Kansas History and Heritage Project- Marshall County Social, Fraternal and Professional Organizations

Marshall County
Social, Fraternal and Professional Organizations

In compiling the lists below, I tried to only include articles that listed charter members, or at least officers.



The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Blue Rapids, was organized October l0, 1893, with the following charter members: William H. Hill, noble grand; J. B. Miller, vice-grand; D. O. Munger, secretary, and H. R. Aleyer, Z. T. Trumbo, J. E. Mcintosh, D. F. Casey, W. L. Griffith, M. F. Davis, J. H. Siebert, G. M. West. G. H. Heathman, H. G. Fowler, W. H. Hewitt and J. H. McRae.

Pawnee Lodge No. 108, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Waterville, was instituted October 15, 1873, with the following members: S. M. Wilhite, George Bancroft, F. Damour, J. W. Sharrard, R. Smith, A. H. Snyder. First officers: A. L. Johnson, noble grand; George Bancroft, vice-grand; J. W. Sharrard, secretary, and F. F. Damour, treasurer.

Vermillion Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, was organized in 1897, with the following charter members: W. P. Mesmer, Matt. McAtee, Ernest Hill, Herbert Williams, W. S. Domer, David Bislan and the Stevenson brothers. Dr. John Clifton located in Vermillion in 1899 gave much time and effort to strengthen the lodge, but finally, for lack of funds the charter was surrendered in 1906.

Odd Fellows Lodge No. ?, Frankfort, was organized on October 14, 1874. The charter members and officers were: F. B. Taylor, Sr., George F. Poor, Henry Sleigh, T. H. Gibson, Granville Sleigh, J. L. Davis and J. R. Voorhees.

Oketo Lodge No. 344, Independent Order of Odd Fellows was organized on July 6, 1888. The charter members were: Samuel Bentley, noble grand; F. W. Bartlett, secretary; Dell Stowell, vice-grand; D. B. Knight, treasurer, and R. B. Brewer, N. Brooks, H. P. Benson and R. T. Baldwin.

Otoe Lodge No. 85, Independent Order of Odd Fellows was instituted at Marysville under dispensation on February 14, 1872. A charter was granted on October 8, 1872, with the following members: J. Doniphan, noble grand; W. H. Richardson, vice-grand; J. A. Broughton; P. H. Peters, financial secretary; G. D. Swearengen, treasurer; F. F. Thompson, J. S. Magill, J. Donahue.


Blue Rapids Rebekah Lodge No. 337, was instituted on December 29, 1897, with thirty-two charter members. The first officers were: Noble grand, Laura B. Fouler; vice-grand, Adell G. Plehn ; secretary, Ella L Heathman; treasurer, Lottie Brown; conductor, Nellie Thompson; warden, Minnie Hill; inside guardian, Allie Allerdice; outside guardian, J. H. McRae; chaplain, Nettie Coulter; right supporter to noble grand, Florence Ulsh; left supporter to noble grand, Rachel Siebert; organist, Mildred Edinborough; right supporter to vice-grand, Jessie Allerdice; left supporter to vice-grand, Nellie Boling. The Rebekahs at Frankfort were organized December 27, 1897. The officers were: Ophelia Bliss, noble grand; Emma Poor, vice-grand; Jennie Piatt, secretary; Allie McMinimy, treasurer; Minnie Parks, conductress; Belle Lefler, warden.


Blue Valley Lodge No. 182, Knights of Pythias, at Marysville, was instituted March 4, 1889, on the evening of the day that Benjamin Harrison was inaugurated President of the United States. Sam Kimble, deputy grand chancellor, of Manhattan, Kansas, was the instituting officer and he was ably assisted by members of Knights of Pythias lodges from his own and other towns in this vicinity. The membership of the new lodge comprised William Barks, past chancellor; E. L. Miller, chancellor commander; E. D. White, vice-chancellor; Robert Campbell, prelate; A. M. Billingsley, keeper of records and seal; John B. Logan, master of finance; E. G. Draheim, master of exchequer; Frank A. Arand, master at arms; G. Philip Schmidt, inner guard; Nickolas Grauer, outer guard; L. W. Libby, Andrew Fluhrer and Dr. J. K. Julian, trustees. The others were Herman Selz, Clark M. Stewart, Samuel Porter, John Lonergan. Henry E. Wiedemeyer, Max Schreiber, John Luedders, A. J. Becht, E. B. Gatchell, Ed. E. Tracy, G. Messall, E. J. Fehrenkamp, Robert J. Jordan, W. T. Ecks and Charles D. Schmidt.

