Kansas History and Heritage Project-Thomas County Obituaries

Thomas County Obituaries

At the home of her father-in-law Enoch Baum in Thomas County Kan. on the eve of May 5th, 1890, of that fell destroyer consumption, died our beloved sister Laura Baum, aged 31 years 10 months and 8 days. Sister Laura as she was called, was born in Laport County, Indiana, and there grew up to womanhood and was married to our brother Monroe Baum in Valparaiso, Ind. June 8th, 1886 and in the same year of their marriage moved to Thomas County Kansas where they have shared largely in bearing the burdens incident to a pioneer life. Soon after coming to this new country early in the spring of 1887 Sister Baum made a public confession of her faith in Christ as the Saviour of poor sinners and was baptised by the winter of this notice and was one of the first 10 persons immersed in Thomas County and she became one of the charter members of the church of Christ at LaPort. This name was given by her dear husband in memory of their eastern home. Sister Baum died as she had lived a christian. All who knew her loved her and confided in her. She was consistent and ever faithful and patient though afflicted with a painful and incurable disease she bore her suffering with a forfeiture born of her faith in her redeemer, Her remains were followed by a large concourse of mourning and sorrowing relatives and friends to the town of Rexford where the funeral was preached by the writer assisted by Brother Hunt, a Baptist minister of Missouri, after which we laid her beside her infant daughter born three days before the mothers death and passed into the spirit land in a few moments after its birth and was laid away in the beautiful cemetery near Rexford. (Thomas County Cat, 5-15-1890)

DIED. At Colby, Kansas, September 15, 1888, Cally Belle, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Bayha, aged 1 mo. and 19 days. (Thomas County Cat, 9-20-1888)

Died, Dec. 2nd, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baldwin, whose home is about fifteen miles northeast of Colby. The burial was in the cemetery on last Saturday. (Thomas County Cat, 12-8-1887)

Helen, daughter of Will and Hannah Brown, was born the 19th of March, 1886, and went to the spirit world the 28th of February, 1888, aged 1 year, 11 months and 10 days. She was sick two weeks with lung lever, gradually growing worse until relieved by death. The funeral services were held at the residence of Mr. Ford, and was conducted by Rev. F. M. Stewart, after which the remains were interred in the Hawkeye Cemetery on Wednesday afternoon, and was attended by a large concourse of friends and neighbors. (Thomas County Cat, 4-5-1888)

Died, on Friday, July 18, of convulsions, Frank Albert, son of Charles and Christianna Buschow, aged 1 month and 10 days. The funeral took place Saturday morning July 19 at 10 o'clock from the residence. Rev. J T. Shackleford conducting the service. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community in this, their sad hour of affliction. (Thomas County Cat, 7-24-1890)

Died. Infant son of Nathan Byars, Monday, January 28th, 1889, of lung fever. The sympathy of neighbors and friends is extended to the parents in the loss of their little one. (Thomas County Cat, 1-31-1889)

After seven months of the most severe pain and suffering from a tumor, born in the most patient manner, our beloved sister, Ellen V. Castor, wife of John A. Castor, departed this life in the city of Colby, on the Lord's day, June 29th, 1890, aged 53 years. Sister Castor was born in Chester Co., Pa., and there grew up to womanhood, and with her parents moved to Champaign county, Ohio, where soon after, she was married to John A. Castor, remaining in Ohio until the spring of 1885, when in company with her beloved and now mourning husband, she came to Thomas county, Kansas, and settled on a homestead in the southwest part of the county, where they have shared largely in bearing the burdens and trials incident to pioneer life. About five weeks ago sister Castor was moved to Colby where she could have medical treatment near at hand. All was done for her that medical skill and sympathetic hands could do, but alas! she left us and gone over the dark river to join the swelling ranks of the redeemed ones in shooting victory over the grim monster, death, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Sister Castor made profession of her faith in Christ when in youth, and united with the M. E. church, where she has ever lived conscious of the divine favor. She leaves a sorrowing and grief stricken husband in this county, and some near relatives in Ohio, and many friends in Colby to mourn her loss. Her funeral was preached by the writer in the M. E. Church in the city of Colby on Monday, June the 30th, at one o'clock p. m., after which she was removed and followed by friends and brethren to the Beulah cemetery near the city, where we laid her body down in the quiet grave to await the resurrection morn. BY F.M. STEWART (Thomas County Cat, 7-10-1890)

