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Sumner County
1894 G.A.R. Posts and Rosters

JAMES SHIELDS POST NO. 57, Wellington R. B. Freeman, Comd'r.; Orville Smith, Adj't.
Aldrich, L. B. WI Inf. Pvt. A, 12 Kirkpatrick, T. W. IL Inf. Sgt. E, 49
Armstrong, G. D. IL Inf. Capt. F, 97 Lahman, Daniel OH Cav. Sgt. B, 6
Barker, Warren IL Inf. Pvt. F, 103 Lillie, Newton W. IL Inf. Pvt. A, 95
Bolinger, S. E. IL Inf. Pvt. E, 71 Logan, James IN Inf. Pvt. B, 25
Beatty, Archibald NJ Inf. Chap. 34 Lockhart, W. J. WV Lancers 1
Beal, A. A. IN Inf. Pvt. I, 117 and IA Cav. Pvt. G, 4
Bailey, G. W. MO Cav. Pvt. A, 7 Linn, James M. IA Inf. Pvt. E, 38
Barnett, Wm. O. IN Inf. Corp. D, 65 Melchi, Benj. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 52
Beal, J. Q. A. McClernard Guards McDonald, Uriah IL Inf. Pvt. I, 106
and IL Cav. Sgt. A Myers, Hiram IN Inf. Pvt. E, 74
Botkin, Simon IA Inf. Pvt. H, 19 Martrice, Felix KY Inf. Pvt. K, 4
Bain, Samuel IA Inf. Pvt. A, 36 Michael, Bennett F. IL Inf. Pvt. G, 76
Baker, Littlejohn MI Inf. Corp. B, 13 Millard, Robert IL Inf. C. Sgt. B, 107
Bebb, W. J. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 26 Marshall, Thomas B. OH Inf. Pvt. C, 43
Brenneman, C. OH Inf. Pvt. H, 105 McMahan, Thomas V. PA H. A. Pvt. A, 2
Begley, Wm. OH Inf. Pvt. B, 30 Mercer, R. B. OH N. G. Pvt. B, 167
Cleveland, D. C. P. H. WI Inf. Pvt. F, 36 McMath, Wm. H. IL Inf. Pvt. B, 167
Curtis, C. C. IL Inf. Pvt. G, 66 Marshall, Thomas MO S. M. Pvt. G, 14-8
Cheever, A. B. IL Inf. Cav. Qms. H, 4 Magruder, Michael Col'd L. A. Pvt. I, 2
Crane, Stephen WI Inf. Pvt. D, 7 Nance, John IL Inf. Pvt. G, 115
Cotton, George Marine Pvt. B, 1 Pratt, W. H. IL Inf. Pvt. B, 129
Chambers, W. L. IL Inf. 1st Lt. B, 107 Pomeroy, Peter L. IL Cav. Pvt. K, 8
Cann, Robert F. IN Inf. Pvt. G, 72 Penniwell, E. K. IL Cav. Pvt. B, 5
Chaney, F. E. IA Inf. Pvt. E, 16 Pierson, Joseph W. OH Cav. Pvt. A, 4
Carr, Andrew OH Cav. Corp. I, 11 and OH Inf. Pvt. I, 167
Donohue, Thomas NY Inf. Pvt. K, 123 Peckinpaugh, T. H. KY Cav. Pvt. C, 12
Davison, M. MI Cav. Blk. S. I, 11 Reed, Willis T. IL Inf. Pvt. G, 107
Dick, Samuel M. KY Vet. Inf. Corp. D, 12 and IL Art. Sgt. K, 1
Dailey, S. IL Inf. Pvt. E, 123 Robertson, S. S. IA Inf. Pvt. E, 33