Sapphire Lodge No. 158, Knights of Pythias, was instituted in Irving in November, 1891, with the following charter members: A. J. Carlson, Theo. Gaylord, G. H. Giles. J. M. McCoy, Ira Sabins, S. J. Skoch, P. L. Preston, R. S. Weeks, H. C. Lathrop, J. S. Waterson, C. L. Meyers, R. H. Swanson, R. A. Harvey, J. J. Kropacek, C. S. Otis, A. H. Reed, W. M. McCoy, Hugh Thompson, Edwin Reddington. Harry Baird, J. W. Johnson, L. C. Trustan and Charles Proctor. In February, 1913, Mrs. C. M. Palmer built and gave to Sapphire lodge the beautiful Castle Hall, which is the pride of the members and the town of Irving. The hall is a two-story building, with the reading room, auditorium, kitchen and dining room on the first floor; the second floor has the large and handsome lodge room, bedrooms and property room. Adjoining the building is a beautiful park, also the gift of Mrs. Palmer. The building has its own light plant, from which the park and building are lighted. Mrs. Palmer was personally acquainted with J. H. Rathbone, the founder of the order of Knights of Pythias.


This lodge was organized on September 15, 1880, at Marysville, with sixteen charter members. The first officers were: A. E. Parks, past master workman; J. B. Logan, master workman ; J. Brown, financier; C. W. Thompson, outer watchman: W. S. Glass, overseer; W. B. Scamman, recorder: C. H. Goelitzer, receiver. Members: H. E. Wiedemeyer, M. S. Shepard, J. F. Renoe and E. G. Draheim.

Lodge No. 33, Frankfort, was organized on April 12, 1880. The charter members were: W. H. Clutter, P. C. Garvin, H. H. Lourey, J. L. Davis, T. W. Waddick, G. C. Brownell, W. H. Auld, J. R. Voorhees, George O. Coffin, W. T. Dwinnell.

Waterville Lodge No. 57, Ancient Order of United Workmen, was chartered on September 6, 1880, with the following members and first officers: G. S. Hall, past master workman; H. E. Parmenter, master workman; H. Humfreville, financier; C. F. Scouten, overseer; A. Kunz, recorder; F. Gaver, foreman; F. H. Bancroft, receiver; W. R. Wilson, guide; T. Dockerty, inner watchman ; F. Pieral, outer watchman.


Blue Rapids Camp No. 944, Modern Woodmen of America, was organized in the spring of 1889, although the official charter was not issued until October 1, 1889. The first officers were: William Allerdice, venerable consul; W. J. McNab, worthy advisor; J. O. Buell, banker; George M. Garrison, clerk ; Horace Beardsley, escort; W. Y. Brown, watchman; S. Y. Richey, sentry; Doctors Fillmore and Hunter, local physicians; J. B. Vincent, A. D. Hoag and C. D. Richard, managers.

The charter members and officers of the Modern Woodmen lodge of Frankfort were: J. L. Waterson, consul; Glen A. Smith, worthy advisor; George F. Poor, banker; J. A. Weston, clerk; D. H. Wood, escort; M. W. Taylor, watchman; M. A. Brawley, physician.


Nightingale Camp No. 498, Royal Neighbors of America, at Marysville, was chartered January 19, 1897, with twenty members. The following officers were elected: Oracle, Mrs. Kate Hatfield; vice-oracle, Mrs. Mary Funck; recorder, Mamie Libby; receiver, Minerva Seely; chancellor, Hattie E. Lynde ; marshal, Mrs. Mary Stewart; physician, Dr. W. R. Breeding; inner sentinel, Mrs. Carrie Fleischman; managers, Mrs. Martha Simmons, May Hartman and Helena Samter; past oracle, Martha Simmons.

