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Sumner County Directories
"Historical Atlas of Sumner County, Kansas" John P. Edwards Co., Philadelphia, 1883
Advertising Directory


W. H. STEVENSON, Dealer in dry goods, ready made clothing, boots and shoes, hats and caps, and stationery. Glass and queensware a specialty. Highest market price paid for corn and produce. Patronage solicited.

JOHN S. HAMMOND & CO., Manutacturers of and Dealers in flour, meal and feed.

A. C. E. GATES, Dealer in grain and coal. The highest market price paid for all kinds of grain. Coal supplied in any quantities to suit purchasers. Patronage solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed.

LEVI CARKHUFF, Proprietor of the Jersey House. First-class accommodations offered to travelers and day and week boarders.

M. L. MARCH, Farmer and grain dealer.

CARSON, BALDWIN & SALTER, Dealers in shelf and heavy hardware, stoves, tinware, cutlery, guns, revolvers. sewing machines, gasoline stoves, barb wire, farm wagons, spring wagons, buggies, and a general line of the best agricultural implements. Anything not in stock will reordered on short notice.

J. S. BAUGHMAN, M, D., will practice in western part of Sumner County and eastern part of Harper county. Also, dealer in drugs, medicines, chemicals, varnishes, glass, oils, dye stuffs, proprietary and fancy articles, perfumery, brushes, etc. Prescriptions carefully compounded.


J. W. FORNEY, Attorney-at-Law. Pays taxes for non-residents and does a general loan and land office business.


A. D. WILLEY, Dealer in and agent for agricultural implements, machinery, wind mills, pumps, wagons, etc.

BRODHEAD & ROGERS, Contractors and builders. Shop, west side Merchants Street.

J. C. RIPPERTON, M. D., Physician and Surgeon.

J. D. REED, Dealer in all kinds of hardware, stoves, tinware and wagon woodwork. Manufacturer of all kinds of tin, copper and sheet iron ware.

CHICAGO LUMBER COMPANY, corner Sumner and Seventh Streets. All kinds of pine, lumber, lath, sash. doors, blinds, lime, plaster, hair and cement. Tascott's Enamel Paint for sale.

LEIGHTON & CAIN, Proprietors of Commercial Hotel and livery stable. The traveling public accommodated at reasonable rates.

J. D. JUSTICE, M. D., Physician and Surgeon. Office at Justice & Butler's drug store. Residence, opposite Christian Church.

W. H. HITCHCOCK & SON, Dealer in dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc, etc.

W. R. FOULK, Wagon and carriage maker. All kinds of painting and repairing done at reasonable rates. Shop, first door cast of Masonic Hall.

JOSEPH E. CAIN, Minister Methodist Church.

WM. CARTER & SON, Farmers and dealers in stock and grain.

J. J. BURNS, Editor and proprietor Belle Plaine News (weekly) and Kansas Odd Fellows (semi-monthly). Job printing,etc. Postmaster and dealer in books, stationery, etc.


W. B. HUTCHISON, Publisher of the Caldwell Commercial.

TELL W. WALTON, Editor and publisher of the Caldwell Post. A local live stock journal.

CALDWELL SAVINGS BANK, S. P. G. Lewis, President; T. E. Neal, Cashier, does ageneral banking business. B. S. MILLER, President of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association, and stock raiser.

CASS BURRUS, Attorney-at-law, notary public and loan broker. Money invested for eastern capitalists. Collections a specialty.

S. TUTTLE, Director of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association, and stock raiser.

I. N. COOPER, Farmer. Fruit grower and stockraiser.

SAMUEL C. WOODSON, Jr., Proprietor of the Leland Hotel. The only brick hotel in the city. Everything strictly first-class. Corner Main and Sixth Streets.

SIM DONALDSON, Post master.

JOHN DOBSON, Dealer in all kinds of farm implements. Also, flour, grain and seeds.

GREENWELL BROS., Proprietors of the stone mill and elevator.

FRANK JONES, Proprietor of the Leland Annex Saloon.

JAMES D. KELLY, Police judge and notary public.

T. H. B. ROSS, Dealer in groceries, provisions, etc.

C. F. SOMMER, Agent Quarter Master Department U. S. Army.

S. P. G. LEWIS, President Caldwell Savings Bank

J. M. THOMAS, The pioneer loan, real estate and insurance agent. First mortgage loans secured for eastern capitalists.

B. F. SMITH, Farmer, stock raiser and dealer.

WILLIAM CORZINE, Stock raiser and dealer.


