Trails to the Past: Osage County Kansas Vital Records

Osage County Vital Records

Vital records are what we would like to have for our ancestors. Vital records as we know them today were not widely kept in the 19th century, especially in frontier areas like Kansas. We will be collecting them as we can, and we'd surely appreciate anything you (the Osage County researcher) might have in the way of births, deaths or marriages in Osage County. If you have any records you'd like to share with other Osage County researchers, contact me at [email protected] for submission guidelines. Copy the email address into your email template, and to be sure I'll notice, put "Osage County Kansas" into your Subject line.

Osage County Birth Records

Child's Name  Date of Birth  Father's Name  Mother's Name  Miscellaneous 

Osage County Marriage Records

Groom   Bride   Date of Marriage   Location Miscellaneous

Osage County Death Records

Name   Date of Death   Place of Death  Cause of Death  Miscellaneous

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