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Sumner County Directories
1889 Southwestern Business Directory

Published by McKenney Directory Company, Denver, Co.

CALDWELL--Sumner County
The second city in point of population in the county, and soon to rank first in commercial importance. Located near the southwest corner of the county, and near the line dividing Kansas and the Indian Territory, and in the best agricultural portion of Sumner, the banner county of Kansas, as shown by the reports of State officers. Caldwell was organized as a village, or city of the third class, in 1879, with the bare number necessary to receive recognition--and some of her detractors claim that her citizens imported for the occasion a few unwashed Indians and voted them. Now she has a bona fide population of 3,000 industrious, sober, educated, refined Christian men, women and children. The location of Caldwell was a happy selection, being on a high, rolling prairie, commanding a beautiful view into the Indian Territory, the high bluffs, and skirtage of timber along Bluff, Fall and Casino Creeks, which lie south and east of the city. It is also favored with excellent railroad conveniences, being the junction of the Caldwell branch of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe with the St Louis and San Francisco and the Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway.

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, E James agent
Mrs M T Auling, milliner
L G Bailey, livery
O Beeson, postmaster, stationery and jewelry
M H Bennett. stock dealer
W Black, butcher
J A Blair, stock dealer
J H Brow & Co, boots and shoes
J A Burnette, attorney
Caldwell Investment Co
C, K & N Ry, W C Warner agent
Chicago Lumber Co, lumber, H J Williamson manager
W S Churchill & Co, hardware
The Citizens’ Bank, A. M Colson president, F C Brown vice-president, E T Battin cashier
A J Clark, confectionery
Clark Bros (S S and J F) implements
William Coleman, grain elevator
C Collins, confectionery
Cooper & Peek, blacksmiths
R H Gosand, photographer
A M Coulson, stock dealer
R D Cragin, stock dealer
B K Craig agent Western Union Telegraph Co
J F Dean, jeweler
E Eisfelder & Son, jewelers
W E Fenstermaker, gun and locksmith
First National Bank, S P G Lewis president, Corzini vice-president, T E Neal cashier
G W Fletcher, auctioneer
J H Frank & Son, clothing
I T Gabbert, physician
B Garland, stock dealer
S C Garlits, grocer
Frank Garrotson, stock dealer
W M Gillam, grocer
Grand Opera House, Woodson & Morris managers
A S Groh, general merchandise
W J Haley, telegraph operator
E Hayes, druggist
E Herndon, photographer
George S Hill, manager Rock Island Lumber Co
E Hockaday, hardware
C W Holmes, bakery
S H Homer, druggist: C F Hulbert, hardware
F L Hume, grocer
Illinois House, J Sharp proprietor
E James, agent Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
The Journal, Swarthout publisher
E H Kilpatrick, agent United States Express Co
Leland Hotel, Sam Woodson Jr proprietor
Lewis & Richmond, real estate
S P G Lewis, loans and insurance
The Long Bell Lumber Co, E D Whiteside
A J Luder, boots and shoes
W Mardrett, butcher
J L McAtee, attorney
R D Metcalf, constable
H C Misell & Bro, clothing
Moores Bros, harness
W E Morean, restaurant
A B Neiman, butcher
A M Newman, merchant tailor
The News, R T Simons editor and publisher
W E Noble, druggist
B O'Connor, millinery
E E Pember, dry goods
Rice & Drew, coal
C C Ridings, justice of peace
Robertson & Detrick, hardware
J F Robertson, physician
Rock Island Lumber Co, George S Hill
B Rogers, second hand store
H A Ross & Co, dry goods
J Schaeffer, furniture
N A Scribner, dentist
R T Simons, editor and publisher The News
J M Smith, lunch counter
J Southers, livery
The Southwestern Grazing Association
Southwestern Hotel, F M Blair
St Louis and San Francisco Railroad
The Stock Exchange Bank, A Drumm president, J W Nyce cashier
J R Swartze , grocer
Swayer & Gabbert, druggists
J M Thomas, real estate
L Thraiskell, grocer
M. R Thrailkill, physician
S T Tuttle, stock dealer
United States Express Co, H Kilpatrick agent
Vasey Bros (J R and W) furniture
W C Warner, agent Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway
Weidmann & Co, butchers
Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, A R Young agent
Western Union Telegraph, B K Craig
F D Whiteside, manfier The Long-Bell Lumber Co
J Wiedeman, butcher
H J Williamson, manager Chicago Lumber Co
H Winnell, livery and feed
York Draper Mercantile Co. A Witzleben manager
A R Young, agent Wells, Fargo & Co's Express.

MULVANE--Sumner County
Is situated in the northeastern portion of the county, at the junction of two branches of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, and being on a slight eminence, affords an extended view of the Arkansas Valley. A commodious bridge spanning the Arkansas River at this place secures a large trade from one of the wealthiest farming communities of the valley. From Topeka, 177 miles.

Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, H B Addington, agent
Addington H B, agent, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad
Badger D, hardware
Barry C A, furniture
Bishop C C, attorney
Brown & Huffbower, stock dealer
Central House, J H Gregg, proprietor
Chamberlain & Son, grocers
Clements G R, train dispatcher
Dryden & Carter, hardware
Egan W H, president Mulvane State Bank
Foudray Bros, confectionery
Gould & Hancock, grocers
Greenland Carrie, milliner
Gregg J H, proprietor Central House
Guy & Co., butchers
Harris W K, physician
Hodgson C, real estate
Hodgson Mrs C, milliner
Home W H, restaurant
Hostetter J N, postmaster and stationery
Huftbower A, feed and coal
Hurne W M, manager Western Union Telegraph Company
Jones J W, barber
Kuhn J E, attorney
Miller & Anderson, livery stable
Mulvane Record (The), G L Reed editor and publisher
Mulvane State Bank, W H Egan, president, L D Hell, cashier
Osburn E F, butcher
Pryer & Brown, livery stable
Reed G L, editor and publisher the Mulvane Record
Renison J A & Co, druggists
Robbinson W C & T A, dry goods
Runge J C & Co, grain elevator
Shanton G M, dry goods
Shaw J E, druggist
Shelly S T, physician
Trickey Bros, real estate
Trickey T P, grocer
Union Hotel, Daniel Lane, proprietor, rate $2.00 per day
Ward B H, lumber
Warren W R, banker
Wells Fargo & Co.'s Express
Western Union Telegraph Office, W M Hume, manager
Wilson M S M, harness maker
Yarnell A, restaurant

The county seat of Sumner County, and the junction main line Caldwell Branch, Pan-Handle Extension of Southern Kansas Division and C., K. & N. Ry., 193 miles from Topeka. Has post, express and telegraph offices.

