Kansas History and Heritage Project--Republic County Marriages

Republican County Marriages
Our Savior Lutheran Church, Norway
Marriages, 1886-1927

The following records were handwritten--the transcriber apologizes for any errors.

Groom and BrideAges Birthplaces Date of Marriage Place of Marriage
Lars P. Hammer ~ Norway Sept. 12th, 1886 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Gjertrud A. Kufaas ~ Norway
Lars Melby ~ Norway Feb. 20th, 1887 Republic Co., Kansas
Martha Mikkelsen ~ Norway
Iver Iversen Rodde 28 Norway Feb. 20th, 1887 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Sigrid Sivertsen Eggen 24 Europe
Peder Thompson 28 Norway Oct. 26th, 1887 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Mary Nilsen America
Edvard Hansen (widower) 32 Norway Oct. 11th, 1892 Jewell Co., Kansas
Trine Lovseth 17 America
Jacob Sivertson 25 America Oct. 23rd, 1892 Jewell Co., Kansas
Anna Strom (widow) 44 Norway
Olaf Norgaard 28 Norway March 17th, 1893 Norway church
Kari Myrum 27 Norway
Nils Mansen 30 Norway Feb. 12th, 1893 Jewell Co., Kansas
Gurena Larsen 25 Norway
Peder P. Hammer 29 Norway Dec. 28th, 1893 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Anna Fasseland 20 Illinois
Lars J. Larsen 24 Norway Jan. 10th, 1894 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Karen Tiller 18 Kansas
Edvard Olsen 25 Norway May 11th, 1895 home of Lars O. Tiller, Norway
Anna Tiller 17 Kansas
John I. Mehlus 37 Norway April 21st, 1897 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Kirsti Hugos 37 Norway
Einar Magnus Eastvedt Norway Jan. 26th, 1898 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Albertine Hammer Republic Co. Kansas
Carl Theodore Eastvedt 30 Norway Feb. 9th, 1898 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Lina Olsen 26 Republic Co. Kansas
Ben H. Carlson 26 Republic Co. Kansas ?? 1900 Kackley, Republic Co., Kansas
Blanche Day 21 Republic Co. Kansas
John Fredrick Kulberg/Kueberg 26 Sweden June 20th, 1900 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Ida Julia Swenson 23 Chicago, Ill.
Arne B. Thompson 22 Republic Co. Kansas Jan. 4th, 1901 home of Ed Jacobson
Lallie L. Jacobson 18 Republic Co. Kansas
Helge Buer 29 Republic Co. Kansas Jan. 31st, 1901 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Karen Tiller 19 Republic Co. Kansas
Julius Olson 29 Chicago, Ill. Dec. 25th, 1902 Norway church
Clasta Anna Clara Nelson 26 Kansas
Carl Andreas Throndson 30 Mankato, Kansas Aug. 23rd, 1903 home of N. Nelson in Mankato
Oleanna Jenson 22 Norway
Owen F. Brewer 25 Ohio Dec. 30th, 1903 home of R. Rimol in Norway
Brynhild Rimol 29 Kansas
Clarence A. Brewer 28 Ohio Jan. 6th, 1904 home of O. Tiller, Norway
Julia Tiller 22 Kansas
Henry Nystrom 26 Kansas Sept. 27th, 1905 home of Ed Jacobson
Agnes Jacobson 25 Kansas
Frank A. Isaacson 25 Smaaland, Sweden Feb. 27th, 1906 Norway church
Gudbjorg Larsen 19 Hamar, Norway
Fred Leo Cuthbertson 24 Kansas Sept. 9th, 1908 home of John Hugos
Inga Pauline Hugos 25 Kansas
Robert Burns 30 Kansas March 24th, 1909 Hanson home in Scandia
Sophia Hanson 30 Kansas
Edward A. Carlgren 23 Kansas Dec. 29th, 1909 home of Ole Tiller
Inga Ovedia Tiller 21 Kansas
Fred. L. Dutton 28 Kansas July 2nd, 1910 home of J. R. Hugos
Olga I. Hugos 28 Kansas
Arthur Wilhelm Anderson 30 Republic Co. Kansas Jan. 24th, 1911 home of the bride
Emma Henrietta Hanson 26 Cloud Co., Kansas
Carl John Hugos 26 Norway, Kansas June 12th, 1912 home of the bride
Olga Emilia Anderson 22 Norway, Kansas
Albert Josef Jackson 23 Scandia, Kansas Nov. 28th, 1912 home of the bride
Hildur Helen Anderson 19 Norway, Kansas
Harry Mansfield Ringer 20 Concordia, Kansas Nov. 30th, 1912 home of the bride
Anna Amelia Hammer 18 Concordia, Kansas
Axel Jonas Carlson 27 Marquette, Kansas Dec. 25th, 1912 home of the bride
Gurina Tiller 27 Norway, Kansas
Winfield H. Christenson 22 Jamestown, Kansas Nov. 12th, 1913 home of the bride
Mabel Caroline Stensaas 19 Norway, Kansas
Anton Ofstad 44 Norway Feb. 18th, 1914 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Gina Olson 38 Jamestown, Kansas
Ed J. Buer 36 Concordia, Kansas April 14th, 1915 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Louise Fredrika Olson 33 Jamestown, Kansas
Frank L. Clayton 25 Glasco May 3rd, 1916 Concordia, Kansas
Ruby Emelia Jacobson 25 Concordia, Kansas
Clarence Young 24 Scandia, Kansas Feb. 14th, 1917 church parsonage
Ella Buer(?) 20 Jamestown, Kansas
Walter Darlington, jr. 23 Kansas City, Mo. June 20th, 1917 home of the bride
Nellie Blosom Hammer 20 Norway, Kansas
Elmer Ole Evert 23 not given August 8th, 1917 home of the bride
Addie Luella Thompson 21 Norway, Kansas
Philp Ingvald Hammer 24 Kansas Jan. 8th, 1919 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Ellen Ovidia Larsen 20 Kansas
Russel Jacobson 34 Kansas July 28th, 1923 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Clara Melhus 33 Kansas
Benjamin M. Lervold 23 not given Nov. 7th, 1923 Norway, Republic Co., Kansas
Esther Hammer 22 not given
Joseph Karl Melhus 23 Kansas June 18th, 1924 Scandia
Clara Mabel Melby 21 Kansas
Beisner, Clarence C. 24 Kansas Dec. 20th, 1924 Hebron, Neb.
Schrof/Schvof, Lillie S. 20 Kansas
William Eichacker 33 Missouri June 18th, 1927 Scandia
Lena Melby 32 Kansas

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