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Stafford County Directories
1894 Gazetteer and Business Directory, R. L. Polk & Sons

ANTRIM. A country postoffice in Stafford county, 12 miles south of St. John, the county seat, banking and shipping point. Mail, tri-weekly. L. C. Gibbs, postmaster.

BEDFORD. On the M. P. Ry, in Stafford county, 10 miles northeast of St. John, the county seat, and 7 from Stafford, the nearest banking point. Population, 22. Exp., Pacific. D. F. Emory, postmaster.

Bailey M, railroad and exp agent.
Feldhut Claus, general store.
Heinmueller A, shoemaker.

EMERSON. Formerly known as Inman, is in Stafford county, 18 miles southwest of St. John, the county seat, and 10 southeast of Macksville, on the A., T. & 8. Fe R. R., its nearest banking and railroad point. It is on the daily stage route from St. John to Prattburgh. Irs. B. S. Smith, postmaster.

Frazee S J, music teacher.
Garvin John, live stock and grain.
Hall George, justice of peace.
Hall & Holbrook, feed mill.
Hart John T, live stock.
Smith Bertha S, florist.
Smith --, blacksmith.
Stambaugh Edward, poultry, fish and game.

FREEMAN. A postoffice in Stafford county, 18 miles southeast of St. John, the county seat, and 8 from Stafford, its nearest banking and shipping point. Population, 20. R. M. Wallace, postmaster.

Black Miss Mary, school teacher.
Horn Wm, county commissioner.
Rosacker A, live stock.
Thompson R 8, justice of peace.
Wttllace M, Physician.
Wallace Orchestra.
Wallace S A, music teacher.

GREEN RIDGE. A postoffice in Stafford county, 9 miles from St. John, the seat of justice, shipping and banking point. E. Davis, postmaster and farmer.

HUDSON. Located on Rattlesnake creek, and on the M. P. Ry, in Stafford county, 12 miles from St.John, the county seat and nearest banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp. Pacific. Population, 20. F. A. Hirsch, postmaster.

Charles Joseph, live stock.
Deck B F, railroad, exp and tel agent.
Durham E R, hotel.
Francis James, justice of peace.
Hallman Wm, Hardware and Implements.
Hallman & Co, grain.
Hill S O, live stock.
Hirsch W F, grain and live stock.
Hirsch & Co, General Store and Grain.
Louthan O P, constable.
Persing G W & Co, blacksmiths.
Seifkins J , live stock.

KENILWORTH. In Stafford county, 7 miles north of St. John, the county seat, banking and shipping point. John Spotton, postmaster and farmer.

LEESBURG. In Stafford county, 1 mile southeast of St. John, the judicial seat, and 9 from Stafford. the nearest banking and shipping point. Stages to St. John, fare, 50 cents; Iuka, fare, 75 cents, and to Pratt, fare $1. Population, 33.

Goin F M, general store.

MACKSVILLE. On the C., K. & W. line of the A., T. & 8. Fe R. R., in Stafford county, 12 miles southwest of St. John, the judicial seat. A bank and 3 churches are sustained. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. Population, 250. W. A. Marquess, postmaster.

Alford Dr J W, druggist.
Bartlett John, blacksmith.
Becktell M R, justice of peace.
Bullard H A, shoemaker.
Caine Wm, grocer and meats.
Davis J G, grocer.
Eary Rev T M (Methodist).
Gardner Harry, blacksmith.
Garth A T, grain and stock.
Gray & Co, hardware and lumber.
Harger Mrs S M, hotel.
Harlan Charles, harness.
Helsell A (Free Methodist).
Hibbs Charles, barber.
Hopley J A, live stock.
Hutton Samuel, hotel.
Johnson Rev J T (Presbyterian).
Kirtland H A, carpenter.
Mack George F, hardware and impts.
Marquess W A, General Store.
Mott J S & Co, Real Estate, Loans, Insurance and Collections.
Muffett A L, carpenter.
Pinney Jay, general store.
Russell S D, livery.
Shaftsberry C. wagonmaker.
Sweeney E T. railroad, exp and tel agt.
Thomason J H, livery.
Young J B, grain and coal.

NEOLA. On the M. P. Ry, in Stafford county, 22 miles southeast of St. John, the county seat, and 6 from Turon, the nearest banking point. B. Smith, postmaster.

Coats Rev Thomas.
Cunningham I W, carpenter.
Fountain A S, railroad and exp agt.
Guthrie Levi, carpenter.
Kincheloe A B, blacksmith.
Marcrum Mrs L, teacher.
Morgan D E, justice of peace.
Smith Bartley, Physician.

PRATTBURGH. A country postoffice in Stafford county, 20 miles southwest of St. John, the judicial seat, and 10 south of Macksville, its nearest banking and shipping point. Tri-weekly stage to St. John; fare, 50 cents.

SANDAGO. In Stafford county, 18 miles northeast of St. John, the county seat, 7 north of Hudson, its nearest shipping point, and 12 from Ellinwood, its usual banking point. Mail, semi-weekly. Population, 50. W. H. Madan, postmaster.