Died, September 4th, 1888, at the residence of Mr. Clark, of this city, his infant son, Freddy Venice Clark, aged 5 months and 19 days. Funeral services will be held it the M E church net Sabbath by Rev. Ferguson. (Thomas County Cat, 9-6-1888)

Died. On Saturday, September 4th, 1837, at Colby, Kansas, in her 26th year, Mrs. Levissa Elmeda Coffrin. The deceased was the wife of G. N. Coffrin, Esq., of this city She was well known to many of our citizens, one and all whom speak in highest terms of her lovable, gentle and ladylike qualities. Mrs. Coffrin leaves surviving her husband and an infant son. The remains were interred in Beulah cemetery on Sunday last, attended by a concourse of sorrowing friends. (Thomas County Cat, 9-29-1887)

DIED, Mr. Alexander Colwes, at Colby, Oct. 25th, in the 31st year or his age. Mr. Colwes was born in Chicago, afterwards lived in Indianapolis, Indiana and removed from Maryville, Mo., to Colby last spring. His parents now live in Harper, Kans. Mr. C. was a bricklayer by trade, and a good workman. It is said that in early years he was consecrated in baptism and made a profession of religion. For years he has been declining with that dread disease consumption. He was patient and uncomplaining in the midst of intense and prolonged suffering. He leaves a wife and two small children to mourn his loss. His remains were interred in the cemetery at Colby. (Thomas County Cat, 11-4-1886)

Died, on Friday, Oct. 18, 1889, of lung fever, Effie May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Coulter, aged 13 years, 8 months and 11 days. The funeral took place on Saturday, and the remains were laid to rest in Beulah cemetery. (Thomas County Cat, 10-24-1889)

Died, this morning about 11 o'clock, in this city, Garrett Dedrick, after an illness of several weeks. The funeral will take place Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, under the auspices of Rovohl post G.A.R. (Thomas County Cat, 2-20-1890)

DIED. On 20-8-5, Sunday, Sept. 15th, of brain fever, Emma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Ehler, aged 1 year and 5 months. (Thomas County Cat, 9-19-1889)

FARRELL: Infant son of Mr.and Mrs. Campbell Farrell, of this city, on Saturday, Sept. 15, 1888. The funeral took place on Sunday last, and was attended by a large number of Colby people, who sympathize warmly with the sorrowing parents. (Thomas County Cat, 9-20-1888)

Died, John Finley, aged about 25 years, of typhoid fever, on his farm in Wendell township, on Friday, June 22d, 1888. Deceased was well and favorably known to many of our citizens, who regarded him highly as a young man of strict integrity. He was ill for some time previous to his death. His burial took place on Saturday last amid a large concourse of his relatives and friends, the remains being interred at Beulah cemetery. He leaves a young wife who has the sincere sympathy of many friends in her great bereavement. (Thomas County Cat, 6-28-1888)

Mrs. Henry Franklin was born March 20, 1866, in Henry county, Indiana. She united with the M.E. church when 14 years of age; removed to Sherman county, Kansas, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Calahan, in the fall of 1885; was married to Henry Franklin Nov. 24. 1887; removed with her husband to Thomas county, same date; was taken sick with scarlet rash about the first of April, 1888, which terminated in quick consumption, causing her death on the 24th day of February, 1889. The funeral services were conducted at the house by J. P. Smith, pastor M. E. church. She was buried at Beulah cemetery, Colby, on Feb. 26, 1888, at 3 o'clock p. m. (Thomas County Cat, 2-28-1888)

Alpha B. Harrison died at Q. W. Thompson's, a friend of his, living at Furnas county, Nebraska, November loth 1888. Deceased was 19 years and 8 months old, son of Joseph and Aricie Harris of of Thomas county, Kansas. He died of typhoid fever. For twenty-one days his suffering was beyond description, but he bore it like a soldier of the cross. At 8 o'clock on the 15th of November his dear and loving father and mother saw him for the last time. May it be God's will that each one of us may believe that we may meet him with our loved ones in Heaven. He leaves a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his loss. He was a kind and loving son and brother, and was liked by all who knew him. (Thomas County Cat, 12-20-1888)

