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Stafford County Census
I910 Federal Census, Byron Twp.
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Adams, Baby McDonald, Clarence W.
Adams, James S. McDonald, Dorothy M.
Adams, Jessie M. McDonald, Lola C.
Armstrong, James I. McDonald, Lulu M.
Armstrong, Lenora E. McDonald, Opal S.
Armstrong, Nellie B. McDonald, Virgil O.
Armstrong, Wilbur B. Miller, Ada F.
Barlow, Lyman Miller, Amelia
Bell, Hesper H. Miller, Anna
Bell, Hesper H. Miller, Bertha M.
Bell, Michael R. Miller, Charles N.
Bell, Rufus Miller, Charles W.
Black, Efton E. Miller, Edna M.
Black, Eugene W. Miller, Frank
Black, Florence M. Miller, Frederick
Black, John W. Miller, George M.
Brenn, Alice B. Miller, Gladys A.
Brenn, George Miller, Godfred
Brenn, Viola A. Miller, Harry L.
Brown, Alta G. Miller, Inez M.
Brown, John A. Miller, Katrina E.
Burhenn, Charlie Miller, Laborices
Burhenn, Emma Miller, Lelia L.
Burhenn, Johnnie Miller, Lydia
Burhenn, Lewis Miller, Maria
Burhenn, Lizzie Miller, Mary D.
Burhenn, Mary Miller, Minnie T.
Burhenn, Paul Miller, Paulena
Burhenn, Theodore Miller, Pollie E.
Burnette, Gordan Miller, Renheart
Burnette, James D. Miller, Rog C.
Burnette, Pearl G. Miller, Thomas C.
Burns, Arthur T. Miller, Velma G.
Burns, Gertie Miller, William G.
Burns, Grant Mueller, George
Burns, John W. Mueller, John
Burns, Mabel L. Mueller, Margaret
Burns, Martha E. Mueller, Susan M.
Christiansen, Edwin Nolte, Adolf
Christiansen, Alvina V. Nolte, Adolf
Christiansen, Anna E. Nolte, Alma M.
Christiansen, Charles C. Nolte, John L.
Christiansen, Dora M. Nolte, Louis L.
Christiansen, Josephine A. Nolte, Lydia M.
Christiansen, Leonard E. Nolte, Mary
Christiansen, Rengold C. Nolte, Willie H.
Clark, Cora Odle, William
Clark, Delos H. Patten, Altabelle M.
Clark, Fritz E. Patten, Emery B.
Clark, Goldie R. Patten, Eva E.
Clark, Henry E. Patten, Francis R.
Clark, Mina G. Patten, Loran B.
Clark, Sarah E. Patten, Minta M.
Collins, Dillard H. Piper, Ernest
Collins, Eva O. Piper, Glen A.
Collins, Harry M. Piper, Isabel
Collins, James Piper, Jacob J.
Collins, James C. Piper, Jacob S.
Collins, Nellie M. Piper, Leatha E.
Cozad, John C. Piper, Lena A.
Darnall, Joseph Piper, Lola E.
Debush, Aaron Piper, Martha
Debush, Anna Piper, Mary A.
Debush, Ella Piper, Mattie E.
Debush, Emma Piper, Sadie
Debush, John Piper, Verna B.
Debush, John M.. Rice, Ambros J.*
Debush, Jonathan Rice, Charlie
Debush, Lewis M. Rice, Ida
Debush, William D. Rice, John
Dempster, Benton T. Robinson, Edward W.
Dempster, Edwin L. Robinson, Lena M.
Dempster, Elizabeth C. Robinson, Melvin L.
Dempster, Ethel C. Robinson, Ollie M.
Dempster, Ruth Robinson, Winfred
Dewald, Eulalie Salem, Richard J.
Dewald, Maud Schlefer, Clarence W.
Ellingson, Emiel Schlefer, Dick
Feaster, John W. Schlefer, Edgar J.
Fischer, Alma J. Schlefer, Elmer G.
Fischer, Bruno R. Schlefer, Mary M.