Q. M. BIXLER, Notary Public. real estate agent and dealer in drugs, medicines, chemirals, paints, oils, brushes, perfumery, etc.

JAMES BIGGS, Proprietor Geuda Springs livery and sale Stable. First-class turnout. Special inducements to excursion parties. Also, harness shop in connection. Repairs of all kinds promptly attended to.

G. A. CUTLER, M. D., P. O. drug store, physician and surgeon. Dealer in drugs, medicines, chemicals, etc. Prescriptions carefully compounded. Pure wines and liquors for medicinal purpose only.

MEKECHEE HOUSE, Wm. De Lesdernier, proprietor. New, commodious, neatly furnished, convenient to the springs. Terms, $2.00 per day. All board bills must be paid strictly in advance.

Dr. C. G. HOLLAND, Examining physician for Geuda Springs, and general practitioner.

J. W. JOLLY,Blacksmithing and horse shoeing. All kinds of repairing promptly attended to.

J. R. MUSGROVE, Dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, huts, caps, clothing, queensware, glassware, stoneware, hardware, table and pocket cutlery, jewelry, clocks, watches, and almost everything needed in the country.

GEUDA MINERAL SPRINGS, have seven (7) mineral springs within a circle of twenty-five feet diameter. They have no equal for the cure of female complaints, skin, blood, kidney and liver diseases, as well as rheumatism. Water shipped to all parts of the U. S. For further particulars address, Geuda Springs Co., Geuda, Kansas.

C. R. MITCHELL, Attorney-at-Law, member of the House of Representatives and owner of Geuda mineral springs and bath house. Residence in East Geuda, Cowley County.

GEUDA SPRINGS LIVERY AND FEED STABLE, D. A. McIntire, proprietor. First-class rigs furnished parties wishing to go to any part of the country, at reasonable rates.

JAMES STINER, proprietor of the City Billiard Hall and Lunch Room. Dealer in cigars, fine tobaccos, confectionery, fruits, etc., etc.

J. A. TEICHMANN, Contractor and builder.

GEUDA SPRINGS HERALD, Joe F. White, editor and proprietor. A live, weekly newspaper. Send in orders to “JOE" and get the news from the great sutnmer resort.


L. S. BOYER, Agent Hunnewell Town Co. One thousand town lOIs for sale cheap, in payments to suit. Also, notary public, justice of the Peace, Police judge, and real estate broker.

THE HAMILTON BANK, John H. Hamilton & Co., proprietors, does a general banking business. Collections made.

HAMILTON & HOPKINS, Dealers in general merchandise. Headquarters for outfitting supplies.

Q. A. HALE, Farmer, stock raiser and hotel keeper.

KEIR & HELBLING, Dealers in meats, hides and game.


WARREN & HERMAN, do a general banking business and deal in all kinds of grain.

A. A. & J. H. RUCKER, Farmers.

NEW LIVERY AND FEED STABLE, E. Marshall, proprietor. Horses bought and sold. Special inducements to commercial firms. Special rates to and from Providence mineral well. The best of rigs furnished reasonable.

J. D. LOPER, Farmer and stock raiser.

E. J. KUHN, Attorney-at-Law, notary public and real estate agent. Pays taxes for non-residents and does a general loan and land office business.

L. J. JONES, M. D., Physician and surgeon.

THE KANSAS MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION, OF MULVANE, KANSAS, Offers desirable advantages in case of death or disability. Officers: L. Lightfoot, Pres.; Joe H. Pierce, Vice Pres.; J. E. Shaw, Treas.; J. P. Hale, Sec.; W. W. Hale, Ass't Sec.; L. J. Jones, M. D., Medical Director.

HALE & SON, Real estate, loan and insurance agents. Plenty of money to loan on real estate and town property at lowest rates. Pay taxes. Collections made, etc. Always ready to show lands to buyers.

MULVANE BANK, Amos Skinner, Cashier. Capital, $25,000. Established 1883. Transact a general banking business.

THE MULVANE RECORD, Kelly & Nowlin, publishers.


Dealer in grain, coal and lumber. Are you going to build? Let me give you figures on lumber prices before you buy elsewhere. The highest market price paid for all kinds of grain. Coal supplied in any quantity to suit purchasers. Patronage solicited. Satisfaction guaranteed.

