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Osage County Directories
1889 Southwestern Business Directory
McKenney Directory Co., Denver

Contains directories for Burlingame, Carbondale, Osage City and Scranton.

A flourishing town on the A., T. & S. F. R. R. and junction of the Santa. Fe & M. A. & B., 26 miles from Topeka, a city that is not only depending on the fine agricultural lands that surround the place, but has in operation several coal mines that are producing large quantities, being as fine coal as is found in the county. It is also making steps to become a manufacturing place, a large knitting factory and a syrup and vinegar works having lately been put in operation, and are now turning out first-class articles that are a credit to large corporations. The schools of Burlingame are of the best, and all denominations have churches. The town has a population of 2,000.

S Armstrong, livery and feed.
A, T & S F R R and M A & B, T W Pate agent.
The Bank of Burlingame, C M Sheldon president, C E Wood cashier, capital $75,000.
E C Belles, harness and saddlery.
C C Benedict, livery and feed and sale.
Beverly & Mings (W P Beverly and T W Mings) flour, feed, grain and live stock.
W P Beverly (Beverly & Mings).
Brewer & Empie (E G Brewer and G E Empie) real estate, loans and insurance.
Charles E Buehler, bakery.
J H Burke, grocer.
Burlingame Bottling Works.
Burlingame Coal and Mining Co, L E Finch secretary and manager coal.
Burlingame Knitting and Manufacturing Co, J A Finch president and general manager.
The Burlingame Mutual Loan and Savings Association, W C Hallock president, W B Davis secretary, loans.
The Burlingame News, Dick Taylor editor and proprietor.
Dr H Burrows, physician.
J E Bush, photographer.
A B Cady & Son (A B and F W) boots and shoes and gents’ furnishing.
E E Carey, painter.
Mrs M B Carey, millinery.
Scott Carr, proprietor Burlingame Bottling Works.
Dr M H Cazier, physician.
Central Coal and Mining Co (Mrs E Cole and George Sturrnan) coal.
J M Chambers, justice of the peace.
Joseph Charlton, harness and saddlery.
Conklin & Shepard (W H Conklin and H D Shepard) live stock and real estate.
S Z Cutler, stationery.
Mrs E J Dann, millinery.
Davis & Canfield (W B Davis and W D Canfield) real estate, loans and insurance.
East Kansas Loan and Investment Co, C M Sheldon president, A M Miner secretary, loans.
Fair Coal Co, D J Fair president, H D Mosbarger secretary and treasurer, J K Griffith manager.
D J Fair & Co (H D Mosbarger resident manager) lumber.
A M Farrington, veterinary surgeon.
H W Filley & Son (H W and Clarence E) hardware, stoves, buggies and harness.
Finch, Lord & Nelson (L E Finch, W H Lord and O H Nelson) breeders and dealers in stock.
John Frey, manufacturer of meal, feed and cider.
Dr J B Gillespie, dentist.
Grand Central Hotel, C Metz proprietor.
Mrs E M Griswold, proprietor Delmonico Restaurant.
Irving Haller, druggist.
Hillman, Deupree & Cassingham (W H Hillman, E A Deupree and O H Cassingham) general merchandise.
J Hirsch, dry goods.
G W Hoover, blacksmith.
Will Hoover, meat market.
R S Huff, blacksmith.
Huff & Wilbur (R S Huff and H O Wilbur) hardware and stoves.
F W Hunt, jeweler.
Jones Bros (J W and P T) lunch counter.
J W June, mayor and stock dealer.
D C Kent & Co (D C Kent and William Anthony) dry goods.
L J Larson, shoemaker.
Martin Lund, contractor and builder, lumber, building hardware and planing mill.
Charles Lyons, druggist.
J Mayberry, postmaster.
Miss Eugenie Mills, artist.
T W Mings (Beverly & Mings).
A O Morgan, brick and tile manufacturer.
H D Mosbarger, manager D J Fair & Co.
Nelson & King (F M Nelson and C V King) groceries.
S H Newman, notary public and collecting.
Oliver Bros (James, George B and Thomas B) general merchandise.
George B. Oliver (Oliver Bros).
James Oliver (Oliver Bros).
Thomas B Oliver (Oliver Bros).
Organ St Sharp (J W Organ and A G Sharp) grocers.
Osage County Chronicle (weekly) J N McDonald editor and proprietor.
R Paulsen, dry goods, boots and shoes.
Playford & Son (Thomas and J J) drugs.
Ethel M Potter, millinery.
H B Pratt, furniture, undertaking, organs and sewing machines.
E G Russell, attorney-at-law.
Mrs I J Russell, millinery.
H D Shepard, hay, grain and buggies.
Shepard House, W H Collins proprietor.
Samuel Shibley, grocer.
Mrs H O Smith, notions.
William Smith Jr, lumber.
F M Steves, sorghum syrup, vinegar works and feed mill.
J F St Louis, tailor.
L O Stow, barber.
Telephone Station Office (Finch, Lord & Nelson).
Thompson & Fulks (O Thompson and W A Fulks) barbers.
Union Hall, Thomas Playford proprietor.
F M Van Horn (F M Van Horn & Son).
F M Van Horn & Son (F M and William) flour and feed.
William Van Horn (F M Van Horn & Son).
Jacob Van Natta, wagon maker.
Vaughn & Hallock (William J Vaughn and C W Hallock) meat market.
A J Wells, meat market.
Wells, Fargo & Co’s Express, F M Nelson agent.
William Wells, plumber and tinner.
S T Window, milliner and dressmaker.
Dr W C Wolf, physician.
E Wood, blacksmith.