Died. Mrs. Emma Hershberger, wife of John Hershberger, on Tuesday, Dec. 18, 1888, at her home, 5 miles northeast of Colby. The deceased lady was born in Berks county, Pennsylvania, in 1847. She moved to Jackson county, Iowa, in 1851 with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Levan, Here in 1868 she married Mr.John Hershberger, and with him removed to Thomas county two years ago. She leaves surviving her husband and three children. She was the sister of Mrs. Samuel Yousse, of this city, and leaves another sister and brother at West Side, Iowa. Her remains were interred in Beulah cemetery on Wednesday amid a large concourse of sorrowing friends, who earnestly sympathize with husband, children and friends in their great affliction. (Thomas County Cat, 12-20-1888)

HOGUE Emma, wife of E. P. Hogue, at her home in the western part of the county, on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 1888, aged 24 years, 4 months and 28 days. Mrs. Hogue was well known and highly respected by Colby people as well as in the immediate neighborhood in which she lived, and her unexpected death struck sorrow to their hearts. Thomas county is full of sympathizing friends for the bereaved husband. (Thomas County Cat, 9-20-1888)

A sad accident happened near Quickville on last Tuesday morning which resulted in the death of Gilbert Holmes. Mr. Holmes had gone out to catch a span of mules, which were tied together, and getting on, the mule threw him. In falling, he became entangled in the ropes, and the mules running off, dragged him across the prairie in such manner that he was fatally injured, and died on that same evening. Prof. Holmes was a married man, about 35 years old, and was highly esteemed for his many fine qualities. He leaves a wife and three small children to mourn his untimely and sad demise. The deceased was a Free Mason, and his remains will be interred by the order on Friday next at the burial ground near Quickville. The family have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood. (Thomas County Cat, 8-23-1888)

DIED. Ralph, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hoskins, in this city, on April 20th. Little Ralph was only two years old, but he was the joy of a household who deeply deplore his loss. The family have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their great loss. (Thomas County Cat, 5-3-1888)

We are sorry to learn of the death of Mr. William Houck, living near the city, and hope to give a full obituary in next week's paper. The funeral occurred yesterday. (Thomas County Cat, 3-21-1889)

Miss Mattie J. Huey, youngest daughter of Thomas Huey, departed this life May 16, 1888. She was born in Pottawatomie county, August 12, 1868. She moved with her parents to Thomas county on the first of January, 1887, where she resided till her death. She was an obedient daughter, a kind sister, and was loved and esteemed by all who knew her. We can hardly realize that she, who but a short time ago, was the very picture of health in the blooming youth, could, now be cut down in her prime. She leaves father, mother, two sisters, three brothers and a multitude of friends to mourn her departure. The services were conducted by Rev. McKinney. The body was buried on her father's land, but her spirit had flown to the one who gave it. (Thomas County Cat, 5-24-1888)

The infant son of W. H. Hull, who resides about twenty miles northwest of Colby, died last Sunday of cholera infantum. Friends of the family deeply sympathize with them in this, their hour of sore bereavement. (Thomas County Cat, 8-22-1889)

Died: At her home in Colby, Thomas county, Kansas, June 29, 1887. Mrs. Lida (Siggins) Hyatt, in the twentieth year of her age. The subject of the above notice was born in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 2nd, 1867. Her parents afterwards removed to Youngsville, Pa., where most of her life was spent About one year ago she contracted a cold, by exposure, while helping a neighboring family, made homeless by fire. This induced pulmonary disease and quick consumption. Miss Siggins came to Colby August 15, 1886, and became the happy wife of Mr. Geo. Hyatt December 23d. And now, she has gone! The rose has faded; we shall see her smiling face no more on earth. Only six months ago, the union of hearts, the bond of wedlock, the closest of all earthly bonds. Then the happy home; now rendered, oh, so desolate. "Here was the Law of Kindness." She strove to make others happy. She was patient in suffering, and uncomplaining. She died in the bloom of years. The fragile flower has faded, but the fragrance of her kind words, her smiles, her gentle winning ways remain to cheer us. We cherish her memory. Her going away has caused tears and heart-aches. We tender our warmest sympathy for the bereaved father and mother and friends, hundreds of miles distant. Thus we are united in sympathy with those who mourn the loss of one who was beloved, and we hope to meet, where parting shall be no more. (Thomas County Cat, 7-7-1887)

