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Sumner County Marriages
Wedding Anniversaries

Bowman Golden Anniversary
Oxford Register
Aug. 5, 1920

Fifty years ago yesterday, Aug. 4th, at Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, occurred the wedding of Noah Bowman and Arminda E. Lucas. Marriage, they say, is a lottery. One never knows what of the future of such a union, but yesterday, in the home here in Oxford there gathered the five stalwart sons and two splendid daughters of the couple, all good, upright citizens of their communities. The day itself was ideal, and all the children and their families were present except one daughter in law and two grandchildren, and what a happy time it was not only for the splendid four course dinner but the singing of the old songs there sung in the old days when the boys and girls gathered about the family fireside and made merry on winter evenings when the country was new. Miss Elsie Bradley played the wedding march, and a granddaughter, Mrs. Elva Somer, sang some of the old songs so well loved. The Bowmans came to Kansas in 1884, settling on the farm now occupied by Albert Bowman and wife. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bowman, and Miss Mollie Bowman, all of Oxford; Oscar Bowman of Fresno, Calif., Cora Hafter and husband of Alturas, Calif.; Roy Bowman, of Honolulu, Hawaii; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Bowman of Wichita; Mr. and Mrs. John Somer of Oxford; Roy Hafer of Alturas, Calif.; and Elsie Bradley of Oxford.

Brumley 40th Anniversary
Wellington Daily News
Nov. 3, 1922

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Brumley were delightfully surprised Thursday, when their children and families came to their home on North C Street to assist them in celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Brumley were married on Thursday, Nov. 2, 1882, on a farm near Champaign, Illinois and have lived in this city over thirty five years. The guests took with them a bountiful dinner which was served at noon. Those present were Messrs. and Mesdames: Arch Hendon, Groatus Ford, Claude Brumley; Misses June Brumley and Claudine Brumley; Mr. Ralph Brumley.

Burkhart 35th Anniversary
The Wellington Daily News
Oct. 21, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. E. Burkhart, 1202 North Washington avenue, were agreeably surprised Wednesday night, the occasion being their thirty fifth wedding anniversary. Their children and their families gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burkhart and celebrated the event. All nine of their children were present. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Burkhart and three sons of South Haven, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Burkhart of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Burkhart and son of Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Frambers of this city, and Misses Sarah and Edith Burkhart and sons George and Frank Burkhart.

Edmundson 60th Anniversary
Wellington Daily News
Nov. 10, 1916

On the 12th day of November, 1856, in Fulton county, Illinois, Mr. James C. Edmundson was married to Miss Elmyra D. Evans. Under a kindly Providence they have been granted the unusual privelege of sixty years of happy wedded life. They have been farmers most of their lives. In 1859 they came to Woodson county, Kansas in the days when malarial troubles annoyed so many people. In two years they were driven back to Illinois by ill health. Remaining there for nine years, they moved in 1870 to Wayne county, Iowa, where they resided for six years. In 1876 they moved to Sumner county, Kansas and took up a claim in "76" township the very same year that township was first organized. Here began the struggle of the pioneer farmers for the conquest of these beautiful and productive prairies. In the year 1900 they retired from the farm and moved to Wellington, where they have resided in their fine suburban home for sixteen years. They have raised a family of nine children, the majority of whom are still living and bringing satisfaction to their parents' hearts. They are: William F., who was married to Ella Demuth and lives in Wellington; Libbie K., who married W. H. McMath and departed this life in 1899; Canna H., who was preparing himself for the ministry in Park College and died there in 1887; Evan A. who lives at home with his parents; John H., who married Mary Demuth and lives on a farm near Hunter, Oklahoma; Lenna M., who married L. E. Snavely and lives in Harlingen, Texas; Maude A., who married Earl D. Wetmore and also lives in Harlingen. Two other children died in infancy. The Edmundson family is an old one in America. The grandfather, John Edmundson was a soldier in the Revolutionary War; fought in the battle of Yorktown and saw the surrender of Cornwallis. Later in life the grandfather moved to Illinois where he obtained from the Government an original grant for a small farm. The "Sheepskin Deed" is still preserved in the family as a sort of heirloom. It is dated March 10, 1843 and is signed by President Tyler.

Gruber Golden Anniversary
The Wellington Daily News
Nov. 12, 1917

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gruber celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Saturday. All of their children were present: Oscar Gruber came from Fort Dodge, Iowa; Mrs. C. I. Woodward of Borgam, Oregon; Charles of Mason City, Iowa; Mrs. Alfred Patch of Portland, Oregon; Mrs. Ed Brown and Miss Florence Gruber of this city. Today Mrs. Brown is entertaining the family at dinner.

