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Belle Plaine Schools Smallpox Vaccinations

Published Feb., 1888 a list of those students in the Belle Plaine school who had been vaccinated for smallpox.
Room 1

Normy Boyd, Clara Campbell, Emma Cain, Bertha Clodfelter, Ray Carter, Clate Connor, Rob Donnahoe, Eddie Downs, Harry Downs, Garfield Forney, Robert Fisher, Annie Funk, Leroy Horner, McElvie Herrington, Iva Herrington, Lula Haythorn, Mary Howard, Dot Justice, Edwin Lambert, Minnie Lett, John Lett, Peter Miller, Rubert McHarg, Rannie Messic, Ann Overstreet, Essie Pinkley, Ira Powers, Clement Parker, Clara Ripperton, Lyman St. Clair, Imo Turley, Annis Tyler, Eva Waltham, Frank Welter, Nellie Miller, Grace Kilmer

Room 2

Christie Antil, Charlie Antil, Clyde Burns, Philip Bandy, Dayton Braden, Alice Cooper, Leroy Camar, Maude Cromwell, Frankie Downs, Charlie Davis, Maude Darby, Frank Fisher, Allie Funk, Carnie Fisher, Minnie Grider, Essie Grider, John Grimes, Ross Horner, Freddie Ham, Fannie Heller, Frankie Holliday, Della Kelly, Carrie Killmer, Clara Killmer, Mattie Lett, Elmer Nance, Ella Parker, Henry Parker, Albert Reed, Ora Reed, Lillie Reed, Willie Rupe, Ethel Ripperton, Willie Sloe, Roy Turley, Eva Vince, Charlie Wright, Hellen Wright, Ermo Waller, Sophia Wynn.

Room 3

Charles Alden, Mabel Blampied, Jessie Barber, Kate Broadhead, Alden Cooper, Willie Carter, Ellen Crowell, Robert Cain, John Deidrich, George Davis, James Dull, Cecil Evans, Lyda Forney, Grant Glover, Mamie Glover, Myrtle Horner, Fred Humphreys, Frank Humphreys James Jones, Linea Jones, Malcom Kelly, Hettie Knox, Morris Killmer, Ollie Killmer, Frank Lett, May Miller, Mamie Parker, Flora Powers, Willis Overstreet, Jessie Reed, Clyde Reed, Mable Storer, Charles Turley, Alice Turley, Robert Willey, Annie Welter, James Workman, Nelle Walker, Francis Willin.

Room 4

Clara Aldin, Lillie Branson, Clyde Blampied, Warren Barnes, Ruth Cain, Anna Cain, Burton Cain, Byron Cain, Leona Crosswhite, Carrie Clewell, Allen Cheek, Howard Dull, Maggie Dull, Frank Forney, May Forney, Norah Forney, John Forney, Lillie Froment, Willie Froment, Pet Miller, Allie Hellstern, Fannie Hitchcock, James Hamilton, Guy Haythorn, Nellie Haythorn, Della Kelly, Laura Knox, Letitia Kennedy, James Mallernee, David Mallernee, Lathie Reed, Mollie Schaeffer, Ollie Turley, George Willey, Benjamin Willey, Bertha Willey, Hellen Wallace, Nona Wallace, Lizzie Walker, Willie Welter.

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