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Nemaha County Maps

1887 County Map

Below are plat maps for 1908 and 1964, Nemaha County. When you reach the image, please left-click to enlarge (1964 county map excepted).

1908 County Map 1964 County Map
Adams Twp. Adams Twp.
Berwick Twp. Berwick Twp.
Capioma Twp. Capiola Twp.
Center Twp. Center Twp.
Clear Creek Twp. Clear Creek Twp.
Gilman Twp. Gilman Twp.
Granada Twp. Granada Twp.
Harrison Twp. Harrison Twp.
Home Twp. Home Twp.
Illinois Twp. Illinois Twp.
Marion Twp. Marion Twp.
Mitchell Twp. Mitchell Twp.
Nemaha Twp. Nemaha Twp.
Neuchatel Twp. Neuchatel Twp.
Red Vermillion Twp. Red Vermillion Twp.
Reilly Twp. Reilly Twp.
Richmond Twp. Richmond Twp.
Rock Creek Twp. Rock Creek Twp.
Washington Twp. Washington Twp.
Wetmore Twp. Wetmore Twp.

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