Located in a pasture on the Delbert Simon farm (as of 2000). Surrounded by a 4 foot rock wall with a wrought iron gate. About 1 mile southwest of Alma. Alma Twp. Sec. 16 T12S R10E.
Last Name First Name Middle Born Died
Adam Albert   1898 1899
Adam Catharine   1819 1897
Adam Faronika   1880 1886
Adam Garen W. 1830 1882
Adam Henry   1876 1898
In Newbury township, a small private burial plot is on sec. 26-11-11. above Mill Creek south of the Paxico Mill site. It contains stones and some markers for J. Copp and M. C. Copp. Approx. 1/2 East of Paxico (1/4 mile north of I-70 on Snokomo Rd.)
Last name First name Middle Born Died
Copp Mary   1837 1883
Copp Alvina   1870 1895
Copp John   1834 1888
On the Oliver Diehl property, three miles southeast of Alma, is a cemetery with five graves. I believe this is also known as the Hankammer-Boettcher Private Cemetery. (some maps show this 3 miles west of Alma in Alma Twp. Sec. 7 T12S R10E).
Last name First name Middle Born Died
Boettcher Child   n/a n/a
Boettcher Child   n/a n/a
Hankammer Sebillia Doerr 1815 1894
Hankammer Sebillia's husband   dates unreadable
Hankammer George     1875
Hankammer August   1873 1874
Hankammer Christian   1815 1897
Hankammer Gajinaule     1905
From "New Branches From Old Trees" - The cemetery is located on what was then the Exon homestead about one-half mile from the old Chalk Cemetery where it was located in a wooded section. Rock Creek Twp. Sec 9 T15S R10E.
Exon Rebecca (infant)   1870 1870
Exon Rachel (infant)   1865 1865
Hager Joseph   (age 12) 1882
This small cemetery is located on the William Schultz ranch one and a half miles west of Volland. Sec. 9 T13S R9E.
Grimm Caroline (Craag) 1843 1889
Grimm Henry 1831 1904
Grimm Henry   no dates
Grimm Samuel   no dates
Mill Creek Township; Near Center of the NE 1/4 of Sec. 20-13-11 southeast of Alma; on the southwest side of Hessdale.
Last Name First Name Middle Born Died
Buchli Infant   n/a n/a
Hess Gertrude   1829 1877
Hess Infant of John and Gertrude     1861
Hess Infant of O.W. and Faye L.     1922
Hess John   1825 1877
Hess William (son of John and G.)   1870 1870
Trahoon Orville (son of Andrew J.)     1879
Washington Township - This cemetery is located on the Glenn Grunewald farm about ten miles west of Alma. Sec. 20 T12S R9E.
Horne Emma C. 1861 1870
Horne Louis H. 1867 1870
Horne Marie M. 1863 1866
Small Stone with the letters M.C.H.        
Located on the Gerald Willard Farm in Mill Creek Townsip, Kuenzli Creek, Off Snokomo Road. Sec. 15 T12S R11E.
Last Name First Name Middle Born Died
Iott Flavea   1851 1892
Iott Oliver   1835 1900
Iott Joseph   1880 1882*
Iott Willie   1876 1882*
*Both children died of diphtheria a few days apart. A neighbor of the Iott's (Mr. LaDuke) a carpenter, made caskets for the children from a native walnut tree. The family was of French decent.
Kaw Twp. - Graves on Allen farm, 1/2 mile E. of Frank Allen house.
Last Name First Name Middle Born Died
Curtis Mortimer A., Sr. 1852 1878
Curtis Eliza (mother of Mort.)   1803 1879
Curtis Estella (child of Mort.)   no dates  
Farmer Twp. - 7 miles South of Alma on road to Hessdale. Sec. 7 T13S R11E.
Drebing Heinrich   1861 1861
Drebing Ludolf Wilhelm 1866 1866
Klein Bertram     1891
Klein Katharina (Drebing)     1878
Mill Creek Township - in a pasture on the Harvey Kraus farm. Sec 29 T13S R11E.
