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Sedgwick County Schools
Andale High School Alumni, 1929-1939

The lists below are from the back of the 1940 annual, so all married names, professions and residences are from that year.

Class of 1929
Cyrilla Kocour (Freund) -- Housewife, Burns
Irene Batka -- Rural Teacher, Wichita

Class of 1930
Zita Reichenberger (Lies) -- Housewife, Colwich
Norbert Schmitz -- Farmers Elevator, Andale
Bartel Lies (M. D.) -- Colwich
Bernice Horsch (Gorges) -- Housewife, Andale
Rose Klein -- Housework, Wichita
Hortense Gorges (Winter) -- Housewife, Colwich
Arnold Freund -- Farmer, Burns
Philomena Kraus (Orth) -- Housewife, Mt. Hope
Loretta Hecht -- Secretary, Wichita

Class of 1931
Roman Hein -- Farmer, Andale
Theodore Kocour -- Laborer, Garden Plain
Isabelle Orth (Reichenberger) -- Housewife, Mt. Hope
Olga Gutschenritter (Hilger) -- Housewife, Cheney
Wilma Falk -- Mgr. Dress Shop, San Diego, Calif.
Eileen Freund Teacher, Kechi

Class of 1932
Jimmie Gorges -- Farmer, Andale
Lucille Horsch (Sister M. Romana) -- Okarche
Paul Doffing -- Tourist Cabins Lunch, Wichita
Josephine Lies -- Graduate Nurse, Wichita
Andrew Bogner -- Carpenter, Mt. Hope
Raymond Horsch -- Farmer, Andale
Mildred Gutschenritter (Blasi) -- Housewife, Mt. Hope
Raymond Ast -- Service Station Attendant, Ottawa
Winifred Hecht -- Secretary, Wichita
John Klein -- Trucking Service, Andale

Class of 1933
Marie Peltzer (Bestgen) -- Housewife, Garden Plain
Marie Gresl (Winter) -- Housewife, Goddard
Dorothy Zogleman -- Teacher, Garden Plain
George Batka -- Music Teacher, Strong City
Josephine Kocour (Kramer) -- Housewife, Garden Plain
Joseph Merrill -- Tree Salesman, Andale
Saloma Hecht -- Grocery Store Clerk, Andale
Leo Focke -- Salesman, Dayton, Ohio
Mildred Schmitz -- Archer & Taylor, Prescriptions, Wichita
Edward Merrill -- Wichita University and Sedgwick County Highway Department

Class of 1934
Phillip Clasen -- Iron Foundry, Wichita
Lucille Gresl (Gorges) -- Housewife, Andale
Nicholas Lies -- Farmer, Andale
Vevah Ditgen (Clasen) -- Housewife, Wichita
Otto Gorges -- Farmer, Maize
Marguerite Doffing (Knoblaugh) -- Housewife, Valley Center
Rita Reichenberger (Hermes) -- Housewife, Andale
Marvin Freund -- Mechanic, Andale
Margaret Raple (Rucker) -- Housewife, Andale
Edward Bean -- At Home, Andale
Frances Reichenberger (Winter) -- Housewife

Andale Class of 1935
Mike Lies -- Webster Grove Seminary, Missouri
George Tack -- W. U. Music Teacher and Ins. Salesman
Robert Fouquet -- Bob’s Service, Andale
Lenora Gorges -- At Home, Andale
Edwin Winter -- Farmer, Goddard
Frances Raple -- Business Prep. College, Wichita
Agnes Klein -- Fountain Service, Andale
Harold Falk -- Club Casmina, Wichita
Madaline Doffing (Preisser) -- Housewife, Mt. Hope
Lorraine Jecke -- Librarian, Andale
Helen Jones (Irwin) -- Housewife, Hudson
Theodore Peltzer -- State Highway Dept, Topeka
Herman Kocour -- Aviator, Andale

Class of 1936
William Hecht -- Farmer, Andale
Mary Merrill (Murphy) -- Housewife, Mt. Hope
Jacob Scheer -- Service Station, Wichita
Frances Gresl -- Nurses Training, Wichita
Robert Gorges -- Farmer, Andale
Edward Falk -- Grocery Clerk, Andale
Elizabeth Schaplowsky -- Teacher, Andale
George Raple -- At Home, Mt. Hope
Alma Fouquet (Miller) -- Housewife, Mt. Hope
Bernard Wetta -- Welder, Wichita
Cecelia Focke -- At Home, Dayton, Ohio
Francis Winter -- Sheep Shearer and Farmer, Andale
Marcella Hein -- At Home, Andale
Julius Nilles -- Standard Oil Co., Andale
Regina Seiwert (Chippeaux) -- Housewife, Wichita

Class of 1937
Margaret Preisser -- House Work, Wichita
Margaret Hilger -- House Work, Wichita
Eugene Rausch -- Service Station Attendant, Andale
Constance Peltzer (Bunck) -- Housewife, Garden Plain
Joseph Raple -- At Home, Mt. Hope
Carolyn Lies -- At Home, Andale
Dorothy Winter -- House Work, Wichita
George Breitenbach -- At Home, Castleton
Clarence Winter -- Farm Laborer, Andale
Virginia Preisser St. Francis Hospital, Wichita
Kathryn Gresl (Mertes) -- Housewife, Valley Center
Maxine Fouquet (Alspaugh) -- Housewife, Haven
George Focke -- Focke Packing Co., Dayton, Ohio
Veronica Bogner (Wetta) -- Housewife, Towanda
Ann C. Kocour -- St. Francis Hospital, Wichita
Eugene Gutschenritter -- At Home, Mt. Hope
Kathleen Orth -- Secretary, Wichita
Theodore Hilger -- Home Chevrolet Co., Andale
Lillian Hermes (Hodges) -- Housewife, Mission Beach, California

Class of 1938
Marie Klein (McClure) -- Housewife, Wichita
Josephine Freund -- At Home, Cunningham Mane
Lies Webster -- College, Webster Grove, Mo.
Bertille Winter -- At Home, Andale
Oscar Peltzer -- At Home, Andale
Ablene Bean -- House Work, Wichita
Louise Wetta -- At Home, Andale
Jeanne Fouquet -- At Home, Andale
John Neises -- At Home, Colwich
Mary Raple -- Nurses Training, Wichita Hospital
Wilfred Hommertzheim -- At Home, Andale
Edward Andra -- At Home, Andale
Marie Doffing -- House Work, Wichita
Anna Wetta -- At Home, Colwich
Mary Ann Lies -- At Home, Andale
Mike Helton -- At Home, Andale
Frances Martin -- At Home, Andale

Class of 1939
Betty Seiwert -- Friends University, Wichita
Leo Betzen -- Farm Laborer, Andale
Otto Winter -- At Home, Andale
Emma Hilger -- At Home, Andale
Nicholas Strunk -- At Home, Colwich
Leo Bugner -- Wichita University, Wichita
Peter Preisser -- At Home, Pretty Prairie
Theresa Lies -- At Home, Andale
Herman Peltzer -- At Home, Andale
Max Kocour -- Wichita University, Wichita
Helen Winter -- At Home, Colwich
Jeanette Reichenberger -- At Home, Andale
Vincent Kraus -- At Home, Mt. Hope
Harold Orth -- U. S. Navy, Hawaii

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