DIED. On Monday last, at 1 o'clock p. m., at her home near Colby, Kansas, Mary Jardine, wife of A. B Jardine. The deceased was born at Streator, LaSalle county, Illinois, on the 1st day of May, 1851. She was married to A. B. Jardine in that county in 1871, and removed with him to Thomas county early in the year 1879, where they have ever since resided. She leaves surviving her seven children, the eldest of which is a son 16 years old, and the youngest an infant daughter born on the 19th inst, Mrs. Jardine was well known to our citizens here, and respected by all. The husband and family have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community in their great bereavement The remains were interred in Beulah Cemetery on Wednesday, Nov. 23d. (Thomas County Cat, 11-24-1887)

Our heart and hand reaches out in sympathy to Mr. A. B. Jardine and family, of this city, in the sad bereavement of the death of his infant daughter, which occurred July 13, 1888. (Thomas County Cat, 7-26-1888)

Died. In this city, at 2 o'clock a. m., Thursday, July 26, 1888, of dropsy of the heart, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Johnson, wife of R. E. Johnson, Esq., of the Union Pacific engineering department. The deceased lady was the daughter of John Falck, Esq., of Lancaster, Penn., and at the time of her death was in her 33d year. She was married at Philadelphia, Penn., on January 2, 1887, to Mr. Johnson, and resided formerly at Salina, Kas., removing to Colby some time in February last. During her residence here, her many estimable qualities made for her numerous warm and sincere friends who sympathize deeply with her husband in his great bereavement. Her remains will be taken to Philadelphia, Penn., for interment, starting from Colby on Friday morning. (Thomas County Cat, 7-26-1888)

The infant son of Milton Jones died July 9, 1889. (Thomas County Cat, 7-18-1889)

The infant son of Randolph Jones died July 12, 1889, aged 1 year, 6 months, at his home, of cholera infantum. (Thomas County Cat, 7-18-1889)

It gives us great pain to record the sad news of the death of the little daughter and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Kelly, who died on Tuesday last. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly have the sympathy of the entire community in the great bereavement. (Thomas County Cat, 7-26-1888)

We are informed of the sad news of the death of Mrs. Kuester, wife of Henry Kuester, which occurred at their home, northeast of Colby, on Sunday, June 24th. The deceased lady had been afflicted for some time past with that dread disease, consumption, which finally caused her death. The remains were interred in Beulah cemetery on Monday. (Thomas County Cat, 6-28-1888)

Newton A. Lane a well known resident of Barrett Township died on February, 19th, at his home. Mr. Lane had been sick for some two weeks with pneumonia. The deceased was highly regarded by his friends and neighbors, and his death is deplored by all. The remains were interred in Beulah cemetery on the 21st. inst. (Thomas County Cat, 2-23-1888)

Some months since Mr. George Lynde, who was suffering from a large cancer on his neck had the same removed, the operation was performed by Drs. J. W. Martin and V. C. Eddy and was very successful. Mr. Lynde was about in a short time after the operation and seemed much better than for a long time. The relief, however, proved only temporary, as the tumor soon began to form again and grew so rapidly that it became only a question of days how long he might survive unless something could be done to stop its growth. At the urgent request of Mr. Lynde and his friends, Drs. J. W. Martin, Eddy and Edwards visited him at his house north west of Colby on Thursday last and proceeded to the operation of a removal of the tumor. The patient was informed of the great and immediate risk of the operation, but insisted if there was any chance what ever that it be taken. The operation was then skillfully performed but the interior tumors were so numerous and so closely involved with the jugular vein that the unfortunate man never rallied--no evidence of re-action of any kind being noticed. Mr. George Lynde was a man highly esteemed among his fellowmen, his influence being ever toward progress and square dealing, and the county at large will miss his great and active encouragement in all matters pertaining to the advancement of agriculture and stock raising in our midst. Mr. Lynde was born in La Fayette Co., Wis., June 12, 1860, and from there went to Richardson Co., Nebr., from whence he removed to Thomas Co., Kans., in the spring of 1885, and here has since resided. He leaves surviving him his wife and three young children,, and aged mother and four brothers Mr. Wm. Lynde, living at Flagler, Colo., Warren Lynde, living in Cass Co., Nebr.; Byron Lynde, of Ellis Co., Kas, and Eugene who resided with and took care of deceased in this county. All of his brothers were in attendance on the funeral which occurred on Friday last amid a large concourse of sorrowing friends. Services were held in the Methodist church, Rev. L. D. Goodwin officiating, interment taking place in Beulah Cemetery.(Thomas County Cat, 4-4-1889)