H. L. BENEDICT, Dealer in groceries and provisions, etc. Agent for Bain & La Belle wagons, Furst and Bradley sulkey plows, Garden City cultivators, Empire and Champion mowers, and a general line of agricultural implements. East side of Monroe Street.

L. B. OSTRANDER, M. D., Physician and surgeon.

F. M. BUNKER, Notary public, real estate, loan and insurance agent. Money loaned on real estate and chattel security. Farms bought and sold on commission. make collections a specialty. Give me a call.

COX & WORLEY, Dealers in groceries, provisions, etc. Highest price paid for country produce. Corner Market and Monroe Streets.

LUKE K. HIGH, Proprietor of the Milan House. A feed stable in connection with the house. The public accommodated at reasonable rates.

MILLER HARPER, Proprietor of the Milan Livery, Feed and Sale Stable. Dealer and shipper of stock. Highest price paid for cattle and hogs.

D. H. MANDIGO, Dealer in drugs, medicines, books, stationery, paints, oils, glass, putty, etc. Best goods at low prices. West side Monroe street.


COLDWELL & THEW, Dealers in implements, farm wagons, buggies, spring wagons, corn planters and wheat drills, plows, cultivators, rakes, wind mills, and harvesters. Repairs furnished for all machines on short notice. Sumner Avenue, Oxford, Kansas.

O. E. KIMBALL Dealer and Raiser of all kinds of stock. Cattle, hogs and grain bought and sold.

S. F. MILLER, Proprietor of the Oxford City Livery, feed and sale stable. Best of rigs furnished on short notice.

GEORGE PRICE Contractor and builder. Plans and specifications furnished on short notice.

GEO. T. WALTON, Lawyer, notary public and land broker.

POTTER, THOMPSON & DENNY, Proprietors of the Oxford Water Mills.


J. O. CALDWELL, Attorney at law and real estate agent.

WESLEY BOWERS. Board by day or night. First class accommodations for transient. Also keep team to convey passengers to and from the railroad and over the county.

T. C. MILLS, Proprietor of the "Travelers' Home," Board by the day or week.

ROBERT MILLS, Farmer and proprietor of "Mills' Addition to Salt City." Farm, one and one half miles west of Salt City. Residence, cor. Main and First street.

SAMUEL H. MCCORMICK, M. D., Physician and surgeon.

T. A. NEER, Farmer and dealer in stock.

RICE & RISCH, Dealers in hardware, agricultural implements, etc. General blacksmithing done with neatness and dispatch. First-class in every particular.

THOMAS ROYAL, Proprietor of Salt City and a livery, feed and sale stable.

GEORGE REYNOLDS, Farmer and horticulturist.

BERKEY & CALDWELL, Dealers in general merchandise. A large and well selected stock of dry goods, notions, groceries, provisions, canned goods, queensware, glassware, boots and shoes sold at as low rates as any store in Sumner or Cowley counties.

JOSEPH RICE, Farmer and dealer in hardware and agriculture implements.

WM. RISCH, Dealer in hardware, farm machinery, and blacksmith.


STACY B. DOUGLASS, County clerk.

WILLIAM H. BERRY, Deputy county clerk and farmer.

T. A. HUBBARD, Register of deeds.

M. B. KEAGY, County treasurer and farmer.

P. V. C. POOL, Clerk of the District court.

I. N. KING, Probate judge.

J. T. HERRICK, County attorney.

J. M. THRALLS, Sheriff and deputy U. S. marshal.

S. T. WOOD, County surveyor.

J. V. RATLIFFE, Superintendent of public instruction.

A. B. MAYHEW, Representative of the 91st district. Banker and stock dealer.

ALBERT A. RICHARDS, Editor and proprietor of the "Sumner County Press," Established 1872.

J. C. RICHARDS, Local editor of the "Sumner County Press."

JOHN G. WOODS & SON, Banker, established 1873. Does a general banking business.

T. P. RICHARDSON, Editor and proprietor of the "Wellington Democrat."

SUMNER COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, Frank A. Hunt, Isaac Monnet and Abb. W. Shearman.

HAUGHEY & MCBRIDE, Attorneys at law. Practice in State and Federal courts. Office in Staub's block, room no. 2.

JOHN T. SHOWALTER, Attorney at law and loan broker. Three and five year loans made on farms at lowest rates of interest and commission. Office in New block.

POTTER, THOMPSON & DENNY, Proprietors of the Oxford Water Mills.