A coal mining town at the junction of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe with the Union Pacific Railroad. 17 miles from Topeka. Population 1,200.

Thomas Adamson, bakery and restaurant.
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, Wm. Monro, agent.
S. D. Barry & Co. (S. D. Barry and A. Montgomery) harness and saddlery.
Dr. J. Beasley, physician.
J. W. Blacker, livery and feed.
Bradford & Gregory (S. B. Bradford and P. E. Gregory) attorneys-at-law.
S. B. Bradford, attorney-general.
Mrs. E. J. Bradley, furniture and undertaking.
C. S. Briggs, attorney-at-law and editor Carbondale Record.
A. C. Browning, fancy groceries and furniture.
Carbondale Record (Record Publishing Co.) C. S. Briggs, editor, J. W. Scales, manager.
The Carbondalian, R. F. Playford, editor and proprietor.
G. W. Clark, jeweler.
Commercial Bank, Charles Clary, proprietor, P. W. Robinson, cashier.
J. M. Curry, flour, grain and feed.
Charles Davis, cigars and tobacco.
G. W. Davis, confectionery.
James Dickinsheets, blacksmith and wagon. maker
J. H. Eby, proprietor, Merchants' Hotel.
J. B. Ellis, drugs and stationery.
Dr. E. Ellison, physician.
Robert Erskine, merchant tailor.
A. W. Foster, cigars and tobacco.
Fuller Bros. (C. L. and S. J.) dry goods.
O. J. Gauger, hardware, stoves and implements.
L. W. Green & Co., (L. W. Green and James McDonald) grain dealers and commissioners.
Mrs. S. M. Hendricks, milliner.
C. Kathary, harness, saddlery and shoemaking.
Leachman & Wilson (Thomas Leachman and John Wilson) wagon and blacksmithing.
G. W. D. Main, physician.
J. W. McDonald, notions.
R. B. McKee, lumber.
Merchants Hotel, J. H. Eby, proprietor.
M. D. Merrill, mineral springs.
C. P. Miller, meat market.
John Mitchell, billiards.
A. L. X. Montgomery, cigars, tobacco, etc.
William Monroe, agent Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad and Wells, Fargo Express.
E. E. Myers, groceries, boots and shoes.
J. A. Nelson, barber and baths.
Perryman & Tyner (S. W. Perryman and D. L. Tyner) livery.
Peterson& Forshay (John Peterson and Alfred Forshay) stock dealers.
H. Poth, bakery and restaurant.
Record Publishing Company.
W. H. Reed, furniture and undertaking.
Edward Reilly, postmaster.
Reilly & Thomas (T. J. Reilly and A. J. Thomas) general merchandise
E. Robinson, barber.
Stanhilber & Humphrey (J. J. Stanhilber and R. D. Humphrey) general merchandise.
W. F. Stoltzman, boots and shoes.
A. M. Sutherland, meat market and insurance agent.
Sutherland Hotel, J. B. Munger proprietor.
A. E. Topping, drugs.
J. F. Urie, real estate and insurance.
George Waetzig, watchmaker and jeweler.
Mrs. Nettie Waller, dressmaker.
Watts & Britte, lumber.
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, Wm. Monroe, agent.
John H. Wolf, hardware, stoves and implements.

A flourishing coal mining town on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, main line, 101 miles from Kansas City, Mo., and 34 from Topeka, at its junction with the Missouri Pacific and Chicago, Kansas and Western. This is one of the most extensive coal mining towns in the State, the daily output being nearly 100 cars. Not only is the coal interest a valuable one for the city, but it is surrounded by highly cultivated farms, growing corn, oats, wheat, etc., in large quantities, and its cattle and hog shipments are yearly increasing. There are two commodious hotels that would be an honor to a town of larger proportions, one of them being a large three-story brick, with fifty rooms, large and airy, lighted with gas and heated by steam. The city in a few months will be lighted by electricity, as there is a company organized for that purpose. It has good schools and churches that are a credit to the place. The population is 3,700.

