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Sumner County Directories
1880-1881 Kansas State Gazetteer and Business Directory
R. L. Polk & Company, Chicago

ALTON -- First settled in 1871 and located in Falls township between Bluff Creek and Chikaskia river in southern central part of Sumner county, 20 miles from Wellington, the county seat, which is also the most convenient shipping point. Methodist and Baptist societies, with a district school, are here. Mail stages to Caldwell, South Haven and Wellington daily, fare 50c each to the former and $1.50 to the latter. Population, 75. Charles G. Horton, postmaster.

Cozad N S, live stock.
Horton C G, blacksmith and grain dealer.
McClaska, sawmill.
Moore B, physician.
Pris Luther, carpenter.
Smith Orville, justice of the peace.
Snow S E, physician.
Woolfenson J, harnessmaker.

ARGYLE -- Established as a postoffice in 1871, in the northern central part of Sumner county, 10 miles north of Wellington, the county seat, and 8 miles from Belle Plaine, the nearest station. A Methodist Episcopal church and a district school are sustained. Wellington is the location of the nearest bank, and the usual shipping point; population 20. Mail, semi-weekly. Thomas Nixon, postmaster.

Davis Rev John N (Baptist).
Lawder O W, justice of the peace.
Morris Heppy, teacher.
Morrison James, constable.

BELLE PLAINE -- Numbering in population some 375 inhabitants, is situated on the C., S. & F. S. R. R., 1/2 mile from the Nenniscah and 3 from the Arkansas river. It is 11 miles from Wellington (c h), the location of the nearest bank. There are Presbyterian and Methodist Episcopal churches, and a graded public school. Wheat, corn, cattle and hogs are marketed. Express, Adams. Mail, daily. Thomas Donohue, postmaster.

Armstrong Wm, barber.
Bandy Frazier, blacksmith.
Bean Wm R, flour mill, 7 miles north.
Bell Frank M, carpenter and builder.
Brown & Kirby, grain and coal.
Burns J J, editor.
Cain Rev J E (Christian), dentist.
Cain Rev J W (Methodist).
Callahan Thomas, shoemaker.
Campbell W C, general store.
Carter W L, drayman.
Clark L M, carpenter.
Dalley H T, flour mill, 4 miles southeast.
Durnbaugh Bros, hotel proprietors.
Emery & Farmer, saloon.
Epperson J B, carpenter and builder.
Eversoll H A, harness and saddlemaker.
Forney J W, lawyer and notary public.
Fourth W R, wagonmaker.
Frisbie & Greebm bakers and restaurant.
Ham M T, constable.
Hamilton G A, station and express agent.
Hamilton & Carter, grain and live stock.
Hitchcock W H, general store.
Hoffman Frederick, saloon.
Horner D W, grain
Horner & Whann, general store.
Johnson J B, carpenter.
Justice J D, physician.
Kelley Bros, butchers.
Leach Wm, flour mill, 3 miles east.
Man Rev A M (Presbyterian).
Martin J P, farm implements.
Miller E M, lumber, lime and cement.
Nixon John, grocer and restaurant.
Potter Mrs M A, milliner.
Potter & Gilchrist, general store, grain and livestock.
Reed & Chandler, groceries, hardware and stoves.
Ripperton J C, physician.
Rockwell Mrs Mary, boarding house.
Rolph S M, physician.
Settle R H, blacksmith.
Sparks M B, lawyer.
St Clair L M, carpenter and builder.
Storer & Donohue, drugs, notions, etc.
Sykes & Co, druggists.
Thorpe W H, wagonmaker.
Tillotson & Brodhead, carpenters and builders.
Wallace Bros & Co, grocers.
West Bros, grain and livestock.
Willey A D, farm implements.
Wright Joshua, justice of the peace
Yeatman, A O, carpenter and painter.

BEVERLY -- In Illinois township, on the Ninnescah river, northern boundary of Sumner Co., is a new settlement 22 miles northwest of Wellington (c h), which is also the nearest shipping point and bank location. The township has a population of over 800, with district schools and Presbyterian, Methodist and Baptist societies. Wheat and hogs are marketed. Mail, semi-weekly. Susan Moore, postmaster.

BITTER CREEK -- a recently established post office in Sumner Co.

