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Osage County Directories
1886 Physicians' Reference
Polk's Medical Directory of the United States

Artz, William B, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, IA, 1878; Osage City.

Beasley, Clinton, Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, 1880; Carbondale.

Beasley, John, Chicago Medical College, 1878; Carbondale.

Birchmore, W. H. (eclectic) Columbus Medical School, Columbus, OH, 1882; Carbondale.

Bissette, J. A., (no information submitted); Quenemo.

Brogan, Robert A., St. Louis Medical College, 1869; Osage City.

Brown, Albert C., Department of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, 1870; Osage City.

Brown, G. T., College of Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, IA, 1864; Burlingame.

Burdick, Ira D., Howard University, Medical Department, Washington, D. C., 1876; Carbondale.

Burrows, Henry (homeopathic) Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Chicago, 1878; Burlingame.

Cazier, Marion H., Rush Medical College of Chicago, 1880; Burlingame.

Chittenden R. H., Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY, 1866; Lyndon.

Christy, D. D., homeopathic, (no information submitted); Lyndon.

Claskey, F. M., (no information submitted); Peterton.

Curfman, G. W., Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, 1880; Burlingame.

Ellis, Joseph B., (eclectic) American Medical College, St. Louis, 1877; Carbondale.

Fenn, Elbridge B., (no information submitted); Lyndon.

Giddings, J. M., Department of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1875; Scranton.

Haller, James (no information submitted); Burlingame.

Haslam, Mrs. N. M., homeopathic, (no information submitted); Osage City.

Hawkins, E. W., Detroit Medical College, 1876; Osage City.

Iserman, J. C., homeopathic, (no information submitted); Ridgeway.

Kester, D., (no information submitted); Burlingame.

Kirby, Henry, (no information submitted); Osage City.

Kirby, Mrs. E. A., (no information submitted); Osage City.

Lansdowne, Z. M, (no information submitted); Osage City.

Longley, Edmund E., McGill University, Medical Department, Montreal, 1866; Burlingame.

Main, George W., Kansas City Medical College, Kansas City, 1884; Carbondale.

McNalley, M., (no information submitted); Michigan Valley.

Moore, C. C. (no information submitted); Carbondale.

Numbers, Joseph R., (eclectic) Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, 1885; Carbondale.

Polin, J. H., (no information submitted); Scranton.

Reeder, C. H., (no information submitted); Michigan Valley.

Rosenberg, J. H., eclectic, (no information submitted); Osage City.

Schenck, W. L., Dartmouth College, Medical Department, Hanover, NH, 1849; Osage City.

Severson, J. A., (no information submitted); Quenemo.

Shaw, Edwin B., Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, NY, 1882; Osage City.

Smith, W. W., homeopathic, (no information submitted); Penfield.

Stage, S. B., (no information submitted); Carbondale.

Sweezy, Wm. C., eclectic, Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati, 1856, Penfield.

Wellman, P. F., (no information submitted); Lyndon.

Whitman, Jacob S., eclectic, (no information submitted); Lyndon.

Wilcox, H. R., (no information submitted); Burlingame.

Wolf, William C., Chicago Medical College, 1879; Burlingame.

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