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Kansas was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase when it became a part of the United States in 1803. Until 1821 it was included in the Missouri territory, and for the next 33 years it was known as an unorganized territory. During this time it was inhabited mainly by Indians, and there was constant trouble between them and the settlers until the Indians were gradually pushed into the Oklahoma territory. Kansas achieved statehood in 1861, with a population of approximately 110,000. Many Civil War veterans took up homesteads in Kansas following the war, joined by groups of foreign settlers from Germany, Sweden, Russia, and England. Many Mexicans also settled in the state.

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Kansas Counties

Name Date Formed Parent County or Territory Organized From County Seat Coordinator
Allen 1855 Original County Iola ADOPT ME
Anderson 1855 Original County Garnett ADOPT ME
Atchison 1855 Original County Atchison ADOPT ME
Barber 1867 Harper Medicine Lodge ADOPT ME
Barton 1867 Ellsworth Great Bend ADOPT ME
Bourbon 1855 Original County Fort Scott ADOPT ME
Brown 1855 Original County Hiawatha ADOPT ME
Butler 1855 Original County El Dorado ADOPT ME
Chase 1859 Butler Cottonwood Falls ADOPT ME
Chautauqua 1875 Howard Sedan ADOPT ME
Cherokee 1855 Unorganized Territory Columbus ADOPT ME
Cheyenne 1875 Kirwin Land District St. Francis Alice Allen
Clark 1885 Ford Ashland ADOPT ME
Clay 1857 Original County Clay Center ADOPT ME
Cloud 1860 Formerly Shirley County Concordia Alice Allen
Coffey 1855 Original County Burlington ADOPT ME
Comanche 1867 Kiowa Coldwater ADOPT ME
Cowley 1867 Formerly Hunter Winfield ADOPT ME
Crawford 1867 Bourbon Girard ADOPT ME
Decatur 1873 Norton Oberlin ADOPT ME
Dickinson 1855 Original County Abiline Alice Allen
Doniphan 1855 Original County Troy ADOPT ME
Douglas 1855 Original County Lawrence ADOPT ME
Edwards 1874 Kiowa Kinsley ADOPT ME
Elk 1875 Howard Howard ADOPT ME
Ellis 1867 Unorganized Territory Hays ADOPT ME
Ellsworth 1867 Saline Ellsworth ADOPT ME
Finney 1883 Arapahoe, Foote, Sequoyah Garden City ADOPT ME
Ford 1873 Unorganized Territory Dodge City ADOPT ME
Franklin 1855 Original County Ottawa ADOPT ME
Geary 1855 Davis Co. 1875-1888; Riley Junction City ADOPT ME
Gove 1868 Unorganized Territory Gove ADOPT ME
Graham 1867 Rooks Hill City ADOPT ME
Grant 1873 Finney, Kearney Ulysses ADOPT ME
Gray 1887 Finney, Ford Cimarron ADOPT ME
Greeley 1873 Hamilton Tribune ADOPT ME
Greenwood 1855 Original County Eureka ADOPT ME
Hamilton 1873 Unorganized Territory Syracuse ADOPT ME
Harper 1867 Kingman Anthony ADOPT ME
Harvey 1872 McPherson, Sedgwich, Marion Newton ADOPT ME
Haskell 1887 Finney Sublette ADOPT ME
Hodgeman 1879 Indian Lands (est. 1868) Jetmore ADOPT ME
Jackson 1855 Was Calhoun, changed to Jackson aft. Civil War Holton ADOPT ME
Jefferson 1855 Original County Oskaloosa ADOPT ME
Jewell 1867 Mitchell Mankato ADOPT ME
Johnson 1855 Original County Olathe ADOPT ME
Kearny 1873 Finney Lakin ADOPT ME
Kingman 1886 Unorganized Territory Kingman ADOPT ME
Kiowa 1886 Comanche, Edwards Greensburg ADOPT ME
Labette- 1867 Neosho Oswego ADOPT ME
Lane 1877 Finney Dighton ADOPT ME
Leavenworth 1855 Original County Leavenworth ADOPT ME
Lincoln 1867 Ellsworth Lincoln Alice Allen
Linn 1855 Original County Mound City ADOPT ME
Logan 1881 Wallace (changed from St. John 1887 Oakley ADOPT ME
Lyon 1857 Madison (see Breckinridge) Emporia Alice Allen
Marion 1855 Chase Marion ADOPT ME
Marshall 1855 Original County Marysville Alice Allen
McPherson 1867 Unorganized Territory McPherson ADOPT ME
Meade 1885 Unorganized Territory Meade ADOPT ME
Miami 1855 Formerly Lykins Paola ADOPT ME
Mitchell 1867 Kirwin Land District Beloit ADOPT ME
Montgomery 1867 Labette Independence ADOPT ME
Morris 1855 Madison (formerly Wise Council Grove ADOPT ME
Morton 1881 Stanton Elkhart ADOPT ME
Nemaha 1855 Original County Seneca ADOPT ME
Neosho 1855 Original County (formerly Dorn) Erie ADOPT ME
Ness 1867 Hodgeman Ness City ADOPT ME
Norton 1867 Unorganized Territory (changed to Billings 1873, back to Norton 1874) Norton ADOPT ME
Osage 1855 Formerly Weller Lyndon ADOPT ME
Osborne 1867 Mitchell Osborne ADOPT ME
Ottawa 1860 Saline Minneapolis ADOPT ME
Pawnee 1867 Rush, Stafford Larned ADOPT ME
Phillips 1867 Kirwin Land District Phillipsburg ADOPT ME
Pottawatomie 1857 Riley, Calhoun Westmoreland ADOPT ME
Pratt 1867 Stafford Pratt ADOPT ME
Rawlins 1873 Kirwin Land District Atwood ADOPT ME
Reno 1867 Sedgwick, McPherson Hutchinson ADOPT ME
Republic 1860 Washington, Cloud Belleville ADOPT ME
Rice 1867 Reno Lyons ADOPT ME
Riley 1855 Unorganized Territory, Wabaunsee Manhattan ADOPT ME
Rooks 1867 Kirwin Land District Stockton ADOPT ME
Rush 1867 Unorganized Territory La Crosse ADOPT ME
Russell 1867 Ellsworth Russell ADOPT ME
Saline 1860 Original County Salina ADOPT ME
Scott 1873 Finney Scott City ADOPT ME
Sedgwick 1867 Butler Wichita ADOPT ME
Seward 1873 Unorganized Territory Liberal ADOPT ME
Shawnee 1855 Original Territory Topeka ADOPT ME
Sheridan 1873 Unorganized Territory Hoxie ADOPT ME
Sherman 1873 Kirwin Land District Goodland ADOPT ME
Smith 1867 Unorganized Territory Smith Center ADOPT ME
Stafford 1867 Unorganized Territory Saint John ADOPT ME
Stanton 1873 Reorganized Johnson ADOPT ME
Stevens 1873 Indian Lands Hugoton ADOPT ME
Sumner 1867 Cowley Wellington Billie Walsh
Thomas 1873 Kirwin Land District Colby ADOPT ME
Trego 1867 Ellis Wakeeney ADOPT ME
Wabaunsee 1855 Riley, Morris (formerly Richardson) Alma ADOPT ME
Wallace 1868 Indian Lands (see Logan) Sharon Springs ADOPT ME
Washington 1855 Original County Washington ADOPT ME
Wichita 1873 Indian Lands Leoti ADOPT ME
Wilson 1855 Original County Fredonia ADOPT ME
Woodson 1855 Original County Yates Center ADOPT ME
Wyandotte 1859 Original County Kansas City ADOPT ME

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