BLANDFORD -- Near the Chikaskia river, and on the route of the proposed L. L. G. R. R., in Sumner Co., 11 miles from Wellington (c h), the shipping point. It is merely a country postoffice. Mail, tri-weekly. Robert P. Ray, postmaster.

Bissell J E, carpenter.
Bradley J, blacksmith.
Brown W T, carpenter.
Evans Levi, blacksmith.
Fisher Lyman, carpenter.
Lowry R C, blacksmith and lawyer.
Parcell A H, blacksmith.
Ray Robert P, stock breeder.
Ross S, physician.
Scott David, physician.

BOON -- A recently established postoffice on Ninnescah river, in London township, northern part of Sumner Co., 15 miles from Wellington (c h), the location of the nearest bank. Wichita, 10 miles north, is the most convenient shipping point, and Mulvane, 10 miles, is the nearest station. Mail, weekly. E. R. Sadler, postmaster.

CALDWELL -- Estimated population 600, is located on Fall creek, a water power stream in Caldwell township, southwestern part of Sumner Co., 25 miles from Wellington (c h), the most accessible shipping point. It has a large frame school building, several religious societies, a bank and a flour mill. Stages to Wellington and Fort Reno, Indian territory, fares $1.50 and $15.00, also to Fort Sill, fare $20.00. Mail, daily. J. A. Blair, postmaker.

Bailey G I, saddle and harnessmaker.
Baldwin J F, barber.
Barbe W H, hotel.
Blain & Hood, general store and bank.
Bochme B G, grocer.
Challis & Hollister, saloon.
Collins R H, contractor.
Crimble & Hartsome, livery and feed table.
Godfrey G G, dry goods and groceries.
Greenwell Bros, meat market.
Heddison C, furniture.
Hockaday Bros, hardware.
Horner S H, druggist.
Hubble & Riley, general store.
Hulbert C T, hargware.
Hussen F G, hardware.
Keizer W H, saw and grist mill.
Lewis S P G, lawyer and notary.
Lyons Bros, saloon.
Maggard W F, physician.
Mayor & Demming, saloon.
Mills Fred, saloon.
Mooreland P, restaurant.
Muntsping & Dallis, saloon.
O'Connor Wm, baker.
Odom B M, hotel.
Rhoades A, hotel.
Rideout Rev J B, (Presbyterian).
Ross T H B, lawyer.
Rue R, brickmaker.
Sain J H, druggist.
Smith & Ross, grocers.
Spiers George, boots and shoes.
Thomas J M, land agent and justice.
Vasey H B, assistant postmaster.
Wendel J H, hotel

CHIKASKIA -- Established in 1870 on the river and in township of same name, Sumner Co., 16 miles southwest of Wellington (c h), the shipping point. This is simply a country postoffice, with a district school adjacent, and is on the mail stage route between Caldwell and London. Mail, semi-weekly. Lyman B. Coryell, postmaster.

Coryell Lyman, farmer.
Dobbs Wm, justice of the peace.
Hahn D G, justice of the peace and physician.
Hervey Wm, live stock dealer.
McDonald V, constable.
Richards & Dodds, live stock dealers.
Williamson A, constable.

CLEAR DALE -- In Geulph township, southeastern part of Sumner Co., 17 miles from Wellington (c h), the nearest shipping point. It has a district school, and ships farm produce. Mail, semi-weekly.

CONCORD -- A sparsely settled place in Sumner Co., 10 miles southeast of Wellington (c h), the nearest railroad point. Mail, semi-weekly.

DOSTER -- No village, merely a small settlement near Bluff creek, in the southwestern ocrner of Sumner Co., 30 miles from Wellington (c h), the nearest shipping point. Mail, semi-weekly. D. A. Brown, postmaster.

GLEN VALLEY -- Recent settlement in the northwestern part of Sumner Co., 22 miles from Wellington (c h), the nearest shipping point. The school here is district, and the church societies are Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian. Mail, semi-weekly. Isaac Monnet, postmaster.

GOUROCK -- A country postoffice in Dixon township, western central part of Sumner Co., 22 miles west of Wellington (c h), and 17 south of Elk Falls, its nearest shipping point. It lies on the Chikaskia river, and has a district school. Stages through here between Wellington and Harper, tri-weekly, with mail. Albert Seavey, postmaster and farmer.

GUELPH -- Located on Bitter creek, in Guelph township, southeastern part of Sumner Co., 21 miles from Wellington (c h), and 15 from Arkansas City, its shipping point. District schools are near here, and the population of the township is some 800. Stages to Arkansas City and South Haven, tri-weekly. Mail, daily. Wm. Seidelman, postmaster.