Oketo Lodge of the Royal Neighbors was organized on December 9, 1896, in the Moore Hall, with twenty members. The first officers were: Oracle, Mrs. Fanny B. Stein; vice oracle, Mrs. Laura Balderson; chancellor, Mrs. Triplett; marshal, Mrs. Alice Chambers; recorder, Mrs. Belle Long; receiver, Mrs. Lizzie Hedge; inner sentinel, Mrs. Mary Bach; outer sentinel, Mrs. Etta Chambers; managers, Mrs. Allen, Miss Mae Esterbrook, Ira B. Hedge.

Fern Camp No. 540, Royal Neighbors, Blue Rapids, was instituted on February 17, 1895, with thirty-five charter members. The first officers were: Oracle, Elnora Gilson; vice-oracle, Nettie Coulter; recorder, Ella I. Heathman ; receiver, Emma Benedict; chancellor, Jeannie W. Yarrick; marshal, Annie Watkins; assistant marshal Julia C. Hewitt; physicians, Drs. Elnora Gilson and R. S. Fillmore; inner sentinel, Ada L. Fillmore; outer sentinel, Martha McRae; past oracle, Nettie W. Barlow.

Winifred Royal Neighbor Camp was organized November 1, 1912. Charter members : Margaret Adams, Inez Barrett, Anna M. Carver, Margaret A. Twidwell, Cora L. Dierking, Margaret Feldhausen, Josephine Griffee, Ella Alartin, Cora L. Mathews, Sarah Patzka, Maud Rakestraw, Bertha Rakestraw, Maud Smith, Minnie Carver, Bertha Flinn, Lois G. Tilley, Ada Tilley, Emma Tilley, Sarah Snow, Annette Walker, Jennie Williams, Anna Twidwell. First Officers: Oracle, Miss Cora Mathews; vice-oracle, Mrs. Anna Twidwell; past oracle, Mrs. Margaret Feldhausen; chancellor, Mrs. Emma Tilley; recorder. Bertha Rakestraw; marshal, Inez Barrett; assistant marshal, Lois Tilley; inner sentinel, Maud Rakestraw; outside sentinel, Cora Dierking.

Concord Camp No. 1088, Royal Neighbors of America, was instituted on August 2, 1898, by Mrs. McDavis. The charter was granted on August 15, 1898. The first officers were: Oracle, Leona Kern ; vice-oracle, Emma McMichaels; recorder, Effie Arnold ; receiver, Ida Duffy; chancellor, Maggie Bullard; marshal, Edith Leonard; inner sentinel, Celia Bailey; outer sentinel, Mary Card; manager, Hattie Thompkins; physician, H. L. Bullard.


Blue Rapids Council No. 66, Knights and Ladies of Security, was organized on February 20, 1894, at Blue Rapids. The charter officers were: President, James Allerdice; vice-president, Mrs. Jennie Yarick; second vice-president, Mrs. Belle Hamilton; prelate, William R. Lewis; secretary, Mrs. Ella Hunt; financier, C. A. Axtel; treasurer. I. D. Yarick; guard, John L. Hamiltnn; sentinel, Horace S. Beardsley; trustees, A. W. Arnott, George Gallup and M. Patterson.


The Knights of Honor was organized at Vermillion on September 13, 1892, with J. L. Mathers, commander; G. W. Kelley. recorder and W. S. Domer, treasurer. There were fifteen members in the organization, which later disbanded and took membership elsewhere.


Garden Lodge No. 21, Degree of Honor, was organized on March 5, 1886, with the following officers: Miss Belle Throm, lady of honor; Mrs. R. D. Gerow, chief of honor; Mrs. M. S. Shepard, chief of ceremonies; J. B. Logan, recorder; G. H. Goelitzer, financier; E. G. Draheim, receiver; Mrs. Gus Luhrs, usher ; George Reber, inside watch ; William Henry, outside watch.


