Kansas History and Heritage Project-Republic County Military Miscellaneous Files

Republic County Military Files

Civil War

Civil War Veterans buried in Ida Cemetery as of June, 1912:

Rubin Warnick, H. H. Bowman, E. D. Stone, J. M. Thomson, William Hunter, S. Pack, M. Skinner, J. Sellars, M. Monett, H. Fuller, R. Templeton, L. D. Taylor; J. B. Dalrymple, J. J. McCormick, H. Brigs, James McDougal, Johnathan Sellars and J. Shriver (Confederate)

World War I

Letter of condolence re Floyd Press:

Fortress Ehrenbreitstein, Germany
April 9, 1919

My Dear Mrs. Press:

Yesterday I received a letter inquiring about the death of your son, Floyd, who was in my battery.

Floyd was taken to the hospital on February 7th, suffering from a heavy cold, and on the 11th he passed away, having contracted pneumonia.

He death caused much sorrow among his many friends in the battery, for he was a fine man and a good soldier.

I sincerely sympathize with you in your loss, Mrs. Press, and I am deeply sorry that it is impossible for a soldier as loyal as your son to return to the States with his regiment.

Floyd was buried from Evanston hospital, No. 2, at Coblenz, Germany.

You may be proud of the fact that he served his country well during the war and that he is listed as "Dead in the line of duty."

Again I wish to express my sorrow for we lost a fine soldier when your son left us.

Philip Ramer,
Capt., 17th F. A. Battery E.

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