Bathon Warren, constable.
Greeley J, justice of peace.
Ordelhiete Otto, justice of peace.
Williams G W, constable.

SEWARD. On the M. P. Ry, in Stafford county, 13 miles north of St. John, the county seat. A bank is sustained. Population, 1OO. L. M. Steele, postmaster.

Baier Ambrose, music teacher.
Baker Willis, blacksmith.
Bank of Seward (capital, $5,000), E W Dewey pres. L M Steele cash.
Blum Philip, General Store.
Blunn J A, farm impts.
Bordewick A. W, hotel and livery.
Curtis W L, grain elevator, feed and coal.
McDonald J E & Son, general store and hardware.
Morehead Rev M (Dunkard).
Patterson J P, lumber and grain.
Rusk Wm, railroad and exp agent.
Schulz Herman, barber.
Steele L M, Books and Stationery.
Walsh Rev Father (Catholic).
Walters & Dewey, real estate.
Wiley J N, carpenter and contractor.

STAFFORD. Is on the A., T. & S. Fe B. R., at the crossing of the M. P. Ry, 8 miles east of St. John, the county seat. Settled in 1878, it now has 5 churches, public schools, 2 banks, 1 flouring mill and 2.Weekly newspapers, the Republican and the People’s Paper. Ships grain, flour, live stock, etc. Population, 700. Exp., Pacific and W., F. & Co. Dr. George W. Akers, postmaster.

Akers Dr George W, Editor Republican.
Akers L Nean, livery.
Alters & Son (George W and Arthur B). Publrs Stafford Republican.
Albertson & Kelly (Blair Albertson, John H Kelly), photographers.
Ardery Rev George (Christian).
Ball Wm E, mayor.
Bank of Stafford (capital, $12,500), R M Wallace pres, C G Webb cash.
Baugh George M, carpenter.
Baugh Oliver H, justice of peace.
Bell Prof S T, principal public school.
Bousman George W, real estate.
Carey John J, saddler.
Clyne & Raynor (Joseph Clyne, John Raynor), general store.
Cooper Edward, meat market.
Cronk Bros (Albert D and Frank C), grocers.
Cronk Charles W, blacksmith.
Crouch Wm S, general store.
Darr Charles B, constable.
Dew George, blacksmith.
Downing Charles P, agt Mo Pac Ry and Pacific Exp Co.
Ellwood Rev Wm (Congregational).
Fair & Shaak, H D McQuade mngr, hardware and lumber.
Farmers’ Bank The (capital, $10,000),
J D Larabee pres, F D Larabee cash.
Ferris D F, livery and live stock.
Fort George W, insurance.
Fowler Frank M, shoemaker.
Garvin John, hardware and impts.
Gere John, auctioneer.
Gill Joshua F, agt A, T & S F R R and Wells, Fargo & Co's Exp.
Grand Central Hotel, Wm Wendling propr.
Griffith Wm H, dentist.
Haley John E, confectioner.
Hart Ara O, barber.
Higgins & Louderback (Albert I Higgins, Robert J Louderback), bakers.
Hill Wm, live stock.
Hillis Elisha L, lawyer.
Holmes Albert, city marshal.
Holmes John B, saddler.
Jones & Campbell (Andrew Jones,
John H Campbell), grain.
McCurdy Bros (John S and Henry L), hardware and impts.
McFadden J B W, lumber and coal.
McLennan & Cook (Wm McLennan,
Lincoln R Cook), blacksmiths.
McQuade Mrs H D, music teacher.
Magill Charles F. carpenter.
Maughlin Rev T C (Presbyterian).
Maxfield Edward N, dry goods and shoes.
Mershon Wm F, gendral store.
Midland Hotel, Mrs L Worrell propr.
Nettleton Carl G, editor The People’s Paper.
Ogg Rev J S (Methodist).
Oliver Laura, milliner.
Peacock Samuel E, furn and undtkr.
People’s Paper The, C G Nettleton ed.
Pollock John S, jeweler and confctr.
Potter Ethel M, millinery.
Price & Boehme (Charles B Price, A M Boehme), live stock.
Roby Albert H, druggist.
Sandifer James D, grocer.
Schmid George, shoemaker.
Scott & Dykes (Taylor W Scott, James P H Dykes), physicians.
Shelton Anna, milliner.
Shepherd Charles, live stock.
Smiley Rev J G (Baptist).
Stafford Coal and Grain Co, W S Young mngr, grain, flour and coal.
Stafford Co-operative Assn, Wm Learned mngr, grocers.
Stafford Milling Co, Sumners, Jolly & Rippy proprs.
Stafford Republican, Akers & Son Publrs.
Stafford Sunflower Band, S K Bridwell leader.
Stubbs R E & Co, grocers.
Sumner Henry M, live stock.
Sumners, Jolly & Rippy (Henry M Sumners, Richard O Jolly, John D Rippy), proprs Stafford Milling Co.
Swan Rev H E (Methodist).
Talcott Harry, broommaker.
Truax Frank M, transfer.
Turner Sargent 0, hardware and impts.
Updegraff Daniel, justice of peace.
Vines & Ewing (Wm H Vines, Robert Ewing), saddlers.
Watkins Lida, music teacher.
Watson Frank O, druggist.
Watson Thomas S, blacksmith.
Webber H L, broom corn.
Wendling Wm, propr Grand Central Hotel.
White Douglas, horse trainer.
Wiley John E, lawyer.
Wilhite Sanford K, boots and shoes.
Worrell Mrs L, propr Midland Hotel.

