Kansas History and Heritage Project-Republic County GAR Posts and Rosters, 1894

Republic County GAR Posts and Rosters, 1894

JOHN BROWN POST #44, Belleville. John M. Jones, Comd'r; J. H. Long, Adj't.
Allen, D. A.; NY Inf. Pvt. F, 26 Jelleson, R. T.; KS Inf. Pvt. I, 13
Bowersox, J. R.; OH Cav. Corp. E, 5 Jones, J. M.; IL Inf. Pvt. F, 140
Bullen, Leo; OH Inf. Pvt. F, 68 Jones, G. M.; IL Cav. Corp. H, 2
Baker, D. C.; IA Inf. Capt. E, 9 Jones, Joseph; PA Inf. Pvt. D, 84
Brown, T. V.; IA Inf. Pvt. I, 13 Kindt, Solomon; IN Inf. Pvt. C, 72
Beck, Jacob; KS Inf. Pvt. D, 13 Long, Jos. H.; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 153
Bowersox, D. C.; OH Inf. Pvt. B, 152 Moore, Nathaniel; WI Inf. Pvt. D, 20
Black, J. D.; WV Inf. Corp. D, 14 McCulough, Wm.; IA Inf. Pvt. K, 32
Bradford, J. H.; IL Inf. Surg. A, 30 McPherson, J. E.; IL Inf. Pvt. H, 122
Blankenship, B. F.; KY Inf. Capt. H, 47 Mosher, J. A.; ME Inf. Pvt. E, 14
Culver, E.; NY Inf. Pvt. E, 7 Montgomery, W. C.; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 116
Clemmons, D.; NE Cav. H, 2 Northrop, C. A.; NY Cav. Pvt. C, 9
Cummings, C.; PA Cav. Pvt. I, 2 Northrop, C. A.; PA Inf. Sgt. C, 136
Coykendall, C. W.; IL Inf. Pvt. D, 83 Pierce, Amos; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 138
Carpenter, A.; IA Inf. Pvt. D, 16 Robinson, A. W.; IL Inf. Capt. C, 118
Daniels, J. L.; WI Inf. Pvt. F, 33 Ryan, John M.; OH Inf. Pvt. D, 42
Dutton, B.; OH Inf. Pvt. A, 17 Snyder, J. N.; IL Inf. Pvt. H, 76
Fritzinger, George; IN Inf. Pvt. H, 100 Scofield, P. F.; NY Inf. Pvt. C, 94
Furgeson, D. H.; IL Inf. Sgt. Maj. C, 118 Smith, William; IA Cav. Pvt. C, 3
Goodwin, W. R.; IL Inf. Pvt. E, 35 Savage, I. O.; WI Inf. Reg. Q.M. I, 18
Griffis, Noah H.; IA Inf. Sgt. C, 35 Settle, N. D.; IN Inf. Pvt. K, 60
Hogin, B. R.; IA Cav. 1st Sgt. K, 9 Stover, S. G.; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 92
Higgason, F. M; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 83 Wells, ? W.; WI Inf. Pvt. C, 6
Humphrey, W. T.; IL Cav. Pvt. G, 8 Wait, W. W.; NY Inf. Capt. C, 64
Helwick, E. B.; IA Inf. Pvt. C, 19 Wilder, L. W.; IL Cav. Pvt. C, 8
Hallowell, J. E. W.; IL Inf. Mus. 39 Williams, Ezra; NE Cav. Pvt. C, 118
Ingreham, Marshall; IN Inf. Pvt. G, 19 Wagoner, Eli W.; IL Inf. Pvt. F, 139
BILLY HUGHS POST #310, Republic City. R. T. Stanfield, Comd'r; J. C. McPherren, Adj't.
Cappers, A.; WI Inf. Pvt. H, 4 Mosher, W. H.; WI Inf. Sgt. B, 1
Farley, J. T.; MO Inf. Pvt. B, 27 Ogle, A. B.; MO Inf. Pvt. D, 43
Grover, S. B.; WI Inf. Pvt. D, 2 Patterson, J. T.; OH Inf. Pvt. E, 63
Grimes, J. W.; IN Inf. Pvt. D, 149 Post, W. A.; MI Art. Pvt. A, 1
Grim, M.; IL Inf. Pvt. F, 69 Stanfield, R. T.; IN Inf. Pvt. K, 120
Guthrie, Eri; IN Inf. Pvt. F, 93 Stricklen, Levi; IL Inf. Pvt. K, 62
Hellper, Jessie; IA Inf. Pvt. C, 32 Sisson, J. R.; IL Inf. Pvt. E, 147
James, R. M.; IN Cav. Pvt. K, 11 Smith, J. W.; IA Cav. E, 7
Kier, J. A.; OH Inf. Pvt. E, 50 Tuley, Thomas; OH Inf. Pvt. K, 20
Kohl, Joseph; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 46 Tavner, F. W.; OH Inf. Pvt. G, 94
Lowe, T. A.; IL Inf. Pvt. G. 46 Trimer, J. D.; IL Inf. Sgt. C, 94
Landreth, John; IA Inf. Pvt. D, 16 Williams, I. W.; IL Inf. Sgt. F, 89
Muth, D. M.; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 79 Ware, O. A.; MI Cav. Pvt. G, 12