HAUGHLEY, THOMSON & MCBRIDE, Real estate and loan brokers. Money to loan on real estate at lowest rate on long time. Short time money loaned on chattel and personal security. Also a large list of improved and unimproved farms for sale. Call and see us. Office, room no. 2, Staub's block.

THE WELLINGTONIAN, W. M. Allison, editor and proprietor. Subscribe for best Republican paper of Sumner county.

JOHN T. STEWART, Mortgage loan broker. Purchase school, county and municipal bonds and make a specialty of farm mortgage loans. References: Corbin Banking Co., of New York City; New Hampshire Banking Co., of Nashua; Wellington Bank, of Wellington, Kansas.

READY & STAFFELBACH, Attorneys-at-law. Practice in State and Federal courts. Collections promptly attended to. Office in New block, over Murphy & Carroll's store, room No. 1.

HARPER COUNTY LAND OFFICE, of Rothwell and Skinner, Harper, Ks. Land loan, insurance, abstract and collecting. Farm and city property for sale, rent or exchange. Taxes paid for non-residents.

WORDEN & CO., Nurserymen and florists. Always keep on hand leading varieties of fruit trees. Forest and ornamental trees, also evergreens, vines, creepers, rose and a general assortment of shrubs, bulbs, seeds, etc.

C. M. SCOTT, dealer and breeder of fine Merino sheep. Ranch, 6 miles southeast of Arkansas City, on the line of the Indian Territory. Post office and residence, Arkansas City.

R. H. SCHOFIELD Proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, Douglas, Kansas.

PHILLIPS HOUSE, Chestnut & Atchison, Proprs. Centrally located. Bus to and from all trains. Good sample rooms for commercial men.

WM. A MCDONALD, Attorney at law.

VERNON J. MILLER, Farm loan negotiator. Money to loan to farmers on good real estate security at low rates of interest and no commission. Money always kept on hand. Office in New block, upstairs.

B. S. PHILLIPS, Stock dealer.

DR. S. MANN & CO., Dealers in drugs, medicines, paints, oils, cigars, watches, clocks, jewelry, etc. Prescriptions carefully compounded at all hours.

L. K. MYERS, Live stock dealers.

CHARLES W. MORSE, Attorney at law.

MORSE & TROUT, Insurance and loan agents.

JAMES MATTHEWS, Dealer in standard farm machinery, mowers, reapers and self-binders. Plows, wagons, threshers, pumps, cultivators. Repairs for all leading machines. Lincoln Ave., between Jefferson and Washington avenues.

MCMAHAN BROS. Proprietors of the "Keystone Mills, " custom and exchange work a specialty. Highest market price paid for wheat and best qualities of flour always on hand at lowest rates.

J. P. WIMER, Farmer and dealer and breeder of thoroughbred and high grade cattle. Residence, section 18, Twp. 33, Rng. 1 East.

C. G. LARNED & CO., Dealers in hardware, implements and tinware.

JAMES LAWRENCE, Attorney at law and notary public. Practice in State and Federal courts. Office in Carroll's block, upstairs.

ELLSWORTH JEWETT, Proprietor of the "Star" livery and sale stable. Good rigs furnished on short notice for local and commercial trade. Stable on Lincoln ave., between Washington and Jefferson avenues.

HASTIE & DAY, Proprietors of the City and Elk Horn livery, feed and sale stables. Good buggies, elegant carriages and nobby phaetons furnished on short notice and at reasonable rates. "City Stable" on Harvey ave., between Washington ave. and "C" street. "Elk Horn Stable" on corner of Seventh and "C" streets.

JAMES HOLLAND, Farmer and dealer in and raiser of all kinds of stock. Breeding of Poland China hogs a specialty. Choice pigs furnished in their season.

LEDRU GUTHRIE, Attorney at law.

PARIS MODE SHOP Latest New York and Paris examples in millinery; finest materials and workmanship. E. M. Potter, Proprietor. FULTZ & MILLARD, Real estate brokers, loan and insurance agents. Proprietors of the only complete set of Abstract books of Sumner Co., Kansas. Established 1873.

CHEEVER & COFFMAN, Land, loan and insurance agents.

J. H. CALLENDER, Dentist.

JOHN P. JONES, Attoney at law. Will practice in State and Federal courts. Office in "Press" block, room no. 1

L. W. BISHOP, Printer and publisher.

CHARLES E. FLANDRO, Dealer in clothing, hats, caps and a general stock of gent's furnishing goods, trunks, and valises. Opera block.