ST. JOHN. Is the judicial seat of Stafford county, located on the A., T. & S. Fe B. R., 25 miles south of Great Bend. It has churches and schools, 2 banks and 2 weekly newspapers, the News and the Capitol. Ships grain, live stock, etc. Population,700. Exp., W., F. & Co. C. S. Mace, postmaster.

Alexander Honrath, live stock.
Arlington House, J G Cornweli propr.
Baker & Co (George W Baker, Elizabeth Glasscock), general store.
Benefiel Ephraim R, supt public instruction.
Benford Jennie, milliner.
Blake John A, justice of peace.
Booth Henry, carpenter.
Burger S A & Co (Sampson A Burger), saddlers.
Cadman Wm, insurance.
Conley Charles A, city marshal.
Cook J B C, county treasurer.
Cornwell Frank M, jeweler.
Cornwell John G, propr Arlington House.
County Capitol The, J B Hilmes edr.
Dawson G S & 8, transfer.
Detwiler Wm, carpenter.
Dykes Branch T, sheriff.
Elerding & Kerns (George B Elerding, Emory Kerns), furn and undtkrs.
Fay Rev (Methodist).
First National Bank (capital, $50,000),
F S Vedder pres, R W Thompson cash.
Fisher L H, insurance.
Frescoln Bros (John W and George F), lumber.
Gilmore Frank B. insurance.
Gilmore Robert E, painter.
Gloyd Bros (Albert M and Fleming E), lumber.
Gray & Co (John T and Howard Gray), hardware and impts
Groves James W, livery.
Hadsall Isaac D, meat market.
Harlan Charles R, saddler.
Harrison Wm W, Live Stock Dealer.
Hilmes John B, edr The County Capitol and probate judge.
Hoaglin & Sparks (Wm L Hoaglin, David S Sparks), drugs and physicians.
Ihl Otto, live stock.
Jennings Orlando C, county attorney.
Jennings & Miller (Nathan H Jennings, Oliver J Miller), barbers.
Johnson Rev H B (Presbyterian).
Jolly & Thatcher (Asa Jolly, Judson E Thatcher), blacksmiths.
Lewis Isaac S, police judge and county clerk.
Limes Jesse L, physician.
Lyons Thomas, carpenter.
McNutt John R, livery and ’bus line.
Mace Cornelius S, postmaster.
Martin & Aitken (J McMartin, Andrew Aitken), grain.
Mater John M, general store.
Moseley & Dixon (Thomas W Moseley, Wm Dixon), lawyers.
Myers Charles C, railroad and express agent
Nagle Paul R, lawyer.
Nagle & Grandy (Paul R Nagle,
George W Grandy), insurance.
Noble Wm F, county surveyor.
Norris John, feed and seeds.
Northrop Josie, milliner.
O'Connor James, restaurant.
O’Neal Mrs W W, photographer.
Patterson Wm W, undertaker.
Potter Wm A, edtr The Weekly News.
Ring Bros (Thomas Ring), grocers.
Rixon & Clemans (Robert H Rixon,
Wilson M Clemans), general store.
Ross Harry R, insurance.
Russell Sidney D, livery.
St John State Bank (capital, $50,000), George H Burr pres, Howard Gray cash.
St John Weekly News, W A Potter editor.
Sartin Prof U S, prin public school.
Shaler Fernando C, hardware, impts and seeds.
Shaler Wm R P, general store.
Shank Bros, live stock.
Shepherd Wm W, mayor.
Shepherd W W & Co (Wm W Shepherd, Edward Weilepp), grocers.
Shepherd & Chesshir (Orvi le B Shepherd, Benjamin O Chesshir), grain, flour and coal.
Shetler Scott, meat market.
Sloan Rev S G (Baptist).
Smith Ira W, shoemaker.
Smith James B, justice of peace.
Smith Philip H, barber.
Snively Henry H, blacksmith.
Sparks Dr David S, coroner.
Stalker Henry, dentist and grocer.
Stanley Carl, marble works.
Stivers Joseph, druggist.
Swartz Frank C, insurance.
Thompson M L. register of deeds.
Tudor Joseph H, groceries and shoes.
Tudor & Co (Joseph H Tudor, Fred S Vedder), grain.
Tyler Edward, barber.
Vedder Mrs F S, music teacher.
Weinberg Ray, general store.
Welch Jacob R, mason.
Westgate Edward J, district clerk.
Winner Wm J, physician.
Woolley Frank O, painter.
Woolley Lucius E, restaurant.

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