Entrekin, Jerome MO Inf. Pvt. A, 33 Rush, W. E. IL Inf. Pvt. C, 106
Forsyth, J. D. IA Inf. Sgt. D, 8 Robbins, Frank K. IL Inf. Pvt. K, 8
Freeman, Brook B. IN Inf. Pvt. A, 7 Stipp, George W. IL Inf. C. Sgt. C, 103
and TN Cav. Surg. 10 Shearman, Abb W. NY Inf. Pvt. B, 126
Ferree, S. R. IL Inf. Pvt. H, 9 Smith, R. J. OH Inf. Corp. A, 70
Fleming, W. T. OH Inf. Pvt. E, 35 Showalter, John T. IL Cav. 1st Lt. B, 9
Forsyth, Robert M. IA Inf. Sgt. D, 8 Smith, Orville VT Inf. Corp. G, 13
Fox, Samuel PA Inf. Pvt. K, 87 Staubus, Louis WI Inf. Pvt. A, 52
Fultz, George R. PA Inf. Pvt. E, 105 Stettler/Stetler, John U.S. Cav. Mus. 6
Ferguson, Levi IN Cav. Capt. K, 146 Swan, A. H. TN Inf. Pvt. D, 3
Gilliland, A. J. IL Cav. Pvt. C, 2 Sturman, W. H. MO Cav. Pvt. H, 9
Green, A. G. IL Inf. Sgt. E, 41 Stultz, Adam IL Cav. Pvt. I, 5
Guthrie, L. C. OH Inf. Capt. E, 50 Sleeper, V. C. NH H. A. Pvt. G, 6
Gardner, W. J. IL Art. 1st Lt. A, 26 Stevens, Elijah WV Inf. Pvt. E, 6
Graff, Andrew U. S. Navy Snell, E. B. IN Bat. Pvt. 9
and OH Cav. Pvt. M, 4 Showalter, Joseph W. IL Inf. Pvt. G, 145
Grinstead, John P. KY Capt. H, 9 Scott, Joseph IL Inf. Pvt. C, 129
Gifford, J. B. OH Inf. Pvt. C, 65 Tooley, G. W. KY Cav. Sgt. B, 15
Hubbard, T. A. MI Inf. Sgt. B, 13 Trekell, Franklin MO Home Guards G
Harmon, George IL Inf. Pvt. E, 83 Thompson, Robert G. PA Inf. Pvt. G, 10
Hardenbrook, W. H. IN Inf. 1st Lt. H, 70 Teets, Albert OH Inf. Pvt. E, 82-61
Hull, N. A. NY Inf. Pvt. D, 76 Williams, G. H. CO Pvt. B, 2
and NY Cav. Pvt. D, 1 Williamson, Alex IN Inf. Pvt. G, 59
Horn, Henry OH Cav. Pvt. H, 9 Ward, Mark IL Inf. Pvt. H, 152
Harlan, James IL Inf. Corp. E, 125 Willsie, Charles IA Inf. Pvt. C, 44
Hyster, H. T. IN Inf. Pvt. G, 3 Wilkinson, Alex C. IL Inf. Pvt. B, 145
Ireland, John IN Inf. Pvt. C, 118-F, 137 Wilson, Benj. B. OH Inf. Sgt. C, 45
Jacobs, John KS Cav. Pvt. A, 9 York, Ephraim B. OH Cav. Corp. 3
Jinks, Francis M. MO Cav. Sgt. B, 4 Yoeman, John E. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 85
Kelley, John M. IL Inf. Pvt. G, 68-F, 94
Kirk, M. H. IN Inf. Pvt. B, 21
and IN H. A. Pvt. B, 1
MULVANE POST NO. 203, Mulvane B. F. Trickey, Comd'r.; E. W. Phillips, Adj't.