DIED. At her home northeast of the city August 19, 1890, Anne M., beloved wife of Patrick McCue, aged 51 years. 10 months and 20 days. The deceased was born in Dunrail, county of Cork, Ireland, and her maiden name was Anne M. Egan. At the age of 11 years she moved to this country with her parents who settled in Philadelphia. When she was 18 years of age she moved to Springfield, Ill., where she was married August 26, 1862, to Patrick McCue. They resided at Buffalo Hart, Ill., but soon returned to Springfield and moved thence to Chicago. From there they went to Council Bluffs, Ia., and after wards to Johnson county, Nebr., and about five years ago came to Thomas county, Kansas. She was a member of the Catholic church and consistant in her duties, "Doing unto others as she would that the should do unto her." She was a devoted wife, affectionate mother and sincere friend. A husband and four children are left to mourn her loss three sons and one daughter Thomas J., Joseph, May C., and Willie. The bereaved family has the sympathy of friends and neighbors in this their hour of sad affliction. Before crossing the river of death, the departed expressed her satisfaction at going and said she was prepared to meet the blessed Savior whom she had faithfully served for many years. The deceased came to her death from blood poisoning and at the time Mr. McCue was absent from home in Nebraska. The husband and father was most deeply affected when he returned and found that his loving companion for years, had been laid to rest, to sleep the last sleep. The funeral took place August 22, the remains being interred at Beulah cemetery. (Thomas County Cat, 8-28-1890)

DIED: Mr. J. Macey, on Tuesday, Jan, 8, 1889, at his home northeast of Colby. Deceased was one of Thomas county's oldest and most respected citizens. His remains were interred in Beulah Cemetery, on Wednesday, after an impressive service at the M. E. Church conducted by the Rev. Ferguson. Deceased leaves surviving him his widow and several children who have the earnest sympathy of the entire community in their great loss. (Thomas County Cat, 1-10-1889)

DIED, about one mile south of the City on Thursday March 6th 1890 Albert, son of Dr. Chas. and Mrs. Martin, aged 11 months. This bright little boy was taken some time ago with LaGrippe which brought on hooping cough and the severe strain on the young and tender life resulted in nervous prostration, causing death. Little Albert was a joy of the household and his taking away has robbed loving parents of a dear treasure. The funeral occurred on Friday morning from the Baptist Church, Rev. Broadbridge officiating. A choir composed of Miss Eva Bayha, Mrs. Van Metre, and Ike Crumley sang appropriate selections. (Thomas County Cat, 3-13-1890)

Died, Saturday, June 19, Walter, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. May, one and one half miles northwest of Cumberland. The funeral took place Sunday at 4 p.m., Rev. Armstrong conducting the services. (Thomas County Cat, 7-1-1886)

Died, in Wendell township, March 24, 1890, Mary Adeline, beloved wife of I. W. Moore, aged 35 years, 2 months, and 23 days. The deceased was born December 29, 1854 in Gurnsey county Ohio and was married to I. W. Moore July 22, 1875. March 9, 1885 they came west and have resided here ever since. The deceased joined the M.E church in 1873 and was a devoted christian, loving mother, faithful wife and kindhearted neighbor. She leaves to mourn her loss a husband, three children, father and mother, and twelve sisters and brothers and many loving friends. The remains were interred in in Beulah cemetery Wednesday afternoon. The funeral was largely attended by sympathizing friends and devoted relatives. (Thomas County Cat, 3-27-1890)