Marysville Council 1777, Knights of Columbus, is an organization of Catholic men whose object is to promote Catholic education and charity, to furnish aid to families of deceased members through its insurance department; to promote patriotism by proper observation of national patriotic days and anniversaries, and to support and encourage every movement which tends to better citizenship. Marysville council was organized on February 7, 1914, by James Barlow with fifty charter members. The first officers were: Grand knight, James Barlow; deputy grand knight, Joseph Dwerlkottee; financial secretary, J. H. Cavanaugh; treasurer, M. J. Treinen, Jr.; recording secretary, Joseph Schulte; warden, Ferdinand Wassenberg; chancellor, John Tracy; advocate, P. G. Wadham; inner guard, J. F. Martin; outer guard, August Wassenberg; trustees, D. J. Donahy, M. Barlow, Jr., and A. J. Travelute.


The Fraternal Aid Union at Frankfort was organized in September, 1896. The members were: George H. Ferguson, Robert S. McGhie, Annette Taylor, W. W. Taylor, Rodenna WilHams, James M. Lane, T. Brodt, Frank D. Bhss, Thomas C. Horr, Clemens T. Hessell, Matt McKeon, Adelia C. Taylor, William J. Granger, Cora E. Granger, Fred A. Garvin, Edward C. Healey.


The Triple Tie Benefit Association, of Blue Rapids (now known as Fraternal Aid Union No. 759) was instituted on April 11, 1897, with forty-one charter members. The first officers were: President, Fred A. Stocks; vice-president, Mrs. Frances Strong; past president, Z. T. Trumbo; secretary, George Coulter; conductor, Julia M. Cheney; treasurer, E. A. Garrison; chaplain, Horace Beardsley; inner sentinel, Ira Jewell ; guard, A. B. Wagor; physician. Doctor Plehn.



The most worshipful grand master of the Masons granted dispensation for several lodges in Kansas before it was a state, and the grand lodge of Kansas was organized by representatives from three of those lodges in Leavenworth on March 17, 1856. Twelve years later the grand master granted a dispensation on March 28, 1868, and a lodge was organized in the farmhouse of A. G. Barrett in the southeast part of Marshall county, near where Barrett station is now located. The members continued to meet in the little farmhouse all summer. On account of unmasonic conduct, committed by a few of the members, this, Marshall county's first Masonic lodge, was deserted by the better element and the charter was forfeited. In 1877 a new lodge was organized under a new charter with the same old name and number and Frankfort Lodge No. 67 became, and has ever since remained, one of the prosperous and honored lodges of the county. The first master of the old lodge was A. G. Barrett and the first master of the present lodge was S. B. Todd, with F. J. Snodgrass, senior warden; E. Brady, junior warden; S. J. McKee, treasurer; W. L. Sanders, secretary; P. C. Carver, senior deacon; Joseph Whitley, junior deacon; H. B. Massie, tyler.


The historical statement that gives November 3, 1869, is the date of the dispensation for Sutton lodge with E. A. Berry. H. C. Whistler and J. D. Wilson, makes no mention of any meeting, under dispensation. The record states that the lodge was instituted June 1, 1870, with the following officers: E. A. Berry, worthy master; W. C. Johnson, senior warden; W. P. Mudgett, junior warden; F. Spaulding, treasurer; G. B. VrooM, secretary; F. Leach, senior deacon; J. D. Farwell. junior deacon.