Ashworth, S. IA Inf. Pvt. A, 15 Kuhn, E. J. IA Inf. Capt. G, 10
Blamped, Wm. OH Pvt. G, 147 Kuhn, J. M. IA Inf. Pvt. A, 48
Burch, Frank IN Inf. Pvt. A, 10 Logan, John IL Inf. Bug. C, 25
Church, Geo. W. MO Inf. Pvt. G, 10 Miller, H. H. IA Inf. Pvt. D, 36
Conroy, Patrick F. Inf. Pvt. A, 10 Martin, Geo. IA Inf. Pvt. E, 19
Conroy, Martin IL Inf. Pvt. I, 33 Myers, Calvin IN Inf. Pvt. D, 63
Darkin, F. R. ME Inf. Corp. D, 11 Noble, J. A. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 34
Darnell, H. L. OH Vet. Gds. Pvt. A, 166 Phillips , Edgar IL Cav. Pvt. B, 11
Daugherty, S. C. IN Inf. Sgt. I, 10 Phillips, F. S. NJ Inf. 1st Lt. G, 3
Ferguson, M. B. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 48 Pickett, Aaron IL Cav. Pvt. G, 15
Foulks, James H. IN Inf. Pvt. A, 149 Potter, Wm. M. M. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 123
Fannastock, J. T. IL Inf. 1st Lt. G, 9 Russell, A. D. OH Inf. Sgt. K, 128
Grist, Norman PA Res. C. Sgt. G, 6 Shull, Alonzo IN Inf. Sgt. F, 22
Gould, S. F. MN Cav. Corp. C, 2 Stewart, James IL Inf. Sgt. K, 41
Hatchet, J. T. IL Inf. Sgt. E, 166 Trickey, B. F. NH Inf. Pvt. B, 167
Harrison, W. H. OH Inf. Pvt. I, 44 Trickey, T. N. MO Inf. 2nd Lt. H, 35
Hardy, O. B. MA Cav. Pvt. L, 3 Walton, James WI Inf. Pvt. G, 28
and U. S. Navy Eng. Whitman, J. W. KS Inf. Qms. D, 11
Jordan, Wm. B. IA Inf. Pvt. B, 13 Woodcock, S. S. ME Inf. 2nd Lt. D, 18
ARGONIA POST NO. 342, Argonia. E. J. Tyler, Comd'r.; J. C. Newbold, Adj't.
Acholphol, Wm. IN Inf. Pvt. H, 14 Martin, Ed OH Inf. Pvt. A, 77
Anderson, J. H. Montgomery, D.
Chandler, D. Seaman Newbold, J. C. IA Inf. Pvt. A, 25
Crites, John Read, C. L. NY Inf. Pvt. A, 126
Eubanks, G. IN Cav. Pvt. C, 111 Strickland, H. H. Navy Yeoman
Felkell, G. W. Southwick, L.
Gardinier, J. MI Inf. Sgt. 10 Shull, H. H. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 104
Gearry, John IL Inf. Pvt. A, 32 Tyler, J. E.
Hill, H. H. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 147 Tanneyhill, W. D. IN Inf. Pvt. E, 93
Jay, Wm. MI Inf. Pvt. Vance, J. C. KY Inf. Pvt. E, 13
Klifinger, P. IN Bat. 10 Windell, A. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 33
Lewis, D. A. IL Inf. Pvt. K, 7 Washburn, Wm. IA Inf. Pvt. H, 18
Matson, L. J. NY Cav. Pvt. 1, 27
PERTH POST NO. 408, Perth G. C. Carpenter, Comd'r.; A. B. McNair, Adj't.
Allen, W. MO Inf. Pvt. C, 18 Herron, J. D. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 78
Anderson, A. R. Iddings, A. V. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 191
Adams, W. F. Jacobs, H. H. PA Inf. Sgt. F, 165
Adkins, V. D. IN Inf. Pvt. G, 40 Lindsay, Wm. OH Inf. Pvt. D, 21
Brass, E. M. IL Cav. Pvt. H, 8 McBeth, S. A. PA Inf. Pvt. A, 7
Beller, J. W. PA Art. Lt. H, 2 McNair, A. B. PA Cav. Sgt. E, 15
Curtis, Eber IL Inf. Pvt. K, 94 Mille, J. A. IA Inf. Pvt. D, 9
Carpenter, G. C. IA Inf. Pvt. F, 36 Rose, W. C. IL Inf. Pvt. F, 101
Cresler, I. IN Inf. Pvt. B, 34 Rarick, T. Inf. Pvt. D, 22
Dawson, I. S. IL Inf. Pvt. E, 71 Skaggs, J. KY Inf. Pvt. H, 13
Fritchman, T. W. PA Inf. Pvt. D, 153 Scrivens, E. D. IA Inf. Pvt. A, 15
Gaunt, J. C. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 8 Stover, W. F.
