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Morris County Census

1859 Census

Not exactly a census, it lists voters (usually heads of households,) number of family members, and "colored persons." It also asks the year the person came to Morris County. These are images only; I decided not to transcribe these pages. Although quite legible, many of the names seemed to be misspelled and I thought the search engine would not be of much help. However, if your ancestor or relative was an early settler, he/she may be found in this census.

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1865 Agricultural Census

Although there is not a great deal of genealogical information in these agricultural censuses (other than to confirm the fact that the person was in the county at that time) I think they help "flesh out" a person, and also tell us what life was like back in 1865 Kansas. Later censuses (1875, 1885, etc.) contain a lot more information, including butter production, how many (and what kind of) fruit trees are planted, even down to how many dogs were on the place!

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