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Macksville High School 1941 Annual, the "Mustang"

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Cover 1941 "Mustang"

Board of Education Eichenberger, Denbo, Breneman

Seniors, page 1 Askew, Bieser, Debusk, Foley, Graebner, Harman, Mackey, Bates, Clark, DeGarmo, Foss, Grizzell, Heimiller, Johnson

Seniors, page 2 Malin, Pruett, Robison, Smith, Sparks, Suiter, Ward, Pound, Reiman, Rothrock, Southards, Starke, Walker, Williams

Senior, Junior and Sophomore group photos Graebner, Williams, Starke, Sparks, Zimmerman, Breneman, Smith, Cotton, Holland, Hoff, Neill, DeGarmo Walker, Wright (see photo below for the rest of the identifications)

Senior, Junior and Sophomore indentifications Zimmerman, DeBusk, Foley, Robison, Heimiller, Reiman, Mackey, Harman, Bieser, Ward, Grizzell, Foss, Malin, Southards, Williams, Johnson, Pruett, Smith, Graebner, Pound, Suiter, Clark, Rothrock, DeGarmo, Bates, Starks, Walker, Askew, Sparks, Hoff, Foley, Wilson, Pifer, Stimatze, Kearns, Hardie, Breneman, Baker, McMillan, Holland, Cotton, Partridge, Rice, Thompson, Satterlee, Becker, Keen, Fuqua, Lamb, Mills, Hudson, Bartlett, Hager, Hart, White, Bates, Ellyson, Heckel, Ernst, Neill, Denbo, Campbell, Bock.

Freshman, 8th and 7th grade group photos Pyle, Wilson, Mosbarger, Suderman, Denbo, Commons, Mackey, DeGarmo, Harvey, Evans, Hankins, English (see photo below for identifications)

Freshman, 8th and 7th grade identifications Wilson, Harman, Mendoza, Wilkinson, Carpenter, Mosbarger, Satterlee, Haynes, Schmutz, Fuqua, Houchen, DeGarmo, Heimiller, Barstow, Wilkinson, Grandall, Gibson, Murrell, Wallace, Baxter, Pyle, Richards, Wyman, Swartz, Beckerite, Eddingfield, Hudson, Packard, Harvey, Hudson, Denbo, Starke, Bates, Young, Commons, Rothrock, Baker, Sparks, Mackey, Fyffe, White, English, Anderson, Odom, Suiter, Hankins, Pound, Evans, Neill, Ellyson, Shaw, Slingerland, Miles, Rhoads, Capell, Graebner, Guyer, Southards, Packard, Walker, Robison

Grades 6, 5, 4 group photos 6th, 5th and 4th grade group photos (see below for identifications)

Grades 6, 5, 4 identifications Slingerland, Ulsh, Young, Vance, Powell, Heimiller, Stocking, Reiman, Capell, Marsh, Wilson, Wood, Suiter, McMillan, Mendoza, Lucas, Mitchell, Foss, Odom, Ward, Neill, Fuqua, Harvey, Foley, Young, Heckel, Anderson, Weber, Graebner, Rhoads, Bates, Proffit, Satterlee, Mosbarger, Russell, Hudson, Keenn, Lovett, Harman, Baxter, Lucas, Hoffman, Bock, Hart, Viegra, Miller

Grades 3, 2, 1 group photos 3rd, 2nd and 1st grade group photos (see below for identifcations)

Grades 3, 2, 1 identifications Baker, Hardie, Harman, Hart, Suiter, Young, Swartz, Campbell, Thompson, Southards, Capell, Baker, Shipley, Lingenfelder, Lucas, Kessinger, McMillan, Bush, Packard, Suiter, Monaghan, Hudson, Bates, Vance, Edwards, Wallace, Greenwood, Cole, Viegra, Hankins, Russell, Cummins, Keen, Shipley, Neely, Becker, Wood, DeVore, Grabner, James, Barker, Suiter, Reynolds, Beckerdite, Campbell, Fitzsimmons, Haynes, Shaw, Reese, DeBusk, Ellyson.

Macksville High School Royalty Holland, Foley, Hardie, Wilson, DeBusk, Ellyson

Student Council and Girls Reserve photos (see below for identifcations)

Student Council, Girls Reserve and Hi-Y identifcations Evans, Denbo, Pifer, Heimiller, Bieser, Shaw, DeBusk, Zimmerman, Commons, Pruett, Walker, Breneman, Reiman, Pyle, Bock, Bartlett, Graebner, Beckerdite, Starke, Swartz, Young, Wilson, Satterlee, Neill, Hardie, DeGarmo, Miles, Odom, Nanniga, Harman, Starke, Slingerland, Haynes, Kearns, Stimattze, Wright, Commons, Reese, Carpenter, Wilkinson, Southards, Rothrock, Foley, Gibson, Foss, Mackey, Mosbarger, Mendoza, Crandall, Robinson, Eddingfield, Lamb, Ernst, Rice, Hager, Mackey, Thompson, Pifer, Heimiller, Barstow, Ellyson, McMillan

Band and Orchestration photos (see below for identifcations)

Band and Orchestration identifications Suiter, Denbo, Heckel, Wilson, Commons, Kearns, Evans, Mackey, Foss, Sparks, Breneman, Carpenter, Satterlee, Schmutz, Foss, Williams,Guyer, Neill, Beckerdite, Graebner, Pound, Clark, Lamb, Starke, Suiter, Odom, Wilson, Starke, Holland, Pyle, Clark, Breneman, Bock

Annual Staff Mackey, Wright, Starke, Ward, Southards, McMillan, Eddingfield, Heimiller, Pound, Thompson, Bieser, Harman, Johnson, Foley, DeBusk, Hudson, Clark, Cotton, Walker, Satterlee, Sparks

Pep Club and Honor Society Heimiller, Bieser, English, Swartz, Odom, DeBusk, Wilson, Pifer, Hardie, DeGarmo, Stimatze, Kearns, Harman, Slingerland, Mendoza, Hart, Foss, Mosbager, Satterlee, Haynes, Gibson, Carpenter, Reese, Bates, Robinson, Rothrock, White, Wilkinson, Southards, McMillan, Holland, Breneman, Ward, Baker, Foley, Eddingfield, Graebner, Walker

Football Team Smith, Wilson, Baxter, Williams, Rice, Grizzell, Murrell, Schrag, Eddingfield, Pyle, Lamb, Thompson, Beckerdite, Heckel, Hoff, Malin, Neill, Bock, Hudson, Hager, Denbo, Keen, Graebner, Hudson, Clark, Southards, Sparks, Bartlett, Askew, Suiter, Campbell, Pound

Senior High and Junior High Basketball Teams Hoff, Pound, Hankins, Anderson, Evans, DeGarmo, Walker, Mackey, Packard, Denbo, Rhoades, Fyffe, Baker, Schrag, Pyle, Bock, Graebner, Sparks, Malin, Askew, Bartlett

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