Cities and Towns of Osage County, Kansas--Trails to the Past

Cities and Towns of Osage County

Trails to the Past

This page will have a history and information about the major cities and town in Osage County. Please bear with us as we get information uploaded as quickly as we can.

Osage City

The largest city in Osage county, was platted in 1869, after the establishment of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. Buildings were quickly erected in the new town, including a store by Bothel and Ryus, and a hotel by John F. Dodds, about January 1870. In March two more stores were opened: one by Drew and Playford, and a hardware store by John A. Martin. A post office was also established in March of 1870 by moving the one from Onion Creek to Osage City, and the first postmaster was John F. Dodds. The Osage Carbon and Coal Mining Company began operations in the summer of 1870. The town was incorporated as a city of the third class on April 1, 1972. John A. Martin served as the city's first mayor; A.C. Sine was the town clerk and marshall; J.C. Williams was the first police judge.


Lyndon was established as a town in Osage County in 1869, when the Sac and Fox Indian tribes gave up their lands and the district was opened for settlement. M. M. Snow established Lyndon's first store, and was also the town's first Postmaster. The following year a town company was formed, with Judge Lawrence D. Baily as the President. A long series of quarrels over the naming of Lyndon as the County seat resulted in loss of population before it was finally established as such in 1879. Lydon was incorporated as a city of the third class in 1871, with S.C. Gilliland named as first mayor.

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