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Marshall County Biographies

John and Mary Ann Scott Fulton submitted by their descendant, Lynn. Thanks!

The following biographies are from the 1917 book, "History of Marshall County:

Armstrong, Lyman H.
Bottger, Henry
Buck, William T.
Drumm, William M.
Harper, John
Hunter, John H.
Johnson, Herman
Johnson, Hutchinson
Johnson, Nels E.
Johnston, Erskine W.
Koeneke, Henry W.
Larkin, Frank
Lewis, Thomas H.
Lindeen, Alfred
Manly, Oliver
Manly, Ross
Nelson, Godfrey H.
Reb, Henry
Robinson, Morley P.
Schulte, Henry
Skalla, Thomas
Spratt, Charles H.
Tarvin, Charles H.
Van Vliet, George
Wagner, Louis I.
Warnica, Calvin
Westburg, Kasper
Winquist, John A.
Winter, Burton Marshall

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