Under date of March 22, 1870, nine a. m., there is a statement that a dispensation had been received and a call for the brethren to assemble, and on the next page under date of March 22, 1870, are the secretary's minutes of the first meeting and organization of the lodge under the name of Harmony Lodge U. D. with nine members. The officers were: Peter H. Peters, worthy master; Perry Hutchinson, senior warden; Absalom Jester, junior warden; James S. Magill, secretary; Thomas McCoy, treasurer; Elijah Bentley, senior deacon; David Wolf, junior deacon; J. M. Carter, tyler, and Brother Joseph Samuels as the only member not an officer. The lodge continued to work under a dispensation until the fall meeting of the grand lodge. October 20, 1870, when a charter was granted and on November 3, 1870, at a stated communication, Deputy Grand Master E. D. Hillyer informed the lodge that a charter had been granted and the name changed to Marysville Lodge No. 91. The following officers were elected under the charter, and were installed by the deputy grand master: P. H. Peters, worshipful master; P. Hutchinson, senior warden; Joseph Samuels, junior warden; A. J. Edwards, treasurer; J. S. Magill, secretary; E. Bentley, senior deacon; D. Wolf, junior deacon; G. Borgman, senior steward; R. Y. Shibley, junior steward; I. B. Davis, tyler. The new lodge under the charter started with the original nine members and seven new master Masons, who had been raised by the lodge under dispensation: A. G. Edwards. J. Borgman, F. Garrety, E. Hanka, J. Lockwood, I. B. Davis, R. Y. Shibley. Besides these sixteen master Masons, the lodge had several entered apprentices and fellowcraft members. The lodge continued to grow in membership and proficiency, rejecting many applications for membership and expelling others, because they were believed to be defective timber, or not properly prepared for the temple.


In the following list the name of the worshipful master appears first; next, that of senior warden, junior warden, treasurer and secretary, in order given throughout, from 1870 to 1910:

1870 P. H. Peters, P. Hutchinson, Absalom Jester, Thomas McCoy, J. S. Magill.

1870 P. H. Peters, P. Hutchinson, J. Samuels, A. G. Edwards, J. S. Magill.

1871 P. H. Peters, P. Hutchinson, E. Bentley, A. G. Edwards, J. S. Magill.

1872 P. H. Peters, A. G. Edwards, I. B. Davis, James Smith, C. F. Koester.

1873 P. H. Peters, A. G. Edwards, F. F. Thompson, C. F. Koester, Joseph Samuels.

1874 F. F. Thompson, C. F. Koester, I. B. Davis, H. S. Clark, E. Hutchinson.

1875 P. H. Peters, A. G. Edwards, J. R. Voorhees, H. S. Clark, E. Hutchinson.

1876 F. F. Thompson, A. G. Edwards, I. B. Davis, H. S. Clark, M. Balgue.

1877 A. G. Edwards, E. Hutchinson, M. Balgue. H. S. Clark, J. S. Magill.

1878 E. Hutchinson, C. F. Koester, A. Hohn, H. S. Clark, J. B. Winkler.

1879 E. Hutchinson, F. F. Thompson, A. Hohn, H. S. Clark, J. B. Winkler.

1880 E. Hutchinson. A. Hohn, D. Wolf, H. S. Clark, J. B. Winkler.

1881 I. B. Davis, G. B. Bullock, F. J. Pierce, H. S. Clark. J. Merklinghaus.

1882 C. F. Koester, F. F. Thompson, C. T. Mann, H S. Clark, J. M. Patterson.

1883 F. F. Thompson, W. B. Scamon, C. B. Wilson, H. S. Clark, C. H. Lemon.

1884 F. F. Thompson, J. McCoy, J. Lonergan, H. S. Clark, J. m. Patterson.

1885 F. F. Thompson, A. Hohn, J. Lonergan, H. S. Clark, E. R. Fulton.

1886 F. F. Thompson, J. Lonergan, J. A. Davis, H. S. Clark, E. R. Fulton.

1887 C. B. Wilson, C. Brown, E. R. Fulton, H. S. Clark, H. Selz.

1888 C. Brown, E. R. Fulton, C. D. Schmidt, M. Barlow, George Thomas.

1889 E. R. Fulton, C. D. Schmidt, C. H. Shafer, M. Barlow, C. A. Barber.

1890 E. R. Fulton, C. D. Schmidt. C. H. Shafer, M. Barlow, C. A. Barber.

1891 C. D. Schmidt, C. H. Shafer, F. Powell, M. Barlow, Alex. Schmidt.

1892 C. D. Schmidt. C. H. Shafer, F. Powell, M. Barlow, Alex. Schmidt.

1893 P. Powell, J. Lonergan, Alex. Schmidt, M. Barlow, George Thomas.

1894 C. D. Schmidt, E. A. Bittel, John Otto, M. Barlow, F. V. Shaw.

1895 E. R. Fulton, J. Montgomery, C. A. Hammett, M. Barlow, F. V. Shaw.

1896 J. Montgomery, C. A. Hammett, J. I. Schloss, M. Barlow, F. V. Shaw.

1897 C. B. Wilson, J. L Schloss, W. Lonergan, M. Barlow. F. V. Shaw.

1898 J. L Schloss, W. Lonergan, C. H. Davis, M. Barlow, F. V. Shaw.

1899 ]. L Schloss, W. Lonergan, C. H. Davis, AL Barlow, F. V. Shaw.

1900. H. Davis, F. G. Powell, Alex. Schmidt. M. Barlow. F. V. Shaw.

1901 F. G. Powell, Alex. Schmidt, Arthur Hohn, M. Barlow, F. V. Shaw.

1902 C. A. Hammett, Arthur Hohn, R. W. Hemphill, M. Barlow, F. v. Shaw.

1903 Arthur Hohn, I. B. Davis, S. C. Schmidt, M. Barlow, J. Montgomery.

1904 L. E. Davis, S. C. Schmidt, E. A. Hohn, A. G. Shepard, F. V. Shaw.

1905 S. C. Schmidt, AI. C. Peters, L. H. Hammett, A. G. Shepard, F. V. Shaw.

1906 M. C. Peters, R. Hawkins, E. L. Miller, A. G. Shepard, F. V. Shaw.

1907 R. Hawkins. J. M. Ross, H. F. Whitten, A. G. Shepard, F. V. Shaw.

1908 J. M. Ross, H. F. Whitten, L. H. Eddy, A. G. Shepard, M. W. Sanderson.

1909 H. F. Whitten, L. H. Eddy, H. W. Hoyer, A. G. Shepard, C. H. Davis.

1910 H. W. Hoyer, W. E. Cottrell, J. E. Andrews, A. G. Shepard, L. E. Davis.


Axtell lodge was chartered on February 19, 1885, with D. W. Acker, worshipful master: C. B. Thummel, senior warden; C. D. Russell, junior warden; P. S. Wheeler, secretary; C. Anderson, treasurer.


Vermillion lodge was organized and worked for about a year under a dispensation, and was chartered on February 20, 1889. First officers: George W. Kelley, worthy master; B. F. Johnson, senior warden; R. L. McBride, junior warden; N. B. Hall, secretary; H. E. Turner, treasurer; W. S. Domer, senior deacon ; G. W. Warren, junior deacon; S. A. Hall, tyler, and John L. Mathers, W. S. Stowell, A. V. Thomas, Daniel Fuget, R. V. Coulter, J. F. Bensley, J. S. Dodson, Leonard Coulter, John Van Vliet, members. The first regular communication was held in the old school house.


Upon petition of twenty-seven master Masons a dispensation was granted on June 5, 1895, and on June 21, Summerfield lodge was organized U. D. with the following officers and members : William F. Rittershouse, worthy master; John E. Mann, senior warden; Frank Thomann, junior warden; Henry D. Maitland. secretary; James H. Bonon, treasurer; Robert W. Hemphill, senior deacon; Jacob Hoffman, junior deacon; Fred R. Joseph, senior steward; James McCaughey, junior steward; Charles S. Evans, tyler, and John A. Gallant, WilHam Johnston, William A. Fleming, Alonzo O. Gerhart, Benjamin W. Smith, Frank P. Glick, George S. Smith, Peter Appleby, John L. Magaw, James Hemphill, members. A charter was issued on February 19, 1896, and the lodge was organized on March 4, 1896, at which time D. Walker, deputy grand master, installed the following officers: Frederick Rittershouse, worshipful master; John E. Mann, senior warden; Frank Thomann, junior warden ; James Bonon, treasurer; Henry Maitland, secretary; R. W. Hemphill, senior deacon; Jacob Hoffman, junior deacon; Fred R. Joseph, senior steward; J. G. McCaughey, junior steward; E. V. Allen, chaplain; C. S. Evans, tyler.