McPherren, J. C.; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 36 Williams, C. E.; MO Inf. Pvt. G, 44
McCormic, T.; U. S. Marine  
COURTLAND POST #344, Courtland. A. A. Burk, Comd'r; E. D. Haney, Adj't.
Burk, A. A.; WI Inf. Pvt. C, 22 Litsinger, C. F.; U. S. Art. Pvt. D, 20
Babcock, C. L.; NY Inf. Pvt. B, 26 Malcom, S.; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 23
Bettis, Jasper; IA Art. Pvt. B, 1 Nikirk, J. H.; IN Inf. Sgt. G, 50
Butler, J. T.; U. S. Inf. Pvt. B, 12 Ninemire, D. I.; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 47
Bradley, L. F.; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 12 Oliver, E. B.; MO Cav. Pvt. L, 6
Free, William; IA Inf. Pvt. I, 8 Oceabrock, Monroe; Cav. B
Fullen, William; IN Inf. Pvt. F, 93 Squires, Henry; IN Inf. Pvt. A, 27
Glasgow, William; IA Cav. Sgt. F, 4 Stafford, James; IA Inf. Pvt. A, 33
Glasgow, J. T.; IA Art. Corp. 4 Shockelford, W. M.; MO
Haney, E. D.; IN Inf. Pvt. B, 51 Sells, John B.; IN Inf. Pvt. H, 97
Hoyt, H. K; VT Inf. Pvt. E, 9 Warner, A. B.; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 12
Hoffman, Henry ng Yerian, William; IA Cav. Pvt. M, 3
PARSON BROWNLOW POST #359, Wayne. David Laurence, Com'd; Z. Reeder, Adj't.
Campbell, J. M.; IL Inf. Corp. F, 99 Morford, J. C.; ng
Charles, J. T.; IA Inf. Pvt. K, 13 Parkhurst, T. C.; IL Inf. Pvt. C, 65
Dixon, Will Reeder, Z.; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 99
Haigh, James; KS Inf. Pvt. I, 13 Stacey, C.; ng
Hill, William; WI Vet. Corp. H, 7 Walker, James; ng
Laurence, David; NY Sgt. A, 33 Way, P. P.; ng
McClenahan, William; OH Inf. Pvt. I, 15
GEORGE A. NOKER POST #346, Cuba. C. W. Sense, Comd'r; S. A. Ingham, Adj't.
Brownlee, William; IL Inf. Pvt. I, 50 Moon, I. F.; IA Inf. Pvt. B, 40
Brooks, Jim; WI Inf. Pvt. K, 44 Pugh, Jim; WI Inf. Pvt. K, 43
Davidson, J. M.; IL Inf. Pvt. G, 4 Sagar, Frank; NY Lt. Art. 1
Harris, John; KS Cav. C, 22 Sense, C. W.: IA Inf. Pvt. K, 60
Hill, J. F.; U. S. Reg. G, 13 Teetirs, Cicero; NY H. Art. F, 9
Ingham, S. A.; L. Art. B, 9 Williams, John; IL Cav. Pvt. C, 11
Jones, David; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 40 Zook, W. R.; NE Cav. Pvt. M, 6
HARBINE POST #212, Brown. T. C. Bester, Comd'r; E. T. Riley. Adj't.
Bester, T. C.; OH Inf, Sgt. B, 177 Powers, A.; IL Inf. Pvt.
Dugger, John; IA Inf. Pvt. C, 40 Riley, E. T.; IL Inf. Corp.
Gardner, O. A. A.; IA Inf. Pvt. A, 11 Swartz, H.; OH Inf. Sgt.
Gardner, C. O.; OH Inf. Pvt. B, 75 Smith, J. W.; IA Cav. Corp.
Kimball, H. H.; WI Inf. Pvt. D, 2 Tavenner, F. W.; IN Inf. Pvt.
Krause, C.; IL Inf. Pvt. A, 150 Trimmer, J. W.; IL Inf. Sgt.
HENRY FULLER POST #456, Norka. George Light, Comd'r; Hiram Beck, Adj't.
Andrews, William; MN Inf. Mus. K, 6 Monett, W. H.; IL Cav. Pvt. G, 3
Beck, Hiram; IL Inf. Sgt. C, 104 Pilkerton, Richard; CA Inf. Pvt. E, 6
Ginn, John; OH Inf. Pvt. K, 184 Shipman, W. C.; IA Inf. Pvt. F, 19
Hamilton, John L.; WI Inf. Pvt. A, 30 Short, L. D.; IL Inf. Pvt. G, 8
Hamilton, A. B.; IL Inf. Corp. A, 31 Speer, P. F.; IL Inf. Pvt. B, 134
Kress, Hiram; IN Cav. Pvt. B, 26 Shoemaker, F. H.; IA Inf. Pvt. I, 36
Light, George; IN Inf. Pvt. F, 97 Vinson, D. C.; IL Inf. Mus. H, 53

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