Foose, T. W. OH Cav. Pvt. K, 7 Scrivens, B. H. IA Inf. Pvt. A, 15
Hasty, J. C. IA V. S. Pvt. M, 3 Wood, W. T. KY Cav. Pvt. C, 13
Hasty, I. C. IA Inf. Pvt. C, 2
UPTON POST NO. 27, Caldwell Wm. Nyce, Comd'r.; J. W. Nazworthy, Adj't.
Adams, W., P. MO Cav. Pvt. B, 7 Hutson, J. E. MO Inf. Pvt. C, 200
Awalt, P. A. IA Cav. Pvt. E, 3 Hatfield, M. MO Inf. Pvt. F, 7
Ball, J. M. IN Inf. Pvt. A, 26 Lender, A. J. IN Inf. Pvt. B, 2
Bishop, J. K. IA Inf. Pvt. K, 29 Ridings, C. C. OH Inf. Pvt. K, 60
Baker, D. J. IL Inf. Pvt. I, 7 Miller, S. IN Inf. Pvt. K, 118
Cozand, R. M. IL Inf. Pvt. G, 11 Nyce, Wm. NY Cav. Capt. B, 2
Dezsphiski, A. OH Inf. Pvt. B, 37 Nazhworthy, J. W. IL Inf. Pvt. E, 21
Cordell, H. IL Art. Pvt. A, 34 Pope, John MO Cav. Pvt. I, 5
Cochran, W. H. IL Inf. Sgt. I, 61 Rinaker, J. B. IN Inf. Pvt. K, 34
Donaldson, D. IL Inf. Corp. G, 10 Robinson, M. N. IL Art. Pvt. A, 2
Dawson, J. IN Inf. Corp. K, 34 Richmond, S. S. OH Inf. Pvt. G, 135
Fox, D. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 158 Scribner, T. J.
Feucette, J. A. MN Cav. Pvt. M, 1 Sayers, D. E. IL Inf. Corp. F, 30
Franklin, S. KY Inf. Pvt. A, 8 Strums, J. T. IA Inf. Corp. H, 14
Garletts, D. PA Inf. Pvt. K, 171 Simpson, George IL Inf. Corp. A, 33
Grims, Tom PA Inf. Pvt. A, 208 Vanskite, F. OH Inf. Pvt. K, 4
Gilmore, I. B. IL Inf. Sgt. E, 94 Williams, J. F. MO Inf. Corp. B, 7
Huff, J. M. Wornake, H. Inf. C, 49
Hawk, F. OH Inf. Pvt. I, 75 Williamson, R. C. KS Inf. Pvt. C, 3
Hawk, I. A. PA Cav. Pvt. G, 11 Williamson, F.
BELLE PLAINE POST NO. 337, Belle Plaine J. M. Reitz, Comd'r.; G. W. Harrison, Adj't.
