp.
R. T. Kerr ~ Hollenburg Johnson Thompson ~ Farmington Twp.
William King ~ Highland Twp. J. A. Totten ~ Sheridan Twp.
James Kinsley ~ Sheridan Twp. Jonathan Windthorst ~ Farmington Twp.
David Wright ~ Barnes Twp.

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