G. F. DAVENPORT, Photographer, has been located in Wellington since its infancy. Noted for artistic merit. When in need of an image of yourself truer than life and one that will flatter your good looks, call upon us.

H. H. DAVIDSON, Dealer in hardware, stoves, tinware, cutlery, pumps and wagon repairs, farm implements, guns, pistols and ammunition.

BISHOP & COLE, Proprietors of the Wellington Foundry.

HENRY BOWERS, Proprietor of the "Bower's Hotel," location just west of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. depot. This new and commodious hotel have been recently opened to the public and is finished and furnished equal to any in the city. No omnibus fare. Within 5 minutes walk of the post office and business center of the city.


SAMUEL BAIN, P. O. Wellington. Ex-county Commissioner, farmer and stock raiser.

W. G. WHEALY, P. O. Wellington. Township trustee, farmer and stock raiser.

J. M. BUFFINGTON, P. O. Oxford. Stock dealer.

JAMES H. OWENS, P. O. Oxford. Farmer and breeder of short horn cattle.

JAP. SOMMERVILLE, P. O. Oxford. Township trustee, farmer and stock raiser.

S. F. CLINARD, P. O. Wellington, Township trustee, farmer and stock raiser.

W. H. JORDAN. P. O. Wellington, Farmer, stock dealer and breeder of high-bred cattle.

W. E. BROADHURST, P. O. Oxford. Pastor M. E. Church South.

W. H. GASAWAY P. O. Oxford. Farmer, stock raiser and Township Treasurer.

J. T. HOLMAN, P. O. Oxford. Farmer, stock raiser and Justice of the Peace.

DAN HUSTIN, P. O. Oxford. Farmer and Township Clerk.

WM. HUFFMAN, P. O. Oxford. Farmer and veterinary surgeon.

WM. JONES, P. O. Salt City. Farmer, Justice of the Peace, stone mason and plasterer.

CHAS. E. WRIGHT, P. O. Geuda. Farmer, notary public and attorney at law.

RICHARD PIPES, P. O. Salt City. Farmer and plasterer.

J. F. JUSTUS, P. O. Clear Dale. Farmer and school teacher.

JOHN DEAN, P. O. Bitter Creek. Farmer, stock dealer and postmaster.

J. H. PICKETT, P.O. Guelph. Farmer, stockraiser and Justice of the peace.

D. W. ELLIOTT, P. O. Clear Dale. Farmer and Township treasurer.

HORACE T. SIMMONS, P. O. Salt City. Farmer, stock raiser and Township trustee.

J. M. AXLEY P. O. Salt City. Farmer, stock raiser and proprietor Geuda Springs Meat Market. Residence on Sec. 25, Twp. 33, Rgn. 2 East.

H. B. WILLIAMS & SONS, P. O. Caldwell. Breeders of short horn cattle, Clydesdale horses, Poland China hogs, etc. Farm eight miles north of Caldwell.

G. G. MCCLEARY, P. O. Hurst. Dealer in groceries and notions.

WM. D. HURST, Proprietor of Hurst's grocery, thirteen miles southwest of Wellington, on the line of the Caldwell branch of the A. T. & S. F. R. R. A full line of staple groceries kept at lower prices than any other place in Sumner county. Sewing machines sold lower than elsewhere in the county.

SPARR BROTHERS, P. O. Rolling Green. Dealers in dry goods, groceries and general merchandise. We aim to keep a full assortmetn of goods usually kept at a county store.

F. M. ADAMS, P. O. Rolling Green. Farmer and blacksmith. Always on hand to do anything in the line of general blacksmithing.

M. L. HAMILTON, P. O. Milton. Breeder of Poland China hogs. Parties wishing to improve their stock will find it to their interest to call on me or correspond with me. Location of farm, eight miles north and two miles west of Argonia.

H. C. ST. CLAIR, P. O. Belle Plaine. Breeder of Durham cattle and Poland hogs. Residence one and three- quarter miles southeast of Belle Plaine.

CAPT. J. WRIGHT, P. O. Belle Plaine. Justice of the Peace and farmer.

H. M. CRANMER, P. O. Sunny Slope. Proprietor of mineral springs, located nine miles north and two miles east of Milan, twenty miles northwest of Wellington and thirty-five miles southwest of Wichita. The analysis of the water from these springs shows that they are superior to the famous Eureka Springs, and many chronic diseases are speedily cured.

