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Riley County Maps

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1887 County and Town Maps

County Outline Map
Town of Cleburne
Town of Manhattan
Town of Ogden
Town of Randolph

1909 Plat Maps

County Outline Map
Ashland Twp.
Bala Twp.
Centre Twp.
Fancy Creek Twp.
Grant Twp. And Town of Stockdale
Jackson Twp.
Madison Twp. And Town of Leonardville
Manhattan Twp. And Town of Fairmont
May Day Twp.
Ogden Twp.
Sherman Twp.
Swede Creek Twp. And Town of Keats
Wildcat Twp. And Towns of Bala and Bala City
Zeandale Twp. And Towns of May Day, Lasita and Zeandale
Towns of Randolph and Cleburne
Town of Ogden
Town of Riley
Town of Manhattan, North
Town of Manhattan, South

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