Hatfield Golden Anniversary
Wellington Daily News
Dec. 27, 1913

Mr. and Mrs. Moses Hatfield of Caldwell held a family reunion at their home on Christmas and in addition celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. They have eight living children, all of whom were present to help celebrate the event. Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield are well preserved for their ages and move about every day just like young people. Mr. Hatfield was born in LaPorte county, Indiana, Oct. 4, 1827. Mrs. Hatfield was born in Tazewell county, Illinois, sixty five years ago the third of last April. The couple was married on Christmas day, 1863 at Dillontown, Illinois, by Squire Rector who died about fourteen years ago. There were nine children born to them, the first a girl, dying at the age of four years. The other children are: Jonas and Clyde, and Mrs. Josie Lague and Mrs. Lizzie Owens, all of Caldwell; James, of Arkansas City; Aaron of Omaha, Neb.; Earl of Fort Worth, Texas; and Mrs. Lillie Neighbors of El Dorado, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield moved from Illinois to Caldwell about 36 years ago, Mr. Hatfield following his trade of stonemason and plasterer. Some of the largest and best buildings in town were built by him. Mr. Hatfield served three years and fourteen days in the Civil War, being a member of the Seventh Missouri Infantry. The couple has 25 grandchildren, but no great-grandchildren. Their oldest child is 48 years of age, while the youngest is 23.

Kearns 66th Anniversary
Wellington Daily News
Feb. 12, 1916

John Kearns was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, April 29, 1927. He came to Canada with his parents in the year 1928. Agnes Milne was born in parish Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on April 14, 1832. In the year 1847 she came to Canada with her parents, and one year later they moved across the line into the state of New York. On the 14th of February, 1850, these two, John Kearns and Agnes Milne, were married and set up a home of their own on the Canada side of the line on a farm where they lived and toiled for 16 years. In 1866 they moved to a farm in Jones county, Iowa, where for 34 years they threw their vigorous lives into the development of that great state. Here they reared their family, helped in the building of churches and schools, accumulating quite a little wealth, and taking an interest in the welfare of the entire community. In 1900 they retired from the farm and moved into a small town name Strawberry Point, where they spent eight happy years. In 1908 they moved to Wellington to make their home with their daughter, Mrs. A. G. Walker, where they now reside. Nine children have blessed the life of this couple. Elizabeth Jane, who was married to R. M. Heastie and who with her family have been long time residents of Sumner county, and of Wellington; Joseph L. who with his family lives two miles north of Wellington; Margaret Matilda, who married William Jewett and lives in Edgewood, Iowa; James Milne, who for a time lived in Sumner county, but now lives in Bacchus, Minnesota; Elsie Louise, who is married to Mr. A. G. Walker and whose thoughtful loving care for her father and mother makes them a hone of luxury during their old age. Four other children, two sons and two daughters, have crossed the line to their long home. Twenty-nine grandchildren, and twenty-two great grandchildren are branches on this family tree.

Love 65th Wedding
Wellington Daily News
Jan. 16, 1920

Today is the sixty fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Love, 404 South G. John Love is almost ninety years old and his wife, Mary, is eighty one. They keep house and do all their own work. There are eight living children, eighteen grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren.

Mitchell Golden Wedding
Wellington Daily News
June 4, 1917

The fiftieth golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William Mitchell was celebrated at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Stocking and at the Community Park house where they enjoyed a fine picnic dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell were married on June 2, fifty years ago at Bluff, Scott county, Illinois. Those present at the celebration Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Stocking and two children, and Miss Nellie Mitchell of this city; Ed Mitchell of Emporia; Mrs. B. H. Downs and family of Newton; Mrs. Lizzie Richards and daughter Margaret of Jacksonville, Illinois; Mrs. Sarah Davis and daughter, Ada of Colorado Springs. Mrs. Richards and Mrs. Davis are sisters to Mrs. Mitchell. The children who were unable to be here were Rev. H. A. Mitchell of Farmington, Missouri and Newton Mitchell of Salina.

Paxson Golden Wedding
Wellington Daily News
Feb. 18, 1922

Mr. and Mrs. Elias Paxson of Conway Springs celebrated their golden anniversary on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at their home near Conway Springs. All of the children of the couple, with the exception of one daughter, Mrs. J. C. McNeal of Woodward, Okla., were present for the happy celebration. Nine children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Paxson, eight girls and one boy; two of the girls are dead. Mr. and Mrs. Paxson were married in 1872 near Leesburg, Ohio. For the past 44 years they have lived near Conway Springs on a farm, their present home. For the anniversary party Mrs. Paxson baked a delicious wedding cake, the same kind she baked fifty years ago for her wedding, decorating it the same way. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Sheridan and daughter, Clearwater, Mrs. A. O. Ordway, Peck, Mr. and Mrs. James Glaze and children, Anson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hinshaw, Rose Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Wier Gross and children, Clearwater, Mr. and Mrs. William I. Dean, Wichita, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Burdg, Wichita, Mr. and Mrs. Verlin Hinshaw, Rose Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin George, Wichita; Mrs. J. F. Gross and children, Belle Plaine, Mr. J. M. Moomaw, Anson and Mr. W. E. Gross, Clearwater.