Brewster J O, physician.
Johnston -----, justice of the peace.
Fox Wm.

HESSVILLE -- Lies on the Chikaskia river, in Falls township, southern part of Sumner Co., 18 miles southwest of Wellington (c h), the shipping point, and 7 from Caldwell, the location of the nearest bank. Grain and live stock are shipped. Population 50. Mail, 4 times a week. W. A. Sturm, postmaster.

Fancher N C.
Moore W H.

HURST CROSSING -- On the Chikaskia river, in Falls township, Sumner Co., 18 miles southwest of Wellington (c h), the nearest railroad point. Mail, four times a week. Wm. D. Hurst, postmaster, stationery and notions.

LEVY -- A new settlement in the northwest corner of Sumner Co., 33 miles via postal route from Wellington (c h). It has a Presbyterian society and a public school. Population, 40. It is on the daily mail stage route from Wichita to Anthony, distant 25 and 32 miles respectively, with and equal fare, $2, to either. B. F. Thompson, postmaster.

Mummey C W, general store.
Sharp C H, blacksmith.
Stanwood O H, live stock.
Thompson B F & Co, general store.

LONDON -- Located on Ninnescah river in London township, northeastern part of Sumner Co., 13 miles north of Wellington (c h) and 7 northwest of Belle Plaine, its shipping point. It has a Christian church, a district school and 30 inhabitants. Here is a good site for a flour mill, with good power from the river. A blacksmith is also needed. Stages to Wichita; fare $1.50. Mail, daily. Mary R. Sherriff, postmaster.

Cain Rev J E (Christian).
Gregg & Bell, hotel proprs.
Rowe James, general store.
Sherriff A M, general store.

MARENGO -- Settlement of 16 people in Osborn township, Sumner Co., 7 miles due west of Wellington, (c h), the nearest railroad approach. A Methodist society and a district school are here. Stage tri-weekly to Wellington. Mail, five times a week. C. M. Walton, postmaster.

Abbott Rev E B (Methodist).
Shapcott Henry, general store.

MILAN -- Rural postoffice on Chikaskia river, in Dixon township, western central part of Sumner Co., 15 miles west of Wellington (c h), usual shipping point and location of nearest bank. It has a district school, and ships wheat. Population 20. Stages to Wellington and Anthony. Mail, five times a week. I. D. Moffitt, postmaster.

Baker W D, saloon.
Cummings W, physician.
Dinsmore & Rochette, blacksmiths and wagonmakers.
Healy W, livery and feed stable.
Lee Frederick, general store.
Moffitt W R, dry good and groceries.
Ward J R, grocer and justice of the peace.

MILTON -- Located in Eden township, northwestern corner of Sumner Co., 34 miles from Wellington (c h), and 40 from Wichita, its shipping point. This postoffice was established June 8, 1878, and the settlers are all farmers, with a Methodist society and common school. Stage fare to Wichita $2.00. Mail, daily. David McDonald, postmaster and farmer.


A postoffice in the northeastern part of Sumner Co., and is known as Mulvane Junction, on the Cowley, Sumner and Ft. Smith branch of the A., T. & S. F. R. R., 5 miles below El Paso, 42 south of Newton, 15 from Wichita, 23 from Winfield, and 17 from Wellington. Mail, daily.


Near the Chikaskia river, in Osborn township, central part of Sumner Co., 10 miles from Wellington (c h), the shipping point and location of the nearest bank. It has 50 inhabitants, and in the vicinity are district schools, with Baptist and Methodist churches. Mail, four times a week. W. H. Sandusky, postmaster.

OXFORD -- On the west bank of the Arkansas river, in Oxford township, near the center of the eastern line of Sumner county. It is a station on the recent extension of the K. C., L. & S. R. R., ten miles west of Winfield and 14 east of Wellington (c h). It is a thriving village of 400 inhabitants, with a graded school, a good weekly newspaper, and Presbyterian and Methodist churches. Banking facilities at Winfield. Shipments, wheat, corn and hogs. Mail, daily. Ansel Gridley jr., postmaster.

