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Riley County
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
A Virtual Cemetery Project

Intersection of Green-Randolph Road (County 378) and Lasita Road (County 873).
Photographed June 3, 2011 by Sheryl McClure and Katie Stuve

Anderson, Aletha Faye Lippert, Carissa Ann
Anderson, Elmer E. and Edna Lund, Darla Dawn
Anderson, Eric A. and Emma Lund, Duane Elmer
Anderson, Infant daughter Lund, Ellen M. and Elmer D.
Anderson, Infant son Lund, Esther
Anderson, Infant son Lund, Frank J. and Ida L.
Axelton, Alma Lund, Gilbert E.
Axelton, Dale Lund, Ida S. and L. Ludwig
Axelton, Dale Eugene Lund, Jerald Dee
Axelton, Laura Lund, John A. and Sophie
Axelton, Reuben Lund, John Donald
Balfour, Warren R. Lund, John Louis
Beck, Connie Kay Lund, Karin and Olof
Beck, Myrtle I. and Ervin A. Lund, Lena and Louis
Belin, Carl H. Lund, Leroy Gene
Belin, Carroll Lund, Lester L.
Belin, Clara Sophia, Edla and Gustaf Lund, Linden H. and Marjorie L.
Belin, Emma G. Lund, Loyal Lewis
Belin, headstone Lund, Maurice (military)
Belin, Henry G. Lund, Maurice D. and Iva M.
Belin, Infant daughter Lund, Nathan Brent
Belin, John P. Lund, Peggy A.
Belin, John Philip Lund, Peter
Belin, Marjorie F. and Arthur M. Lundquist, Lars
Bergstrom, Carl V. Miller, Christ and Sophie
Bergstrom, Charles Miller, Elnora C.
Bergstrom, Christina Miller, headstone
Bergstrom, Effie E. and A. Daniel Miller, Lee N.
Bergstrom, Elsa Miller, Melvin E.
Bergstrom, Elsie M. Olsen, Albert L.
Bergstrom, John L. Olsen, Claus O.
Bergstrom, Marjorie M. and Eldon C. Olsen, Margie
Bergstrom, Olof Olsen, Spencer V.
Bergstrom, Theo. Rahe, Helen Compere and Rolland A.
Bergstrom, Walter R. Rosenow, Phyllis I. Chaffee
Carlson, Lucille V. , Laura B. and Harry E. Ross, George W. and Dorothy Sheets
Carlson, Maxine Esther Rundquist, Celia and Dean
Chaffee, Belle Leah Balfour and Leonard H. Rundquist, Clede L. (military)
Chaffee, Eulah Bergstrom Rundquist, Clede L. and Phyllis A.
Coley, Juanita M. Rundquist, Darrell Dean
Compere, Belle Lord Rundquist, Darrell Merritt
Connally, Kyler James Rundquist, Dorothy F. and Veryl A.
Easterberg, John O. and Martha E. Rundquist, E. L. "Monty"
Easterberg, Marcene and Blaine Rundquist, Ella C. and Albin E.
Edgerton, Minnie N. Belin Rundquist, Ellen P.
Erickson, Alma Viola Rundquist, Elmer E.
Erickson, Arvid W. Rundquist, Enid Yvonne
Erickson, Delberta Louise Rundquist, headstone
Erickson, Jan Erick and Charlotta Rundquist, headstone
Erickson, Laura Granell Rundquist, Magnus
Erickson, N. A. and Cecelia Rundquist, Maude Ellen
Erikson, Dorothea Seagren, Alvin O.
Fear , Anna Olsen and Cleveland J. Seagren, Christine C.
Forslund, Anna Marie and Victor G. Seagren, Frank J.
Forslund, Victor (military) Soder, John Albert
Hawkinson, Ruth E. Westling, Christine
Horling, Anna M. Johnson Westling, Elvin Lyle
Horling, Carrie Westling, headstone
Hugunin, Nancy Ann Peterson and Lyle Lefroy Westling, Hulda
Ingram, Cleo Fear and Sidney W. Westling, J. Ruben
Isaacson, Carl L. and Lenore B. Westling, John G.
Johnson, Addie A. Westling, Lars J.
Johnson, Charles F. Wickstrum, Amanda
Johnson, Edward and Clara L. Wickstrum, Amelia C. and A. Verner
Johnson, Emil E. Wickstrum, Charles
Johnson, Emily Erickson Wickstrum, Charlotte and Andrew
Johnson, Eunice A. and Wallace E. Wickstrum, Christine
Johnson, Foster L. Wickstrum, Hattie Sophia
Johnson, Gerna A. and Irving J. Wickstrum, headstone
Johnson, Gustav Wickstrum, Helen Louise
Johnson, headstone Wickstrum, Hilda N.
Johnson, Hilma and John W. Wickstrum, Ione and Walter
Johnson, John Wickstrum, Iver V.
Johnson, Katherine N. Wickstrum, John August
Johnson, Marvin E. Wickstrum, Lloyd E.
Kimbrough, Emri Cielo Wickstrum, Robert I.
Larson, Christin Willhof, June E.
Larson, Elna and Pehr Witt, William J.

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