Last Name First Name Middle Born Died
Huhs John   1841 1890
Kraus Anton   1801 1858
Kraus Maria   1820  
Names were in German language and was interpreted by Clarence Heder
Mill Creek Township - Eight miles SE of Alma on Kuenzli Creek. Sec 27-12-11
Lat: 38.981°N;Lon: 96.180°W
Kuenzli Christian 1831 1899
Kuenzli Franklin 1856 1879
Kuenzli Magdalena 1821 1900
Schutter Son of Eddie 1914 1914
Schutter Otelia 1900 1900
Schwalm Leo 1884 1887
Mill Creek Township - aka the Kaeckell/Wilke Cemetery. Just on the northside of the Dam at Lake Wabaunsee. As of 2005, the Lake Wabaunsee website had a write-up on this cemetery. Sec. 4 T14S R11E.
Kaeckell Infant n/a n/a
Kaeckell Infant n/a n/a
Kaeckell Ludewig n/a 1878
Wilke Henriette Wilhelmina 1851 1884
Mill Creek Township - Sec. 6-13-11; About 6 miles south-southeast of Alma.
Metzger Catherine    
Metzger Elizabeth   1869
Metzger Frank    
Metzger Louis    
Metzger Michael, Sr.    
Michael, Sr. and the 3 children died before July 1859 and were buried near the creek on the family farm. Stones that had marked their graves are no longer there. - from 2000's Stories of the Past
1976's New Branches From Old Trees: A New History of Wabaunsee County lists several family, private and community cemeteries with just a few graves. Additional information comes from 2000's Stories of the Past.
The Poor Farm Cemetery - located on the old County Poor Farm, this small cemetery sat on the side of a creek. Graves were marked only with crude wooden posts. Over the years, most, if not all, of the graves have been washed away during the many changes in the course of the creek.
W. C. Kietzmann Cemetery - located about 4 miles east of Alta Vista, this small cemetery likely held 5 to 10 graves of several members of the Wilhelm Kietzmann family and his son August. The headstones, but not the graves, were removed to West Templin cemetery, likely in the 1960s. Sec 36 T13S R9E.
Schwanke Family - located 7 miles south of Alma on K-99. John A. Schwanke, 1835-1877, his wife and two children, are buried there. (Schwanke, John A., 1835-1877; Schwanke, John, Mrs.; Schwanke, Child; Schwanke, Child). Cemetery is located in a pasture owned by Mrs.Lyle Heder (2000). Entrance is east, across from the Elmer Schutter farm lane. Follow the high road on the left to get to a fenced plot. S 1/2 Sec. 14 T13S R10E.
Steinmeyer Family - located about five miles south of Alma on K-99. There is a family plot on their first home site, the farm formerly owned by Edwin Stuewe. Only 1 grave is listed in 2000's Stories of the Past: Steinmeyer, Louise (no dates). Sec. 11 T13S R10E.
Redemske Family - located just west of the junction of highways K-99 and K-4.
Community Cemetery - located in a pasture on the Walter Wilkinson farm (ca. 1976) in Farmer Twp. Few of the headstones are intact enough to read, but three names stand out -- Waters, Springer and Speiker.
Schutter Family - located about nine miles south of Alma in Farmer Twp. on K-99, past the fork that turns to Eskridge. Continue south on K-4 and the cemetery is near a clump of cedar trees protecting the old Schwanke homestead. Barney Schutter and possibly several small infants. (Schutter, Barney, Civil War Vet; Schutter, Barney, Mrs.; Schutter, Infant; Schutter, Infant). NE 1/4 Sec 34 T13S R10E.
Mill Creek Township Cemetery - According to 2000's Stories of the Past, this cemetery is located in the Bart Finney pasture. It contains a small plot surrounded by a broken-down stone fence with only one military style grave stone reading: Smith, Sam, C.E. 40th USCT
Simon Farm Cemetery (aka Brasche Cem.) - located on the Florence Simon farm near Alma; One burial: Schultz, Fredriek, W., 1844-1880. According to the records at Alma library state: Fredriek Schultz, brother-in-law of Dr. Brasche, died suddenly of heart disease. A boy was with him and called his attention to a snake. He picked up a stick to kill it but missed his mark. he then ran for another stick and in his excitement dropped down dead. Alma Twp. Sec 21 T12S R10E, 2 miles southwest of Alma.
Hosack Cemetery - Maple Hill Twp. 1 1/2 mi North of I-70 on Carlson Road exit (towards Willard/Rossville). 1/10 mile West on Hill Top Rd. Sec. 22 T11S R13E. No information on burials.