Blue Rapids lodge was instituted on October i8, 1876, with the following charter members and officers : A. J. Brown, worshipful master ; C. W. Farrington, senior warden; S. Hill, junior warden; W. Burr, treasurer; D. W. Hinman, secretary; members, N. Halstead, C. Holman, L A. Chandler, A. N. Taylor, D. Minium, J. P. Peck and R. S. Craft.


The first meeting of the chapter was held under dispensation July 6, 1875. The officers appointed at the first meeting were: William P. Mudgett, high priest; N. P. Hotchkiss, king; Fillmore L. Dow, scribe; Robert Campbell, captain of the host; R. L. Weeks, principal sojourner; F. L. Dow, Sr., treasurer; T. C. Powell, secretary ; W. : A. Thurston, royal arch captain ; Francis Baird, master of third veil; George R. Kelly, master of second veil; F. J. Faulkner, master first veil; B. W. Curtis, guard. A charter was granted on October 20, 1875, and the first meeting under the charter was held on November 16, 1875. The following officers were installed : W. P. Mudgett, high priest; W. P. Hotchkiss, king; F. L. Dow, scribe ; F. F. Dow, treasurer ; Charles F. Koester, secretary; J. F. Voorhees, captain of the host; Cal. T. Mann, principal sojourner; L C. Legere, royal arch captain; George E. Kelly, master of third veil; F. J. Faulkner, master of second veil; W. F. Boyakin, master of first veil; John Lockwood, guard. Members present, P. H. Peters, John Means.


Letters of dispensation were granted on July 17, 1893, to the following; Edward Hutchinson, Fred Powell, August Hohn, Frank G. Powell, Charles B. Wilson, Edgar Ross Fulton, Charles F. Koester, Charles D. Schmidt, Amos W. Kirkwood, Simeon J. Gillis, John B. Simminger, Omar Powell, Edward B. Fox, Harry J. Diffenbaugh, Thomas B. Fredendall, William Jacobs, Marion Hawk, William E. Haur, G. A. Seaman, A. J. Brunswig, Cal. T. Mann and Daniel Spence. A charter was granted on May 8, 1894, and at the first meeting held under the charter the following knights were installed: Edward Hutchinson, eminent commander; August Hohn, generalissimo; Charles D. Schmidt, captain general; Fred Powell, prelate; Edgar Ross Fulton, senior warden; Charles B. Wilson, jnnior warden: Charles F. Koester, treasurer; Frank G. Powell, recorder; Andrew M. Fluhrer, standard bearer: John Lonergan, sword bearer; Elijah Rentley, sentinel. Members: Isaac B. Davis, Chauncy S. Chapman, Stewart Clarke, T. L Hatfield, R. B. Moore, Robert Campbell; Emmett A. Bittell, J. Norton Abbott, F. J. Faulkner, G. A. Seaman, Lewis E. Helvern, Perry Hutchinson, Arthur J. Whitmore, August Jaedicke, Jr., Frederick Ehrke, August Soller, Herman O. Jaenicke, Joseph G. Lowe, Theo. H. Parrish, Henry M. Mueller, James Madison Howell and William James Burr.