Asher Adams, grain elevator, flour and feed.
J V Admire, editor the Osage City Free Press.
Dr Wm B Artz, physician.
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, D L Batchelor agent.
Wesley Atterbury, livery and hack line.
R L Beaty, boots, shoes and groceries.
Black Diamond Coal Co, J M Hershey proprietor.
G W Blair, barber.
William Bloch, manager Osage Mercantile Co.
D C Bothel, grocer.
L L Bodelle, city clerk.
Dr L B Brown, dentist.
L W Brown, manager Osage City Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Co, and city treasurer, Market St.
Brown & Maxwell (Jas E Brown and John Maxwell) blacksmiths.
J A Bruzellie, general merchandise.
G Burklund, jeweler.
John Christ, stock shipper.
H Coleman, restaurant.
C T Colman, proprietor Colman House.
Colman House, C T Colman proprietor.
J S Combs, livery and feed.
Cook & Whitcraft (F M Cook and J A Whitcraft) flour, feed, grain and hay.
Cooper & Connelly (A B Cooper and F H Connelly, attys-at-law.
Criswell & Stephens (Wm Criswell and Wm Stephens) barbers.
Daily Kansas People, M W Blain and E Mills proprietors and editors.
S D Dickey, bakery and confectionery.
E E Doane & Co, money brokers.
Mrs A M Dodds, insurance agent.
James A Drake, real estate and loans.
Excelsior Coal Co, T L Marshall president, W H Hobbs superintendent.
James Evans, feed stable.
T J Evans, books and stationery.
Everest Hotel, John Smith Jr proprietor.
First National Bank, John D Hall president, S B Pettee vice—president, D C Lake cashier, capital $50,000.
B Freund, dry goods.
The Gloss Laundry, Mrs May Henderson proprietor.
C A Goodwin, lumber and paint.
Gross Bros (John and Robert) meat market.
J H Guernsey, furniture and undertaking.
Wm Gwinner, lunch counter.
Henry Hanson, meat market.
H Heberd, agent Singer Sewing Machine.
Heilbrun & Lauer, clothing.
L M Heizer & Co, lumber, lime, etc.
Mrs May Henderson, proprietor The Gloss Laundry.
B F Hendrix, atty-at-law.
J M Hershey, billiard hall and proprietor Black Diamand Coal Co.
M A Hiltebrand, proprietor Osage City Marble Works.
Wm W Hopkins, new and second hand store.
T Howell, grocer.
Howe’s Osage City Opera House (S B Pettee and J D Hall).
H B Hughbanks, county attorney.
A K Hunsicker, fruit stand.
Johnson Bros (Charles and Ellis), livery, feed and sale stable.
A Klingberg,drugs Chas E Johnson,treasurer Western Coal Co.
Eric Johnson, boots and shoes.
Gust Johnson, Western Coal Co and justice of the peace.
C S Jones & Bro (C S and O H) groceries and queensware D P Jones, groceries and restaurant.
J C Jones, attorney-at-law.
I D Jones, dry goods.
William N Jones, harness and saddlery.
Kansas Lumber Co, W C Edwards president, John McCulloch secretary and treasurer, C N Nicoll resident manager.
H H Keath, druggist and meat market.
Dr H Kirby, physician.
Levi Lauer, clothing.
Lehman Bros & Co (W, W I, J S and I Lehman) dry goods and clothing.
Charles J Lundberg, restaurant.
C S Martin, atty-at-law and justice of peace.
Martin, O’Neil & Co (J A Martin, T J O’Neil and W S Martin) hardware, stoves and implements.
S A Massey, dry goods and boots and shoes.
McConnell & Hay, attorneys-at-law.
McCray & Cannon, mining and dealers in coal.
McElfresh & Admire (O E McElfresh and J V Admire) livery, feed and sale stable.
O E McElfresh, furniture and undertaking.
James McKenna, billiard hall and cigar manufacturer.
Melvin & Co (A J Melvin and J A Mohrbacher) billiard hall.
Samuel Mills, agent New Home Sewing Machine.
Missouri Pacific Railroad, H H Coombs agent.
M J Morgan, confectionery.
Miss R P Munger, books and notions.
G H Nesbeitt, bakery and confectionery.
Newman & Co, general merchandise.
Fred Nyman, jeweler.
Thomas O’Hara, flour and feed.
E Oliver, cigars and tobacco.
The Osage Carbon Co, W B Strong president, W W Allen manager, Robert Craig general superintendent.
Osage City Co-operative Society, William McCluskey president, A Reeves secretary, groceries and provisions.
Osage City Electrie Light Co, O E McElfresh president, W T Williams vice-president, J L Williams secretary and treasurer.
The Osage City Free Press, Free Press Co publishers, J V Admire editor, D J Roberts superintendent.
Osage City Real Estate Loan and Insurance Co, L W Brown manager, Market.
The Osage County Bank, W W Miller president, L Severy vice-president, T L Marshall cashier, capital paid up $50,000, surplus $15,000.
Osage Merchantile Co, William Bloch manager, groceries and provisions.
E B Packer, physician.
John Patterson, grocer.
Dr J D Peak, dentist and county coroner.
Pettee St Co (S B and W J Pettee) hardware, stoves and implements.
Phillips & Co (Miss H Phillips and Mrs Alice Ricketts) millinery and notions.
Powell St Williams (J R Powell and H D Williams) meat market.
J V Quintin & Co (J V Quintin and T B Edwards) druggists.
H M Ream, millinery and notions.
D J Roberts, superintendent The Osage City Free Press.
A O Rosser & Co (A O Rosser and A C Hughes) drugs and wall paper.
Scandinavian Coal and Mining Co, A B Cooper president and superintendent, D C Lake secretary.
R Seward, druggist.
H N Shaw, real estate and loans.
Silven & Lundeen (T W Silven and A Lundeen) clothing and gents’ furnishing goods.
William Sims, president Western Coal Co.
John Smith Jr, proprietor Everest Hotel.
Smith, McConnell & Draper (W L Smith, J M McConnell and C B Draper) hardware, stoves and implements.
L S Sprague, insurance agent.
Charles Stackhouse, postmaster.
H E Strong, harness and saddlery.
Superior Coal and Mining Co, John Gray superintendent.
Frederick Shorn, meat market.
Thomson & Heizer, attorneys-at-law.
L V D Tosh, druggist.
T M Truitt, grocer.
Tyson & Hendrix (William Tyson and B F Hendrix) flour and feed.
Union Building and Loan Association, T L Marshall president, Gust Burklund vice-president, H N Shaw secretary, R J Hill treasurer.
Frank Urban, blacksmith.
A J Utley, attorney-at-law and mayor.
Vollmar & Stevens (Calla Vollmar and Allie Stevens) millinery and dressmaking.
John Walker, barber.
Mrs Thomas Watson, restaurant.
John B Weber, books and stationery, agent Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, Postoffice Building.
Western Coal Co, William Sims president, Charles E Johnson treasurer, Gust Johnson superintendent.
J L Williams, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
W T Williams, mining and dealer in coal.
O F Young, photographer.

