Kansas History and Heritage Project- Marshall County Maps

Marshall County Maps

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1887 County Map

1922 Plat Maps:

County Map
Balderson Twp.
Bigelow Twp.
Blue Rapids Twp.
Blue Rapids City Twp.
Center Twp.
Clear Fork Twp.
Cleveland Twp.
Cottage Hill Twp.
Elm Creek Twp.
Franklin Twp.
Guittard Twp.
Herkimer Twp.
Lincoln Twp.
Logan Twp.
Marysville Twp.
Murray Twp.
Noble Twp.
Oketo Twp.
Richland Twp.
Rock Twp.
St. Bridget Twp.
Vermillion Twp.
Walnut Twp.
Waterville Twp.
Wells Twp.

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