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Smith County Census
1875 Oak Township, Kansas State Census
Index and Images

Below is the surname index to the 1875 Oak Twp. census. Clicking on a name will take you to the page of the census on which that name appears. The same name may appear several times on the same page. Unfortunately the Smith Co. 1875 census suffered some sort of damage, and some names at the tops of the pages are unreadable.

Adams Leachins
Adrich Leavitt
Ahlborn Lukenbill
Ahlborn Manchester
Allen Martin
Allen Martin
Andrews Martin
Ashbaugh McKinney
Ball McNair
Barnett McSeice
Beagle Miller
Bergher Montgomery
Bock/Rock Newcomb
Brady Newton
Brady Norton
Brown Oliff
Brunson Olson
Buchanan Palmer
Bussinger Parks
Cheff Peckham
Collins Pierce
Cook Pitcher
Cordson Porter
Cox Price
Cully Price
Dassler Reed
Decker Roberts
Dike Robinson
Dillon Schaffer
Dillon Schwartz
Edds Sechris
Ellis Senor
Ellis Shrader/Schroeder
Elson Smith
Evans Smith
Evans Soles
Evans Strange/Steange
Gilman Taylor
Grice Trentweddle
Grog Troyford
Hall Tussey
Hall Van Aucker
Hanson Vinsonhaler
Harmes/Hermes Walling
Harris Warner
Hazen Warner
Henson Weaver
Herron/Herren Weldon
Iden Williams
Johnson Woods
Johnson Woods

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