A postal town on the main line A., T. & S. F. R. R., 88 miles from Kansas City.
Population 1,800.
A, T & S F R R, W C Harvey agent.
W F Bolton, general merchandise.
George Bradley, cigars and tobacco.
Steve Briddick, cigars and tobacco.
Cairns John, grocer.
Campbell & Son (J and P A) general merchandise.
J W Cassell, blacksmith.
George Chapman, cigars and tobacco.
Thomas Chappell, proprietor Eureka Coal Shaft.
George Clark, billiards and confectionery.
Clune Bros, livery.
John Cook, drugs, wall paper.
Albert Crone, harness and shoemaker.
George Cusworth, boots and shoes.
J M Davies, furniture and undertaking.
Joseph Drake, coal shaft.
J M Giddings, postmaster and physician.
E A Gildner, restaurant and bakery.
Globe Hotel, W R Porter proprietor.
F L Hamp, meat market.
L L Hoaglin, stoves, tinware and pump.
John T Hoover, meat market.
Industrial Coal and Mining Co, Joseph Tomlinson president, John Allen secretary, Robert Elliott manager.
Mrs B F Irwin, millinery.
F H Martin, groceries, boots and shoes.
W B McCune, pool and confectionery.
McGrath Bros (M J and W H) meat market.
Merchants’ Hotel, Thomas Evans proprietor.
Mrs Robert Nelson, dressmaker.
Osage Carbon Co at Scranton, Robert S Paterson agent.
Osage County Times, James Cox editor and proprietor.
Patrick Ryan, coal shaft.
Scranton County Operative Society, Henry Fetchett president, John Allen secretary, Charles Corum manager.
Scranton Mutual Co-operative Society, Samuel Chambers president, Enoch Barresford secretary, James Chappell treasurer, groceries and provisions.
Sellards Bros (A B and A W) druggists.
Sellards & Ingham (A B Sellards and James Ingham) coal shaft.
Sheldon & Bootey (H A Sheldon and R J Bootey) general merchandise.
Sheldon’s Land, Loan, Insurance and Rental Agency, J M Sheldon proprietor.
Mrs E Siples, milliner.
J M Supple, livery and feed stable.
Thomas Alexander, general merchandise.
Mrs S A Wakeman, dry goods.
Wells, Fargo & Co’s Express, W C Harvey agent.
G W White, jeweler.
F E Whittemore, barber.

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