Adams F, sheriff Court House
Amsden F A, mgr Chicago Lumber Co, cor Jefferson and Harvey ave
Andrews E N, agt U S Express and harness maker, 117 North Washington
Andrews H W, grocer, 105 North Washington
Arlington Hotel, Speed Bros, cor Washington and Harvey aves
Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad, F G Pay agt, S F Depot
Augustine J J & Co, dry goods, clothing, boots and shoes, 124 East Harvey
Barnes L, dressmaker, 234 South Washington
Barnes W J, barber, 236 South Washington ave
Barnett W O, physician, 102 South Washington
Baumann Bros, bakery, 127 North Washington ave
Bead & Ready, attys, 118 North Washington
Beal J L A, confectionery, 110 West Harvey
Beal Wm, jeweler, 202 South Washington
Beattie R S, city treas, First National Bank Building
Black A M, loans, 124 North Washington
Black F L & Co, stationery, 100 North Washington
Boynton J S, confectionery, 140 South Washington
Breneman J T, physician, 108 North Washington
Brewster M L Mrs, dressmaker, 103 North Washington
Brown & Weslake, second hand store, 303 South Washington
Bruswick D, clothing, 119 South Washington
Burk T J, mgr Rock Island Lumber Co, West Eighth
Buttrey & Son, boots and shoes, 133 North Washington
Campbell T C, boots and shoes, 126 North Washington
Chambers W L, atty, 135 North Washington
Chenoweth A, physician, 202 South Washington ave
Chenoweth M E, druggist, 202 South Washington
Chicago Lumber Co, A Amtlen mgr, cor Jefferson and Harvey ave
Chilwood A, tailor, 103 North Washington
Chisolm P H, furniture, 129 East Harvey ave
Claypool J S, stock dealer
Cobell M D, stock dealer
Crain S, stationer, 113 North Washington
Crouse G H. plumber, 211 South Washington
Curtis C C, mayor, City Hall, and hardware, 104 North Washington
Davidson H H, stock dealer
Davis Bros, restaurant, 133 South Washington
Dixon T & Co, real estate, 137 South Washington
Dorsey O, butcher, 209 South Washington
Elliott C E, physician, 103 North Washington
Ellwood Peter, agt Wells, Fargo St Co's Express, 120 North Washington
Ellsworth B, coal dealer, 126 East Harvey
Ferguson —, atty, 110 North Washington
First National Bank, F K Robbins pres, J D Share vice-pres, R L Beattie asst cashier, 109 North Washington
France & Mann, hardware, 201 South Washington
Freedley A, confectionery, 123 South Washington
French C D, second hand store, 216 South Washington
Forbes C C, physician, cor Lincoln and Washington
Garnett W M, dentist, 102 South Washington
Gary & Hackney, bakery, 129 South Washington
Gelino W, hardware, 122 North Washington
Gillett H J, telegraph operator, S F Depot
Graff A, hardware and harness, 105 and 107 Washington
Graham & Davis, merchant tailor, 112 South Washington
Grider J L, county atty, Court House
Guthrie & Irland, grocers, 125 South Washington
Guthrie Ledru, atty, 103 North Washington
Hall F H Mrs, milliner, 136 South Washington
Hall H B, jeweler, 123 North Washington
Harlan Bros, dry goods, 134 South Washington
Hastie & Day, stock dealer
Haughey & McBride, attys, 102 South Washington
Holmes & Co, grocers, 121 North Washington
Hopper I, real estate, 102 South Washington
Hubbard T A, stock dealer
Jackson M R & Son, tinware and cornices, 211 South Second
Keagey M B, stock dealer
Klein F, harness maker, 217 South Washington
Knowles & Garland, butchers, 113 South Washington
Lamb A E, confectionery, 230 South Washington
Latte J R, variety store, 130 South Washington
Long-Bell Lumber Co, cor Seventh and Jefferson
Long L W, register of deeds, Court House
Lore E Mrs, postmaster, 114 West Harvey
Luening C F, furniture, 212 South Washington
Lyons J, stationery, 130 North Washington
McGee R G, city marshal, City Hall
Mahan L E & Co, druggist, 102 North Washington
Maxey Bros, grocers, 208 South Washington
May E & Co, real estate, 119 North Washington
McDonald O E, restaurant, 131 South Washington
McGown G Q & Co, grocers, 205 South Washington
McKee & Co, stock dealers
Miexsell Z, furniture, 116 North Washington
Miller & Thomson, real estate, 138 South Washington
Monitor (The) Campbell & Wood publishers, 123 East Harvey
Moore W D, foundry and machine shop, cor C and Harvey
Morser & Grove, butchers, 206 South Washington
Munviller J, druggist, 104 South Washington
Musell & Harris, clothing, 101 North Washington
Muson J H, barber, 109 South Washington
Myers T, stock dealer
Neustadt O, notary public, 103 North Washington
Nixon W C, train master, S F Depot
Nonce/Nance —, district clerk, Court House
Oliver Bros, lumber dealers, East Harvey ave
Pay F G, agt A, T & S F R R, SF Depot
Peckham & Way, dressmakers, 128 North Washington
Peniwell & Dunnaban, confectionery, 112 West Harvey ave
Phillips House, I M Purcell propr, 137 North Washington
Potter Ethel M, millinery, 211 North Washington
Price T V, cigar mfr, 213 South Washington
Rabold & Pemberton, grocers, 113 East Harvey ave
R R Telegraph, H J Gillett operator, S F Depot
Rankin & Milne, grocers, 126 South Washington
Ratekin H, jeweler, 104 South Washington
Ray J, atty, 157 South Washington
Reed I G, city atty, City Hall
Richardson Thos, dry goods, 114 North Washington
Rock Island Lumber Co
Rose D S, atty, 128 North Washington
Roser M, jeweler, 108 North Washington
Sanders J T, probate judge, Court House
Santa Fe Dispatcher and Division Operator, C H Winters, Santa Fe Depot
Shaff B F, restaurant, 110 North Washington
Share, Bros, dry goods, 115 North Washington
Shirley W N, mgr W U T Co, 120 North Washington
Shofner J C, shoemaker, 140 South Washington
Simmons L T, atty, 125 North Washington
Smith A H, stock dealer
Smith, Cowan & Gamboill, real estate, 137 North Washington
Smith H F & Co, druggists, 122 South Washington
Smith J C, clothing, 102 South Washington
Smith O, surveyor, 112 North Washington
Smith & White, loans, 128 East Harvey
Snow E B, photographer, 125 North Washington
Snyder F B, drugs, 123 North Washington
Snyder N E Mrs, restaurant, 215 South Washington
Southern Kansas Mortgage Co, J T Schmalter pres and mgr, 115 East Harvey ave
Spitler S W, physician, 126 South Washington
Spruance C, clothing, 135 South Washington
Standard (The) Luke Herring editor, 135 East Harvey ave
State National Bank, A. H Smith pres, W Meyers vice-pres, H S Carter teller, W C Glaize cashier, J G Smith asst cashier
Stewart J T, loans, 118 North Washington
Stone T W, physician, 123 North Washington
Strock & Nugent, lunch room, 115 South Washington
Sturn J T, county treas, Court House
Sumner National Bank, J G Woods pres, P Wetzel vice-pres, A Branaman cashier, J S Wetzel asst cashier, cor Seventh and Washington
Sweet W H, mgr Singer Manufacturing Co, 120 North Washington
Throp J W Mrs, milliner, 204 South Washington
Trowbridge S, stock dealer
Tucker House, W W Tucker propr, cor Washington ave and Fourth
Turner A, supt Southern Division S F R R, Santa Fe Depot
United States Express, E N Andrews agt, 117 North Washington
Voils M L Mrs, milliner, 210 South Washington
Voils W H, stock dealer
Waite F E, confectionery, 111 South Washington
Walker W T, police judge, City Hall
Wellington Lumber Co, lumber, South Washington
Wellington National Bank, P B Spears president, H H Davidson vice-pres, W B Spears cashier, H E Frantz asst cashier, cor Washington and Harvey
Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, Peter Elwood, 120 North Washington
West T B, drugs, 112 South Washington
Wilson M B, merchant tailor, 130 North Washington
Winters C H, operator S F R R, Santa Fe Depot
Wood I L, atty, 128 South Washington
Wood L, second hand store, 220 South Washington
Wyatt Bros (J L and J M) 134 Washington

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