DIED: Five miles southwest of Colby, Sep. 16, 1889, Mary E. Newbury, aged 19 years 10 months and 24 days. The funeral took place from the residence on Tuesday afternoon and the remains were laid to rest m the Colby cemetery. Rev. Goodwin, pastor of the Baptist church, conducted the funeral service. The attendance of friends was large. The deceased was born in Ohio, Oct. 22, 1869, and in 1870 moved to Illinois and from there to Kansas in 1879. She was a good dutiful child to her parents and was loved by everyone. In 1885 she united with the United Brethren church and two years later was called upon to take charge of the family by the death of her mother. She lived a true christian life and her exhortation in the last hours to her father and brothers, proved the faith which she had for the life which she now enjoys in a brighter kingdom where troubles and trials are unknown. (Thomas County Cat, 9-19-1889)

Della, infant daughter of Adelbert and Elsie Nichols, died Dec. 17, 1889, at her home in Wendell township, aged two months and 4 days. (Thomas County Cat, 1-9-1890)

Clara A. Penshaw, wife of John Penshaw, daughter of Madison Bray, residing 13 miles east of Colby, departed this life July 8th, 1888, at 11 o'clock a. m.. leaving husband and infant daughter, father, mother, three brothers and two sisters to mourn her loss. She made ample preparation to meet her God, which is great comfort to the bereaved parents and friends. God be with her till we meet again. (Thomas County Cat, 7-12-1888)

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pickard, of Kingery township, last week lost their infant son, Frank, age six weeks. The family have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood. (Thomas County Cat, 9-23-1888)

We are extremely sorry to learn of the sad bereavement in the family of Mr. Thomas Reed, of Randall township. On Tuesday last his infant daughter, aged about two months, died. Mr. and Mrs. Reed have our sincere sympathy in their affliction. (Thomas County Cat, 8-23-1888)

On Monday March 10, 1890, Gertrude Blanche, daughter of Leander and Sarah Ricketts, aged 1 year, 7 months and 23 days. The funeral occurred Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock from the Methodist church and was largely attended. Rev. Shackleford conducted an impressive service. Beautiful flowers were placed upon the casket by the hands of loving friends. The pallbearers were Henry Morrison, Frank Ginger, James Gurwell and C. E. Dedrick. (Thomas County Cat, 3-13-1890)

J. H. Schoonover, another beloved veteran and pioneer of Thomas Co. Kas. has gone over to join the swelling ranks of the redeemed ones on the other side of the dark river. After near four weeks of excessive pain, borne in a most patient manner, our beloved brother departed this life October the 20th 1887 at his new home in the township of Randall at the age of 33 years and 6 months. He leaves a wife and three children; father and mother, three brothers and three sisters and many other friends to mourn his loss. Brother Schoonover was born in Warren Co., Ohio, April 28th, 1849 and in the year 1878, with father and mother, moved to Herman, Ills., and at this place he made a public confession of his faith in Christ and was immersed by brother L. B. Myres. He was ever faithful and true to the duties and covenants of the christian relations which he had chosen and shared largely in the consciousness of divine approval. He, with his family and father and mother, came to this county at the beginning of the present year and settled upon a homestead. No sooner had he settled in this great west, in a neighborhood of sod houses, than he was found working for the Master, in the way of gathering the little ones together in the Sunday school to read from the scriptures and to teach them to love and obey the Savior. He was also an honor ed member of the Masonic order. He. was truly beloved by all that knew him. (Thomas County Cat, 10-27-1887)

We learn that John C. Sharitt, who lived on section 15, town 5, range 32, in Rawlins county, died on Oct. 27th, of typhoid fever. Mr. Sharitt was 32 years of age at the time of his death, and highly esteemed by his neighbors. It is but a short time since tho family were called upon to mourn the death of his brother. The remains were interred in Beulah cemetery. (Thomas County Cat, 11-3-1887)

Died, at her home on sec. 2, twp. 6, rng. 36, Sunday, Aug. 11, 1889, of cholera infantum, Dolly, daughter of Lawrence Shirer, aged 1 year and 6 months, (Thomas County Cat, 8-15-1889)

Died, at Levant, Kansas, Thursday, Sept. 12, of congestion of the lungs, Sarah Eugenia, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Spellman. [an article in the previous week's paper stated she died on Sept. 13--was that her burial day?] (Thomas County Cat, 9-26-1889)