Arnett, S. C. NY Eng. Pvt. I,15 Knoles, S. A. NY Inf. Sgt. A, 112
Beams, Jas. KY Inf. Corp. G, 7 Longside, A. OH Inf. Pvt. K, 67
Carter, W. KY Cav. Pvt. E, 13 Lore, T. B. IN Inf. Capt. H, 101
Dull, Joseph OH Inf. Pvt. B, 129 McAllister, C. B. PA Cav. Pvt. B, 21
Darby, W. A. IL Inf. Pvt. I, 106 Mason, T. H. IA Inf. Pvt. E, 45
Forney, J. W. OH Inf. Lt. A, 75 Miller, E. M. IL Inf. Pvt. D, 73
Forney, Issah OH Inf. Pvt. B, 185 Milton, Nixon IN Inf. Corp. 1, 12
Froment, Wm. IN Inf. Pvt. E, 13 North, W. H. OH Inf. Pvt. B, 21
Friends, G. W. IL Inf. Pvt. E, 114 Reitz, J. M. WV Inf. Capt. G, 14
Harrison, G. W. IA Inf. Corp. K, 7 Smith, A. Y. IL Inf. Pvt. A, 71
Holliday, D. E. OH Inf. Pvt. C, 91 Simpson, J. W. IL Inf. Sgt. G, 68
Haythorn, Oscar IN Inf. Pvt. D, 57 Taylor, J. M. IL Inf. Pvt. E, 41
Funk, M. F. IA Inf. Sgt. K, 35 Tuttle, N. P. IN Inf. Pvt. F, 11
Fisher, I. J. OH Inf. Pvt. D, 186 Vanderwork, B. NY Inf. Pvt. A, 112
Huston, Henry IL Cav. Pvt. F, 2 Wood, E. R. WI Inf. H. S. D, 2
Hurt, H. M. KY Cav. Maj. 32 Wright, Joshua IA Inf. Capt. D, 19
Helmie, Thomas MO Inf. Pvt. B, 11 Whitman, J. S. IL Inf. Pvt. I, 48
Jeffries, Ed. C. OH Inf. Lt. K, 67 Wynn, J. R. IN Inf. Vet. F, 12
Johnston, L. W. IN Inf. Lt. B, 54 Zumbsun, Wm. OH Inf. Sgt. D, 152
SOUTH HAVEN POST NO. 407, South Haven Wesley Nave, Comd'r.; John Stauffer, Adj't.
Goff, A. W. PA Art. Sgt. E, 1 Nave, Wesley IN Inf. Pvt. D, 130
Kleinsteiber, G. IL Cav. Corp. C, 3 Peckham, J. C.
Lemmon, W. W. IN Inf. Pvt. E, 24 Reid, J. R. IL Inf. Pvt. D, 152
Lewis, Clinton Stauffer, John IL Inf. Pvt. D, 75
McKinney, J. W. IL Inf. Pvt. E, 125 Steele, J. A. MO Inf. Pvt. B, 11
Miles, Jesse WI Cav. Sgt. C, 2 Wertz, John IA Inf. Pvt. D, 26
C. P. TAYLOR POST NO. 378, Conway Springs John McKibben, Comd'r.; William Wycoff, Adj't.
Bradshaw, J. G. IL Inf. Pvt. B, 98 Hyten, W. T. IN Inf. Corp. D, 124
Bratcher, J. E. KY Inf. Pvt. A, 17 Johnston, J. A. MO Cav. Pvt. F, 7
Brinson, James IA Inf. Corp. F, 4 Kelley, E. A. OH Inf. Pvt. F, 105
Barns, J. H. IL Inf. Pvt. A, 97 Leighty, Jacob IL S. M. Inf. Pvt. A, 138
Burnett, C. J. MO Cav. Pvt. F, 6 Massey, John M. MO Inf. Pvt. A, 77
Carter, Oscar W. WI Inf. Pvt. I, 47 Meikle, John IA Inf. Pvt. G, 38
Carter, Rufus S. WI Inf. Pvt. B, 32 Moore, Wm. IL Inf. Pvt. H, 28
Carr, S. B. OH Cav. Pvt. F, 8 Moyer, J. H. OH Inf. Pvt. F, 58
Clark, E. R. IL Inf. Pvt. D, 138 Muntz, Henry PA Inf. Pvt. E, 134
Cline, Henry IA Inf. Sgt. D, 19 McKibben, John NY Inf. Sgt. B, 93
Cole, Henry MI Cav. Pvt. H, 6 Ohnstead, Oscar IL Inf. 1st Sgt. B, 34
Duncan, J. R. OH Inf. Pvt. H, 143 Pomeroy, Frank G. IL Inf. Pvt. D, 65
Edwards, Wm. IN Inf. Pvt. F, 40 Richardson, T. S. KY Cav. Pvt. F, 2
Elias, Chas. F. U.S. Bat. Pvt. B, 21 Rowe, J. M. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 128
Farris, E. G. KY Inf. Sgt. G, 32 Stevens, Clayton WI Inf. Lt. F, 27
Francis, Samuel KY Inf. Pvt. K, 38 Shisler, David MO Inf. Pvt. F, 57
Goble, E. P. NY E & M Pvt. G Snowden, Seth IN Inf. Pvt. G, 36
Gooch, Joseph TN Pioneer Cp. Smith, Nathan B. OH Inf. Lt. K, 77
and IL Cav. Pvt. B, 7 Troeger, H. A. IL Inf. Pvt. H, 10
Gosney, John W. IN Inf. 1st Sgt. E, 79 Vezey, Gilman IL Inf. Pvt. I, 47
Gwin, David L. IN Inf. 1st Sgt. B, 144 Walker, James MI Inf. Pvt. G, 11
Haight, Willis J. T. NY Inf. Pvt. K, 151 Wise, G. W. IA Inf. Pvt. K, 34
Hobson, William ME Cav. 1st Sgt. H, 14 Wycoff, William IA Cav. Lt. H, 3
JOHN GOLDY POST NO. 90, Milan M. F. Weller, Comd'r.; Cyrus Marshall, Adj't.