Rhine Golden Anniversary
The Wellington Daily News
Oct. 16, 1918

A Golden Wedding was beautifully and joyously celebrated when the fiftieth day of a married life full of happiness dawned with the morning of October 14, 1918. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Rhine were exceedingly happy to have their children and grandchildren gathered in their home this gladsome day. The house was a grandeur in autumn leaves of gold, nature's message to the happy bride and groom. White streamers reached from the golden wedding bell hung from the ceiling to each corner of the table, laden with an elaborate dinner. During the dinner, the eldest of the sons gave a splendid talk to the family and presented to the bride and groom a gold coin, a gift to them from their children. The afternoon passed quickly and as evening came the grandchildren delighted the party and not excepting themselves by gathering all their noisy playthings, along with grandpa's big drum which they smuggled out and gave a chivari until grandpa came out and treated them with sweets. The children as guests in this home at Lincoln, Nebraska were M/M A. V. Rhine, M/M Perry Rhine and daughter, Mrs. Everette Gibb, and J. M. Rhine and daughter Margaret of Omaha, M/M Glen Rhine and family, M/M Clyde Rhine and family of Lincoln, M/M J. G. Heugle of Tecumseh, Neb., and M/M E. L. Harrison and daughter, Edithe, of Wellington. Another daughter, Mrs. Carl Carr of Cle Elum, Washington, was unable to attend. Mrs. Nan Linor, sister of Mr. Rhine and Will Jeffrey, brother of Mrs. Rhine, and the mother in laws, Mrs. McKowan, Mrs. Hahm and Mrs. Schlotfeldt were guests.

Saylor Golden Anniversary
The Wellington Daily News
Nov. 14, 1906

Mr. and Mrs. John Saylor celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last night at their home, corner Tenth and A streets. Their children, grandchildren and several close friends were present to share their happiness. An elegant four course dinner was servied, the guests having marched to the dining room to the sweet strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march played by their granddaughter, Miss Katherine Engle. Between courses Judge J. T. Herrick gave reminiscences of old times, as did A. A. Richardson. The present were: Messrs. and Mesdames J. G. Campbell, A. A. Richardson, C. Ash, C. T. Eberly, J. T. Herrick, Jacob Engle and children, O. M. Saylor and children.

Tate Golden Anniversary
Wellington Daily News
Jan. 11, 1919

It was fifty years ago yesterday that Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tate began a long and happy life in the companionship with one another. The day was one of happiness for the couple although owing to sickness all the children wer unable to be at home. There are five children, Mrs. Tom King of Square Butte, Montana, Mrs. J. E. Harzell of Oxford, Mrs. R. S. Brown of Oxford, Mrs. S. A. Scott and John Tate of Joplin, Mo.

Taylor 55th Anniversary
Wellington Daily News
March 20, 1920

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Taylor of 707 North C Street will celebrate their fifty-fifth wedding anniversary Sunday with a family dinner. Those who will be present are: Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Taylor and children, Helen and Verrill, of New Hampton, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Kidwell and daughters, Avis, Zolon and Marjorie of Wichita, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Taylor of Wichita, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Henry of Ponca City, Mrs. E. E. Reynolds of Springfield, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Taylor and daughter Evon and Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Elem.

Wimer Golden Anniversary
Wellington Daily News
Nov. 9, 1918

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 10th is the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Wimer, and their children are giving a family dinner for them at their home on West Lincoln. All of their relatives on both sides of the house will be present, with the exception of Ray Rothrock, a grandson, who is with the Signal Corps in France, and L. E. McKnight of Anadarko, Oklahoma, a son in law, who was ordered to report at the Officers' Training School at Waco, Texas, tomorrow morning. Those who will participate in the gathering and feast are: Messrs and Mesdames, J. P. Wimer, Asher Wimer of Lamont, Mo., A. L. Wimer of Gueda Springs, D. G. Wimer of Belle Plaine, Percy Wimer and family of South Haven, T. L. May and daughter of Wichita, J. O. Yeager and family of Independence, Mrs. Mattie Longan of Tempe, Arizona, Mrs. L. E. McKnight and family of Anadarko, Oklahoma, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rothrock and daughter Helen, Mrs. L. A. Grubbs and daughter, Yula and Miss Lucille Wimer, all of this city.

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