STONE John M., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Stone, of 27-7-34, Thomas county, on Thursday. Sept. 13, 1888, of Cholera Infantum. A large delegation of neighbors and friends were in attendance on the funeral. The remains were interred in Beulah Cemetery on Sunday last. The bereaved parents have the condolence of the entire neighborhood.(Thomas County Cat, 9-20-1888)

Died: Bassa Stricklin, infant daughter of Mr. E. and Mary Stricklin, on Sunday, July 10, 1887, in the township of Rovohl, Thomas county, Kansas, aged one year, four months and 21 days. Dear little Bassa's death was caused by a nail or screw accidently getting into her throat, which caused almost instant death. A gloom of sadness has fallen upon the home of Brother and Sister Stricklin by the sad and very sudden death of their only daughter. (Thomas County Cat, 7-21-1887)

On Monday morning at 9 o'clock March 10, 1890. Freddie, son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Summers, aged 5 years, 10 months and 23 days. Though the sky may be clear to-day, it may be cloudy to morrow was truly a true saying in this case. On Friday little Freddie was well, bright and playful and even on Saturday, though he complained of the ear-ache, nothing of a serious nature was thought of it, but as the day wore away the ear-ache developed into congestion of the brain and on Monday morning he was summoned to come up higher. The briefness of his illness left the fond patents unprepared for the terrible blow. Kind neighbors have expressed their sympathy and done all in their power to alleviate the sorrow of the bereaved family. The funeral was largely attended on Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. Services were conducted by Rev. Shackleford at the residence and he read a portion of the 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians but selected his text from John's gospel. The choir, composed of Mrs. C. M. Hovey, Mrs. J. E. Compbell, Mrs. Geo. Patton, Mrs. E. Van Metre, Mr. E. Van Metre and Mr. E. P. Hovey, sang a few appropriate selections. (Thomas County Cat, 3-13-1890)

Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2 o'clock p.m., Elizabeth J., wife of Willis Summers, departed this life aged 64 years. The deceased has long been a sufferer from dyspepsia, and for several months past has been confined to her bed. The best of medical skill being in attendance at all time, her friends had long since given her up, thinking that at any time she might pass away. She was a very patient sufferer and bore her illness with out a murmur, knowing that in the end all would be peace and joy, and that the angel of God would carry her to a haven of immortal rest where the loved ones who had gone before would greet her with happy smiles and welcome her to that place where sickness aud sorrow never come. Mrs. Summers leaves an aged husband, four sons and one daughter to mourn her loss, and who have the sympathy or the entire community in this their hour of bereavement. The remains were interred in Beulah cemetery yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock. (Thomas County Cat, 8-21-1890)

Thomas Thistlewaite, an old resident of this county residing northwest of the city some miles, died Tuesday morning and will be buried today at noon in Beulah cemetery. He was the father of Mrs. G. W. Smith, formerly of this city. The son Fred, of Beatrice, Nebraska, arrived yesterday to be present at the funeral. (Thomas County Cat, 5-29-1890)

Mrs. Luther B. Ticknor died at her home near Colby, Kansas, in her 57th year on the 28th of Jan. 1890, of congestion of the lungs. Mrs. Ticknor came to this county with her husband and family in the spring of '85, from Chautauqua county, New York, where she had lived for many years. She was a faithful wife, loving mother, devoted christian, embracing the christian faith in an early day. She was a kind neighbor, ever willing to lend a helping hand to the needy, although very frail and sickly herself. She was conscious to the last, begging of her friends not to weep for her as she was going to a brighter and better land than this, where she had a father, mother, sister and an infant son awaiting her. Mrs. Ticknor was a model woman, loved and respected not only by her family and relatives, but by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance. She leaves a husband, three sons and a daughter to mourn her loss. She is now at rest, and the long, weary days of suffering are ended.
The latest sun has sunk at lost;
Her race entirely run.
Her strongest trials now are past;
Her triumph has begun. (Thomas County Cat, 6-20-1890)

On last Sunday Mrs. Tucker, an aged lady, mother of Mrs. L. S. Ball, living northwest of the city, died. She was buried on Tuesday from the Methodist church in this city, the funeral sermon being preached by Rev. L. D. Goodwin. (Thomas County Cat, 1-31-1889)