Boatright, W. L. MO Inf. Pvt. D, 43 Nugent, R. F IN Cav. Capt. D, 42
Beebe, J. S. OH Inf. Pvt. B, 82 Reinhart, Frd. IL Inf. Pvt. H, 17
Cross, John L. OH Inf. Pvt. H, 41 Shaw, James OH Inf. Pvt. A, 45
Good, W. S. KY Inf. Sgt. B, 26 Suddorth, J. W. KY Inf. Pvt. B, 11
Houseworth, J. W. IN Inf. Pvt. D, 81 Sease, George W. IN Inf. Pvt. C, 23
Herriff, H. OH Inf. Pvt. E, 124 Thurlow, J. WI Inf. Pvt. G, 31
Long, J. H. KS Inf. Pvt. I, 9 Townsend, J. M. IN H.Art. Pvt. K, 1
Marshall, Cyrus IN Cav. Pvt. D, 4 Tindale, James IL Inf. Pvt. B, 7
McDaniels, G. H. OH Inf. Pvt. A, 143 Wethington, A. KY Inf. Pvt. C, 27
McClure, S. S. IL Inf. Pvt. G, 67 Weller, M. F. IA Inf. 2nd Lt. E, 20
Munno, William IL Pvt. C, 67 Yornell, William IL Inf. Prov. B, 78
GEUDA SPRINGS POST NO. 476, Geuda Springs. C. E. Diliworth, Comd'r.; John M. Sturtz, Adj't.
Allen, James IL Inf. Corp. G, 91 Jackson, Abruna OH Inf. Pvt. F, 78
Albert, Henry IL Inf. Pvt. K, 7 Kenyon, N. C. IL Inf. Lt. Col. K, 11
Abshear, John KS Inf. Pvt. H, 13 Lorey, Elias IL Inf. 2nd Lt. E, 7
Abshear, Alexander KS Inf. Pvt. H, 13 Marshall, O. H. OH Inf. Pvt. D, 74
Buxton, R. MI Inf. Pvt. D, 3 Mines, H. S. IN Inf. Pvt. G, 26
Chaplin, R.P. IN Bat. Pvt. 20 Maure, A. D.C. Inf. Pvt. C, 1
Connon, John T. IL Inf. Pvt. I, 125 Nester, J. J. KS Inf. Pvt. G, 13
Chambers, Alonzo MI Inf. Pvt. K, 7 Noles, John IN Cav. Pvt. H, 12
Chapin, G. W. MO Inf. Pvt. C, 42 Roney, C. H. IL Inf. Pvt. A, 12
Diliworth, C. E. OH Inf. Pvt. I, 17 Sturts, John OH Inf. Pvt. I, 20
Dean, John IL Inf. Corp. K 84 Snooks, R. H. IL Inf. Pvt. H, 119
Ewing, John H. IL Inf. 1st Lt. F, 28 Sands, Isreal IL Inf. Corp. A, 108
Fernald, Elihu OH Inf. Pvt. G, 72 Smith, Wm. C. IL Inf. Pvt. H, 38
Hollenbeck, Peter IL Cav. Sgt. K, 9 Tidwell, James IL Inf. Pvt. D, 154

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