A. D. SPARR, P. O. Sunny Slope. Dealer in dry goods, groceries, notions and a general assortment of goods usually kept at a country store. Twelve miles west and ten miles north of Wellington, and 35 miles southwest of Wichita.

J. M. HOLLIDAY, P. O. Belle Plaine. Farmer and breeder of "Bashaw" horses and Poland China hogs. Pure bred stock for sale.

J. P. MARTIN, P. O. Belle Plaine. Breeder of Norman horses and mules, and Poland hogs. Farmers wishing to improve their stock will please give me a call. Residence, three miles west and one mile south of Belle Plaine, and nine miles northeast of Wellington.

J. F. BARNARD, P. O. Orie. Farmer and stock raiser. Also, owner and breeder of Clydesdale and Norman horses. Farmers desirous of improving their farm horses should call and inspect the stock. Farm 12 miles southwest of Wellington.

LEE EVANS, P. O. Mayfield. Farmer and breeder of jacks. Farmers desirous of improving their stock, or buying stock, should call on me, nine miles west of Wellington and one and a half miles west of Mayfield.

A. H. PARCEL, P. O. Mayfield. Merchant, postmaster, railway station agent and dealer in groceries, provisions, tobacco, cigars, canned fruit, etc., etc.

S. V. WALTON & SON, P. O. Wellington. Breeders of pure improved Poland China swine. Our pigs are descended from those that took the sweepstakes premium at the Great National Swine Exposition held at Chicago, September 1871. We ship to order to all points.

BELLE PLAINE MILLS, P. O. Belle Plaine. Richardson & Jeffries, proprietors. Manufacturers of the celebrated Snow Flake flour and dealers in grain. Two miles east of Belle Plaine. We guarantee every sack of flour.

E. PARKER, P. O. Argonia. Farmer and breeder, and shipper of imported Jersey red, Poland China and Berkshire hogs.

BENJAMIN NICHOLSON, P.O. Argonia. Proprietor of fruit farm, two and a half miles east of Argonia. Pays considerable attention to the culture and propagation of small fruits. Sweet potatoes and sweet potato plants for sale in their season.

J. C. KILBOURN, P.O. Argonia. Farmer and Justice of the Peace.

T. B. MALERNEE, P. O. Belle Plaine. Breeder of Norman horses and short horn cattle. Four miles north and one mile west of Belle Plaine, three miles west and one mile south of Mulvane.

W. T. HAM, P. O. Belle Plaine. Farmer, stock raiser, dealer and shipper.

WILLIAM PARKER, P. O. Clear Water. Farmer and breeder of Durham cattle and Magee hogs.

ED. T. STEWART, P. O. Milan. Breeder of the Duroc or red hogs. These hogs are noted for their fattening and breeding qualities. Agent for the "Climax Wind Mill," best for the money. Parties can save from $25 to $50 by purchasing from me.

W. H. KEEFOVER, P. O. Caldwell. Farmer, fruit grower, stock raiser and dealer.

F. BOORY, P. O. Rome. Farmer, stock raiser and agent for "Woodman Wind Mill Co."

CHAS. B. CARSON, P.O. Guelph. Dealer in general merchandise. 13 miles west of Arkansas City and eight miles east of South Haven.

HENRY ARNSPIGER, P. O. Clear Dale. Farmer and breeder of Percheron and French horse.

SUMNER COUNTY CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, P. O. Clear Dale. Dealers in general merchandise. The highest market price paid for country produce in exchange for goods. Store, Clear Dale. S. H. Williamson, manager.

H. J. DONAHUE & BRO., P. O. Clear Dale. Dealers in dry goods, groceries, clothing, boots, shoes, drugs, hardware and general merchandise.

F. A. HUNT, P. O. South Haven. County Commissioner, farmer and stock raiser.

RAYPHOLTZ BROS., Proprietors of the Merchant and Custom Flouring Mills, 7 miles east of Caldwell and 5 miles west of South Haven on the Chikaskia river. Patronage solicited.

JOHN L. HARPER, P. O. Caldwell. Farmer and carpenter.

C. D. CARR, P. O. Caldwell. Farmer and blacksmith.

THOMAS MURPHY, P. O. Hurst. Breeder of fine stock. American Merino and Cotswold sheep a specialty. 8 miles northeast of Caldwell and 16 miles southwest of Wellington,

JAMES W. WING, P. O. Rex. Farmer and postmaster. Located on section 6, township 34, range 4 west.

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