Abbott J L, lawyer.
Barrett & Weir, general store.
Bates & Thompson, flour mill.
Baugh W H, confectionery and groceries.
Caldwell W B, farm implements.
Chandler L F, furniture.
Cole W H, druggist.
Collins C, hotel and livery.
Donley & Tilton, hardware, etc.
Graff A, hardware.
Gridley Ansel jr, editor Oxford Weekly Reflex.
Gridley & Maggard, druggists.
Hallman A, boot and shoemaker.
Griffith D A, grocer.
Hontz George, dry goods.
Hoosick George, grocer.
Johnson E B, harnessmaker.
Kimball O E, general store.
McKim O F, lawyer.
Maggard I J, physician.
Nice I P, saloon.
Oliver J G, hardware.
Oxford Weekly Reflex, A. Gridley jr., ed.
Phillips B S, hotel and livery.
Roe M P, physician.
Stockinger H, physician.
Wilkinson & Thomas, druggists and grocers.


Lies on the Ninnescah river, in the center of the northern boundary line of Sumner county, 15 miles from Wellington (c h), and an equal distance from Belle Plaine. Mail, weekly.

ROLLING GREEN -- In Illinois township, northern central part of Sumner Co., 15 miles north of Wellington (c h), the usual shipping point on the A, T. & S. F. R. R. A district school and a Methodist Episcopal church are in the neighborhood. Mail, tri-weekly. M. L. Sparr, postmaster.

Chenowith L F, wagonmaker.
Downing J D, justice of the peace.
Harrison C H, millinery.
Holliday James, millinery.
Lawhorn J B, shoemaker.
Rieff Joseph, blacksmith.
Sparr M L, general store.

ROME -- Rural postoffice in Jackson township, Sumner Co., 7 miles due south of Wellington (c h), most accessible shipping point and nearest bank location. The township has about 550 inhabitants, several district schools and church societies. Stage to Wellington and Caldwell, daily, with mail. Margaret A. Franklin, postmaster and farming.

ROY -- The postoffice for a farming community in the western central part of Sumner county, 25 miles from Wellington (c h), the most accessible shipping point. Church, Methodist Episcopal. School, public. Mail, weekly. Robert Elarton, postmaster, justice and farmer.

SALT CITY -- Near the Arkansas river, in Walton township, southeastern part of Sumner Co., 24 miles from Wellington (c h), and 16 from Winfield, its nearest shipping point. Arkansas City, 8 miles southeast, has the nearest bank. The hamlet has 60 inhabitants, a public school, and three church societies, Methodist, United Brethren and Christian. Wheat, corn and pork are shipped. Daily mail stages to Winfield, Wellington and Arkansas City. Wm. M. Berkey, postmaster.

Acton A H, justice of the peace.
Arnold & Allen, druggists.
Baird Bros, general store.
., Begun & Bixler, meat market.
Berkey A W, general store.
Broadbent Rev J J (Christian).
Newman & Mitchell, bath house proprs.
Notestine J A, hotel propr.
Mills T C, hotel propr.
Prouty D S & Co, salt works.
Risch Wm, blacksmith.

SOUTH HAVEN -- Fifteen miles due south of Wellington (c h), Sumner Co., the nearest shipping point. Church societies, Christian and Methodist. Wheat, corn and hogs are shipped. Stage to Wellington and Caldwell, daily. Thomas Hunter, postmaster.

Beard cyrus, grain dealer.
Braun John, carpenter.
Brown L A, ex agt.
Bloom R V, boot and shoemaker.
Butler Frank, blacksmith.
Clark John F, consttable.
Dodson R H, miller.
Elliott A C, live stock dealer.
Gardiner Frank, carpenter.
Gouty John, carpenter.
Hale Q A, livery and hotel propr.
Hunt Frank, meat market.
Hunter Thomas, druggist.
Lockman J W, justice of the peace.
Meister Richard, wagonmaker.
Newcomb J W, grain dealer.
Pearsons C K, station agt.
Rankins A A, general store and grain.
Reid J R, flour mill.
Ricketts T G, physician.
Stiles Oscar, physician.
Tracy Anthony, grocery and meat market.
Witt G W, blacksmith.
Woodward J W, justice of the peace.

SUMNER -- Only a country postoffice in Sumner Co., 12 miles northwest of Wellington (c h), the nearest shipping point. It has a common school. Mail, tri-weekly. Richard McMulin, postmaster.

Davis T A, justice of the peace.
Ferguson Rev E C (Presbyterian).
Jaynes A, blacksmith.
McMulin Richard, justice of the peace.

