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Labette County Photograph Album, Page 1

All photos below were contributed by Susie Graber--thanks!.

Mildred Hardman out riding, Parsons, 1913

A teenage Mildred, still having fun!

Bernerd Hardman as a toddler.

John Wesley Sears, his brother Andrew Jasper Sears (middle) and James Leander Sears. They came to Parsons in 1892.

Loretta Bell Sears, daughter of John Wesley Sears

Milford Perkins "Perk" Sears, son of John Wesley Sears

Sears Family left to right back row- Francis Cordelia (Sears) Jones, James Sears, Milford Perkins Sears, Mardia Sears, Loretta Bell Sears, William Cameron Sears and Ed Sears. Front row- Sarah Sears, John Wesley Sears, Mary R "Polly" Farmer Sears, and Ella Sears. They were members of the 1st Methodist Church in Labette Co. Parsons, Kansas. They came to Kansas in 1892 and settled south of Parsons in the Spring Hill Township.

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