Fischer, Dorotha W. Schlefer, Sabena H.
Fischer, Emma A. Seagondollar, Harry M.
Fischer, Eric G. Siefkes, Jacob E.
Fischer, Ernest Siefkes, Nettie
Fischer, Freda A. Siefkes, William E.
Fischer, Frederick K. Sipes, Edwin J.
Fischer, Gustav Sipes, Harold A.
Fischer, Hedwig A. Sipes, Harry E.
Fischer, Herman F. Sipes, Jack
Fischer, Ida A. Sipes, Maud
Fischer, Karl F. Sipes, Mina J.
Fischer, Lena A. Sittner, Anna L.
Fischer, Louis F. Sittner, August S.
Fischer, Martha A. Sittner, Emelie H.
Fischer, Mary M. Sittner, Hellena L.
Fischer, Otto A. Sittner, Lydia M.
Fischer, Paul F. Sittner, Max E.
Fischer, Reinholt G. Smith, Dollie
Green, Jesse O. Smith, Faye
Hater, Richard Smith, Frank
Helmers, Henry Smith, Helen
Hewitt, Fred W. Smith, Jacob
Hewitt, Irva E. Smith, James E.
Hewitt, Lydia R. Smith, Peter
Hewitt, Pearl I. Spacil, Edward W.
Hicks, James Spacil, Ernest F.
Hryrn, Cobus Spacil, Freda A.
Hryrn, Delos M. Spacil, Josephine M.
Hryrn, Dora M. Spacil, Maria M.
Hryrn, Lois E. Spacil, Wenzel
Hryrn, Loyal W. Sutton, Isabel M.
Hryrn, Wilmina M. Sutton, John D.
Keeler, Ethel M. Sutton, Minerva M.
Keeler, James C. Thurston, Roy M.
Keeler, Minie Tiepermann, Alvis L.
Keeler, Sarah E. Tiepermann, Amelia M.
Keeler, Thomas Tiepermann, Baby
Keeler, Thomas F. Tiepermann, Caroline M.
Keeler, William F. Tiepermann, Clyde L.
Kelley, Charles S. Tiepermann, Henry
Kelley, Edith E. Tiepermann, Viola
Kelley, Lena H. Tiepermann, William
Kelley, Leonard J. Verbeck, Lennia A.
Klein, Amos F. Verbeck, Roy C.
Klein, George Walker, Calvin H.
Klein, Gertrude I. Walker, Edna E.
Klein, Henry Walker, Edward W.
Klein, Jacob J. Walker, Emma P.
Klein, Maria Walker, George W.
Klein, Mary E. Walker, Georgia E.
Klein, Ora W. Walker, James D.
Krentzel, Anna C. Walker, Kate
Krentzel, Carl G. Walker, Richard
Krentzel, Eddie A. Weers, George
Krentzel, Fred H. Weers, Henry
Krentzel, Henry E. Weers, Herman E.
Krentzel, John Westafer, Frank R.
Krentzel, Katie E. Westafer, Lucy B.
Krentzel, Threse A. White, Courtland C.
Krentzel, William H. White, Ephraim
Krkoska, Frances White, Millie F.
Lucas, Emma C. Whitworth, Edward A.
Lucas, George A. Whitworth, Kelly R.
Mahffey, John Whitworth, Stella B.
McCormick, Delbert Whitworth, Velma I.
McCrary, Alfred Widener, Harry W.
McCrary, Edward D. Widener, Nathaniel A.
McCrary, Elizabeth Widener, Nellie R.
McCrary, Emma M. Wiebeck, Albert F.
McCrary, Franklyn S. Wiebeck, Bertha M.
McCullough, Melissa V. Wiebeck, Fred
McCullough, Olive M. Wiebeck, Louise M.
McCullough, Vernon C. Wiebeck, Marie D.
McCullough, Vincent O. Wiebeck, William F.
McDonald, Charles W. Wisely, Jesse
McDonald, Charlie L.

*maiden name Julia Ambross

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