In the first book of the secretary's record of Hilda Chapter No. 164, Marysville, under date of July 17, 1894, is a statement that Mrs. P. W. Hutchinson, Mrs. M. S. Goodwin, Mrs. Mary Kirkwood, Mrs. Haddie Davis, Mrs. Viola Shaw, Mrs. Mary Campbell, Mrs. Kate Hatfield, Mrs. Delia Bittell, Miss Lillian Edwards, Edward Hutchinson. G. Goodwin. A. W. Kirkwood, F. V. Shaw, T. I. Hatfield. Jacob Schloss, I. B. Davis, Robert Campbell, E. A. Bittell. Charles H. Schmidt, and Edgar Ross Fulton signed and sent a petition to John E. Postlethwaite, grand patron of the order of Eastern Star of Kansas, asking for a dispensation. It is further stated that a favorable reply had been received with blanks and instructions, and that on motion, Robert Campbell was elected chairman, F. V. Shaw, secretary; Mrs. P. W. Hutchinson, worthy matron, and R. Campbell, worthy patron; Mrs. Haddie Davis, associate matron. The blanks were filled out as instructed and with a check for ten dollars, returned to the grand patron and the meeting adjourned after resolving that Miss Hilda Marquardt, of Hanover chapter, be requested to come and organize the new chapter, and that she be commissioned by the grand chapter for that purpose, and also that the chapter be named Hilda, in her honor. The dispensation was under date of July 28, 1894, and the records show that Hilda Chapter No. 164 was duly organized and the following officers installed under the grand chapter of the Order of Eastern Star of Kansas: Mrs. P. W. Hutchinson, worthy matron; R. Campbell, worthy patron; Haddie Davis, associate matron; E. R. Fulton, secretary; F. V. Shaw, treasurer; Mary Campbell, conductress ; Delia Bittell, associate conductress; Mrs. G. Goodwin, chaplain; Miss Lillian Edwards, Adah; Mary Kirkwood, Ruth; Viola A. Shaw, Esther; M. S. Goodwin, Martha; Kate Hatfield, Electa; J. J. Schloss, warder; T. L Hatfield, sentinel. Four petitions for degrees were received at this meeting. The date of the charter is May 16, 1895.


Elnora Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, was instituted at Blue Rapids, February 6, 1896, by Elnora Gilson, with the following charter members: Elnora F. L. Gilson, A. E. Winter, Ella B. Wilcox, Kittie E. Winter, Jessie A. Cheney, Julia C. Hewitt, Cora Hall, Ella Heathman. Julia M. Cheney, Phoebe Hawk, Wash Hawk, Ida McNab, W. A. Gilson, E. Russell Cheney, Sadie L. Wanamaker, Jennie E. Stearns, Luella M. Trumbo, J. T. Trumbo, J. Grace Morgan and Edith Nevins. The first officers were: Elnora Gilson, worthy matron; A. E. Winter, worthy patron; Ella B. Wilcox, associate matron; Sadie L. Wanamaker, secretary; Jessie Cheney, conductress; Kittie Winter, treasurer; Julia C. Hewitt, associate conductress ; Jack T. Trumbo, chaplain; Cora Hall, Adah; Ella L. Heathman, Ruth; Jennie Stearns, Esther; Ella Trumbo, Martha; Julia Cheney, Electa; Wash Hawk, sentinel; Grace Morgan, marshal; Ida McNab, organist; Phoebe Hawk, warder.


Palace Chapter No. 174, Eastern Star, was organized in the Masonic hall, Frankfort, June 19, 1895. The first officers were: Winifred Holtam, worthy matron; Walter H. Lewis, worthy patron; Ella Lane, assistant matron; Marion Whittaker, conductress; Addie M. Brandenburg, associate conductress; Emma Lewis, treasurer; R. E. Trosper, secretary; Nettie Taylar, chaplain; Amanda Horr, Adah; Hattie Busby, Ruth; A. C. Brawley, Esther; K. E. Trosper, Martha; Annie E. Souders, Electa; Mary E. Bliss, warder; Albert Busby, sentinel.


Cordelia Chapter No. 247, Order of the Eastern Star, at Vermillion, was instituted in April, 1901. by Grand Worthy Matron Cordelia Bittell, with eighteen charter members. The first officers were: Lucy Woodman, worthy matron; G. W. Warren, worthy patron; Elizabeth Hall, associate matron; Anna De Walt, secretary; Carrie Arnold, treasurer; Clarissa Weeks, conductress; Maggie Warren, conductress.

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