Kansas History and Heritage Project-Reno County Military

Reno County Societies
Myrtle Rebekah Lodge No. 28, Hutchinson
Charter Members, Oct. 18, 1880

Mrs. L. S. Malsbary J. A. Grayson
Mrs. S. J. McMurry D. J. Foster
Mrs. M. A. Carter J. M. Hendrick
Mrs. S. M. McClurg S. A. Atwood
Mrs. M. J. Rohbold I. M. Carter
Mrs. M. L. Grayson S. Malsbary
Mrs. J. M. Marshall J. M. McClung
Mrs. F. Hilyard W. H. Hilyard
Mrs. I. E. Lindenberger D. Welchons
Mrs. Martha Shadduck S. Long
Mrs. Myra Kiff S. W. Stimie
M. McMurry W. R. Marshall
J. P. Harbold

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