SUNNY SLOPE -- Contains 100 inhabitant, and is situated in Illinois township, northern part of Sumner county, 20 miles northwest of Wellington (c h), shipping point and bank location. A Presbyterian church and district school are here. Mail, weekly. Amelia Falz, postmaster.

Allen P R, constable.
Camerson R S, blacksmith.
Galdoby T M, dentist.
Hobson Wm, physician.
Kincaid J O, general store.
Reiff Joseph, general store.
Richards E, carpenter.
Thomas Gust, blacksmith.

SWEDONIA -- First settled in 1877, is located in Sumner township, Sumner Co., 12 miles northwest of Wellington (c h), the most accessible shipping point and bank location. It has Dunkard and United Brethren societies, and a district school. Mail, semi-weekly. Alvin Crippen, postmaster.

Davis S A, general store.
Davis T, justice of the peace.
Ferguson Rev James (Dunkard).

WELLINGTON -- Is one of the most rapidly growing cities of the state, and is situated on Slate creek, in Wellington township, 4 miles northeast of the centre of Sumner Co., of which it is its county seat. It is the present southern terminus of the C, S. & Ft. S. R. R., a branch of and controlled, by the A., T. & S. F. R. R. The prospects of a new road, the K. C., L & S., now being constructed, to be in operation to this point May, 1880, has added much to the importance of the city, which will be quite a railroad centre. It is 17 miles southwest of Mulvane, the junction of the Winfield branch, 32 south of Wichita, 69 south Of Newton, the junction on the main line, 194 from Topeka, 244 from Atchison, and 260 from Kansas City. Wellington was staked out for a town on March 1st, 1871; on April 2d,l871, the town company was organized, and on May 15th of the same year the first stock of goods was opened out for sale. It now contains about 2,000 inhabitants, increasing daily. The important interests here are 3 flour mills, 3 weekly newspapers, 2 banks, and 2 church buildings owned by the Presbyterians and Methodists; the latter is of brick, and most $8,000. There is also a graded school, court house and jail, besides other good and substantial buildings. The rich, productive lands contiguous, which are fast being settled up, will eventually make this city a point of considerable importance. Large tracts of land are for sale at 88 to 825 per acre in this county. Stage to Caldwell, 25 miles, fare $1.50 Telegraph, W. U. Express, Adams. Mail, daily. L. F. Blodgett, postmaster.

