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Saline County Fraternal and Social

A lodge of Knights of Honor was organized by Dr. Howland, Deputy Grand Dictator, last evening with fifteen charter members. The following officers were elected and installed:
Pact Dictator T. F. Garver.
Dictator A. W. Wickham.
Vice Dictator H. F. Woolley.
Assistant Dictator T. D. Fitzpatrick.
Reporter E. E. Bowen.
Finaacial Reporter Henry F. Sudendorf.
Treasurer Frank Goodnow.
Chaplain L. E. Sampson.
Guide J. M. Champlain.
Guardian Chas. G. Wilmarth.
Sentinel Fred. H. Wildman.
Trustees M. M. Briggs, H. F. Woolley and Henry F. Sudendorf. (Saline County Journal, Aug. 29, 1878)

Salina, which has Post R, of the Division of the T. P. A.*, sends in a splendid list of charter members, as follows: Jas. A. Kimball, B. F. Nicholson, C. A. Reed, J. F. Roebuck, W. W. Gilson. Wm. Lutt, George W. Hatch, J. E. King, J. J. Stewart, Jas. L. Wilson, J. N. Kirk, E. A. Berry, W. A. Alexnder, George A. Shaw, Phil Q. Bond, S. Norvell, O. P. Laird, W. J. Wells, A. E. Ransom J. P. Robinson and J. P. Kohl. The post already has club room, and is in good working order.(Saline County Journal, Sep. 8, 1887)
*[I had to look this one up--The "Travelers' Protective Association" was a fraternal benefit society for traveling salesman--it is still active today]

The private installation of the 1888 officers-elect of the A. O. U. W. was held Friday at their hall, at which there was a delegation of brother members from Abilene. The exercises were full of interest. The following are the officers: B. F. Simmons, master workman; F. L. Weaver, foreman; F. L. Wight, overseer; Will Deitz, receiver; C. G. Wilmarth, recorder; G. W. White, financier; F. F. Oakley, guide; W. H. Shafer, O. W.; David Rawline, I. W. John Daum is the Grand Lodge Representative; J. R. Chapman, Alternate. After the installation, the members and visitors partook of an oyster supper at Limegrover & Head's.

The Century Club effected a permanent organization at Dr. Phillip's office last Friday evening. After the adoption of the constitution and bylaws, the following officers were elected: Pres., C. Y. Roop; Vice-Pres., T. F. Garver; Recording Sec'y, N. S. Thomas; Corresponding Sec'y, T. W. Cowgill; Treas., F. C. Miller; Segt. At Arms, W. T. Frazier. The following charter members were enrolled: D. McHenry, Geo. H. Anthony, R. W. Riordan, W. H. Maxwell, N. F. Ethell, J. E. Ethell, W. C. Tuthill, C. W. Maggart, Nels Anderson, A. S. M. Anderson, Rev. Maurer, O. C. Tobey, N. D. Tobey, W. A. Phillips Jr., E. G. Steele, C. Y. Roop, T. W. Cowgill, W. C. Addison, T. F. Garver, R. A. Burch, F. C. Miller, W. T. Frazier, C. H. Kirshner, C. F. Weigle, John McHenry, N. S. Thomas, E. W. Blair. (Saline County Jou rnal, Apr. 3, 1890)

The first Masonic Installation of the Gypsum City Lodge No. 328 took place on last Saturday night. The following officers were installed by Postmaster J. R. Chapman, of the Salina Lodge: W. M.. S B Cooper. H. W., W A Kouns. Sec., H E Baker. Treas., M F Heck S. D., C R Williams. J. D., F W Blue. S. S., David Reese. J.B., Chas. Hanna. Tyler, A A Bartels. The visiting brothers from Salina were A. Kemper, F. Kingman and Chapman; Mentor, Alex Pierce, Rev. Lucas and Stiles; Chico, V. J. Groves and Mr Gregory. This order is making good progress aad increasing in membership. (Gypsum City Echo, Mar. 27, 1890)

The following officers were elected in installed by Salina Lodge, No. 60, A. F. and A. M., on Monday evening: W. M., Dr. J. W. Crowley
S. W., Alex Berg
J. W., W. L. Breese
S. D., J. G. Mohler
J. D., A. W. Wickham
Treas., A. Bondi
Sec'y, F. R. Spier
S. S., Dr. J. E. Miller
J. S., Ben Pearl
Tyler, B. L. Ralph
(Saline County Journal, Dec. 24, 1891)

Salina Lions Club
Chartered Oct. 11, 1921

Charter Members: E. E. Gemmill, Dr. L. S. Nelson, Sr., Dr. L. O. Nordstrom, William S. Norris, W. A. Layton, Charles Heyward, B. A. Strickler, J. B. Smith, F. H. Chaudoin, L. B. Stevenson, E. Q. Haggart, George E. Kuhn, J. H. Elliott, James A. Onstott, J. S. Hargett, T. D. Fitzpatrick, W. H. Frazier, H. H. Rosberg, A. C. Bertschinger, H. C. Simpson jr., Paul Bossmeyer, F. J. Mercer. R. W. Weaverling, Fred D. Joy, the Rev. John R. McFadden and H. O. Seitz

Salina Kiwanis Club
Chartered June 28, 1923

Charter members: A. L. Shire, Leo F. Geis, P. F. Riordan, H. Paul Buser; J. J. Sullivan, L. S. Rosenwald, Henry C. Low, Joseph P. Burns, R. H. Cravens, Moses Stiefel, F. C. Utt, H. H. Heath, Lloyd Veatch, Ralph R. Mitchell, William S. Childs, Dr. H. T. Harvey, James A. Simpson, George I. Collister, J. T. Quinton, G. C. Gebhart, Claire E. Houghton, Ernest Drake, Walter Kelley, B. O. Morey, H. M. Hadden, Dr. J. A. Simpson, E. L. Larson, B. A. Breon. J. E. Stotler, H. C. Weinlie, W. M. Hinde, S. F. Gutsch, Glen W. Bergsten, Martin Ahlstert, Dr. C. L. Davidson, Dr. H. E. Neptune, Carl W. Carlson, Eric Lagerberg, H. E. Wiegner, V. R. McCullough, Mr. E. Schultz, A. J. Baehofer, Claude M. Boys, Oscar E. Nyberg, Jay W. Smith, Dr. J. H. Walker, 0. L. Rifner, Dr. W. E. Mowery, Dr. John K. Harvey, Dr. E. G. Padfield, Dr. R. E. Cheney, Omer D. Smith, R. C. Gebhart, John H. Wilson


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