Jones Family - Mission Creek Twp. No further information on location or burials.
Mayer Family - Garfield Twp. 1/2 mile east of Templin Cemeteries. No further information on burials.
Willmett Family - Maple Hill Twp., S side of bridge between Maple Hill & St. Marys. NE 1/4 Sec. 34 T10S R12E. No burial information is known.
Name Unknown - Washington Twp. Sec. 24 T12S R8E. No burial information known.
Name Unknown - Farmer Twp. Sec. 17 T13S R10E. No burial information known.
Farmer Township - Sec. 6 T13S R10E.
Muehlenbacher Friedrich   1835 1880
Muehlenbacher Johann Ludwig 1833 1893
Muehlenbacher M. Margaretha 1808 1878
Muehlenbacher Peter   1837 1894
Schepp John L. 1867 1934
Schepp M. (Muehlenbacher)   1839 1913
Located 10 miles SE of Alma; 1 1/2 miles north-northeast of Hessdale in sec. 9-13-11
Lat: 38.937°N;Lon: 96.197°W
Mogge Anna E. 1811 1877
Mogge Louise   1876 1878
Mogge Mary   1852 1879
Nehring Anna Elizabeth 1822 1893
Nehring Gottfried J. 1823 1887
Saffrey Henry   1872 1900
Seefeldt August   1870 1885
1 1/2 mile SE of Alma on Palenske property now owned by Gus Wertzberger.
Gongoll Louise 1814 1893
Gongoll Jacob (Jahob) 1794 1880
Palenske Frederick 1822  
Palenske Maria (Mary) 1874 1877
Palenske Wilhem 1870 1870
According to 2000's Stories of the Past "these burials were recorded by the Paxico Lutheran Church but the burial sites cannot be found. Records state burial sites for the Diels was Paxico and burial sites for Ide and Zefferjahn was Alma, but the sites have not been found."
Diel Anna Katherine   1889
Diel Johann George 1887 1889
Grienke Wilhelmina (Noffy) 1882 1899
Ide Mrs. widow   1889
Kugler Daughter of John and Katherine   1893 1893
Wondersee Wilhelm (son of Adolph)   1894 1894
Zefferjahn Emilie   1889 1899
Private Burial (No Cemetery listed)
Last Name First Name Second Name Born Died
Sibert Earl Howard 1919 2001
Willie Marcia D. 1949 2001
An old family cemetery in Mill Creek township. It is located approximately 3 miles east of Hessdale (7 miles NW of Eskridge) near the Rockton Schoolhouse. NW 1/4 Sec. 24 T13S R11E.
Rush Colman   1811 1888
Rush Lucy C. 1814 1879
Rush Mary   1843 1878
Rush Mary   1850 1887
Rush Sarah F. 1873 1884
(apparently in conjuction with the Peace United Church of Christ in Alma). The families here came from Sonnenberg, Germany. 2 1/4 miles south of Alma in a pasture west of K-99. NW corner of NE corner sec. 24-12-10.
Last name First name Middle Born Died
Hankammer Christine Sophie J. 1829 1865
Hankammer John Adolph 1819 1883
Kobiskie Otto Ferdinand 1878 1883
Springer Gottlieb   1801 1872
Springer Rosina   n/a n/a
Walter Arthur Wesley 1883 1884
Walter Clarence   n/a n/a
Zehner C. M. n/a n/a
Zehner (??) Emma   n/a n/a
From "New Branches From Old Trees" - The cemetery is located 5 miles south of Alma on Highway No. 99. There may be other graves here, but no discernable names. Sec. 2 T13S R10E.
Thowe Andreas   1821 1875
A private cemetery in Newbury Township is in Sec. 20-11-11. On Kuenzeli Creek approx. 5 miles so. of hwy. I-70 It contains 6 graves on the east side.
Lat: 38.999°N; Lon: 96.208°W
Troemper Christina     1847
Troemper Katherine   1885 1891
Troemper Ursula   1849 1917
Troemper William   1881 1885
Troemper Infant     1891
Troemper Christian   1847 1921
From "New Branches From Old Trees" - In Farmer Twp. on Illinois Creek, Southwest of Alma. There may be more graves here which are no longer decipherable. No further location information is known.
Wertzberger Anton, Sr.   1822 1860
Wertzberger Anton, Jr.   no inf. aged 4 years