Adams Charles R, druggist.
Alexander D P, clothing.
Andrews H W, grocer.
Andrews & Co, saddles and harness.
Baird Mrs C C, millinery.
Barnard A H, propr Hotel De Barnard.
Bates & Thompson, flour and feed.
Beck John D, school supt.
Bennett Wm M, general store.
Blodgett Lorin F, lawyer and postmaster.
Bowerman I S, dentist.
Bowers Andrew J, general store.
Bowers W H C, abstracter.
Bowman A C,& Co, brickmakers.
Brooks & Baird, saloon.
Brown Albert, real estate.
Caldwell D N, lawyer.
Calvert J L, hotel.
Campbell Miss Lizzie S, books and millinery.
Campbell & Bro, livery stable.
Chaddon Lyman, carpenter.
Chambers L, lawyer.
Chicago Lumber Co.
Clark Albert, painter
Cleaver J R & Co, lumber.
Cleveland E H, livery.
Conkle & Co, carpenters.
Connor O G, painter.
Cory, Maggard & Smith, druggists.
Cory & Maggard, physicians.
Coverdale J P & Bro, general store.
Cox Wm E, justice of the peace.
Crasey Mrs E A, restaurant.
Davenport & Lloyd, photographers.
David M & Co, meat market.
David & Wright, meat market.
Davidson Henry H, hardware. '
Davidson & Judd, lawyers.
Decker J D, books and stationery.
Dillar James A, loan agt.
Dougherty W L, barber.
Druley Edward P, saloon.
Ekel W T, agt, lumber.
Eldridge R , bookseller.
Elliott & Anderson, clothing.
Evans Elijah, probate judge and Lawyer, Court House.
Exton John, lime, cement and coal.
Fearey Miss Fanny, news depot.
Fisher Laque H, blacksmith.
Flandro & Chapman, clothing and farm implements.
Folks & Bishop, publrs Sumner County Press.
Fultz George R, real estate agt.
Gainer & Anderson, livery.
George Thomas, lawyer.
Godfrey Clark R, drugs.
Gregory Rev C W (Baptist).
Griffith & Swearingen, lawyers.
Hamilton & Graham, lawyers.
Hamilton & Warn, meat market.
Hardenbrook William, restaurant and hotel.
Hargis & Clark, flour mill.
Hastie & Day, livery.
Hays & Dyas, wholesale grocers.
Herrick James T, lawyer.
Hess Lorenzo D, confectioner
Hickman & Hunter, flour
Hilts & Coles, hotel.
Hinser & VanLaningham, grocers.
Holland Mills, painter.
Holmes & Co, wholesale and retail grocers, provisions and Queensware, Washington Ave.
Houg Simon, wagonmaker.
Howarth & Lawrence, lawyers.
Hunter & Co, dry goods.
Inman Geo, painter.
Jackson & Co, bakery.
Johnson Ozias D, jeweler.
Johnson James T, livery.
Jones & Gunthrie, lawyers.
Juneau Hercules, Architect and Builder Michigan Lumber Co.
Kain M J tailor.
Keck & Keefover, restaurant.
Kendall George, dry goods and jewelry.
King Isaac N, lawyer.
Kirkwood, Rutan & Juneau Proprs Michigan Lumber Co, Contractors and Builders.
Kissel Harry, restaurant.
Lang John, hardware.
Larned C G & Co, hardware.
Larrabee & Messerva, artificial stone mnfrs.
Lawrence James, police justice.
Luder Arnold J, lgoots and shoes.
Luening Charles F, furniture.
McCarty J & Co, saloon.
McDonald Henry C, shoemaker.
McDonald & Hutchin, lawyers.
McMahon & Co, flour mill.
McMillin James C, barber.
Maddox & Nelson, meat market.
Mann Sylvester, drugs and groceries.
Marshall & Roberts, gunsmiths.
Matthews James, agricultural implements.
Messerly John R, hardware.
Michigan Lumber Co, Kirkwood, Rutan & Juneau Proprs, Lumber, Doors, Etc.
Miexsell Ziba, Furniture and Undertaker.
Monley Richard, wagonmaker.
Morse Charles W, clerk district court.
Myers Moses, blacksmith.
Pearce John R, shoemaker.
Perrier A & Co, drugs.
Phillips Benjamin S, hotel.
Piatt & Keefover, grocers.
Post Harry G, saloon.
Potter Ethel M, millinery.
Pratt Howard L, physician.
Quigley & Leonard, publrs Wellington Weekly Vidette.
Rabold J Frank, mcht tailor.
Randolph Charles C, general store.
Ranney & Bro, ocers.
Ready John M, lawyer.
Reed Isaac G, lawyer.
Rich Thos F, general store.
Richardson Thomas, general store.
Riggs & Jaycox, carpenter.
Robison D C & Co, lumber.
Roser Edward L, Jeweler.
Rothwell Joseph S , real estate and abstracts.
Sanders John , ex agt.
Schneider John, baker.
Share & Chandler, dry goods.
Shaw Richard, blacksmith.
Shepard & Godfrey, school furniture and organs.
Showalter & Lucas, lawyers.
Simmons Charles S, wagonmaker.
Slipp F A, coal.
Smail Madison L, carpenter.
Smith & Harpham, propr Sumner County Democrat.
Smith & White, carpenters.
Smyth F G & Son, agricultural implements.
Smith Joseph C, clothing, boots and shoes.
Stanley Albert M, grocer and baker.
Stevens J D, painter.
Stevenson R , city marshal.
Stewart John T, loan agt.
Swartzel J R & Co, carpenters.
Thorp George W, blacksmith.
Tinkham Andrew, shoemaker.
Thrailkil Milton S, general store.
Thralls, Black dc Co, agricultural implements.
Toms Clarkson, loan broker.
Trowbridge Samuel, feed stable.
Wellington Bank, George W Baird & Co proprs.
Welter Pierre, shoemaker. "
West & Brengle, physician.
Western Union Telegraph, J E Cole mngr.
Willsie Charles, lawyer.
Winn George W, saddles and harness.
Wisehart & Chenoweth, millinery.
Wood John G, Banker, Washington ave.
Wood S T, county surveyor.
Yettee Wm W, billiard saloon.
Yonkers G, station agt.
Zuber Frank, saloon.

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