John Williams, who lives in the eastern part of the county, on section 11-7-31, lost his infant daughter, aged two months, by death last Sunday morning. (Thomas County Cat, 9-15-1887)

Mrs. Wilson, living east of town, died the latter part of last week, and was buried in Beulah Cemetery on Monday. The particulars we have been unable to learn. (Thomas County Cat, 6-14-1886)

Died, at her home in Thomas county, Kansas, Aug. 11, 1886, Lucy Ann Wisdom, wife of F. M. Wisdom, in the 47th year of her age, leaving an affectionate year of her age, leaving an affectionate husband and six children to mourn her untimely death, and among them an infant babe, six children having preceded her in death. Lucy Ann Blakesly was born March 12, 1849, in Appanoose county, Iowa, and was united in marriage to F. M. Wisdom July 25, 1886. They lived in Iowa 11 years, and since then have lived in Decatur county, Kansas, until the first of June, 1886, she coming with her husband to Colby, Thomas county, Kansas, and departed this life Aug. 11th, 1886. She looked at death with calmness. She had nothing to fear. God was with her. Angels waited to conduct her to the regions of immortality, where she was welcomed into the courts of Heaven with the voice of redeemed spirits. Her were laid to rest in the family burying ground at Clayton, Decatur county, Kansas. Mr. Wisdom has the heartfelt sympathy of the friends and neighbors in his sad hour of bereavement. (Thomas County Cat, 9-9-1886)

Died, on Wednesday night, Jan. 29, 1890, at 11 o'clock p.m., Martha, beloved wife of S. T. Wolf, aged 37 years. The deceased has been a sufferer for several years, and is at last relieved of the cares and anxieties of this life. She was born in Upshur county, W.V., April 16, 1853, and on Dec. 27, 1870, she was married to S. T. Wolf, who with five children survive her. Six years ago consumption laid hold upon her, and the family came to Merric county, Nebraska, where they resided one year, and then came to Thomas County, Kansas. Her health did not improve and for the last three years she has been confined most of the time to her bed. She was charitable, a devoted wife, loving mother and sincere friend. The patience which she displayed during the years of her suffering proved her faith in the Lord and belief that "all things work together for good to those who love Him." A deep sympathy is expressed by friends of the family with the husband and children who are left to mourn the loss of a true Christian wife and mother. The youngest child is 3 years of age, and the names of the children are: Lloyd O., Clarence M., Roy J., Dessa V. and Floyd L. The funeral took place on Friday at noon, and the remains were peacefully laid to rest in the Colby cemetery. (Thomas County Cat, 2-6-1890)

Died: In Jewell county, Kansas, on Tuesday, June 28th, of brain fever, Mrs. Maggie Worcester, wife of Eugene P. Worcester, of Burlington. Col. Mrs. Worcester was in Jewell county on a visit to her old home, and intended leaving in a few days to join her husband. She was sick but one week, and her husband, though notified, did not arrive till after death, owing to the irregularity of the communications between Burlington and the railroad, and a telegraph operator's blunder. Mrs. Worcester came to Colby March 9, 1887, and both she and her husband have a very large circle of friends here. No one knowing Mrs. Worcester could be otherwise than her friend, as she possessed that kind, sympathetic, winning disposition, which drew all toward her with whom she came in contact. She was quite literary in her tastes, and her home was filled with a large and choice collection of books and pictures, many of them received as prizes for essays and poems, written during her school days, either as pupil or teacher. The death of an infant son during her residence in Colby took such a firm hold upon her mind and heart, that she seem ed unable to entirely shake off the gloom, and her physicians say this was partly the cause of her death. The inclination of her mind was shown during the ravings of the fever, when she continually quoted passages of scripture, and the most beautiful and refined quotations from well known authors. The people of Colby will join with Mr. Worcester in his sorrow, for his wife was endeared to them by more than ordinary ties of friendship. She was 31 years of age. She leaves one child eleven months old, whose loss could not be told, losing as it docs at this tender age, one of the most loving, tender and sympathetic of mothers. (Thomas County Cat, 7-7-1887)

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